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Title quote: "Everything happens to everybody sooner or later if there is time enough."
George Bernard Shaw, Irish writer, 1856-1950.

Tired old queen at the movies

The Apartment

n his Oscar winning Best Picture The Apartment (1960), director Billy Wilder guides Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine through this brilliantly funny satire of the seedier and sexier side of corporate life in the "Big City".

Filled with all the style, sex, cynicism and wit that is classic Wilder and that made Some Like It Hot the hottest ticket in town, The Apartment is also one of the great romantic films of the '60's. Along with Lemmon and MacLaine in career defining roles, it also features Fred MacMurray, breaking from his good guy image to play a corporate snake, Edie Adams as his world weary secretary, Jack Kruschen in an Oscar nominated performance as Lemmon's beleaguered neighbor and Ray Walston as one of his many colleagues who uses Lemmon's apartment for his romantic trysts. The Apartment is a smart, sexy and often hilarious example of the right people, in the right roles, with the right director, doing it right.

Steve Hayes

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The Parodical

The Parodical
news you won't read anywhere else

"I loved it - except for the bits about
Congress," 21-year-old Jamal said of
Decision Point. "My Mama ironed my
boxers fresh this morning," he added.
he revelations of an affair with Westboro Baptist Church spokeswoman Shirley Phelps-Roper are thought to be behind a surge in sales for George W. Bush's memoir, Decision Points.

The lurid details - revealed in leaked, redacted chapters of the book - have been spilling across the front pages of the national press since Sunday. One extract reads:

"My secret name for her was Bible Beltless. And let me tell you, that wasn't the only item missing from her attire on our steamy trysts. It wasn't just physical - although our bodies fit together like a Smith & Wesson tight in its holster - Shirley and me believed in the same things too. Anti-aborting, with the gays and the intersexualists and so forth, not to mention those pesky A-Rabs and their false God. Where we digested was in Shirl's belief that the weapons of mass destruction were in New York's meatpacking district. We used to fight about that a lot."

Bush also goes into detail about his "special relationship" with former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

One rejected cover shot. Editors feared
it might put off conservative readers.
"My Daddy told me Maggie Thatcher had the biggest balls in politics, but let me tell you this: Tony Blair was the biggest swinging dick on the block in my opinion."

On his response to Hurricane Katrina:

"The negro people have shown a great resiliation throughout history - they didn't need the Man interfering in their affairs, and if he had, that would've been wrong too. Sometimes you just can't do right for doing wrong, as my Daddy used to say. As Americans we renounciate Government intervention. Besides, the negro people had Conrad West looking out for them - and Jesus."

Leaked drafts also show the book's orginal title was My War On Terror - Yippie Ki Yay Bad Folk & Evil Doers. This was subsequently changed over concerns Bush wouldn't remember a title numbering more than two words. At Decision Point's launch in Houston, Texas this week, the former President said through tear-filled eyes, "This one's for you Daddy."

Trey Songz still resides in Cabot Cove with his grandmother Jessica.

*This news item is fictitious.

They've bin talkin' about me ever since I put me first pair o' nylons on

Is this the best soap trailer ever? Just check out the final, doom laden shot panning up to the viaduct, from which death and destruction will descend this Christmas. It's epic.

This year, Coronation Street has featured the marriage of a longstanding transexual character - with abundant warmth and love, and without fuss or sensation - and has managed to come up with the most persuasive advertisement for lesbianism, in Sophie and Sian (I want to be a lesbian!), ever. And let's not forget recent appearances by radiant boy candy Lucien Laviscount (far left).

Next month, the serial is 50 years old. It's going to be epic.

More Lucien after the jump.

I'm different from you still

EastEnders: 16/11/10

Ah, more Arinze, more shirtless heaven. All eyes are on the chest of wonder as the bad boy moves in with Carol and Blake's 7's Soolin Glenda. Let's hope it ends up more How Stella Got Her Groove Back than Heading South...

And please, please, please - let's have a homage to that soapy Stella shower scene where Taye Diggs showed us his assets.

But less of the movie comparisons. This is the small screen, and Blake's 7's Soolin Glenda has a comparison of her own. "'Ere, I've just seen my Mum laughing her head off with one of Billie's lowlife mates," Bianca is complaining in the caff, doubtless as confused as the rest of us that Carol is laughing at all (is this a first?) "Oh," Glenda smirks. "Young black guy, very fit? Uh... healthy." She doesn't miss a trick, that Glenda. Especially when the trick is young and 'healthy'. "So Carol hasn't told you about our new flatmate? I thought we were going to be like The Liver Birds. It swiftly turned into Prisoner: Cell Block H."

The Liver Birds? Maybe a female version of Steptoe & Son - Carol does a good line in misery. And where does she get Prisoner: Cell Block H from? Maybe she has visions of herself as Top Dog Bea Smith. Gawd...

Connor (Arinze Kene) and Carol's (Lindsey Coulson) intergenerational romance is touching. Let's hope it continues to be handled sensitively. But this is EastEnders, and Christmas is just around the corner.

More Arinze after the jump...

Tired old queen at the movies

The Naked Jungle

harlton Heston and Eleanor Parker battle the heat, the elements and each other in the tropics of South American in The Naked Jungle directed by Byron Haskin.

Parker plays the mail order bride of a plantation owner played by Heston. He likes everything he owns to be new, including his wife. When he discovers she is a widow, he is as repulsed by her as he is attracted and a war between the sexes begins. Their eventual love for each other, is tested when their lives become threatened by the onslaught of millions of marauding Army Ants, devouring everything in their path. Shot in glorious color, with great performances and loaded with high drama and romance, The Naked Jungle is action, adventure and melodrama at its very best.

Steve Hayes

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How can you expect to be taken seriously?

Patrik-Ian Polk - creator of Noah's Arc - has criticised Glee for its lack of black characters. But where was the diversity on his own show?

et's get one thing straight before we start: I love Noah's Arc. It's one of my favourite shows, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with a drama about four friends consisting entirely of a monoculture - just as I don't have a problem with Queer As Folk or Seinfeld being about four white friends. Nor do I want to see Noah's Arc have white characters crowbarred in, before we hear cries of "can't we have anything for ourselves?"

Queer As Folk: All white in the hood!
But here's the thing: criticise Queer As Folk for it's Caucasoid-bent all you like, but the guys were often seen to hook up with other ethnicities (even if they were background artists, they were there, and they were visible). Brian was seen hooking up with black guys, and Emmett once had a devastatingly beautiful Japanese boyfriend.

In Noah's Arc, Ricky - the token slut (Brian's equivalent) - only ever hooked up with black or Latino hotties (interchangeable types in that world - see "Blatino" sex parties). The others - Noah, Chance and Alex - are never seen to date "outside of their race".

And that's not a problem - although it leaves us with the conclusion that they're an insular, separatist bunch - because, as I've said time and again, choosing to date one race over another isn't wrong or objectionable. It's just a preference.

Bad white men attack!
The problem arises when you, the producer of a piece lacking diversity, criticise another show for its lack of diversity. Pot, kettle, black, anyone?

Polk said, "They don't have ANY black dudes on Glee?" Why is it always a question of "no black dudes in a white show?" African-Americans who shout the loudest about black visibility never seem to care about the lack of visibility for Asians, or, say, Arabs. Don't they matter? Or is complaining about a lack of black visibility really just a way of proving how anti-white you are? James Earl Hardy, anyone?

One final point. Noah's Arc did once feature a few white characters. They were the straight gay bashers who left Noah fighting for his life.

How's that for negative reinforcement?

And what exactly do you mean by "feeding"?

EastEnders: 09/11/10

t's the moment we've all been waiting for. Arinze Kene's character Connor is back in EastEnders, and thanks to cutbacks in the BBC wardrobe department, he's only got half a costume.

Either that, or the production team took a look at his last appearance, and thought to themselves, "Yes, please, more of that."

Carol's clearly of the same mind, tracking her dead son's best friend to his sink estate lair to get an apology for being treated "like a piece of meat". Because she hated every minute of it.

"I thought that was what you wanted," was Connor's not unreasonable comeback. When you have tits like his, doors ain't getting slammed in the face.

My only question is: just what was he up to with the link boy in the hall just before Carol arrived? He was half-naked, after all...

Lots more of Connor after the jump.

Tired old queen at the movies

Pride and Prejudice

ane Austen get's the MGM glamor treatment in Robert Z. Leonard's version of the classic Pride and Prejudice (1940), starring Greer Garson and Laurence Olivier.

Boasting one of the greatest casts of character actors ever assembled, including Edna May Oliver, Edmund Gwen, Mary Boland, Maureen O'Sullivan, Melville Cooper and Marsha Hunt, this may not be the definitive version of the novel, but it's wildly entertaining. All the high class and expensive gloss that MGM at the height of it's glory days could muster makes this a must see entertainment. A good time will be had by all!

Steve Hayes

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The Parodical

The Parodical
news you won't read anywhere else

rime Minister David Cameron has announced plans to disband Government.

Citizen arrests could rise.
A far-reaching report, authored by the Conservative favourite Think Tank, advised the move was a "tough, but necessary" cost-cutting measure. But work essential to the operation of the state will continue, with departments like health and education outsourced to top Tory donors in the business community.

In a keynote speech to the Commons, Deputy Leader Nick Clegg said, "Look, I'm terribly sorry about this, but Labour left us in an impossible situation, and the only option left is to sell off the Government. It's a hard decision, but necessary, and we're sorry. What the public want - and this is the message we keep on receiving  from Sun readers - is no Government. So I'm sorry, but that's exactly what we're going to do. Yes, David and I went to Eton, and we're both sorry for that, but we simply can't afford to go on like this. Sorry."

These youths welcomed the disbandment of Government.
"I prefer blonds," 18-year-old Miguel told us.
David Cameron has been forced to defend a scheme - exposed in leaked national infrastructure plans - to close all prisons and courts.

"What Sun readers are telling us, time and again," Prime Minister David Cameron told the News of the World, "is that the nanny state has become an all-encompassing brute. Not in those words - obviously, Sun readers didn't go to Eton as Nick and I did - but the keynote point is this: Sun readers want no Government interference in law and order. The most obvious answer, given the economic crisis we inherited from Labour, are a series of kangaroo courts, in the High Street, in retail parks, on street corners. It's my Big Society at work. We're making the decisions Labour simply wouldn't."

The Prime Minister added that he wanted to see a fresh, innovative approach to elections, with Sun newspaper readers voting by text.

Margaret Thatcher is 53.

*This news item is fictitious.

We that are young Shall never see so much or live so long


A bad Lieutenant, bad prince, bad French boys and a wicked editor

<<< Brian Jankic lenses Marcus Hill for Geil magazine. More manikin news later on.

>>> Remember that sexy gay priest ad so many of you downloaded a couple of issues back? The Advertising Standards Authority has banned it, claiming it makes a mockery of the Roman Catholic church (who I'd have thought were doing a pretty good job of it all by themselves).

<<< The National Secular Society has accused the ASA of reintroducing blasphemy by the back door. They say, "Anyone who has seen the Antonio Federici ads knows that they are mildly humorous, in no way threatening, abusive or insulting. It is entirely wrong that these advertisements have been banned by such an unaccountable body, which needs to be reined in."


>>> 19-year-old Corey Jackson, a student at Oakland University in Michigan, hung himself on 19th October. Corey told his Aunt, Kim Jones, "I don't know what's wrong. Ever since I came out people are treating me different. I don’t know what to do. I don't know where I belong." There's more about Corey here.

<<< 26-year-old Joseph Jefferson, a gay youth activist in New York, hung himself on the 23rd October. Jefferson wrote on his Facebook page, "Belonging is one of the basic human needs, when people feel isolated and excluded from a sense of communion with others, they suffer. I have been an advocate for my peers and most importantly youth because most have never had a deep emotional attachment to anyone. They don't know how to love and be loved in return. The need to be loved can sometimes translate to the need to belong to someone or something. Driven by that need... Most will do anything to belong." His Facebook page remains open, the photo albums therein offering a heartbreaking glimpse into the life of a young man gone too soon.

||| Dharun Ravi and Molly Wei, the students who broadcast New York college student Tyler Clementi having sex with another man - leading to his suicide - have withdrawn from the university.

>>> The murder trial of 18-year-old John Katehis, who stabbed a New York news anchor to death, has ended in a hung jury. "One lone juror was the holdout, refusing to vote with the 11 others who stood ready to convict Katehis of murder. [George Weber] went online to hire Katehis, then 16, to act out a smothering scene at his Brooklyn home. Despite the 50 stab wounds Weber suffered, the unidentified female juror holdout 'didn't believe they proved intent.'"

||| The gay man and the former skinhead - who bashed him until he was nearly dead - who have united to fight bias.

||| Hidden camera show What Would You Do? sets up an anti-gay bullying scenario to gauge the response of passers-by. What do you think happened...?

<<< Two and a half years on, all of the couples featured in a New York Times Magazine cover story, about "the first generation of young married and engaged gay couples in Massachusetts", are still married.

Marcus Patrick, go go boy!
>>> Black, Gay and Twentysomething: My Go-Go Boy Experience, by Rob Smith.

||| The Mount Morris Turkish Baths in Harlem - which had serviced gay men since the 1930s - is available for rent.

||| Gay cop says NYPD made his life a living hell, hits back with lawsuit.

||| Andre Cooley's story: Fired by the Forrest County Sheriff's Department for being gay. Watch:

<<< San Antonio Archdiocese puts a stop to building a better relationship between the Church and the GBLT community.

||| The Pentagon was aware of the organised killing of gay Iraqis more than 15 months before those murders were first reported.

>>> Gays, Mormons and Boy Scouts' discrimination, by LZ Granderson. "To be 'in' America means it - or any other private group - has the right to discriminate. But those of us who are truly 'of' America understand that there is no America if we do."

||| One in ten US teens has same-sex partners.

<<< American Apparel donates 500 "Legalize Gay" t-shirts to college where a student was attacked for wearing one.

||| A look at the lives of gay teens. National Public Radion talks to Ritch Savin Williams, a "professor of developmental psychology at Cornell University. He specializes in gay, lesbian, and bisexual research, and his latest book is The New Gay Teenager".

||| "Sexual behavior is a choice, homosexual behavior will leave you diseased, lonely, and dead, you've got to learn to resist homosexual impulses, I'm here to help." That's Bryan Fischer, of the American Family Association.

||| Churches contribute to gay suicides, most Americans believe.

<<< "Seriously they want me to wear purple because five queers killed themselves. The only way im wearin it for them is if they all commit suicide. I cant believe the people of this world have gotten this stupid. We are honoring the fact that they sinned and killed thereselves because of their sin. REALLY PEOPLE." Those are the words of Arkansas school board member Clint McCance. Terrifying.

>>> Protesters demanded his immediate resignation, and a Facebook page calling for the same thing has been set up.

||| News anchor Anderson Cooper blasts McCance on CNN. Watch:

||| A look at high school life for a gay or transgender teen. Bullying isn't the only form of abuse suffered by GBLT teens. The homophobia they deal with can be much more subtle - and many schools aren't putting a stop to this abuse.

||| Religious undercurrent ripples in anti-gay bullying.

||| The season of gay whiplash. "Between Paladino, the Bronx tortures, and the suicides, are things really getting better?" Chris Rovzar writes for New York Magazine.

||| "None of us should be asked or forced to live our lives invisibly. Schools, employers and governments that impose invisibility continue to feed the fear of the unknown - and the well-documented and often tragic consequences that follow." Hayley Gorenberg writes about Gay Rights as Human Rights.

||| Los Angeles Times editorial: "Fighting gay bullying: The only 'agenda' is respect. It's silly to claim that anti-gay bullying efforts are part of an attempt to push some kind of homosexual 'agenda.'"

||| "Young people discovering their identity and their desires need a zone of privacy where they can be who they are, perhaps in the company of another human being, without feeling that somebody else might be tweeting it, filming it, or blogging about it," Margaret Talbot writes for The New Yorker.

||| It Gets Better Project: Barack Obama's video, the Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles, Darryl Stephens, and a gay rugby player...

<<< I hope everyone watched Texan councillor Joel Burns' It Gets Better speech last week - it choked me up - and now it has electrified America.

||| A lesbian who went to her army recruitment office to re-enlist talks about how she was bombarded with homophobia by recruiters...

||| ...But the military's own 'Don't ask' survey finds the majority of service members would have no problem serving with openly gay troops.

||| Former Lt. Dan Choi criticises Obama for allowing the courts to do "all of the heavy lifting" in repealing Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Choi is re-enlisting in the army.

>>> Bad Lieutenant, Dan Choi. Choi talks Grindr, and the rift between different factions of gay activists.

||| Poor old Dan - for all his good work, he's managed to incur the wrath of one angry lesbian. Bridgette P. LaVictoire at Lez Get Real has blasted him as a misygonist and "a sexist moron". His crime? He called an anti-gay senator a "pussy". When Bridgette has contributed as much as Choi to GBLT equality, she'll have a platform to criticise. Pussy.

Dan Choi re-enlists at Times Square
||| Been There, Done That. Integrating Gay Troops Into The Army - pretty much the same way black soldiers were integrated into a white Army 60 years ago.

||| Outing homophobia's deadly consequences. "Don't Ask, Don't Tell epitomises what is wrong with public policy and attitudes that treat homosexuality as unacceptable," Naseem Rakha writes in The Guardian.

||| So, just who is the widow Judge who ended Don't Ask, Don't Tell?

||| The number of anti-gay senators has doubled, the Human Rights Campaign finds.

<<< Walk With Pride: The photography project documents the similarities and differences between gay pride events throughout the world.

||| Obama has appointed more openly gay officials than any other president in history.

||| Obama was never going to have the room to effect radical change. "The US electorate's mistake was to believe that transformation was something you could impart to a higher power," Gary Younge writes for The Guardian.

||| Why the US has turned against Obama.

||| The Republican Party's coming Tea Party hangover: "Just weeks ago, the Republican party was falling over itself to co-opt the Tea Partiers. Now that looks like a poor political bet."

||| Stand clear of the doors! Commuters blocking train doors cost New York $US200 million.


>>>Saudi prince Saud Abdulaziz bin Nasser al Saud is jailed for life following his conviction for the murder of servant Bandar Abdulaziz. "The murder of Mr Abdulaziz was the final act in a 'deeply abusive' master-servant relationship in which Al Saud carried out frequent attacks on his aide 'for his own personal gratification'". The Independent has a more detailed report.

Florent Malouda obligingly removes his top.
||| £800,000 Lottery winner found dead by secret gay lover.

<<< Chelsea winger (like I know what that means) Florent Malouda has spoken out against homophobia in football: "People are wrong to hide behind religion to explain their behaviour against gays, but you have to accept people as they are and once you understand that, you understand our differences are our strengths."

>>> Now this is the way to do it. Stoke Newington secondary school, in London, claims to have almost eradicated homophobic bullying after it started teaching lessons on gay history. Learn more here.

||| 3,000 people attend London hate-crime vigil.

<<< So you think gay men are promiscuous? "It's time for the media to stop peddling myths and realise most gay people's sex lives are every bit as dreary as heterosexuals'," Patrick Strudwick writes for The Guardian.

>>> It's time more gay men became dads. "There's never been a better, or easier, time to do it. So why do gay men remain reluctant to start families?" Gary Nunn writes for The Guardian.

||| Adoptions by GBLT couples are up by a third.

<<< Stonewall is holding back transgender equality. "The gay rights group's exclusion and denigration of transgender people shows its promotion of diversity does not extend to us," Natacha Kennedy writes for The Guardian.

||| Peter Tatchell responds to Stonewall's u-turn on gay marriage.

||| The Con-Dem government has decided to break another election promise, and store records of every email, phone call and website visit we make. In opposition, they were critics of such plans, because it played well with the media.

||| All hail the human face of the coalition: Nick Clegg – sad-eyed defender of the new reality, Charlier Brooker writes in The Guardian.

||| 7/7 Inquest: Week one at-a-glance.

||| 7/7 Inquest: The people who died.

<<< 7/7 Inquest: Transport police held back Tube staff. Story includes a clickable graphic that allows us to find out more about the victims, like Lee Baisden, who was standing right next to the bomber Shehzad Tanweer on the Circle line train at Aldgate. He had recently set up home with his boyfriend.

||| 7/7 Inquest: Passengers stopped for photos of carnage.


<<< Fears over growing social conservatism in post-recession Europe at the 14th ILGA-Europe annual conference.

||| NETHERLANDS: The city of Utrecht has announced it will introduce a special hotline for gay people who feel threatened in their neighbourhood.

||| FINLAND: 30,000 leave church over gay rights. A lesson in homophobia.

>>> LITHUANIA: A new law has come into force banning "the 'manifestation or promotion' of sexual orientation in advertising, and audiovisual commercial communication".

||| SERBIA: A Serbian... er, "doctor" has found a cure for homosexuality. "Patients must cut out junk food from their diet, 'drink a lot of water,' 'reject anything that is diarrhetic, alcohol, caffeine,' engage in 'physical activity,' 'rest [at] appropriate times.' Plus, one 'must think about good things.' Oh, and receive regular enemas." There you go then!

||| ARMENIA: GBLT community faces scorn, harassment in the eastern European country.

||| GERMANY: Munich's gay enclave is being sanitised by an invasion of heterosexuals.

||| The Big Picture: France in strike (38 more pictures). Above, youths overturn a car in Lyon. Below, a high school student faces riot gendarmes in Paris. Vive la France!

||| Genital fingerprinting, anyone? It's all the rage in France...

||| Spain bans smoking at last.

<<< Hookers in hi-vis!

||| Amore a prima vista! Half of Italians have extramarital affairs.


||| SAUDI ARABIA: A Saudi man raped a 13-year-old boy and threatened to publish pictures of his naked body on the web - unless he handed over his dead father's inheritance.

||| UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Husbands can beat their wives and children to their heart's content - as long as they don't leave any marks. Ya gots to love Sharia law!

||| LEBANON: Beirut challenges Tel Aviv for the crowntiara of the Mediterranean's top gay destination.

||| LEBANON: "A gay killer has the passion of a woman and the aggression of a man." Statements like this were part of a TV show addressing the supposed increase of "gay emotional crimes" in Lebanon.


<<< GBLT youth activists protest "ex-gay" pastor in Trinidad.

||| Is the problem of bullying mushrooming in Brazil as well? Made in Brazil looks at the attack on a gay couple from the University of São Paulo.

||| BRAZIL: Gay murder jumped 62 per cent between 2007 and 2009 - making the country one of the most perilous in the world for the GBLT community. Church groups are opposing a law that would criminalise homophobia.

>>> Parisian street artist J R has won the $US100,000 TED Prize. He pasted giant portraits of women in the Morro da Providencia favela, one of Rio de Janeiro's most violent.

<<< A gay guide to Peru.


||| The fear of being gay and Ugandan. Incredibly moving piece by the author of the Gay Uganda blog, published in The Guardian.

||| The real Rolling Stone ain't too happy about it's African imposter - and its message of hate.

||| UGANDA: The head of the Independent Media Council, Haruna Kanaah, is "shocked and dismayed by the newspaper's lack of journalistic ethics"...

||| ...But the editor of the vile rag, 22-year-old Giles Muhame (above), vows to "continue to publish these photos of homosexuals." There's a video interview with him at CNN.com (with a journalist who looks like a Sean Cody model).

||| Being gay in Africa: A continent's darkness.

<<< ZIMBABWE: The Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe (GALZ) has warned of violent sexual relationships in Zimbabwe's overcrowded prisons, demanding the Government speed up the provision of condoms.

||| CONGO: "We would like the law to punish homosexuality, bestiality and necrophilia. Morally, homosexuality is a deviation, and spiritually, it is an abomination." Ejiba Yamapiale - a bishop and lawmaker (there's a healthy combination) has put forward a bill that would make homosexuality punishable with imprisonment and fines.

<<< Photoblog: Music to empower the youth. "Roberto Schmidt photographed kids involved in a project in Korogocho, Nairobi called "Ghetto Classics" that uses music to empower the youth there."


Below, The Big Picture: Scenes from Thailand (30 more pictures).

||| SINGAPORE: GBLT community most concerned about repeal of gay sex law. Section 377A of the Penal Code criminalises sexual relations between men.

||| CHINA: "Being gay in China is not a bad thing." Wu Youjian, one of China's best known GBLT activists, speaks at ShanghaiPRIDE about the fight for gay rights in China.

||| CHINA: Live crabs from vending machines. Really. (And the kind you eat, kids, not the ones you pick up in a Vauxhall dark room.) Video here (you really have to see it to believe it)...

>>> Photoblog: Monks playing basketball; sometimes they play against local herdsmen. Below left, residential housing in Hong Kong.

||| TAIWAN: Chen Wei-yih is getting married. To herself.

>>> VIETNAM: An exhibition of Pham Tuan Tu's paintings - featuring people of the "third world" - has been taking place in Hanoi.

||| INDIA: Divorce pleas cite gay relations more frequently than ever.

||| AUSTRALIA: Aborigines still face discrimination 25 years after Uluru - formerly known as Ayers Rock - was handed back by white invaders. At the Ayers Rock Resort - the sole tourist site servicing the site, there's just one Aboriginal employee out of a staff of 670 people.


||| Violent films and video games really do desensitise teenagers.

||| Men brought up with women "less sexy".

||| Procrastination: Fuelled by weakness in the face of impulse and a failure to think about thinking.

<<< New Durex lube ads invite us to "enjoy the other side". Well, don't mind if I do...

<<< Straight men are comfortable kissing each other (on the lips!) than ever before, boffins at the University of Bath claim. But does that include tongue?

||| Drunken gene discovered by scientists.

||| Probiotic drinks a waste of money.


||| There's no such thing as gay penguins, boffins in France have decided. They're actually just lonely.

>>> Animal pictures of the week, part I (30 more pictures). Right, a monkey and a parrot have bonded in Colombia.

<<< Animal pictures of the week, part II (29 more pictures). Right, a baby elephant is attacked by a crocodile in South Africa. The calf survived the attack.

|||Old bees forget their way home to hive.

||| One fifth of the world's mammals, fish, birds and reptiles in danger of dying out.

>>> Meet Guru the naked chimpanzee.

||| A man busted his dog out of canine death row, abandoned his family, and went on the run with his errant pouch. What a legend!


||| The Arctic is gone.


<<< Check out Randall Munroe's cool Map of Online Communities, which imagines websites as countries and shows their size based on how popular they are.

||| Spouses and social networks should be mutually exclusive.

||| Last chance saloon for MySpace... er, sorry, Myspace.

||| But for Limewire, it's curtains. A New York judge has slapped a permanent injunction on the file-sharing site, forcing it offline.

||| For filesharers, it's just a temporary inconvenience.

||| Teleporting with Google Street View. Don't do it - you'll be stuck for hours virtually teleporting around the world. Addictive!

||| Panasonic announces the end of Technics SL-1200 production.

>>> Sony Walkman: Pause, rewind, revive? "There's life in the tape heads yet and a new wave of bands keen to release their music on cassette."

||| Rewinding to the age of the Sony Walkman. "They were never handy enough to be as ubiquitous as MP3 players – yet cassette Walkmen reshaped how music was heard."


<<< SEOUL: Architects Planning Korea have designed Paik Nam June Media Bridge, construction of which is due to begin in 2012.

>>> NEW YORK: This is D’espresso, an espresso bar located near Grand Central Station. Nemaworkshop designed it.


||| 10 GBLT teen novels that tackle teen suicide and bullying. I can strongly recommend Shawn Stewart Ruff's Finlater, "a book for older teens and adults, this story of a young African American teen and his Jewish boyfriend in 1969 is sexually frank and shows that bigotry and bullying roots are deep". It's also quite brilliant. Review. Get it here (paperback) or here (e-Book).

||| 6 of the scariest queer horror books ever!

||| Atlanta Queer Literary Festival, in pictures.

<<< Review: Between Boyfriends, by Michael Salvatore.

||| Review: Subtle Bodies, by Peter Dubé.

||| Review: The Road Home, by Michael Thomas Ford.

<<< Archie Comics' Kevin Keller - the "first gay character in the Archie-verse" - is to get his own series in 2011.

||| BUTT magazine launches a new website.

>>> A rare Titanic poster dating from 1912 has sold for £69,000.


||| Malaysian Brokeback Mountain must feature "remorseful" gays.

<<< Review: Boys On Film 5 – Candy Boy. Get it here. Trailer.

||| Review: The String.

||| Review: The Fruit Fly.

||| Review: The Kids Are All Right. "Funny, aching, rueful — often at the same time — The Kids Are All Right makes most mainstream releases this year seem decadent by comparison.

>>> The United States of Movies.


<<< Gays of our lives, a weekly report on queers in soap around the world, with video. Right, Brendan and Ste's deadly kiss in British teen soap Hollyoaks... before they end up in bed.

>>> Anyone else seen the new(ish) comedy Getting On? No? I'm not surprised - it's on BBC4, but it's the funniest thing on TV right now. Do not miss it. Here's an interview with director Peter Capaldi (The Thick of It) and the brilliant Jo Brand.

||| A gay icon on Sesame Street? Bert comes out of the closet after 31 years.

<<< How did Mechad Brooks get too look the way he does? Lots of sex, of course!

||| Tyson Beckford talks about his crush on Russell Simmons.

||| GaydarNation talks to Elisabeth Sladen, who has played journalist Sarah Jane Smith off and on since 1974, in Doctor Who and spin-off The Sarah Jane Adventures.

Alexander Anderson, who created Rocky and Bullwinkle, is dead. He was 90.


>>> Why did a male corrections officer spend 45 minutes on an "unexplained" visit with Lil Wayne at New York City's Rikers Island?

<<< OUCH! Omarion owes $US110,000+ to the Internal Revenue Service. Last week, we heard more about former bandmate Raz-B's sex abuse claims during their days in B2K.

>>> And then Raz dropped the F-word during an "intense and very detailed" interview about the abuse. SGL Café's Taylor Siluwé says, "We still believe him though, but he needs to realize that dropping that word is never cool. But if you absolutely must, our rule of thumb for offensive words like faggot and the N-word is "you damn sure better be one to use it."

<<< More: Tyler Perry, Raz-B, sexual abuse... and the VIBE exposé that black America ignored. View the whole thing at Google books (it's from page 79).

||| Meanwhile, Loose Change has been "groomin' the youngin', Eddie Long style".

||| 30 ill-advised album covers - this will appeal to those of you mentally ill enough to enjoy slasher horror.

||| Times must be hard for Will Smith - or maybe his Scientologist friends are getting more demanding - because he's sent his obnoxious daughter out to work. And it seems to be rubbing everyone up the wrong way: "Can you say nepotism, boys and girls?" "Tedious. Derivative. Vile." "Finally, a song for pedophiles." "Are you people completely and utterly out of your minds? She is nine years old. The video is clearly and blatantly presenting her as a sexual object of desire."

<<< Madonna's gone and got herself a new boy toy - and as much as I dislike the tedious shrew, I don't agree with the hating on this one. If I was 52, had her money (and even if I didn't), and could get away with it, I'd wanna be pulling young 'uns too. Good luck to her - give him one from me, Madge.

>>> Remember Ukranian boyband Kazaky from last week? Here's some pictures of the sexy 4rgyfoursome.


<<< London lovely Louis Smith takes silver at the World Championships in Rotterdam.


>>> In bed with Austin Victoria. (Pause and think.) Rick Day had the camera on him.

<<< Some Good Men, the 2010 edition of J. Lindeberg's bi-annual book, features manikins shot by Jörgen Ringstrand.

>>> So, what happened next...? Luciano Insua lensed this hot 4rgy for Rocket magazine.

<<< Photographer Joseph Bleu has lensed newcomer Monty Mariano in the buff.

>>> Dominique Hollington appears in a story by photographer Ali Kepenek, for the new November 2010 issue of Attitude magazine.

<<< Michael Epps created twenty two black & white portraits for TO2W.

>>> Marcus Hill works it out in the October issue of Instinct. New York shutterbug Vincent Dilio lensed him. More here.

<<< Emil Dostovic, Jacob Furgerson and Michael Van Meurs get the Nicolas Wagner treatment in a story for Flaunt.

>>> Richard Pier Petit shoots Devin Grant.

<<< Djimon Hounsou, lensed by Herb Ritts? Yes please! A new book, Herb Ritts: The Golden Hour: A Photographer's Life and His World, has been released to coincide with an exhibition in LA of Ritts' work.

>>> Photographer Dirk Alexander collaborated with illustrator Achraf Amiri (and model Jaime!) to create this stunning set of shots. There's video too.


||| Why the porn industry's HIV problem is our problem, too.

<<< Treasure Island Media signs HIV+ model James Roscoe to exclusive bareback contract.

||| Porn stars caught breakin' the law in 2010: a guide.

||| The ten worst gay porn star names of all time.

>>> The 2nd Annual Hustlaball Awards were held in Berlin on 22nd October. So who won what? Flava Works' Baby Star was Best Newcomer, and Bel Ami's infamous Peter Twins were Best Performer Website.

||| Coming soon, the L.A. Zombie: Hardcore Director's Cut DVD release. "Cinematic, erotic, and pushing the envelope of art, porn and the zombie-horror genre. A lone, hulking creature emerges from the depths of the Pacific Ocean. Possessing the ability to reanimate the dead through depraved acts of man-sex, our creature prowls the streets of Los Angeles looking for corpses to gorge his sexual thirst." ka-os|theory favourites Eddie Diaz, Erik Rhodes and Matthew Rush costar alongside everyone's favourite inkhead Francois Sagat. Trailer.

||| Things that are pissing off Diesel Washington: "Flamboyant faggots, porn stars who tweet too much, women in v-necks, and people who stand in the middle of the sidewalk while texting. How can you not relate to Diesel's rage?" Add to that Tré Xavier - ouch!

<<< Matthew Rush checks in with MenOver30...

>>> ...And meet SouthernStrokes' Ricky.


This cutey wanted to tell his (deaf) boyfriend how much he loves him - in sign language. Just lovely...

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