Sony MZ-RH1

THIS IS THE Sony MZ-RH1 Portable Hi-MD Recorder.

Compatible with both Hi-MD and standard MD, one single MiniDisc (1GB) can hold around 675 tracks (or 45 hours worth of music).

This compares well with the ubiquitous iPod, without the limitations, all too prevalent software glitches, and battery issues. I'd rather not join the iPod herd, and MP3 is a pretty horrible format. It's also pretty sexy, I'm sure you'll agree, particularly in comparison to that dreary beige thing with it's hateful little wheel. The following facts and figures come from MiniDisco...
The MZ-RH1 is fully backward compatible with all minidisc recordings. Records SP/Mono/LP2/LP4 format audio to standard MD discs and uploads standard MD recordings to PC. Plus, Mac users now have the ability to record in PCM, Hi-SP and Hi-LP and upload those recordings in .WAV format via USB. Uploading is in no way restricted (unlimited uploads of mic, line and digital recordings are permitted). Large 1 Line EL (Organic Electroluminescence) Main Unit LCD Display Multi-Function 1-Line Backlit LCD Remote Control supplied Mic input and Line input - ability to Record From Multiple Sources Record and Playback Uncompressed Linear PCM Audio Aluminum Lid reduces weight and increases durability 11 Segment Recording Level Meter Display Self Recording Upload Function with option to save in .WAV format Mic sensitivity and manual recording level can be adjusted on-the-fly, while recording is underway VPT Acoustic Engine & 6 Band Equalizer Date/Time stamp recording Digital Pitch Control (change playback speed without changing pitch) -50/+100% 1GB of Music Storage (about 675 songs) on one Hi-MD MiniDisc Compatible with Both Hi-MD and Standard MiniDisc media Store up to 45 Hours on a Hi-MD MiniDisc media Store up to 13 Hours on a Standard MiniDisc media Plays Back MP3/ATRAC3®/ATRAC3plus™ Audio Formats USB 2.0 Compatible Supports WMA and WAV Audio Formats with Conversion to ATRAC3® Format Skip-Free G-Protection™ Technology Battery life: up to 19 hours playback, 10.5 hours recording Inputs: USB, Mic In, Line In (analog and optical digital) (1/8" stereo mini plug), DC in 5V Outputs: USB, Headphone/Remote (1/8" stereo mini plug) Color: Black UPC Code: 027242689220 Dimensions:3 3/8 x 3 3/8 x 19/32 in. (83.8 x 84.4 x 14.7mm) 3.4oz (96g) recorder only, 3.7oz (106g) including the rechargeable battery


THERE'S A MOMENT near the end of The Path To 9/11 - the dramatisation of the events up to and including 11th September 2001 - that will haunt me.

It's one of those five second clips that will play itself back in my head for a long time to come, like the cereal raining down on the kid in Mysterious Skin, or the final shot of the sofa at the end of The Wire's first season.

In The Path To 9/11, we have a hero of sorts in FBI counter-terrorism expert John O'Neill, who we follow in his efforts to thwart the terrorists, from the first attack on the World Trade Center in 1993, through to 11th September itself. O'Neill is the sort of doggedly determined American law-enforcer we know and love from US cop shows - think Tommy Lee Jones in The Fugitive. Shortly before 9/11, O'Neill retired from the FBI, frustrated by bureaucracy, and was appointed head of security at the World Trade Center. It's grimly ironic; O'Neill dies in the tower, of course. We witness him in a stairwell as one of the towers collapse, after helping in the evacuation. There's a moment of silence, and then doomf. Pause. Doomf. Pause. Doomf. O'Neill pauses and stares up at the ceiling as the noise gets closer and closer. We know from accounts by survivors that the noise is that of the building collapsing, floor by floor. We know what happens next.
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