Issue 126: Romana, Aurora, AIDS quilt, Le1F, London 2012, Twins of Evil, gay rappers + more

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< The photography of Kevin Slack.

> HIV the leading cause of death of black gay men, as infection rate of young gay black men soars by 48 percent.

||| HIV survivors: alive, but facing poverty, loneliness and prejudice. "Thousands heading into an old age they did not think they would see, having given up jobs expecting to die young."

||| The first man cured of HIV gives hope for future.

||| Rightwing, evangelical Christians from the US accused of aggressively promoting homophobia in Africa.

< This is the gay kiss - from defunct British soap Brookside - shown during the Olympic opening ceremony. Consequently, it was the first ever gay kiss is shown in Saudi Arabia and other equally homophobic countries around the world. Watch the clip here.

||| The tightrope of gay PDA. "Even in the most progressive of neighborhoods, I find myself looking over my shoulder."

||| When school is out: gay-friendly education in the US. "Around half the students at one pioneering Wisconsin high school are gay, many of them dropouts from mainstream education. But is this just a new kind of sexual segregation?"

||| Does the internet do more harm than good to the gay community?


> This is Jon Ferguson, a gay Oklahoma City man, who escaped with burns after a homophobic attack in which his car was fire-bombed.

||| The parents of Jun Lin, the victim of so-called "porn-star" killer Luka Rocco Magnotta, have spoken out on Canadian TV. "The most unbearable pain for me is that the video got posted on the internet. People watched it over and over. It's like my son is being murdered again and again," Lin's mother Zhigui Du said.

< This is 19-year-old Eric Jones, who was kicked out of the Boy Scouts when he came out as gay.

||| Meanwhile, former Eagle Scout Martin Cizmar - who's straight - has returned his badge to the Scouts, saying, "There is no fair reason they [gays] should not be allowed to participate in scouting."

||| Major League Soccer announces it will end its relationship with the Boy Scouts of America at the end of the season.

> Chick-Fil-A: COO Dan Cathy says company operates "on biblical principles".

||| Chick-Fil-A: Approval rating plummets.

||| Chick-Fil-A: Boston mayor Thomas M. Menino doesn't want the homophobic chain in his city, and Chicago politician Joe Moren has vowed to block the company from expanding. And in Philadelphia? "Take a hike and take your intolerance with you," Philadelphia Councilman Jim Kenney told Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy.

||| Hollywood Chick-fil-A owner Jeremiah Cillpam distances his branch from the chain's anti-gay cloud.

||| Chick-Fil-A: Mark National Same-Sex Kiss Day in your diary, at your nearest Chick-Fil-A outlet, on 3rd August.

||| Chick-Fil-A: The Muppets have dumped the fastfood chain, and the Jim Henson Co. will donate any money made in kids meals deal to GLAAD...

< "You can't quit, you're fired!" Chick-Fil-A claims it severed relations with the Muppets, over safety concerns. Uh huh...

||| Official Dumb C**t Sarah Palin (remember her?) springs to Chick-fil-A's defense. "Stopped by Chick-fil-A in The Woodlands to support a great business," the Dumb C**t Tweeted from the campaign trail.

||| Chick-fil-A spokesman Donald A. Perry dies of heart attack.

...And these other corporations donate to anti-gay causes too.

> Retail giant Target sells same-sex marriage cards in pro-gay u-turn.

||| Marriage equality ad airs during Olympic ceremony.

||| Amazon founder Jeff Bezos donates $US2.5 million in support of marriage equality.

||| New York City's $US300 million gay marriage boon.

||| Family Research Council says Google is destroying values with its pro-gay Legalize Love campaign.

||| Conservative attempt to undo California gay history law fail again.

||| Aurora Colorado cinema shooting: American Family Association blames acceptance of gays in liberal churches for killings.

||| Aurora Colorado cinema shooting: In pictures.

THE BIG PICTURE: Aurora, Colorado cinema shooting suspect James Holmes appears in court, 23rd July 2012.

||| "I feel that it was all God's plan." George Zimmerman on the night he killed Trayvon Martin.

||| 13-year-old boy blames gay porn for repeated sexual assaults on four-year-old.

||| Behind those old bricks on Spring Street, memories of a 1970s gay hub.

> The AIDS memorial quilt is now online. Truly awesome, and totally heartbreaking.

< New design for New York City AIDS memorial approved.

||| World's biggest gay night club to open in Las Vegas.

||| The early AIDS advocate James Watkins, leader of the 1980s AIDS commission, is dead. He was 85.


> 46-year-old Roberto Jesus Messuti has been identified as the man found dead at the Chariots Roman Spa in east London last week (Issue 125).

||| Paul Stother, who is HIV-positive, has been jailed for raping a 16-year-old boy in a public park.

< This is 32-year-old Attila Ban (far left), a gay Hungarian who worked as a receptionist at a Heathrow hotel. He's been found guilty of murdering colleagues Tibor Vass (right) and Alice Adams - and hiding in a mattress for two days while police investigated the scene around him. Ban was infatuated with Vass.

> Stonewall named as the main sponsor of UK Black Pride again in 2012.

||| Human rights activist Peter Tatchell "still serially excluded" from Downing Street.

||| Cameron, Osborne and friends: adolescent snobbery at the heart of government.

||| Gay politicians and the tabloid press.

||| Marriage equality to be introduced in Scotland.

||| The folly of Scotland's Catholic hierarchy over gay marriage. "One shouldn't worry too much about the church's remarks regarding the death of former Labour MP David Cairns. They are too absurd to take seriously."

||| The Church of England has not acted with integrity, so do not deserve to be listened to, Dr Jeffrey John, the Dean of St Albans, announces in Out4Marriage video.

||| Britain's first black community - in Elizabethan London.


||| BELGIUM: Gay man murdered with axe following a string of homophobic attacks across the country.

< FRANCE: A hunger strike by three gay activists has been called off after 20 days; campaigner Louis-Georges Tin rushed to hospital.

||| SPAIN: The airport that never opened. The white elephants that dragged Spain into the red.

||| ITALY: An Italian politician has debunked the myth about the world's overpopulation problem. "Homosexuality has been invented by nature for the destruction of human kind. In this way, humanity is committing suicide," Marcello Veneziani has written for a newspaper owned by former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi.


||| ARGENTINA: Two years on, the first Latin American country to legalise same-sex marriage celebrates 6,000 gay couples.

> SANTO DOMINGO: We're a bit late with the final of the Mr. Universe Model Pageant 2012. In pictures.

THE BIG PICTURE: A traditional bullfight in Colombia, 22nd July 2012.

||| SOUTH AFRICA: Archbishop Desmond Tutu calls for homosexuality to be decriminalised everywhere, in an effort to fight HIV.

||| GAMBIA: Police testify against 18 gay men standing trial, charged with "indecent practice between a male".

< KENYA: David Kuria, the first openly gay politician in Kenya, to seek senate seat in next year's elections.

KENYA: Venezuela envoy slain after she fired several male Kenyan staff members who had complained to police about sexual harassment by the previous ambassador.

||| KENYA: Bishop Julius Kalu brands gays "worse than terrorists".

||| GHANA: Newspaper claims 82 percent "abhor gays" due to religious affiliation.

> UGANDA: Al Jazeera interviews gay activist Frank Mugisha.


||| INDIA: Long-time menace to gay men arrested in Delhi. The blackmailer Rahul David targeted around 100 gay men over 10 years.

||| CHINA: Chinese dictionary omits popular word for "gay".

< CHINA: The People's Republic already has marriage equality - gays and lesbians just marry each other!

||| PHILLIPINES: Catholic Church's resistance to condom use sees rapid spread of HIV.


||| ISRAEL: Thugs attack gay film screening in Jerusalem.


> Scottish literary magazine Gutter publishes gay-themed issue.

||| Talking to Jim Provenzano, author of Every Time I Think of You, the 2012 Lambda Award winning novel.

||| Review: The Absolutist, by John Boyne. "Emotions smolder silently for much of the time in this deep and satisfying novel, but when they finally erupt, they do so with an intensity well suited to the grand orchestral stage."

||| Review: Lovers, by Daniel Arsand. "The novel is short and bittersweet – readers will delight and then cringe, balancing from states of heaven and bliss and then thudded back down to reality that moves into the peace of acceptance."

< Comic-Con: Gay characters enjoying new prominence, tolerance.


Talking to director Jeffrey Schwarz about VITO, his new documentary about influential gay activist Vito Russo. Trailer below.

< Bridegroom documentary breaks all previous Kickstarter fundraiser records. The film is Shane Bitney Crone's story about the aftermath of his boyfriend of six years Tom Bridegroom's death.

||| Kellan Lutz to play a bullied straight person in a world dominated by gay people.

||| JJ Abrams working on Earthquake, a big scale disaster flick, for Universal.

||| Support Back On Board, a new documentary that looks at gay Olympic diving gold medalist Greg Louganis.

> Dorothy's fantastic film map.

||| Revisiting 1983's male stripper flick A Night in Heaven.

< Review: Bear City 2: The Proposal. "What struck me about the movie - more than its predecessor - is its mainstream romantic comedy structure. It's not gay-funny; it's just funny. And oddly moving. It has characters you actually come to care about a bit; and it's one of the first movies to explore what marriage equality is doing to gay culture."

||| Review: Shut Up and Kiss Me. "There are the bare bones of a decent film, but it's just too patchy to deserve anything more than two-star praise."

> Review: Our Paradise. "There are flickers of a fascinating film. There are too many inconsistencies for this to be a complete piece of successful cinema that truly satisfies."

< Review: Twins of Evil. "Both Thomas and Warbeck (who was openly gay) are attractive young male stars whose appeal includes a gay male audience. Hammer's output can be reappropriated on behalf of a queer audience and not necessarily through images of female or male objects of desire."

||| Frank Pierson, the writer and director best known for films like Dog Day Afternoon and Cool Hand Luke, is dead. He was 87.

||| Trailers: Bear City 2: The Proposal; VITO; Scenes from a Gay Marriage; Cloud Atlas.


Gays of our lives: All the latest gay soap developments from around the world, with Anthony D. Langford. Left, Andra Fuller as Kaldrick King in The L.A. Complex.

> Americans tout Blake's 7 reboot by Heroes writer...

...Good idea or potential disaster?

||| Docudrama planned for Doctor Who's 50th anniversary.

Meet the hot new Glee boys.

> One Million Moms to ineffectually boycott The New Normal, the sitcom about a gay couple who hire a surrogate to have their baby.

||| OMG! Jesse Metcalfe's spectacular rack.

||| One Tree Hill and me: the true cost of renting your home to a hit TV show. "When John J Sullivan was given the chance to pay off the mortgage by renting out his home to the One Tree Hill crew, it seemed too good to be true. And so it proved..."

< Review: Doctor Who - The Greatest Show In The Galaxy. "A beautiful burst of chaotic, surreal allegory... seals the show's new found interest in contextualising the story's themes within the contemporary debates surrounding it, a series fearlessly facing its own demise and openly debating the reasons for its eventual disappearance."

||| Review: Undermind. "Underwhelmed best sums up the frustrated promise of this series."

||| Sherman Hemsley, the actor best know for his role as George Jefferson in The Jeffersons, is dead. He was 74.

< Mary Tamm, the actress best known for her role as Romana in Doctor Who, is dead. She was 62. Obituary.

||| kaos remembers a screen legend.

||| Mary Tamm, in pictures.


< The FADER profiles gay New York City rapper Le1F. "I understand that it makes people take notice. Before I rapped explicitly about dick, they could still tell I was gay but they called my music campy instead."

||| "I wanted to wake up without this freakin' boulder on my chest." Frank Ocean, the most talked-about man in music, speaks exclusively to The Guardian.

||| Frank Ocean earns first No. 1 for channel ORANGE.

||| Is Frank Ocean doomed to become a "queer musician"? "After taking in channel ORANGE, we now listen with anxiety. Anxiety that a beautiful body of work by a man who seems destined for stardom could be limited and misunderstood and read solely for homoerotic undertones instead of celebrated for its universal appeal."

||| Chris Brown on Frank Ocean: "Man, no homo!"

||| Meanwhile, 50 Cent - the rapper who told Playboy "I ain't into faggots" - says those who have issues with Frank Ocean's sexual orientation are idiots.

> Pet Shop Boys unveil the cover, tracklisting for September's forthcoming album, Elysium.

||| London 2012 Opening Ceremony's throbbing soundtrack adds aural excitement to a visual spectacular. "Danny Boyle's track selections for the Olympics opener ranged from the Sex Pistols to Elgar, and all points in between."

||| Pop music is louder and more boring than ever, according to science.

||| The first winner of The X Factor, Steve Brookstein, wishes gay columnist Dan Wootton had HIV.

||| Why smug criticisms of Madonna and endless Gaga comparisons are a victory for ageism and misogyny.

> Original Sugababes Mutya Keisha Siobhan official reunion picture.

> Is it just me, or has the previously flawless Marvin from JLS packed on the pounds...?

||| Backstreet Boys announce a 20th anniversary reunion with all 5 members.

How is anyone supposed to jerk off to Justin Bieber?

||| Videos: Gay rapper Will Sheridan's new video Blind; gay rapper Le1f's new video, Wut; La Delfi (an "urban Dominican artist from the barrio. His songs are ripe with innuendo and are unapologectic in their gayness") with Toy Moja; and new Pet Shop Boys - Winner.


< Bruce LaBruce reflects on his experiences working with the late Erik Rhodes on the set of L.A. Zombie.

||| Chris Crocker ("leave Britney alone!") may yet do porn.

||| Brady Jensen. Brady Jensen. Brady Jensen. BRADY JENSEN!!!

> OMG! Randy Blue's Nicco Sky strips down for Andrew Christian.

||| Chris Rockway turns to pussy.

Talking to porn God Marcus Mojo.

||| Talking to Corbin Fisher's Connor.

||| Another Hustlaball/Hotrods round-up, this time from JPDubois.

||| Rafael Alencar gets some essential protein in live sex show. He's such a pro!

||| Why Max Ryder is pissed off. (We love Max!)

||| 20 incredible things that happen when you search for Brent Everett on Tumblr.

||| 10 tips for hosting a successful orgy!

||| Looks like we're not the only ones wondering what happened to Roman Heart.

||| Treasure Island Media and former Active Duty porn star DJ talks about being HIV positive.

< Nelson Troy, the Channel 1 Releasing model, is dead.


> London 2012 Olympics: Sport and spectacle – the queer side of the Olympics. "Sporting events are always worth watching for the spectacle of perfected bodies applying their particular levels of muscular development to a range of very narrow, specific tasks. This voyeuristic pleasure is available to audiences of all sexualities."

||| London 2012 Olympics: The 21 openly gay and lesbian athletes at 2012 - and Outsports records over 100 out gay athletes to have competed in the Summer Olympics overall.

< London 2012 Olympics: Peter Tatchell leads protesters in demonstration outside IOC hotel. The activists want Olympics leaders to enforce its charter on discrimination and end homophobia in sport.

THE BIG PICTURE: Paralympian Ade Adepitan carries the Olympic Flame across the Millennium Bridge
ahead of the Games, 26th July 2012.
||| London 2012 Olympics: Why an Olympic ban of countries with anti-gay laws is a bad idea.

< London 2012 Olympics: Athletes in training, in pictures. Left, Olympic hopeful Abdul Rashid Bangura trains in Sierra Leone's capital of Freetown on 25th April 2012.

||| London 2012 Olympics: In pictures.

||| London 2012 Olympics: Hits and misses of the Olympic parade of nations uniforms.

||| London 2012 Olympics: Media reaction to opening ceremony.

< London 2012 Olympics: What Danny Boyle's Olympics opening ceremony said about Britain's cultural landscape. "Serious and silly, subversive and mainstream, high and low: Danny Boyle's bonkers Olympics opening ceremony could only have been made by a British artist."

|||  London 2012 Olympics: Greek Olympian Voula Papachristou expelled for racist tweet.

||| London 2012 Olympics: Australian shooters claim they're being discriminated against over gays. Because white, heterosexual Australians are amongst the world's most discriminated against minorities...

< London 2012 Olympics: The 30 best male bodies at 2012.

|||  London 2012 Olympics: Outsports curates a gallery of photos from Day 2: Gymnastics, swimming, rowing, basketball, fencing, volleyball...

...But let's zero in on London's own Louis Smith, who did well on the pommel horse. America's John Orozo was looking good too.

||| London 2012 Olympics: And here's Team GB's Tom Daley, Jack Laugher and Chris Mears, with some fish trying to get involved. More here.

||| London 2012 Olympics: London's three Olympic Games compared, and opening ceremonies throughout the years.

||| NYC2012, the Olympics that might have been.

THE BIG PICTURE: A competitor at the 2012 International Bodybuilding and Fitness Invitation Championship
in Hong Kong, 14th July 2012. More pictures 
< Former NBA All-Star Cedric Ceballos talks about embracing his gay teammate and roommate in college.

||| Another former NBA baller, Doug Christie, and wife Jackie, talk about their love for the gays, and support for marriage equality.

||| Seven cities bid to host Gay Games X in 2018.

||| West Virginia town welcomes gay climbers from HomoClimbtastic with sexy video.


||| Fizzy drink manufacturers scramble to come up with healthy pop.

||| The US Food and Drug Administration approves HIV prevention drug Truvada.

> Hillary Clinton vows to have an "AIDS-free generation" as she announces additional $US150 million in funding at the International AIDS 2012 Conference.

||| Obama vs. Bush: Who's done more on HIV/AIDS?

< OMG! HIV "transmits much more easily via anal intercourse, research shows". Hold the front page!

||| Antonin Holy, the Czech scientist who played an important role in creating drugs to treat HIV and AIDS, is dead. He was 75.

||| Daytime naps linked to dementia, warn neurologists.

||| Boffins discover the part of the brain where selfishness lives.

> Inactivity killing as many as smoking.

||| Shift workers at increased risk of heart attack, stroke.

||| Reducing salt would cut cancer.

||| Possible relief for red wine headaches? New yeast created for hypoallergenic wine.


||| America's heat dome linked to Greenland's biggest melt in 30 years.

THE BIG PICTURE: Warden Patrick Karabaranga sits with an orphaned mountain gorilla in Virunga National Park,
in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, 17th July 2012.
||| Boffins make artificial jellyfish built from rat cells.

||| Watch: A mourning dolphin carrying its dead calf for days.

< Pictures of birds trapped in nets.


||| Did sex-starved Olympic athletes cause Grindr to crash?

||| Is Grindr destroying Fire Island social life?

||| Electronic Arts, one of the world's biggest video games companies, has joined the campaign against the US Defense of Marriage Act.

||| Meet the 'bots' that edit Wikipedia.


9 of the coolest secret subway stations in the world.

||| The landmark buildings that never were.

||| Watch the implosion of New Orleans' Grand Palace Hotel.

At home in a retired Boeing 727.

||| The gay man's guide to dating after 50.

||| Get Chick-Fil-A's new homophobic sandwich, the Queer-Hatin' Cordon Bleu!

||| The Wire, in Lego.

> See Patricia Waller's sculptures of childhood heroes fallen on hard times.

||| And finally, the secret to being a good top, and how long do you wait before giving up the goodies?

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