Issue 292: Queercore, Karamo Brown, Arthur Mitchell, Alex Landi, Dean Cain, Beaux Banks, Blu Kennedy, Rafiki, and more...

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Gay youth more likely to use multiple substances.

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The in-between space. "I understand why people balk at labels. But I think of them—tomboy, butch, genderqueer, MOC—as functional and hopeful. That function is communication."

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Here was a plague. "The AIDS crisis as it unfolded in America is an object lesson in the danger, the potential violence, inherent in organized prejudice."

Here’s the science behind the Brexit vote and Trump’s rise. "When people feel threatened they want ‘tighter’ social norms, with profound consequences for politics."

This picture signaled an end to segregation. Why has so little changed? "In 1957, Dorothy Counts endured a taunting mob to integrate a North Carolina school. Sixty-one years later, her work is being undone."


Fitness model who stabbed roommate sixteen times for trying to "make moves" on him pleads not guilty to attempted murder.

Five men robbed at gunpoint after being lured to house on gay hook-up app grindr.

Miami man Bryan Deneumostier pleads guilty to filming sex acts with men and posting them on website without consent.

Dean Cain battles GLAAD, gay activists over speaking gig for anti-LGBT hate group "Family Research Council".

Brett Kavanaugh’s gay Yale roommate speaks out about "grim" dorm room, vomit-covered bathroom, dead pigeon nailed to door.

Trump plans cuts to HIV research and support as infections in men under 30 rise.

Hillary Clinton on Trump: “Trump and his cronies do so many despicable things that it can be hard to keep track. I think that may be the point—to confound us, so it’s harder to keep our eye on the ball. The ball, of course, is protecting American democracy. As citizens, that’s our most important charge. And right now, our democracy is in crisis.”

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And you thought Trump voters were mad. "American women are furious — and our politics and culture will never be the same."

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"This guy doesn’t know anything": the inside story of Trump’s shambolic transition team. "How Trump’s bungled presidential transition set the template for his time in the White House."

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How Puerto Rico became the newest tax haven for the super rich. "A year after the tragedy of Hurricane Maria, the 51st state has become the favorite playground for extremely wealthy Americans looking to keep their money from the taxman. The only catch? They have to cut all ties to the mainland (wink, wink)."

Last call for Nevada’s brothels? "There have been brothels in Nevada since the days of the Gold Rush, but in one of the state's 16 counties that could be about to change. Voters in Lyon County have a chance to put an end to legal prostitution in November, in a ballot coinciding with the country's mid-term elections."

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Overdose and punishment. "When Chad Baker died from a lethal combination of cocaine and heroin, prosecutors charged Tommy Kosto, his friend and fellow drug user, with killing him—a tactic from the Reagan-era war on drugs that is gaining popularity around the country and making today's opioid crisis even worse."

Los Angeles to host the first Bisexual Pride in the US.


Do the UK's hate crime laws actually work?

Jesse McDonald - the man who allegedly stabbed trans woman Naomi Hersi to death - claims he was drugged and raped.

Former police chief Brian Paddick opens up about boyfriend’s death from chemsex drug.

Gay couple could be forced to live in different countries after losing visa appeal.

UK Black Pride founder Lady Phyll honoured with statue.

Drag queens protest London gay club XXL’s ban on female clothing.

Model George Koh jailed for murdering fashion rival Harry Uzoka in row over girlfriend.

George the Poet says police stereotyping was behind strip-search. "Spoken-word artist says search was unjustified and officers were rude to his parents."

Londoners highlight drug problem with "dealers only" parking space.

US embassy in London, snubbed by Trump, opens doors to visitors.

How editors have normalised hate, from Rod Liddle to Katie Hopkins. "The publication of racist views is now permissible – and the print media is to blame."


Police handling of 40 years of gay hate crimes under scrutiny in NSW. "Parliamentary committee to investigate almost 90 gay murders between 1970 and 2010." (Above: Ross Warren, Scott Johnson and John Russell)

Football club condemns its fans after "queers will be killed" chant.

New president Miguel Diaz-Canel backs equal marriage rights for all.

Is Macron gay? The rumours about French President explained.

Paris funfair king claims city is run by "gay perverts" in challenge to mayor.

Teenager arrested for plotting bomb attack on gay nightclub.

A day with a homeless family. "In May, Alva and her three kids were kicked out of their home. Now, they're part of the group of 37,000 homeless people in emergency accommodation in Berlin."

Jeweler arrested for kicking gay activist Zak Kostopoulos to death released on bail. “The shop owner, who faces criminal charges of inflicting lethal harm resulting in death and misdemeanor charges of grievous bodily harm, was ordered not to leave the country and report to a police station once a month.”

Hong Kong
High-rises, in pictures.

How the truck of corpses highlights the drug war crisis. "The news that authorities used a trailer to store 273 corpses offered a symbol for a crisis that affords no dignity to its victims."

New Zealand
First two men cleared of historical convictions for homosexual sex.

"I once slept with a Nigerian Senator!" Kenny Badmus claims.

Utøya survivor: Anders Breivik massacre films don't tell the full story. "Victim’s sister speaks out over Paul Greengrass’s acclaimed movie 22 July."

High court’s landmark ruling says gay couples should have same family rights as straight couples.

Deputy headmaster praised for coming out as gay. “Dr Neal Hovelmeier teaches at St John’s College‚ one of the country’s elite schools. He made the announcement to pupils at the school last week. Hovelmeier said in a statement that he had decided to lead by example because of some of his former students’ experiences.”


The male gaze. “…while some old masters fetishized the male body in barely coded ways, the idea of an openly queer artist expressing his desires from a queer perspective was only born in the last century.”

Batman’s penis exposed for the first time.

The bridge that crossed an ocean (and the man who moved it). "In 1831 the last brick was laid on London Bridge - the culmination of years of work by renowned engineer John Rennie. But its tenure as a thoroughfare in Britain’s smoky capital was just a chapter in its lifetime. Exactly 140 years later, the bridge would find a new purpose thousands of miles away in Arizona, as a tourist attraction in a fledgling desert city."

Ciwem environmental photographer of the year 2018 winners, in pictures.


Gay love is an intimate joy our fiction still neglects. "Romantic novels have long ignored LGBT writers and readers, but theses are stories that need to be told."

The Lurid Sea, by Tom Cardamone. "A pleasurable romp through space and time... Cardamone leaves small pearls of wisdom: keen philosophical insights into history, as well as the nature of lust, love, and desire."

Literotica: five websites to quench your online erotica thirst.

Talking to Gar McVey-Russell & Philip Robinson about black gay literature.

The writer alone. "A woman out of her mind, locked in an apartment. This, I believed, was the optimal, and probably only, condition under which art could be made."

Japanese magazine to close after Abe ally's homophobic article. "Controversy began in July with article in which MP Mio Sugita described LGBT people as ‘unproductive’."

The best magazine covers ever? "A new book celebrates the creative mavericks behind the glamour of postwar magazine covers and explores the magic of a dying culture."

On the rag, your guide to the gay weeklies.

At Night

My Beautiful Laundrette. "An iconic movie cleverly reimagined."

Arthur Mitchell: making white ballet audiences colour blind. (3 August 1974)


Russell Tovey defends Jack Whitehall as gay Disney character.

Lesbian film Rafiki plays to sold-out crowds in Kenya after court lifts ban.

J.P. Pitoc shares updated shirtless picture as Trick sequel moves ahead.

Queercore: behind a documentary reliving the gay punk movement. "As the origins of the radical subculture are explored in a new film director Yony Leyser and key figure Bruce LaBruce discuss its relevancy today."

Why Basquiat: Rage to Riches is the last doc we need on the iconic artist. "The mythical artist's family comes forward with grounding anecdotes that suggest we should stop searching for an otherworldly man behind the world-shaking art."

Why Crazy Rich Asians is a missed opportunity for Hollywood.

Act your age: why Marvel is obsessed with digitally de-ageing Hollywood stars.

How Hollywood embraced Instagram. "In an expanding set of films, characters are posting, following and tapping as the industry recognises the undeniable importance of the ’gram."

The ten best Glenn Close movies, ranked.

Oliver! "Some of the set pieces are overdone but the final scenes take on an almost operatic quality." (25 September 1968)

Hollywood producers draw up a moral code. "Twenty-four producers have drawn up a list of things which will be excluded from the pictures for which they are responsible." (18 September 1928)

Here's the trailer for Bigger; and Creed II.


Terry Crews posts apology letter from the agent who groped him.

Gay surgeon Alex Landi is the new Grey’s Anatomy crush.

Kirstie Alley denies fellow actor and Scientologist John Travolta is gay - because they were in love with each other.

How Bert and Ernie could be role models for all the gay puppets. "Outed by their creator, re-closeted by their Sesame Street bosses, the odd couple are blazing a trail for long-denied puppet rights."

Talking to Andrew Onwubolu. Shiro's Story, "written in freestyle rap, this story of love, betrayal and drug violence is what kids watched while their parents tuned into Bodyguard. We meet the ex-gang member behind the online sensation."

EastEnders' boy toy Danny Walters flaunts it.

Eleven axed TV shows you (maybe) didn't know came back (kinda).

How Big Brother's unvarnished underdogs changed TV. "With Channel 5 announcing that it is to axe the show, is this really the end for the reality series? The people behind the phenomenon on its rise and fall."

Beats, Rhymes
& Life

Sam Sparro marries partner Zion Lennox in California.

Troye Sivan on Eminem’s homophobic slur: "Repeated behaviour is something that should be taken very seriously."

Tyler, The Creator asks all his famous friends for dick pics.

Talking to Gaika, Britain's most vital rapper.

Suge Knight trial: rap mogul pleads no contest over hit-and-run death.

The twenty best music documentaries, ranked.

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How Robyn transformed pop. On the Swedish pop icon's seismic cultural impact.

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How auto-tune revolutionised the sound of popular music. "An in-depth history of the most important pop innovation of the last 20 years, from Cher’s “Believe” to Kanye West to Migos."


ESPN features touchdown scored by openly gay college football player.

For pro wrestler Mike Parrow, coming out as gay was "best decision of my life".

Black cowboys: Creole trail rides showcase unique culture. "In Texas and Louisiana, a potent mix of zydeco, hip-hop and horses keeps an often overlooked tradition alive."


Beaux Banks lifts the lid on racism in the gay porn industry.

Billy Santoro lashes out at agent Fabscout Howard and director Chi Chi LaRue.

Veteran studios Falcon and Hot House merge.

On gay porn studio Helix Studios and its legion of female fans.

Tyler Hill flaunts it.

Dylan Hayes and Johnny Hands do it.

Corey Marshall and Marcell Tykes do it.

Kris Evans and Rhys Jagger do it.

Sean Xavier and Jeffrey Lloyd do it.

Ryan Rose, Alam Wernik, Damon Heart, Kyle Ross and Max Carter do it.

Mateo Fernandez and Alam Wernik do it.

François Sagat, Boomer Banks and Josh Moore do it.


Gay couples therapy with Vic and Wes.

The truth about polyamory. "More and more young people are abandoning monogamy in favour of open relationships. But is it really that easy to turn your back on jealousy? And what about all the admin?"


Your dentist might be able to tell that you recently sucked a dick.

The rise of the penis extension. "More and more men are opting for surgical penis enlargement. Is it a confidence boost, or a con?"

Man with bionic penis goes into coma after having penetrative sex for the first time.

Gangrene rots man’s penis until it drops off.

Kyle Krieger on gay men and alcohol; and an aspirin a day to keep HIV away?

Dementia prevalence data for older gay adults.

Seven ways to overcome loneliness. "The evidence shows that being lonely is bad for your physical and mental health. But, with support from groups and specialists – and even the internet – you needn’t tackle it on your own."



Gay penguin couple takes chick away from bad straight parents.

Long read
What termites can teach us. "Roboticists are fascinated by their 'swarm intelligence,' biologists by their ability to turn grass into energy. But can humans replicate their achievements?"

The week in wildlife, in pictures.

The White
Heat of This Revolution

Terrifying Grindr security flaw leaks people’s exact locations.

Grindr users talk about sexual racism.

Man sentenced to nine months in prison for fake TripAdvisor reviews.

Instagram co-founders resign from company without explanation, will Facebook now ruin it? “The departures raise questions about Instagram’s future at a time when Facebook faces its most sustained set of crises in its 14-year history. For much of the past two years, critics have railed against Facebook for being careless with user data and for not preventing foreign interference across its network of more than two billion people….The departures of Mr. Systrom and Mr. Krieger create uncertainty around the app. It is unclear who will lead the company on the founders’ departures, and if that person can continue Instagram’s longstanding success streak.”

The Instagram shaming men for being absolute monsters on dating apps.

Should you delete your social media? "When you’re addicted to something, you’re obviously biased in favour of arguments suggesting it’s unrealistic to quit."

Planes, Trains
& Automobiles


A field guide to NYC’s working stiffs. "Meet some of the cabbies, couriers, and cops who make this crazy town run."

I Own 51%
Of This

The tea tycoon who was the world's best loser. "Say the name Lipton, and most people think of tea. But behind that brand lies the extraordinary story of a rags-to-riches tycoon, self-publicist, philanthropist and sportsman who was honoured as 'the world's best loser'."

The slow decline of Salford shopping centre. "It was billed as the finest such centre in Europe, but Salford’s once-buzzing ‘precinct’ is now home to charity shops, pawnbrokers and a few tenacious independent traders."

Ace's Adventures visits Pennrose Mall in Reidsvile, North Carolina; Sal is in the Centre at Glen Burnie; Retail Archaeology cruises The Mall at Arrowhead Towne Center in Arizona; and in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Faded Commerce looks in on The Marketplace at Steamtown.


Why most milk alternatives aren't great. "They’re better than dairy, but almond, rice, oat, soy and coconut milks are not as environmentally friendly as they seem."


Reign of the scumbro: the meaning of Justin Bieber’s ugly style. "The hottest trend in men’s fashion involves looking badly dressed in oversized trousers, obscure graphic T-shirts and ridiculous shoes and hats."


The definitive guide to superhero dicks.


Talking to the gay, identical Coyle twins.

Ask the Aunties: I'm in love with my straight best friend. Plus: Marshall and Jonah guide us through Korean slang; Walter expounds on his favourite subject; and Tarek is at Atlanta Pride.

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