Issue 124: Frank Ocean, World Pride, Zimbabwe, gay cinema, London 2012, Erik Rhodes + more...

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< Carmasutra, a shoot by Justin Monroe, featuring Milan Christopher and Steven Dehler.

||| The unfair criminalisation of gay youth. "Though gay youth represent just 5 percent to 7 percent of the nation's overall youth population, they compose 13 percent to 15 percent of those currently in the juvenile justice system."

||| For those who will never blend in, we will always need Pride.

||| Come out of the closet at work, whether you're gay or not.


> Former model Renato Seabra will argue that he believed he was acting on instructions from God when he murdered and dismembered the 65-year-old Portuguese TV personality and gay activist Carlos Castro last year.

||| Obama raised $US9 million in first three days after supporting marriage equality. Donations tripled compared to previous days.

In Obama we trust. Why The Advocate at last has a candidate it can endorse for president.

||| The president of Exodus International (the "gay cure" people) has admitted sexual orientation change is impossible.

||| Meanwhile, Christian preacher Lou Engle wants to recruit 100,000 "former gays" to pray AIDS away. Good luck with that.

> Seth's Law, the Californian anti-bullying measure named after gay teen Seth Walsh, is now in effect. 13-year-old Seth took his own life after a sustained campaign of homophobic abuse.

||| Right wing poster boy Jonathan Krohn now supports gay equality.

||| Ohio African-Americans voters now in favour of marriage equality after Obama support.

||| Fast food chain Chick-Fil-A exposed for $US2 million donation to anti-gay groups in 2010. Watch a brilliant drag Chick-Fil-A bitch slap here.

THE BIG PICTURE: The new One World Trade Center is lit up red, white and blue for the 4th July. 

< Tory Mayor Boris Johnson accused of bringing World Pride parade forward to reduce the number of people attending. And whilst the Mayor might not have been directly responsible for this year's omni-shambles, you can bet he was rubbing his hands with glee over it. Let's not forget the homophobic comments he made before the spin doctors sanitised him for public office.

||| And, of course, Johnson didn't even show up for World Pride.

||| World Pride or shame? Mayor Boris Johnson blamed for "embarrassing" World Pride in London, despite thousands of marchers taking part. Even a huge cash injection from Gaydar couldn't salvage things.

||| Human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell writes in some detail about Mayor Boris Johnson's involvement, and why he thinks City Hall has questions to answer.

< Patrick Williams, the chair of Pride London, has resigned following intense criticism of the board's handling of World Pride.

||| World Pride, in pictures. Polari magazine have an excellent gallery here. Queerty have a gallery too, and PinkNews have, appropriately enough, 69 pictures to share.

||| "It felt like being on another planet." Peter Tatchell on how Gay Pride went global.

||| Meet the team behind London Friend - the UK's oldest gay charity.

||| London's gay arts festival GFEST has been cancelled.

> Extremist anti-gay jihadist hate preachers to hold London summit.

< Meanwhile, Church of England vicar Father Ian Stubbs has gathered 4,000 signatures for a pro-gay marriage petition, which he plans to present to homophobic Archbishop of York John Sentamu.

||| Why Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the Liberal Democrats Nick Clegg believes gays should marry in church if they choose to...

||| Extremist Christians picket Stonewall's anti-gay bullying conference.

||| UK schools still failing to stop anti-gay bullying. "Stonewall report describes how lesbian teen was taunted and set on fire before teachers took action against bullies."

||| Campaigners tell UK prime minister housing cuts would hurt young gays.

||| Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg flies Pride flag from the Cabinet Office, in a first for government.

||| For lesbian and gay recruits, the UK military has been transformed.

THE BIG PICTURE: The Shard, the tallest building in the European Union, is officially opened in London. 

||| IRELAND: Deputy PM Eamon Gilmore says time has come for marriage equality, branding it the "civil rights issue of this generation".

||| FRANCE: Equal marriage and adoption rights "by this time next year".

< FRANCE: Paris Gay Pride 2012, in pictures. Another Flickr album here, and set of excellent crowd shots here.

||| SWEDEN: Man dodges rape conviction because transsexual victim was "not a woman".

THE BIG PICTURE: A "zombie" takes part in a "zombie walk" in Frankfurt, 7th July 2012. 
||| RUSSIA: Amnesty urges St Petersburg to lift gay pride ban.

> RUSSIA: Eight gay activists arrested in St. Petersburg.

||| POLAND: No civil partnerships, but lawmakers may add sexuality to the country's hate speech laws.

||| ITALY: "Gays are ill and perverted and need a cure. They should not walk in the street in the daylight. Our children would be scared," Italian politician Santino Bozza announces. Not really feeling the love...

||| ITALY: ILGA-Europe demands gay equality laws.

THE BIG PICTURE: Two men kiss in Madrid, 9th June 2012.

< MEXICO: This is 22-year-old Armando Montano, a gay journalist found dead in Mexico City.

||| PERU: Reflections on Lima Pride. Video below.

||| SAINT LUCIA: How gay group United and Strong is changing the traditional, religious island society.

> DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: Police disrupt Pride march over "flag desecration". See a gallery of pictures from the event here. Our friends at Monaga have a report, ad more pictures.


||| ZIMBABWE: Two men arrested over "lurid" pictures on a mobile phone.

||| ZIMBABWE: Chesterfield Samba, the director of Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe is to be charged with insulting president Robert Mugabe.

< UGANDA: Steven Kasiko on fleeing to New Zealand over death threats. He was one of 100 men the Rolling Stone newspaper outed as "homos" with demands to "hang them".

||| UGANDA: OMG! The Ugandan government finally have proof of a gay conspiracy!

||| KENYA: Trans abuse scandal rocks gay safe house.


||| NEW ZEALAND: Third gender option proposed for passports.

THE BIG PICTURE: Mannequins in Shanghai, 8th June 8 2012.

> JORDAN: Jordan's gay magazine, My Kali, featured on capital city Amman's official Facebook page with call for people to respect gay rights.


||| Love at Mr Gay World. Ansh Das talks about his book, Always Forever, which describes his tragic love story, starting at Mr Gay World 2011 in Manila.

||| Publishing ins and outs: Publishing advice for the gay community.

< This painting - by Ross Watson - has sold for $US50,000. The Caravaggio-influenced oil painting features Bel Ami model Kris Evans.

||| kaos favourite Diriye Osman talks us through his art.

||| Brendan Fitzpatrick's New York subway photos of everyday moments.

||| Photographer Tou Chih-kang's crusade to record the dignity of doomed shelter dogs.

THE BIG PICTURE: This is the Trollstigen Tourist Route Project, in Norway. 

||| Why respected thesp Derek Jacobi thinks the marriage equality debate is a "squabble over nothing".

||| Talking to black gay comic Stephen K Amos.


||| TotalFilm has come up with a list of the 50 Best Gay Films. It sucks. Watch out for a decent list from kaos, coming soon.

Talking to Max Befort, star of new film Romeos.

||| Award-wining gay film I Am banned from public service TV in India.

||| offers Tom Cruise free lifetime membership.

||| Brad Pitt's mother slams marriage equality.

< Check out the poster for Oz: The Great and Powerful, due next year, directed by Sam Raimi, and is an origin story about L Frank Baum's character the Wizard of Oz.

||| Magic Mike turned me gay!

||| So, when did men start stripping?

||| Review: Magic Mike. "More than we dreamed he could be... Against all odds its Soderbergh's best film since his Oscary heyday."

||| Review: The Amazing Spiderman. "Sony would like to regrow their billion dollar franchise but this new attempt only looks promising."

||| 10 once great directors who've lost their touch.


||| Are gay men the new "mammies" of television?

Why black British drama is going online, not on TV. "Faced with British TV's indifference to black shows, young writers and directors are taking their talents to the web to find an audience. Bim Adewunmi talks to some of them."

||| Critics claim US news anchor Anderson Cooper came out to boost ratings.

||| "For years Cooper has been living in a lavish glass closet," Michael Lucas writes snippily at Huffpost Gay Voices.

< How does new drama The Newsroom stack up against '90s cult teen drama Press Gang?

||| Where the Bears Are, a new web series following three gay roommates, will premiere online on 1st August.

||| HBO renews True Blood for a sixth season.

||| Lesbian alien assistant confirmed for Doctor Who.

||| Trevor Donovan's gay character Teddy to return to 90210.

||| 10 actors who couldn't shake their most memorable TV roles.

> Review: Doctor Who - The Krotons. "The Krotons begins with a door getting stuck as Selris retrieves the exam results from the Kroton ship. It's not a good omen for a story that's not well regarded by fans of the series."


< Frank Ocean comes out in beautifully eloquent, low-key letter.

||| Frank Ocean: The courage to come out. "The music world might be full of people making outrageous and provocative declarations for the hell of it – but Ocean has shown pop how to really make a statement."

||| Frank Ocean: Russell Simmons writes, "The courage of Frank Ocean just changed the game!"

||| Frank Ocean: What does Frank Ocean's confessional message mean?

||| Frank Ocean: Music world reacts approvingly.

||| Frank Ocean: Why his coming out is more important than Anderson Cooper's.

||| Frank Ocean: Justin Bieber's hit track Bigger was about Ocean's break up with another man.

< Kele Okereke named 2012's Sexiest Man in Indie Rock.

||| Back from the brink: D'Angelo on stage at the BET Awards.

||| The gayness of gospel.

||| Cher speaks out after backlash from gay fans over her support for homophobic preacher Joel Osteen.

||| Listen to Nas and Amy Winehouse collab Cherry Wine.

||| Listen to the Pet Shop Boys new single Winner - a "wonderfully joyful tune" - here.

||| The bands that make you totally undateable.


> Last week's cover star Tolu parties with porn legend Brent Everett in London. We're bitterly jealous.

||| Brent Corrigan on his underage porn, his mainstream career, safe sex, and the infamous murder of Cobra Video's Bryan Kocis.

< Don't miss Adult Magazine's farewell to Erik Rhodes.

> Eleven Bel Ami models describe the horrors of a gay Mediterranean cruise in their lawsuit against RSVP Cruise Line. Basically, the cruise company marooned the poor babies "in an Islamic country in crisis".

The case for the Real Couple in porn.

> Just like The Sword, I think I'm slightly in love with Luda Wayne.

||| Samuel Colt and Chris Porter are getting married.

||| Anthony Romero explains how to make yourself smarter.

||| Porn star beauty tips!

> The first episode of Cocky Boys' Project Go-Go Boy series is up now, starring Pierre Fitch and Max Ryder.

||| Metrell Hurst on his porn star past, and being discharged from the military. (Anyone know what studio he performed for, and under what name?)


< Beijing's Olympic ruins.

||| Race to host Gay Games heats up as five cities submit bids. "Organisations from three continents bidding for the 2018 Gay Games X."

||| The BBC has released a video of its Olympic titles.

||| Could the Olympic Torch go pink?

||| Gay swim team cross English Channel for charity.

> Here's the Australian Olympic swim team. Did someone say "clone"?

< I think the guy's a jerk (in fact, I think all football players are jerks) but I suspect some of my readers will enjoy this picture of Mario Balotelli crying - for one reason or another.

||| Interested in seeing some pictures from the US Olympic Gymnastics Trials? 'Course you are!

||| And here's another 40 pictures of the team.

||| The Sword - the gay porn blog - has yet more pictures of Jake Dalton, and videos too.

> Sadly, Josh Dixon - who would have made history as the first out male gymnast at the Olympics - didn't make it through.

||| Here's Tom Daley in a new Adidas advert. More pictures.

||| London 2012: Usain Bolt better start worrying about The Beast. "His defeats by Yohan Blake at the Jamaican trials show double Olympic champion must improve his speed out of the blocks." In case you're not familiar with him, here's a few shots of Mr. Blake from last week:

||| Watch stupidly good-looking boxer Amir Khan get dressed.


< "We can slash HIV in a decade", the Terrence Higgins Trust says on the anniversary of three decades since the death of the first man, Terrence Higgins, was publicly identified as dying from HIV (4 July 1982).

||| HIV home testing kits approved by US Food and Drug Administration.

||| A look at drugs' tangible and intangible dangers: alcohol more harmful than crack cocaine.

||| Gay parents have less sex. (Duh - really?)

||| US ban on gay donors questioned as blood donations run low.

||| Dr. Richard Isay, the psychologist, psychiatrist, and gay pioneer, is dead. He was 77.

THE BIG PICTURE: Giving severely burned girls a place to find strength. 

> A honeybee drinks from a fountain in North Carolina, 1st July 2012.

||| The fish with its genitals on its head.


< Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes marries Sean Eldridge. "Marriage fuses young gay power couple influential in US politics."

||| Facebook launches gay marriage icon.

||| Amazon to launch smartphone.

||| Google launches global bid to "Legalize Love" for gays.

||| Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and CEO Steve Ballmer donate for marriage equality.

||| Sorry, but US politician (and homophobic bigot) Rick Santorum did not have Grindr on his iPhone.

> The soap bubble screen that is the world's thinnest display.


||| The curse of a ridiculous name.

||| Imagine if it were illegal for you to be you.

||| No evidence of mermaids, US government confirms.

||| And finally, every bottom's thoughts...

Issue 124: 30 June - 07 July 2012

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Cup-o-Noodles said...

Balotelli: Ugh. Too cocky.

Men's olympic gymnasts: Yumm Yumm!

Is London starting to get amazingly crowded with all the Olympics stuff? Should take some pictures and post it.

KAOS said...

Hello Cup! It's been too long...

I agree, Balotelli is a spoilt baby. But I liked the crying.

There's a definite Olympics buzz in the air. I work in central London, but I happen to be on leave during the Olympics, so like you, I'll be at home, watching every perfectly sculpted deltoid, and stupidly muscular glutes, on HD. Yum!!!

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