The Only Gay In The (Nigerian) Village

THERE IS ONLY one homosexualist remaining in the African village of Nigeria.

And the news gets worse. That solitary homosexualist is a female, and her homosexualist credentials remain unsubstantiated, seeing as how she's got a bun in the oven.

It appears that those twin weapons of mass destruction - Christianity and Islam - have finally been used to deadly effect in wiping out homosexualistic behaviour amongst righteous and God-fearing Africans.

So what's it all about? Well hold your horses and I'll tell you.

Chief Ojo Madueke was in Geneva defending Nigeria's human rights record before the UN Human Rights Council:

His presentation caused a stir when he informed members of the council that the government of Nigeria had been unable to locate persons of gay and sexual orientation, despite concerted efforts by his ministry to include this category of persons in the consultations on the human rights situation in Nigeria.

He further informed the audience that his ministry located only one woman of lesbian orientation and when invited to participate in a discussion on the rights of gay and lesbian persons, the lady informed his Ministry that she was pregnant.


taylorSiluwé ..... said...

Ah, the effects of colonialism. Ain't it beautiful? Sorry my seXy Brit friend, but I have to lay this one at the feet of your country, and other european conquerors. LOL!

Before you guys descended with your guns, bibles, and sodomy laws, same gender love wasn't huge deal.

Now these Dimwits/Heads of State, long after the Brits (and most civilized countries) have seen the error of their ways, doggedly hold onto these achaic notions as if they invented them.

It would be funny, if it weren't so damn sad.

ka-os said...

For the record, Mister Siluwé, my "country" is Northern Ireland, which has arguably suffered the effects of colonialism as accutely as other invaded countries. I grew up with British soldiers stomping around with machine guns, barbed wire, killings, and total cultural suppression. So please, don't talk to me about laying *ANYTHING* at the feet of "my country"...

ka-os said...

Errr... the red mist really came down then.

I've calmed down now...

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