24-year-old Metrell (no surname. Kinda like Beyonce) has been in the military for 3 years.


"Photographers should know that I am easy to work with, willing to push the envelope, and be professional," he says. It might be an idea to restructure that sentence, since it makes it sound like he's willing to be professional, as opposed to professional by default.


From his pictures, we can also see that Metrell can open his mouth pretty wide, which is always a useful skill to have.


If you're lucky.


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THE 2009 UNITED NATIONS World Drug Report marks "the end of the first century of drug control (it all started in Shanghai in 1909)." 

Your correspondent hasn't so much as smoked a cigarette in his lifetime, never mind snorted a line of coke or popped a tab of E. Of course, I'm an alcoholic, but societythe law says that's okay. But it seems to me that the line of coke many of you will snort this weekend has left a devastating trail of human misery in order to reach your nose. Call me righteous, but I don't know how you can live with yourself.

Yes - you. (In a similar vein - excuse the pun - wealthy Westerners like Whitney Houston are lauded as victors triumphing over illness. A self-inflicted illness born out of pure selfishness and stupidity. The real victims are the people in these pictures. Their blood is on Whitney's hands.) These pictures, from The Boston Globe's ever-reliable The Big Picture series, illustrate the reality of illegal drug use around the world. Top: A man killed by a bullet to the head lies dead in the dirt in Tijuana, Mexico, in August this year. Make sure to check out the rest of the series...


Above, the body of California state government official Rogelio Sanchez hangs beaten, naked and castrated in Mexico, earlier this month.


Above, in Afghanistan, an opium addict offers his grandson his pipe (July 13, 2009).


You are looking at the severed head of an unidentified man, above, pictured in August this year in Mexico.


Female opium addicts in a house in Afghanistan, pictured in July this year. Is the scene really any different to middle class housewives anaesthetising themselves with a bottle of Pinot Grigio?




Zack Clark lensed by Cliff Watts.


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YOU MIGHT NOT realise it, but you're looking at the cover art for the 1964 novel Doctor Who and the Daleks (an adaptation of the second Doctor Who TV serial, The Daleks).


The difference is, this is the 1980 Japanese edition, published by Hayakawa Books of Tokyo. Artist Michiaki Sato has taken a liberal approach to drawing the Daleks, and created an even looser interpretation of the TARDIS. And is that Darth Vader slaying Skaro's metal monsters?


Four other Doctor Who novels were released in the empire of the rising sun: The Auton Invasion, The Cave Monsters, Day of the Daleks and The Doomsday Weapon. All of the books contained equally striking black and white illustrations and some colour spreads.


More about the books at On Target, where you can also see the internal illustrations.




Kerry D

Colby Jamar 1

Shutterbugs Mariano Vivanco and Steven Klein have lensed this stunning set of images for Vogue Homme Japan.


Ryan Koning

Amongst the models are our old favourites Oraine Barrett and Anthony Gallo.

Travis Hanson 1

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Ryan Koning 1

Colby Jamar

Anthony Gallo

Ryan Koning 2

Kerry 3



WHEN IT COMES to gay relationships, the question remains: from who do we take our cue?

There are those who doggedly follow the path of monogamy, and others who feel that we should define our own relationships (and who think monogamy is for breeders).

As Keo Woolford's character says in this short, Just, "I just don't think we should be constrained to a normative, heterosexist, monogamist, construct of a romantic relationship." Er, that sounds like something you read on a blog, bruv. And it doesn't help that you look like the dude who cut costs on the electrics in the Glass Tower, leading to one tiny spark that led to a night of blazing suspense. He could have saved time and just said, "Boys will be boys." Actually he probably doesn't look much like Richard Chamberlain. Maybe it's the YouTube effect. Or maybe it's because both characters are oily creeps.

Just was directed by David Maurice Gil. It stars Keo Woolford and Edward Gunawan (who was also on writing duties).



Last week we saw Oguchi Onyewu strip down for ESPN The Magazine's Body Issue. This week it's the turn of Nelson Cruz, who shows us his big bumper.

• What was it like to be gay in the mid-1980s? Pictures speak volumes, none more so than in Doug Ischar's stunning coverage of the Belmont Rocks in Chicago 1984-1985. Where are these men now, I wonder...? (Pictured right and below left.)

WorldPride 2014: what it means for Toronto.

• Gay marriage rights for the state of
New York?

• "We are talking about five students who are living a gay lifestyle that is leading them to dress a way we do not expect in Morehouse men." Dr. William Bynum on Morehouse College's
new dress code, which bans cross-dressing.

• And Rev. Irene Monroe's got
something to say about it too.

• Here's a lesson they won't be teaching at the all-black college: Malcolm X was bisexual. Peter Tatchell
questions why leading (LGBT) black icons are ignored by Black History Month.

• U.S. Senate
clears "Matthew Shepard" bill, approving new federal penalties for attacks on the LGBT community.

Is gaybashing on the rise?

• He's 86-years-old, straight, a Republican and a D-Day veteran. And he said this: "The woman at my polling place asked me, do I believe in equality for gay and lesbian people. I was pretty surprised to be asked a question like that. It made no sense to me. Finally I asked her: what do you think I fought for in Omaha Beach? It makes no sense that some people who love each other can marry and others can't, just because of who they are."

Lt. Daniel Choi's rise to fame has put a few gay activist's noses out of joint. "I've gotten [shit] from other activists... I wouldn't go to the point of saying that I don't deserve to be in this role, but they say, "You sort of came out of nowhere.'"

• Report recommends the U.S. military
should repeal Article 125 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (or in other words, get rid of the sodomy ban).

• The Navy senior chief at centre of the Joseph Rocha hazing scandal has been
forced to retire.
You Will Eat Your Babies, screams Shirley Phelps-Ropers placard. No word on whether that's a biblical command, a threat, or helpful advice on how to withstand the financial crisis.
• "Everybody is different. I don't want to watch two grown men wrestling with panties on. I'm from the hood, we don't play that. To me, I'm not buying a ticket to watch two grown men with panties on, sweating, [with] nuts in their face. That's not me. To compare that to boxing is ludicrous. It's a porno. It's an entertainment porno." Boxer Bernard Hopkins. Yawn.

• The gays are everywhere - even
in the Mafia. Watch your backs...

• Transgender people
victims of global counter-terror campaigns.

Gay policeman charged with sex attack on junior officer.

• London sees an 18 percent
rise in homophobic crime.

• So why is the Metropolitan Police Service cutting back on LGBT liaison officers?

The Met doesn't have gay people's trust.

• Homophobia in football: Guilty bystanders and alpha male eunuchs.

• Here's a really revolting thought - the leaders of two far-right facist groups in a
gay affair. Yuk.

• Remember the Gay Tourist Office I
mentioned back in September? It's now open for business.

• Congratulations to Kenyan couple Charles Ngengi and Daniel Chege Gichia, who married in London last Saturday. Gay Tanzanian model Julius Reuben was present at the ceremony in Islingon. The
source article is sadly laced with homophobia and there's in excess of two hundred comments of pure venom.

• Prime Minister Gordon Brown wants gay couple to conduct civil partnerships in Westminster Hall's chapel, "on the grounds of the Parliamentary estate".

• Children's charity Barnardo's wants
more gay couples (and even individuals) to adopt children.

• The Scottish National Party (which holds power in Scotland)
passes a resolution criticising the UK government for its treatment of LGBT asylum seekers.

• Stephen Gately:
Gay group reports Jan Moir to police.

• Stephen Gately:
Will the Press Complaints Commission act on Gatley Daily Mail article?

• Stephen Gately:
Jan Moir - real consequences, or much sound and fury signifying nothing?

• Stephen Gately:
Jan Moir apologises to Stephen Gately's parents but attacks 'hysterical overreaction' of critics.

• Stephen Gately:
Jan Moir changes her tune.

• Stephen Fry talks
Poles, politeness and politics in the age of Twitter.

• As the decade draws to a close, Peter Tatchell
reflects on the last ten years.

• Sports stars come out: All-Ireland hurling star Dónal Óg Cusack announces he's gay.

Indian man castrates himself to join begging eunuchs.

• Don't force homeless people to
perform oral sex. It'll go wrong. Badly wrong.

• Nepal wakes up to the power of the
pink rupee.

Women, bloggers and gays lead change in the Arab world. Don't look at me - I'm not a girl.

• There's talk of these
Arab winds of change in The Guardian too.

Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Bill Put Off Until 2010. Don't get too excited, that's just 68 days away.

Concentration Camp: the name of a party by, and for, gays. Yes, really.

• Half of LGBT teenagers in New Zealand have

• "Faggot Kid! You don't know what real marriage is!" Australian teacher
shaping the mind of a young student.

• A calendar featuring transgender models posing as the Virgin Mary? Well that's not gonna
cause problems in deeply Catholic Spain, is it?

• Sweden allows gay couples to marry
in church.
Diwali 0
• The Big Picture: Diwali 2009, pictured above and below (33 pictures).
Diwali 1
Kite strings coated with glass powder: they take kite flying seriously in India.

• How to purify the body: stab yourself in the cheeks with machine guns, pineapples, any old thing really. 13 (graphic) pictures.

• And I thought our police were bad.
Justice, Rio style.

• Tortured, shot and dumped
in a shopping trolley.

• Mexican city Ciudad Juarez is the
murder capital of the world.

25th suicide at France Telecom demonstrates the human cost of privitisation.

• Undercover film-maker Guenter Wallraff
exposes the casual racism prevalent in Germany.

Koran verses 'appear' on skin of miracle Russian baby. Miami Ink's Ami James spotted tattoo pen.

The greatest wine sale ever known...

• What Dubya did next: motivational speaker. "I suggest to ya'all, that the best thing to cure the blues is to get out there and start a war, kill some evil terrorists. God bless America."

• The Ku Klux Klan's (is it just me or is that hard to say?)
bloody history.

• Working for Lego
like working for the CIA.

• The 'Noughties' are drawing to a close - but
how will they be remembered?

• British National Party (BNP) leader Nick Griffin
claims Sikhs and Hindus support his party.

• BNP on BBC's Question Time:
key quotes. Like, "I shared a platform with David Duke, who was once a member of the Ku Klux Klan, a totally non-violent one by the way." That's alright then...

Freedom of speech is fine until the invective is against you.

The world's most densely populated countries.

• Are you a
Tube station?

• Boy babe Louis Smith
crashes and burns at the World Gymnastics Championships. Video.

The ten worst Olympians: loveable losers from the Games. Right, Eric 'The Eel' Moussambani.

• The Dot Gay Alliance lobbies the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers for a
Top-Level Domain devoted to the LGBT community.

• The internet
is 40!

Internet rules and laws: the top 10, from Godwin to Poe.

50 technological advances your children will laugh at.

Apple: 'Windows 7 is antiquated technology'.

• Microsoft Windows 7 reviews:
27 takes.

• The camera that will
record every second of your life. Gee, that's a great idea.

• Last week's Air Multiplier was
invented 30 years ago.

• Will the world end on 21st December 2012? NASA
say no.

• The
day after tomorrow map.
Day After MAP
• How to save the planet: downsize or eat your pet, or better still don't have one.

15 smart and funny safe sex adverts that don't (really) mention sex (pictured right).

• Alcohol:
Red wine makes fish taste too fishy.

• Alcohol: white wine
bad for your teeth.

• Alcohol: six in ten people (including your correspondent)
ignore safe drinking levels.

• Alcohol:
9,000 people are dying from alcohol-related diseases every year.

• Alcohol: liver disease (including cirrhosis) is the only major fatal disease to be rising in Britain and will be the
single biggest cause of death within 20 years.

• Things that make us depressed:
late night television and bright lights at night.

• Boffins think drugs could
combat sleep deprivation.

• Coffee - with added collagen.

• Scientific proof at last: people who walk'n'talk
whilst on their phones are f**king idiots.

• That most beautiful of creatures, the African elephant, could be extinct in 15 years.

• The United States designates 200,000 square miles in Alaska as
critical habitat for polar bears.

• The only polar bear in Blighty (right) has been
moved north to the Scottish Highlands. The bear was rescued from Canada in 1984.

• The
25 best music websites.

UK's Top selling singles of all time. No.10 is Mary's Boy Child - Oh My Lord, by Boney M, which I've never heard of, but sounds more gay than I thought was possible.

• Er... so what music was used as torture at Guantanamo Bay? Artists
want to know. (If it was me, I'd use Shakira, Christina Aguilera and Beyonce.)

• Speaking of boy childs, Chipmunk thinks shehe
wants to be a role model. So how come he got caught being a homophobic little bitch by my boy Malachi on Twitter?

• The big boys won't let the pretty little light skin boy
cut his hair off.

• Poor baby was a victim of racist bullying too. "When I was 13 I joined a local football squad as I had dreams of playing for my team, Arsenal. I was always the shortest in my side or class at school and there were some comments made, calling me 'shorty' or taking the mick. But I was also the only black kid in the team and the comments started to reach another level. I'm mixed race as my mum is Irish and my dad is Jamaican. But I used to get called 'Osama Bin Laden' or 'Paki' which I just couldn't understand as it didn't make any sense. It was just ignorant but I decided they were never going to break me."

The moment light entertainment died, was reborn then ate itself. You might be sick.
• This week's Gays of our Lives, with Anthony D Langford. (Happy birthday from ka-os|theory!) Left, David and Fer in Física O’ Química.

• EastEnders: Recession forces
16 actor limit.

• EastEnders: Coming soon,
an online spin-off, EastEnders: E20. The web drama has been written by 13 new London writers aged between 17 and 22.

• EastEnders: Former Blake's 7 actress Glynis Barber (Soolin) is to
appear as Glenda Mitchell, the estranged wife of Archie Mitchell.

• EastEnders: Former cast member Mohammed George (Gus, right)
complains, "One star openly said that the bosses just didn't know what to do with black actors. Their storylines have always been weak and I have no idea why." That may have been true in his time, but sure ain't true now...

• This is so exciting I think I might actually pass out:
Sue Ellen may return in the new Dallas!

• The star of new Mexican telenovela Los Existosos Pérez, Jaime Camil, is frustrated his scenes, in which he kisses male co-star Jose Rohn, are being
edited out of finished shows.

• B.D. Wong's character in Law and Order: Special Victim's Unit is to
officially come out of the closet. Who remembers his sexy priest in Oz?

• Doctor Who spin-off The Sarah Jane Adventures is back for its third series - and
guess Who makes an appearance? Sexy Clyde (Daniel Anthony, right) sees inside the TARDIS (don't look at me like that, the actor is actually 22!).

World's hairiest man will have plastic surgery to become TV star. Nothing a Bic wouldn't solve, surely?

• The
most famous gull in the world. Where is he now, I wonder?
Chose the poster for the much-anticipated offering Do Começo Ao Fim.

• I had to call it an "offering". Here's
Johnny Mad Dog
• Johnny Mad Dog. Reviews: Telegraph, Guardian, Variety, Mail Online, Independent.
• Russia's first mainstream film about drag queens: Veselchaki (Jolly Fellows).

• Flava Works and Jean Daniel Cadinot are winners at the
first-ever HustlaBall Awards.

• Remember the Puma Index guy from
a few editions ago? French mag TÊTU does (right).

Unfortunate juxtapositions: people photographed near amusing signs.

Plastic Moon (left) by Japanese architects Norisada Maeda Atelier. Stunning.

Rotterdam's Stadskantoor, by Office for Metropolitan Architecture.

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