Issue 272: Marcell Tykes, Kedarie Johnson, Bruce LaBruce, David McDiarmid, Frank Ocean, John Boyega, Pose, and more...

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One in four people say those in same-sex relationships should be charged as criminals. "Major survey across 77 countries and territories finds that 28% of respondents – including 17% of participants in the UK – share this view."

The troubling ascent of the LGBT right wing.

Eighteen real-life LGBT villains.

"Majority" worldwide believe gay people deserve equal treatment...

...But the United Nations LGBT equality expert Vitit Muntarbhorn warns of a "global crisis" as homophobic crackdowns continue.

Implicit bias: is everyone racist?

Three ways black veganism challenges white supremacy (unlike conventional veganism).

The necessity of combating celebrity activist worship in black liberation movements.

#Me Too. "#IWasHim and #ItWasMe."

After #MeToo. "How do you navigate your sexuality after sexual trauma?"

Lesbian opens up about what it’s like to be Muslim and gay.

2017 is now the deadliest year for transgender people in the US on record.

Liberation movements are not doing their job if they don’t address the oppression of black women.


US LGBT History Month: A timeline of struggle, celebration and (slow) progress.

This is 16-year-old Kedarie Johnson, a genderfluid teen who was kidnapped and murdered after boys discovered they were non-binary.

This is James D. Walton and Richard G. Chittick, a gay male couple from D.C. who were killed when a driver lost control of the SUV he was driving and ploughed into them.

71-year-old Shehadeh Khalil Issa jailed for life for murdering his wife and gay son, Amir (left).

New York subway poster campaign wants more love for trans lives.

"Trigger Warning Queer and Trans Gun Club" launched as response to right-wing anti-LGBT violence.

Corey Feldman claims he’s been targeted for death after threatening to expose Hollywood peadophile ring.

Russian propaganda outlet "staged fake LGBT rights rally".

Rosie O’Donnell gives first interview since Trump: "Every Friday there’s devastation."

Hillary Clinton hits out at "striking and scary" anti-LGBT attacks by Trump administration.

Trump may not seek re-election: White House insiders.

Seth Meyers blasts the "slobbering" Trump sycophants at FOX news, and its obsession with Hillary.

Alt-right Trump diehard and former Milo Yiannopoulos intern Lane Davis stabs father to death for calling him a Nazi.

Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia blocks the trans military ban.

California billionaire Tom Steyer launches $10 million campaign pushing for Trump impeachment.

Why is White House ignoring LGBT news outlet the Washington Blade during news briefings?

Senator Bob Corker fires back at fresh Trump Twitter attacks: "Alert the daycare staff."

Trump's stabilising influence, John Kelly, is a monster. "The president's chief of staff was supposed to be a rare voice of reason in the White House, instead he denigrates women and espouses conspiracy theories and racism."

Fifty-five percent of white Americans believe whites face racial discrimination, which means fifty-five percent of white Americans are really stupid!

Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore compares "victims" of marriage equality to Jews in the Holocaust.

Ten times Trump's administration said "let them eat cake," ranked.

Betsy DeVos delivers a blow to disabled students.

Vile Kentucky judge who discriminated against LGBT families forced to resign.

Buzzfeed runs puff piece on Chick-fil-A - and omitting its long animus towards the LGBT community.

How "The Eagle" became one of the most recognised gay bar names.

Does Minneapolis have the will to bring gay bathhouses back to the city? "There are sex parties and swingers meetups all over the Twin Cities, hosted in crowded houses and hotels. Gay men still cruise the parks and malls, taking risks to meet strangers."

Las Vegas Pride, in pictures.

Honolulu Pride, in pictures: part one.

Honolulu Pride, in pictures: part two.


"Gay people can be horrible": what Darryl Rowe - who's on trial for deliberately infecting ten men with HIV - told police.

"Christian" Felix Ngole, thrown out of university over homophobic Facebook posts, loses appeal.

Gay Moroccan man faces deportation from the UK.

Suspects sought after brawl between transgender activists and radical feminists.

MP Jared O’Mara suspended after "fudge packer", "poof" and "ugly bitch" comments.

Former Conservative Party chair Lord Tebbit claims air pollution is making people transgender.

BBC called out for inviting "jail the gays" leader to debate LGBT equality.

People are horrified by sleazy tabloid the Daily Star’s story on gay footballers.

BBC News features hardcore gay adult site in Donald Trump coverage.

Drone footage captures brutalist Robin Hood Gardens ahead of imminent demolition.

Forgotten Manchester and Salford slums, in pictures.

The 1970s nation-state of Frestonia, in pictures.

Northern Ireland
Police launch recruitment drive for gay officers.


University students discover their professor was a gay adult film star for Colt Studios.

Saudi Arabia
Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman pledges "moderate, open" Saudi Arabia in which "religion translates to tolerance."


Three lawyers deported for "promoting homosexuality".

Train tickets will soon offer "third gender" option.

Goa celebrates its first gay pride.

Asia's biggest gay pride parade brings tens of thousands to Taipei.

Puerto Rico
Molotov cocktails thrown into gay nightclub in San Juan.

Police attack homeless LGBT youth with pepper-spray.

Thriving Montego Bay Pride boosts LGBT acceptance.

Weeks after his gay wedding, vile Milo Yiannopoulos tells Australians to vote "No" to marriage equality.

"No" campaign leader claims marriage equality is "snobbery".

State of Western Australia to officially apologise to gay men.


This asexual worm hasn’t had sex in 18 million years.

Tentacled moth, anyone?


On the cusp of a cure. "After nearly 40 years of HIV research, is total eradication edging closer to reality?"

Desperate quest for herpes cure launched "rogue" trial.

Putting the fear of semen to bed. "Despite what several misleading reports suggest, the semen of undetectable men is safe."

Fourteen things I wish queer men were taught in sex ed.

The complete guide to loving the butt.

How BDSM and HIV evolved together.

Art +

Stunning AIDS crisis artworks from Australian artist and activist David McDiarmid installed at London Underground stations.

Faces of AIDS needs to be preserved for future generations - and you can help.

Canada-based Brazilian sculptor Julia LePine recreates Freddie Mercury.

Urban color: New York and Chicago in the 70s and 80s, in pictures.


An excerpt from Jeffery Self's new novel, A Very, Very Bad Thing.

The thirty-five words you’re (probably) getting wrong. "Have you made a flagrant error, in confusing your alternative choices? The legendary Fleet Street editor Harold Evans proscribes this glossary to solve your language dilemmas."

Iceman, Marvel Comics’ icey gay mutant, goes bicoastal for love.

On the rag: your guide to the gay weeklies.

At Night

On Thomas and Sally, the new play that whitewashes peadophile slaveowner Thomas Jefferson’s rape of Sally Hemings.

Lonely Planet. "Dietz’s play remains quietly captivating in its simplicity, and the easy intimacy between Burton and McGrath is remarkably moving."

Of Kith and Kin. "Proceedings turn violent when a mother in law arrives in Chris Thompson’s overloaded play about nature, nurture, abuse, parenting and gay history."

Kathy Griffin, done apologising, is ready for her comeback...

...and former friend Anderson Cooper feels the burn.


Andy Dick fired from movie after accusations of sexual harassment on set.

John Boyega on his Star Wars character’s rumoured gay love interest: "he needs to chill or come out."

Renee Zellweger to play Judy Garland in new film Judy.

Marky Mark prays that God forgives him for Boogie Nights.

The Hollywood stars who quit acting.


I didn’t grow up with LGBT kids’ TV characters – but I found them elsewhere. "The Disney Channel has introduced its first ever LGBT storyline in Andi Mack – but in my formative years, I had to look outside kids’ TV to find my small-screen role models."

Netflix halts production on House of Cards indefinitely.

Hercules' Kevin Sorbo claims he was sexually harassed by Gianni Versace.

Star Trek: Discovery shows us how to maintain hope in the age of Trump.

New Ryan Murphy series Pose to make TV history with largest ever cast of transgender actors in a scripted series; the series will look at "the juxtaposition of several segments of life and society in New York: the rise of the luxury Trump-era universe, the downtown social and literary scene and the ball culture world."

Why the Kevin Keller gay cruising shaming plot highlights a huge problem with Riverdale.

Insecure's Issa Rae is developing a ’90s LA drama with HBO.

Hilariously rude Doctor Who interview with Clive Swift resurfaces.

Former EastEnders star Samantha Womack was "devastated" over Ronnie Mitchell axing.

The nine sorest losers in The Apprentice history.

Here's the trailer for new web series Giving Me Life (In The Land of the Deadass), about six friends struggling to survive in New York City.

Beats, Rhymes
& Life

Why do gay men hate Sam Smith?

Richard Madeley claims George Michael was "literally subsumed" by drugs.

Stormzy's X Factor performance ditched MNEK for Labrinth and no-one knew why – including MNEK.

Frank Ocean creates a visual essay and pens personal letter.

Forty-five songs by Chris Brown, anyone? Why albums are getting longer. "R&B and hip-hop albums frequently number 20 tracks or more, while dance artists are making records that last five hours. Are musicians spreading themselves too thinly?"

Justin Bieber unveils full torso tattoo.


Hong Kong beat out Washington D.C. and Guadalajara, Mexico to host the 2022 Gay Games.

Homophobic rugby star Israel Folau claims he "respects" opinion of pro-gay teammate.


CockyBoys And Bruce LaBruce launch Diablo In Madrid.

Newbie Marcell Tykes and Josh Brady do it...

...And veteran performer Diesel Washington has some advice for the new boy.

Talking to Carlo Masi.

Honolulu Pride Pool Party, in pictures.

Masc4Masquarade, in pictures.

Friday night at the Seattle Eagle, in pictures.

Mr Palm Springs Leather Meet and Greet, in pictures.

The White Heat of This Revolution

Jack’d attacks Grindr for racist profiles.

Reddit finally bans neo-nazis and other hate groups.

How to "deep clean" your online activity.

WhatsApp launches the feature we've all been waiting for – you can now unsend messages.

Planes, Trains
& Automobiles

New York subway to replace MetroCard with contactless payment.

Delhi’s secret ring railway line, in pictures.

I Own 51% Of
This Company!


Why you shouldn't be reheating food in old plastic takeaway containers.

The hidden cost of the processed food revolution.

Cadbury release nostalgic selection box.


Finally, the latest from Walter, Davey Wavey, Michael & Anthony, and the Zakar twins.

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Issue 272: 23-31 October 2017

On the cover: Marcell Tykes.

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