CHANNEL 4 IS TO screen a documentary by comedian Stephen K. Amos, provisionally entitled Black Gay Men.

The channel - fresh from the racism row over Celebrity Big Brother - will deliver a week of programs in the morning Education slot about the issues gay teenagers face. From 26th February to 2nd March, we can all learn about coming out, family members who come out, gay relationships, and much much more!

Black Gay Men is described as an observational documentary in which Amos examines why homophobia still exists in his community, from his perspective as a black gay man. From the UK to Jamaica, he looks at the prejudice, violence and intimidation - and what can be done for the next generation of young black gay men.

Kudos to Channel 4 for giving light to this subject, but with the huge number of channels on offer, it's hugely disappointing that there isn't more about the thorny subject of race & sexuality... Cheers, BBC, for spending my license fee on worthy series about celebrities singing, celebrities dancing, celebrities cooking...

Et cetera.


Noah's Arc has been cancelled, and no further series are likely to be made.

Fans have been waiting since the conclusion of the second season in 2006 for an announcement about season three.

The news first appeared on Christian Vincent's (a.k.a. Ricky) own myspace blog:

"I have not written a blog in awhile. The first part goes out to all the Noah's
Arc fans. The show will NOT be returning for a third season. I feel glad that we had two seasons which many shows do not even get. The show laid ground work for many other shows that may come after it. Noah's Arc opened a door which I realize from the fans was very liberating. Logo should have an announcement posted as of today. There is a possibility of a feature film of the show. Oh yeah, the other question I am often asked about is the season 2 DVD. It will be out in June."

The decision is staggeringly shortsighted. Noah's Arc is innovative, sexy, funny and a positive representation of gay men in general, and African-American gay men in particular.

In comparison, Queer As Folk ran for five seasons of around 24 forty-five minute episodes each; Noah's Arc clocked up just 16 twenty minute episodes over two seasons. What alternative offering will Logo offer up? You can bet it won't focus on characters who aren't caucasian.


BBC FOUR AND Barbican are to celebrate the love affair between Britain and black music over the last 50 years with concerts, film screenings, documentaries and a 3 part series, Soul Britannia.

It all kicks off on 2nd February at the Barbican, featuring the Soul II Soul Sound System, and others. Soul Britannia commences a three week run on BBC Four on the same night.



CHANNEL 4 HAS APPARENTLY received threats against the housemates involved in the racist bullying of Shilpa Shetty.

In addition, some 13000 complaints have been received, and Carphone Warehouse is reviewing its sponsorship of the show (but will it put principles before profit and actually pull out? I doubt it).

Police are now investigating after complaints about the racist behaviour being perpetrated by housemates and apparently condoned by Big Brother producers.

On Monday night, sewer-mouth footballer's accessory Danielle Lloyd said, "They eat with their hands in India, don't they - or is that China? You don't know where her hands have been." She and her merry band of white trash chums, which include the revolting Jade Goody and her mute boyfriend Jack Tweed, as well as Jo O'Meara (who has made an artform out of moaning and looking miserable), ridiculed Shetty's attempt's to cook a chicken - despite not lifting a finger to help themselves.

Last night, she was subjected to further attacks when she dumped the remains of a chicken soup into the toilet. When it became clogged up, Tweed finally opened his mouth - but only to instruct Shilpa to remove the bones in the loo with her teeth.

Some newspapers are claiming that an anti-bullying charity, which Goody supports, has dropped the Z-list "star".

With the furore intensifying, it will be interesting to see if Channel 4 actually steps in - if not to do the decent thing and eject the racists, then to protect its most valuble moneyspinner from real damage.


THE ENVIRONMENT IS in meltdown, a bird flu pandemic is imminent, and Iraq is, well, it's Iraq.

Not to worry, because in possibly the most exciting event of 2007, FlavaWorks are releasing the ninth edition of Dorm Life.

Shorty J, Breion Diamond, Baby Boy and Storm are back for further thug luv shenanigans.

Last year, CocoDorm was rocked by scandal, with the Chicago Free Press (and various right-on bloggers) alleging exploitive work practices at Flava. It was suggested that the contracts models signed demanded a fixed number of sexual acts - but after being charged for living costs (food, bedding et cetera) models were actually in debt. There was controversy over barebacking (particularly the Raw Thugs trilogy) and the company's white owner, Phillip Bleicher.

Flava subsequently decreed that unprotected sex was a no-no and issued a press release claiming that, far from being a sweatshop hellhole, the Dorm is in fact a sexual paradise where our beloved Cocoboyz live scot-free - with XBox, Playstation and cable to boot!

Maybe the only way to discover the truth of the matter is to go into the Dorm... Now, where do I sign up for Dorm Life X?


ON 17TH FEBRUARY OF this year, Lynden David Hall passed away after a long battle with cancer.

The world of soul lost a leading light, but he leaves a legacy of three superb, universally well-received albums.

His wife Nikki Hall is hoping to release a live album on the anniversary of his death - next Valentine's Day - but there needs to be demand.

You can help by visiting the Lynden David Hall tribute page on MySpace (link at the bottom of the page) and becoming a friend. And if you don't know much about LDH, you can also listen to some of the man's music. You won't be disappointed.

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