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No More, new music from Cor.ece.




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Je ne Respire Plus, new music from ZednRay.




Winner of multiple awards, including the Queer Lion from the 75th Annual Venice Film Festival, José is a gripping, layered and beautifully honest story about one working class young man's struggle to find himself.

Made in the neorealist filmmaking tradition, the film is a nuanced and vivid look at being gay in Central America. José (magnetic newcomer Enrique Salanic) lives with his mother (Ana Cecilia Mota) in Guatemala City, where they survive on her selling sandwiches at bus stops and with him working at a local restaurant. It is a poor and sometimes dangerous country where, dominated by conservative Catholic and Evangelical Christian religion, living one's life as an openly gay man is hard for José to imagine.

His mother has never had a husband, and as her youngest and favorite child, though at the edge of manhood at 19-years old, she is determined to hold on to him. Reserved and private, José fills his free moments playing with his phone... and engaging in random sex with other men arranged via street corners and dating apps. When he meets attractive and gentle Luis (Manolo Herrera), a migrant from the rural Caribbean coast, they pursue an unexpected relationship with more emotion than José had never imagined possible. He is thrust into new levels of passion, pain and self-reflection that push him to rethink his life - even as he is reluctant to take a leap of faith.

John Duff



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Hokie Pokie, new music from John Duff.

Nick Pes



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I Want You, new music from Nick Pes.

Jacob Banks



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Stranger, new music from Jacob Banks.




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Ice Cream Truck 2020, new music from Cazwell.




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"I know I'm nothing at all to you, but you could have let me know that you weren't coming home," Connor Meehan, aka tip/toe, sings on dreamy new track Lilypads.

His debut album, I Probably Shouldn’t Have Said That, is out this month.

An intelligent man is sometimes forced to be drunk to spend time with his fools

m a s s   i n

m o t i o n

Plateau N.2



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Plateau is a series of films produced and directed by Victor Bastidas which explore how art can be used to process feelings of frustration and anger. Plateau N.2 turns the lens on passionate Vogue dancer Kevin Table who Bastidas met through a mutual friend on the wild streets of Paris.

Dyllón Burnside



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“Where we are in dating is often a reflection of where we are personally,” Dyllón Burnside says of his debut single, Silence. “I found myself in this place of really using dating, or sex, or connecting with people in intimate relationships as a way to self-soothe and distract me from the things that I was dealing with personally, or things that I wasn't dealing with... It’s like a drug. I needed a real quick hit of validation, of some kind of affirmation of my beauty, of my worthiness, or my value.”

The best people possess a feeling for beauty, the courage to take risks, the discipline to tell the truth, the capacity for sacrifice. Ironically, their virtues make them vulnerable; they are often wounded, sometimes destroyed

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m o t i o n




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Tropic Thunder, new music from ORÎ.

Never confuse movement with action

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Waves, new music from Cor.ece.




After his mother’s sudden death, Socrates, a 15-year-old living on the margins of São Paulo’s coast, must survive on his own. As he faces isolation because of his sexuality, his search for a decent, worthy life reaches a breaking point.

Socrates is the debut feature film from Brazilian - American director Alexandre Moratto. It is the first feature produced by the Querô Institute in Brazil where it was co-written, produced, and acted by at-risk teenagers from local low-income communities, with the support of UNICEF.

Socrates, a film by Alexandre Moratto.

You can't get away from yourself by moving from one place to another

m a s s   i n

m o t i o n

The Acrobat



Montreal is snowed under. While the downtown cranes dance their ballet, two strangers meet randomly in an unfinished apartment. Their chance encounter leads to a violent attraction and a dependency beyond reason. One man is a Russian-born professional acrobat whose future is jeopardized by a broken leg. The other is a buttoned-down, well-groomed man of few words. Which one dominates? Which one manipulates? As it turns out, love is painful and human relations are complex.

The Acrobat, a film by Rodrigue Jean.




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Impress You, new music from Stevan.

“But man is not made for defeat," he said. "A man can be destroyed but not defeated.”

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The Boys In The Band



Based on the Tony Award-winning play that changed a generation, The Boys in the Band follows a group of nine gay men who gather for a birthday party in 1968 New York City - only to find the drinks and laughs interrupted when a visitor from the host’s past turns the evening upside down.

The Boys In The Band, a film by Joe Mantello.

Greyson Chance



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Bad To Myself, new music from Greyson Chance.

Issue 303: Jussie Smollett, Gerald Matovu, Binyavanga Wainaina, Gus Kenworthy, Pedro Almodóva, Todrick Hall, Doris Day, and more...

Left &

The myths around male sexual grooming explained.

Many gay men are guilty of fetishising straight men, but we need to stop.

LGBT incels
What it’s like to be queer when no one will sleep with you.

I’m not queer to make friends. "By trying on the role of reality TV villain, Logan Scherer confronts his gay shame."

Journalist Iman Amrani continues her Modern Masculinity series, exploring what masculinity means to a range of men from diverse backgrounds. In the third episode, she speaks with Channel 4 News presenter Jon Snow, grime artist D Double E, Status Quo's Francis Rossi, musician MNEK, Love Island's Jack Fowler and playwright Vinay Patel; and in the fourth, meets young men who are part of Football Beyond Borders, an organisation which uses football as an engagement tool to support young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Rainbow Railroad
The organisation saving LGBT citizens from hostile governments

I'm From Driftwood celebrates ten years of collecting LGBT stories.

Journalist killings, arrests and assaults climb worldwide as authoritarianism spreads.

Six countries to visit where same-sex relationships were never illegal.

Caza de Luz, a photographic essay on a group of LGBT asylum seekers.

The reasons why kinks and fetishes will always have a place at Pride.

Diana Foundation
The oldest LGBT organisation in America, in pictures.

The intersectionality wars. "When Kimberlé Crenshaw coined the term 30 years ago, it was a relatively obscure legal concept. Then it went viral."

The disturbing thing I learned studying white privilege and liberals.

We are living in the post-horny era.

Falling stars
On taking down our celebrity icons. "Celebrities act as a symbol of capitalism. When we question it, we question them too."

The fraught culture of online mourning. "Nowadays, we live online, and so we grieve here too. But there are limits to the comfort digital mourning can provide."

The age of forever crises. "We need to learn how to talk about our irreversible mistakes. Historian Kate Brown says the first step is to resist the Chernobylisation of knowledge."

How refugees die. "Wars and heightened border security have created a humanitarian crisis."


Equality Act
The U.S. House of Representatives passes the Equality Act in a 236-173 vote...

...and the religious right is losing its mind.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez grills Gilead CEO about the high price of Truvada.

New York Times
Newspaper gives overlooked LGBT figures their due. "The Times is making up for failing to carry obits on notable LGBTQ figures at the time of their passing, such as Emma Stebbins, Alan Turing, and Ma Rainey."

American Muslims
Why do 0% of American Muslims identify as gay or lesbian?

Gay Californians are at increased risk of sexual assault.

Nigel Shelby
Nigel Shelby buried in rainbow casket by his family; the 15-year-old committed suicide in April after persistent homophobic bullying [see The Kaos Theory Issue 302].

23-year-old transgender woman Muhlaysia Booker, was shown being attacked in a viral video last month, fatally shot.

This is Daniel Jenkins and Daryl Henry. They have been charged with federal hate crimes, kidnapping, conspiracy, and carjacking after luring gay men to violent attacks using (you guessed it) Grindr.

Churchgoers bar gay couple from marrying in childhood church.

Pride flag burned outside LGBT shop.

Police investigate after LGBT magazine found hanging by noose.

Fourth state bans "gay panic" and "trans panic" defense.

Gay high school couple kicked out of restaurant for hugging: "We don’t want your kind here".

Boystown gay bar under fire after announcing "racist" rap music ban.

Jussie Smollett
Chicago police have begun to release his case files.

New York
Gay couple forgives restaurant after waiter called them "faggots" as they left after a meal.

Subway rider lied about homophobic attack, was actually the aggressor.

New Jersey student’s Pride mural painted over by church.

Gay nightclub Ripples shutters after forty-five years; the venue opened in 1972.

The gay pastor fighting for LGBT lessons in a small California town.

Queer California – rare photos capture hidden LGBT history. "A new exhibition gathers photos, video and contemporary art to showcase 200 years of California’s LGBTQ history."

How the state is fighting the tide of an HIV epidemic. "Mississippi is a national HIV hotspot. Racist legacies, a lack of outreach, LGBTQ+ stigma, and other factors have contributed — and it's going to take complex solutions to address them."

Steven Anderson
"Death to gays" preacher banned from most of Europe.

Fox News
You’re watching Fox News. You just don’t know it.

The FAA is investigating bans on Chick-Fil-A at airports in San Antonio, Texas, and Buffalo: “FAA’s Office of Civil Rights has notified the San Antonio International Airport (SAT) and Buffalo Niagara International Airport (BUF) that it has opened investigations into these complaints. The FAA notes that federal requirements prohibit airport operators from excluding persons on the basis of religious creed from participating in airport activities that receive or benefit from FAA grant funding.”

Trump lost $1 billion over 10 years, New York Times report shows.

Steve Bannon describes the Trump Organization as a criminal enterprise. “This is where it isn’t a witch hunt – even for the hard core, this is where he turns into just a crooked business guy, and one worth $50m instead of $10bn. Not the billionaire he said he was, just another scumbag.”

Trump issues laughable tweet recognising "pride month" as his administration continues to attack LGBT people.

Mike Pence: a terrifying menace.

Michael Cohen
Why rich convicts hire prison consultants.

Joe Biden’s promise: a return to normalcy.

Long reads
How many bones would you break to get laid? “'Incels' are going under the knife to reshape their faces, and their dating prospects."

All-American despair. "For the past two decades, a suicide epidemic fueled by guns, poverty and isolation has swept across the West, with middle-aged men dying in record numbers."

The secret oral history of Bennington: the 1980s' most decadent college. "Fall, 1982. A new freshman class arrives at arty, louche, and expensive Bennington College. Among the druggies, rebels, heirs, and posers: future Gen X literary stars Donna Tartt, Bret Easton Ellis, and Jonathan Lethem. What happened over the next four years would spark scandal, myth, and some of the authors' greatest novels. Return to a campus and an era like no other."

When a fatal grizzly mauling goes viral. "How much does the world need to know about a deadly bear attack? That question was tested in the Yukon last year, after the horrific loss of a mother and daughter caused a destructive media storm."

New York: Death of a City (June 1969)

1,600 miles, 85 hours. "A migrant family takes a Greyhound across America."

Tallahassee Pridefest, in pictures.

Long Beach Pride, in pictures.

Las Vegas Pride, in pictures.


Theresa May
As she exits office, what was her LGBT legacy?

Her resignation speech in full.

Boris Johnson
A bewilderingly long timeline of Boris Johnson screwing up.

The top ten Tories of all time.

Stonewall at 30
How the LGBT charity fought for equality in the UK.

Sexual harassment
Majority of LGBT people suffer sexual harassment at work.

Brighton falls victim to rush of LGBT attacks.

Ibraima Touray-Drammeh
17-year-old jailed for violently slashing gay man’s stomach with machete, causing his intestines to spill out.

Gerald Matovu
James Bond extra Eric Michels killed after being "targeted" by serial thief on Grindr.

Admiral Duncan
London Gay Men’s Chorus sing outside the Admiral Duncan pub in memory of the 1999 nail bomb attack which killed three people.

Peter Tatchell
Fear of LGBT-inclusive lessons harks back to 80s. "Veteran campaigner rounds on government for lack of guidance to schools after Birmingham parent protests."

Jeremy Kyle
Controversial daytime show The Jeremy Kyle Show axed by ITV after the death of a guest; Steve Dymond was found dead a week after filming the show, during which he took a lie detector test.

A runner shares their story of what it's really like behind the scenes.

Lyra McKee
The girl who chased frogs. "Journalist Lyra McKee, a contributing editor to The Sunday Long Read, had just filed the first draft of this story when she was killed while covering violent protests in Northern Ireland on April 18. It is the story of Honduran biologist Meli Flores, whose unresolved 2016 disappearance has left many unanswered questions. In some ways, she is a lost woman of troubled times, much like Lyra McKee. The SLR staff has edited and published this story in the wake of her death as a tribute to Lyra."

If London needs a separate Trans Pride, what does that say about LGBT solidarity?

Woman spits on gay man in homophobic incident on London Underground.

Transport for London (TfL) bans adverts from countries with gay death penalty.

Sexual health campaign that’s "unapologetic, black and gay" hits the capital.

This is 15 year-old Tashaun Aird, and 18-year-old McCaulay Junior Urugbezi-Edwards, the latest teenagers to be stabbed to death in London.

I’m a police officer in London. Here’s why we’ve lost control of the streets. "I’ve faced the aftermath of knife crime and seen colleagues stabbed. Cuts mean we can’t keep ourselves or the public safe."

John Cleese criticised for saying London no longer an English city.

John Cleese isn’t alone in equating "English" with white. Sadly, that view is mainstream. "The actor’s grumble about London reflects a wrongheaded view on immigration, unchanged since the days of empire."

A tube driver's view of the East End, in pictures.

The secrets of London’s hidden rivers revealed.


From the Thames TV archive, 1980s London from above.


Surgeon who stealth-raped a fellow doctor by a removing condom can continue practicing medicine, court says.

Beloved Melbourne LGBT bookshop and bar raided by police.

Are lockout laws killing Sydney's queer culture? "It’s no secret Sydney’s nightlife has suffered under NSW laws, but artists like William Yang say the effect on LGBT spaces has been particularly profound."

The rapes haunting a community that shuns the 21st Century.

How Brazil and South Africa became the world's most populist countries. "Both nations plagued by political corruption that has eroded faith in democratic institutions."

This is 22-year-old Jefferson Anderson Feijo da Cruz. He has been left unable to speak or walk after a brutal homophobic assault in Moreno.

Gay people will no longer be stoned to death.

Filipino model and social media influencer Sinon Loresca visits and says he has no safety concerns.

Gay men tortured, raped with sticks, electrocuted in hideous new round of persecution.

This is 16-year-old José Matías De la Fuente Guevara, a bullied trans teen who left a heartbreaking note after dying by suicide.

Gay schoolboy posts heartbreaking suicide note on social media.

Marriage is "one man, one woman", government spokesman says after Taiwan permits gay unions.

LGBT activists arrested at "unauthorised" Pride march.

Washington Blade journalist Michael K. Lavers barred from entering the country.

Europe is backsliding on LGBT rights: which country is the worst?

A record 231 homophobic attacks were recorded last year.

Secret spectacles. "The story of a young man from rural Ghana who bought a pair of secret camera glasses and got himself smuggled across the Sahara, to film crime and exploitation along the way."

Violent mob attacks priest because they think he is gay.

Jerusalem rabbi doesn't want pride flags in city.

You might not have heard of Italy’s Stonewall moment but it’s so important.

The new ruins: heritage sites being lost to neglect and looting.


Court upholds law making gay sex illegal...

...but I'm already proud of Kenya, writes Chude Jideonwo.

LGBT refugees arrested after protest turns violent.

The fashion house that is also a sanctuary for LGBT refugees.

Binyavanga Wainaina, the writer and gay rights activist, is dead. He was 48.

Binyavanga Wainaina remembered: “How I would like people to remember Binyavanga? I think would be encapsulated by just a very brief thought – Ken’s life was a seed and he planted that seed not for himself but for others, just listening to the number of artists who found their voice because Ken believed in them, gave them a platform, to speak in many different fields, be it musically and other types of artistic impressions, and that’s how I would like him to be remembered, and that is what life is about.”

Talking to Binyavanga Wainaina. "When the writer published a lost chapter from his memoir titled I am a homosexual, Mum, it caused a sensation – and has placed him at the heart of the African debate on gay rights." (February 2014)

The country’s Telecommunications Ministry outlaws Grindr.

Entertainment icon Vicente Fernández refused transplant because he didn’t want a gay person’s liver.

This group of gay Mexicans arrested in 1935 are inspiring people today.

Growing up gay in Mongolia.

President Rodrigo Duterte says he was once gay but “cured” himself by marrying a woman.

Janjep Carlos crowned Mr. Gay World.

Putin signs law to create an independent Russian internet.

Actor Tosh Zhang apologises for homophobic tweets.

Li Huanwu, gay nephew of Singapore prime minister, marries his partner Heng Yirui in South Africa.

Same-sex marriage legalised, in first for Asia...

...Shane Lin and Marc Yan were the first to tie the knot.

Schoolboys wear skirts to break down gender stereotypes.

Two men arrested after 18 year old falls from condo after alleged three-way.

British man arrested for distributing toxic bleach and claiming it cures HIV.

The plot that failed: how the uprising fizzled. "When the coup was hurriedly launched a day early, defections from the regime failed to materialise, Maduro remained in power and the US government looked like it had badly miscalculated."

What remains of the Caracas middle-class?


Do police know how to handle abuse within kinky relationships? "After a famous kinkster's death, some are asking whether authorities have the tools and training needed to prevent abuse within kinky and BDSM relationships."

Whirlwind romance
Storm chaser proposes to his boyfriend alongside a Kansas tornado.

What’s behind the belief in a soulmate?

What your ability to engage with stories says about your real-life relationships.


Nick Masc and Arad Winwin teach the (gay) Kama Sutra.

Gay men reveal the fetishes they don’t want others to know about.

How to have a sex party.



Penis enlargement surgeries don’t work.

I got my penis zapped for better boners.

The uncut truth
Circumcision and phimosis stories: "I'm scared of my own penis".

Counts are falling. This isn’t the reproductive apocalypse — yet.

Study of nearly 1,000 serodiscordant gay couples using anti-retroviral therapy finds no HIV transmission during condomless sex.

"New paradigm of gonorrhea transmission" shows kissing and rimming responsible for most infection in gay men.

Rectal douching before sex may put gay men at increased risk for HIV and STD infection.

The tick-borne disease that’s spreading fast, explained.

Colorectal cancer
It's killing more 20- to 30-year-olds. We have some clues about why.

Eleven questions about sunscreen you should ask before going outside.

What fish oil supplements actually do.

It’s not your imagination. Allergy season gets worse every year.

Head games
How to protect your mental health from social media’s dangers.

How to clean your ears. "The best advice is never to put anything smaller than your elbow in them, says a hearing specialist."

Head games
How to shave and groom male facial hair. "Always shave in or after a shower, using cream or oil – and don’t be tempted to get laser hair-removal on your face."


Los Angeles fire season is beginning again. And it will never end. A bulletin from our climate future.

The trees that sail to sea. "In one of nature’s remarkable second acts, dead trees become driftwood and embark on transformative journeys."

Oh, no, not knotweed! "It grows rapidly. It’s nearly impossible to kill. It’s terrorized England. And now it’s all over my American backyard."

Biodegradable plastic bags aren’t better for the environment.

The White
Heat of This Revolution

The Net
Can anyone tame the next internet? "Forces have been unleashed that seem out of control. But is it the end of the beginning or the beginning of the end?"

How much of the internet is fake? Turns out a lot of it, actually.

Smart phones
Bored and lonely? Blame your phone. "Our emotions today are radically different from what 19th-century Americans felt. That’s partly due to technology."

Have smartphones really destroyed a generation? We don’t know.

Pay attention
Yes, the internet is destroying our collective attention span.

Why your internet data is rotting.

Gay site Kenneth in the 212 blocked for "harassing" Aaron Schock after homophobic former congressman’s alleged sexual video leaks.

Site may be sold to Pornhub after porn ban leads to huge traffic drop.

Time to break it up, co-founder Chris Hughes says.

Facebook has taken down billions of fake accounts, but the problem is still getting worse.

Meet the man with an impossible job: cleaning up YouTube.


Out of the office
Nearly half of US LGBT employees believe being out will hurt their career.

Uber was designed to exploit drivers.

I Own
51% Of This Company!

I manage the last Blockbuster in the world. "It was just us and a store in Perth, Australia. They called the night they closed to wish us all the best."


Tom Daley
Drama between Dustin Lance Black and British Swimming, explained.

Andy Brennan
Australian footballer Andy Brennan comes out as gay.

Israel Folau

Contract terminated by Rugby Australia after he said Hell awaits homosexuals.

Asics drops him too, as brand ambassador, over those homophobic remarks.

Australian rugby's moment of reckoning. "A homophobic tweet has exposed deep fault lines running through the dressing room as the team prepares for the World Cup."

Men claim pro New Zealand rugby team hurled anti-LGBTI abuse at them.

Gus Kenworthy
Out Olympian rides to raise awareness that aids is not over.


Why is art so expensive?

How artists born after 1969 are honouring (and criticising) Stonewall's legacy. "Nobody Promised You Tomorrow: Art 50 Years After Stonewall contemplates how younger artists are memorialising the riots, remembering those forgotten in their history, and envisioning to the next half-century of queer rights and culture."

Camp: Notes on Fashion, the Met's first explicitly queer exhibition surveys designers from Balenciaga to Vivienne Westwood to sketch the contours of camp in fashion.

Heroin chic
The tangled legacy of photographer Davide Sorrenti.

Andy Warhol's friendship with Jean-Michel Basquiat revealed in 400 unseen photos. "Book offers ‘voyeuristic glimpse’ into the two artists’ lives with hundreds of Warhol’s images and diary entries."

Art of the city: London as seen by painters, in pictures.

The photography of Miron Zownir, in pictures.

Queer today, gone tomorrow: the exhibition exploring queer London.

The Body Is The Instrument, at TOM House in Los Angeles.

Uncle Joe
Imagining futures. "The years have not been gentle to my memory of my Uncle Joe Joe, who died when I was five of AIDS-related complications. Meeting my mother's friend Wallace brought those memories streaming back."

The photography of Andy Chou, in pictures.

The photography of Mano Martinez, in pictures.

Thirty-one artworks inspired or drawn by Tom of Finland, in pictures.

The photography of Rubén Esparza, in pictures. "As a counterpoint to corporate Pride celebrations, artist Rubén Esparza presented photos of famous cruising sites around L.A."

Behind New York's first poster museum. "At Poster House, the history of the medium is explored in unprecedented depth with examples from all over the world and throughout history."

Lost Liverpool
The race to record the city's disappearing shop fronts. "As regeneration threatens small independent shops, an Instagram project aims to document them before they are gone forever."

British seaside towns, in pictures.

IM Pei
IM Pei, the celebrated architect behind Louvre pyramid, is dead. He was 102. "Pei, whose portfolio included the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, was one of the most prolific architects of the 20th century."

IM Pei: obituary.

IM Pei: an audacious daredevil who built the impossible.

IM Pei's finest works, in pictures.


Find Me
Author André Aciman unveils the (somewhat underwhelming) cover for the sequel to Call Me By Your Name.

Pier Groups: Art and Sex Along the New York Waterfront, by Jonathan Weinberg. "Part art history, part memoir — weaves interviews, documentary photographs, literary texts, artworks, and film stills to show how avant-garde practices competed and mingled with queer identities along the Manhattan waterfront."

The Falls of the Wyona, by David Brendan Hopes. "Four friends growing up on the banks of a wild Appalachian river just after WWII discover, almost at the same time, the dangerous, alluring Falls and the perils of their own maturing hearts. Seen through the eyes of his best friend Arden, football hero Vince falls in love with the new kid, Glen. They have no context for their feelings, and the next few years of high school become a tense, though sometimes funny, artifice of concealment."

Nirvana Is Here, by Aaron Hamburger. "For Ari Silverman, the past has never really passed. After 20 years, the trauma from a childhood assault resurfaces as he grapples with the fate of his ex-husband, a colleague accused of sexually harassing a student. To gain perspective, Ari arranges to reconnect with his high school crush, Justin Jackson, a bold step which forces him to reflect on their relationship in the segregated suburbs of Detroit during the 1990s and the secrets they still share."

You Will Be Safe Here, by Damian Barr. "South Africa, 1901. It is the height of the second Boer War. Sarah van der Watt and her six-year-old son Fred are forced from their home on Mulberry Farm. As the polite invaders welcome them to Bloemfontein Concentration Camp they promise Sarah and Fred that they will be safe there. 2014. Sixteen-year-old Willem is an outsider. Hoping he will become the man she wants him to be, his Ma and her boyfriend force Willem to attend the New Dawn Safari Training Camp where they are proud to make men out of boys. They promise that he will be safe there."

Brave Face: A Memoir, by Shaun David Hutchinson. "'I wasn’t depressed because I was gay. I was depressed and gay.' Shaun David Hutchinson was nineteen. Confused. Struggling to find the vocabulary to understand and accept who he was and how he fit into a community in which he couldn’t see himself. The voice of depression told him that he would never be loved or wanted, while powerful and hurtful messages from society told him that being gay meant love and happiness weren’t for him. A million moments large and small over the years all came together to convince Shaun that he couldn’t keep going, that he had no future. And so he followed through on trying to make that a reality. Thankfully Shaun survived, and over time, came to embrace how grateful he is and how to find self-acceptance. In this courageous and deeply honest memoir, Shaun takes readers through the journey of what brought him to the edge, and what has helped him truly believe that it does get better."

I Wish You All the Best, by Mason Deaver. "When Ben De Backer comes out to their parents as nonbinary, they're thrown out of their house and forced to move in with their estranged older sister, Hannah, and her husband, Thomas, whom Ben has never even met. Struggling with an anxiety disorder compounded by their parents' rejection, they come out only to Hannah, Thomas, and their therapist and try to keep a low profile in a new school. But Ben's attempts to survive the last half of senior year unnoticed are thwarted when Nathan Allan, a funny and charismatic student, decides to take Ben under his wing. As Ben and Nathan's friendship grows, their feelings for each other begin to change, and what started as a disastrous turn of events looks like it might just be a chance to start a happier new life."

I’m Open to Anything, by William E. Jones. "Compelling and perverse, William E. Jones‘ debut novel queers the conventions of the Midwestern bildungsroman."

You Will Be Safe Here, by Damian Barr. "Barr’s structural choices are effective, if heavy-handed... What keeps them turning the page, even as the novel lurches back and forth in time, is Barr’s use of diction and point of view."

Out East: Memoir of a Montauk Summer, by John Glynn. "[It] refashions the epic summer tale, dosed with lyrical brawn, grace, and ingenuity."

Jimmy Neurosis, by James Oseland. "A valuable archive of the expressions of anti-social queerness that developed in the latter half of the twentieth century. But it is equally remarkable as a story of queer resilience."

Talking to Joseph Cassara about balancing queer tragedy and happiness.

Bright Cataclysm, a poem by Logan February.

The Advocate revives its original logo for Stonewall's 50th.

Star Observer
Australia’s oldest LGBT publication goes into administration.

How to publish classic books that aren’t just by dead white men.

On the rag
The month in gay mags. Week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4, week 5.

At Night

Broadway Bares: Take Off, in pictures.

The naked age of erotic gay theatre, in pictures.

All I See Is You. Smitten but bruised as love and law collide. "Set in the 60s, the hidden histories of men up against repressive homosexuality laws have an intense emotional force in Kathrine Smith’s production."

Take Me Somewhere
Audiences jump into bed and are paid to play. "This performance art festival serves up brazen tests of audience exploitation, a TV sleepover and feminist futurism."


Pedro Almodóva
Gay film icon slams sexless superhero movies.

Talking to Pedro Almodóvar, the "schlocky king of Spanish sex comedy", about plunging into the depths of Franco’s reign in his new film, Live Flesh. (May 1998)

Xavier Dolan
Director slams "gay film" label: "We never talk about 'heterosexual' films".

Greg Berlanti
Love, Simon director says gay execs were least likely to let him cast gay actors in straight roles.

Seth Rogen
Comedian regrets homophobic jokes in early films.

Talking to John Waters about cruising, the evolution of queer culture, and more.

To Wong Foo
How America fell in love with To Wong Foo. "The 1995 film became a hit with mainstream audiences and drag devotees alike, partly because it was dripping in camp and artifice in every frame."

The new Ted Bundy biopic has one glaring problem.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is Tarantino’s fun, haunting homage to the summer of ’69.

Has Hollywood’s "de-ageing" gone too far? Martin Scorsese thinks so. "Will Smith, Anthony Hopkins and Robert Downey Jr have all been digitally rejuvenated. Now Robert De Niro and Al Pacino are having their wrinkles zapped."

Cape camp
The best superhero stories have always been camp. "And Joel Schumacher's much-hated Batman & Robin is a shining, underappreciated example of the genre — no, really."

Tucked. Moving tale of a dying drag queen. "Derren Nesbitt is terrific as an ageing club performer who rescues a young singer from homophobic attackers."

Port Authority. A heartfelt and sensual trans love story. "Fresh off the bus in New York, a young man struggles with his attractions to a transgender dancer and the city’s flamboyant kiki ballroom scene."

Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile. Zac Efron in serial killer mode. "Efron’s casting in the real-life story of Ted Bundy, executed for the murder of 30 women, is startling but the film shies away from awkward questions."

Rocketman. Elton's sparkliest spectacle yet. "Taron Egerton is terrific as the singer, but the real star of this electric biopic is director Dexter Fletcher."

Birds of Passage. A powerful Colombian drug trade saga. "Following an indigenous family torn apart by a marijuana boom, this arresting Colombian film combines magical realism with the epic sweep of The Godfather."

The Lighthouse
Easily one of the wildest films of the year. "A psychosexual drama, a pitch-black comedy, and a tale of two men driving each other nuts."

The case of the stolen ruby slippers. "How a big crime in a small town produced a whodunit as gripping and colorful as The Wizard of Oz itself."

Cheap thrills
The erotic thriller’s little death. "What/If references the celebrated steamy genre of the 80s and 90s, but lacks its guts. Why can’t any of the new neo-noirs go all the way?"

Toy story
Why Hollywood can’t stop kidulting. "From Detective Pikachu to Sonic the Hedgehog, when did audiences OK the big brand movie?"

Rotten tomatoes
The joy of watching (and rewatching) movies so bad they’re good. "Michael Musto sings the praises of his favorite cinematic clunkers."

Here's the trailers for Papi Chulo; Boulevard; Circles; and 1:54.

Blade Runner 2049
Ten things I love about Blade Runner 2049.

The incomparable Beryl Reid talks to Mary Parkinson in 1983.

Doris Day
Doris Day, the actress, is dead. She was 97.

Doris Day: obituary.

Doris Day: a life, in pictures.

Why Doris Day should be remembered as a gay icon.

Doris Day’s public image was the one role she could never shake off. "‘Girl next door’ was a label that didn’t suit a woman whose life was anything but ordinary."

Doris Day: the wholesome face of postwar American optimism. "The actor, who has died aged 97, worked with the greats of Hollywood’s golden era and rivalled the crossover success of Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley."

Doris Day's campiest films.


Doris Day talks to Des O'Connor in 1994.


Killer Ratings
Did a Brazilian TV host arrange murders to boost his show? "A new Netflix documentary tells the extraordinary story of Wallace Souza who, it is alleged, took extreme actions in the hunt for new viewers."

Blind Date
UK dating show sent two men on holiday to country where gay sex is illegal.

Queer As Folk
Russell T Davies says his parents found Queer as Folk "difficult".

Walford’s new gay bar named The Prince Abert.

No More
Friends co-creator Marta Kauffman regrets transphobic jokes.

Pose finale. A razzle-dazzle spectacle of pure infectious joy. "Ryan Murphy’s voguing drama has been a delight from start to finish, and its big showstopping finale combined showmanship with some ruthless tearjerking."

Ava DuVernay’s When They See Us is a rich, enraging retelling of the Central Park Five case - and essential viewing to understand today’s America.

The truth behind the longest-running reality show.

Doctor how?
Why Torchwood’s slow death was a sweet relief for fans. "With half of the main team axed off, weird plots and a new US-centric tilt led to the show’s demise."

Josh Snares investigates Doctor Who's lost episodes.

Stephen Thorne
Stephen Thorne, the actor know for his roles as Azal and Omega in 1970s Doctor Who, is dead. He was 84.

David Milch
The writer’s third act. "Despite what dementia has stolen from the cerebral creator of “Deadwood,” it has given his work a new sense of urgency."

On making a sex scene.

& Life

Todrick Hall posts naked booty selfie.

To be continued... can the sequel album save Usher’s musical reputation? "The R&B star has hinted at a follow-up to Confessions, but history is littered with late-career gimmicks."

Tupac and MC Hammer’s promising collaboration. "Sometimes the most fertile creative relationships are the most unlikely."


DIY facial recognition for porn is a dystopian disaster. "Someone is making dubious claims to have built a programme for detecting faces in porn and cross-referencing against social media, with 100,000 identified so far."

Sebastian Young
Gay-for-pay porn star pleads "no contest" to child porn charges - Florida releases his sex offender registry flyer.

Tom Faulk
Former NextDoor model facing felony charges for manufacturing and delivering meth, as well as assaulting a police officer and a family member.

Model wears MAGA hat while snorting meth in latest unseemly orgy.

Former NextDoor model Markie More is now an anti-porn activist for a Mormon org because he can "no longer promote lustful deviant behavior".

Brandon Wilde launches rap career with Love or Lust video.

Blake Mitchell

Fired model Cameron Parks slams Helix owner Keith Miller.

Pheonix Fellington signed as studio's newest exclusive.

A brief history of the gay bears and big boys scene.

International Mr. Leather contest, in pictures.

The White Party, in pictures.

Nils by mouth
Andrei Karenin, Torsten Ullman and Eluan Jeunet do it; and Paul Cavill and Serge Cavalli do it; and Nils Tatum flaunts it.

Oh Fernandez
Mateo Fernandez and Devin Franco do it.

Dirty Sanchez
Viktor Rom and Apolo Sanchez do it.

Bend it like Beckham
William Seed and Derek Bolt do it; Beaux Banks and Jake Porter do it; and Vadim Black, Bruce Beckham and Michael Jackman do it.

Winwin situation
Darin Silvers and Pheonix Fellington do it; and Arad Winwin and Hunter Smith do it.

Ray of light
Ray Dexter, Joseph Banks and Max Konnor do it.

Dante's peak
Zion Nicholas and Dante Martin do it;

Heart of stone
DeAngelo Jackson and Hayden Brier do it; Mateo Fernandez and Austin Stone do it.

Taylor made
Pheonix Fellington and Andy Taylor do it; Pheonix Fellington and Tyler Sweet do it; Josh Brady, Travis Stevens and Andy Taylor do it; Calvin Banks and Dylan Hayes do it.

Allen key
Rico Marlon and Allen King do it; Arad Winwin, Rico Marlon, Allen King and Edji Da Silv do it; Tyler Roberts, Jeffrey Lloyd, Drake Rogers and Dakota Payne do it; and Andre Donovan and Drake Rogers do it.

To the max
Baron Wade and Max Richie do it; Jacob Booker and Marc Wallace do it.

All that Shabazz
Rhyheim Shabazz, Jay Michaels and Jonathan Miranda do it; and Mateo Fernandez and Angel Duran do it.

Austin we have a problem
Sean Ford and Ty Mitchell do it; and Austin Wolf and Levi Karter do it.

All bar none
Alex Rim, Ethan Thomson and Bar Addison do it.

Manny from heaven
Manny and Shameeks do it.


Marks & Spencer
UK retailer’s new "LGBT" sandwich met with mixed reactions online.


The wildlife haven created when people left.

Born to Be eaten. "What’s at stake in the fight over development in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge? A caribou herd, and a culture that relies on it."

The majority of penguins living in this aquarium are gay.

It’s not just about the bees – earthworms need love, too. "They may not be cute, but the work they do for our soil keeps humans in business. But their numbers are in steep decline."

Last male Sumatran rhino in Malaysia dies.

The Birds
Millions of birds are vacuumed to death every year for our martini olives.

The month in wildlife, in pictures: week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4, week 5.


Disney launches new Rainbow collection for Pride month.

Addidas and Nike cash in on the rainbow flag...

...and Polo Ralph Lauren, too.

Trains & Automobiles

Hong Kong
Cathay Pacific includes gay couple in "bold" new advertising campaign.

Hong Kong’s Airport Authority joins MTR Corp in reversing ban on Cathay Pacific same-sex ad after LGBT outcry.

No free lunch
Why can't public transit be free? The main goal of transportation that costs riders nothing—getting people out of their cars—can't be achieved by eliminating fares. (January 2015)

From the archive
Opening of the Titanic inquiry. "A court of inquiry set up following the disaster says that it will be thorough and searching." (May 1912)


Not made up
This company is marketing makeup for men and the internet is not having it.

This guy vogued for a history class project and he slayed.

Scrabble adds LGBT words, including game-changing "ze".


The condemnation of James Charles is tinged with homophobia.

James Charles loses two million YouTube subscribers after conduct claims.

James Charles cancels tour due to poor mental health over recent drama, addresses Westbrook's accusations - and he has the receipts.

Life's A
Laugh Riot

The most important PSA in the world; do people care about homo sapien extinction? Plus: Joel Kim Booster; and Michael has finally got himself a man!

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