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THE ROUTEMASTER WILL be back on London's streets by 2011.

Former Mayor Ken Livingstone ditched the beloved symbol of London in 2005, in favour of the maligned bendy bus (a.k.a. the Free Bus). They had to go because people in wheelchairs couldn't get on, nor people with pushchairs.

Transport for London has asked bus manufacturers to submit plans for a new Routemaster, based on the winning designs from a competition.

The new bus will be able to accommodate that one in a million person in a wheelchair, and stupid selfish bitches with pushchairs too.

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tdot said...

stupid bitches with pushchairs...i love it

ka-os said...

Actually, it was stupid selfish bitches, but let's not split hairs ;)

tdot said...

yeah i was actually gonna delete and re-comment but bun that =p

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