Issue 291: Michael Mann, Jacqueline Pearce, Burt Reynolds, Angelica Ross, Tadd Fujikawa, Diego Lauzen, Allen King, and more...

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How feelings took over the world. "Populist turbulence, viral panics, experts under attack: instinct and emotion have overtaken facts and reason in the digital age – can feelings now propel us into a better future?"

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The end of Atlanticism: has Trump killed the ideology that won the cold war? "The foreign policy establishment has been lamenting its death for half a century. But Atlanticism has long been a convenient myth."

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A warning from Europe: the worst is yet to come. "Polarization. Conspiracy theories. Attacks on the free press. An obsession with loyalty. Recent events in the United States follow a pattern Europeans know all too well."

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The trouble with uplift. "How black politics succumbed to the siren song of the racial voice."

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It was like there was a fog in the sky only I could see. "Immigrants from Africa and the iron gateways of mass deportation."

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Americans want to believe jobs are the solution to poverty. They’re not. “We need a new language for talking about poverty. ‘Nobody who works should be poor,’ we say. That’s not good enough. Nobody in America should be poor, period.”

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The real heroes are dead. "The life story of Rick Rescorla: immigrant, war hero, husband, and head of security at Morgan Stanley/Dean Witter, occupant of 22 floors in the South Tower on September 11, 2001." (February 2002)

Are American serial killers a dying breed? "Cases such as the alleged Golden State Killer hit the headlines but a database tracking multiple murderers over more than a century shows a clear downward trend from the 1989 peak."

Stop being offended over people identifying as "queer".

This queer history Instagram is teaching LGBT people what we didn’t learn in school.

Gender-neutral term Latinx is now officially in the dictionary.

What does the word "transgender" mean? "Pose actress Angelica Ross breaks down the history and evolution of the term 'transgender'."

Colin Kaepernick's protest might be unpatriotic. And that's just fine. "His protest does not need to be recast as patriotic, as patriotism is not a higher virtue than justice."

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The business of voluntourism: do western do-gooders actually do harm? "A holiday helping out in an orphanage can be a rewarding experience. But voluntourism supports a system that is breaking up families."


LGBT people significantly poorer than straight people.

The murder of two trans women makes it eighteen murders so far in 2018. Vontashia Bell and Dejanay Stanton were murdered in Louisiana and Chicago, respectively.

Man on trial for the murder of Blaze Bernstein "sent corpse photos to people on Grindr".

Peter Avsenew, who called gays "a disease to mankind," sentenced to death for the murder of Florida gay couple Kevin Mark Powell and Steve Adams in 2010.

Heartbroken Tyler Jacob pleads for help to cover funeral costs for celebrity stylist fiancé Michael Mann.

Gay operator of tiger zoo arrested on murder-for-hire charges.

Priests arrested after having sex with each other in public. "Rev. Diego Berrio, 39, and the Rev. Edwin Giraldo Cortes, 30, were caught performing oral sex on each other in a parked car on Ocean Drive."

Gay student, threatened with death, wins homecoming king following wave of support.

Straight friends ask gay guy to be their homecoming date in sweet proposal.

Tyler Clementi Foundation takes on faith-based homophobic bullying.

Christian college stops student from finishing degree because he's gay.

Student Mahad Olad wins $10,000 award after escaping gay conversion camp in Africa.

More Yale incoming freshman identify as LGBT than conservative.

Laura Ingraham's gay brother denounces Fox News host: "She's a monster."

Meet the ultra-organised teenager masterminding Parkland’s midterms push. "The March for Our Lives movement began with an eruption of anguish. But changing America’s gun laws will take long-term logistical prowess. That’s where Jaclyn Corin comes in."

Man accuses Farrah Fawcett's son Redmond O'Neal of homophobic attack.

Florida man arrested for stabbing friend in the neck after sex.

Debra Messing and Susan Sarandon clash over Trump.

Half of transgender male teens have attempted suicide.

Lesbian couple paint house with rainbow colours to get back at homophobic neighbours.

America’s declining power, in one quote. "UN chief Antonio Guterres says the “attraction of American society” is less clear today than a few decades ago."

The tyranny of the majority isn’t a problem in America today. Tyranny of the minority is. "Minority rule brought us Trump, and worse."

Facebook blocked the spread of a liberal article because a conservative told it to. "How Facebook’s supposedly unbiased fact-checking can go very wrong."

Trump inauguration crowd photos were edited after he intervened.

The madness is pouring out of the White House now, for all to see. "An anonymous New York Times op-ed by a senior Trump administration official and an explosive new book reveal just how bad things are around the US president."

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Beating the drum. "How Rudy Giuliani turned into Trump’s clown."

Trump has a weird hatred for braille, apparently.

Gay refugee couple separated in Turkey now "free and together".


Man avoids jail after biting off other man's ear for "looking at his genitals".

"We'll send you to the gulag": UK LGBT student group tells intersex advocate. "UK student group defends Russian gulags - where thousands of LGBT people died."

New HIV diagnoses in UK dropped by 17% last year.

Gay men more likely to marry later in life.

London Club XXL owner's "femme-phobic" rant provokes "queer" protest. "The gay club owner wrote: 'You wanna wear heels? Try shoving one up your a*se'."

Trans poet returns to scene of crime months after bigoted burger attack. "Travis Alabanza faces transphobia and slurs like faggot every day, but the hate has inspired positive action."

Boris Johnson will never be prime minister. Here’s why.

For Boris Johnson’s wife, it’s one affair too many. But his party doesn’t care. "The Tories have long known he is a cheat and liar whose only loyalty is to himself. What will it take for them to ditch him?"

The hidden, horrifying costs of being single. "From council tax to gym membership and from rail travel to milk cartons: why are we penalised for not being in a couple?"

The twins who ran into traffic before stabbing a man to death. "Ten years have passed since the world came to learn of the Eriksson Twins, the majority through footage of this bizarre roadside incident being broadcast to millions on the BBC show Traffic Cops, then the 2010 BBC documentary, Madness In The Fast Lane. They're also a popular topic in the conspiracy and mystery sections of Reddit – but a decade on, few could claim that they're any closer to understanding the chaos that occurred over two days in the West Midlands in May of 2008."

Petition to ban "obscene" Pride gains hundreds of signatures.

Northern Ireland
HIV rates rise.


Prime Minister Scott Morrison thinks gay conversion therapy is "not an issue" for him. "He also said it made his skin curl that children learnt about LGBT issues to help them build empathy in schools."

Senate passes motion to tackle conversion therapy.

Why poppers may soon be as illegal as heroin.

Vile Presidential frontrunner Jair Bolsonaro would rather his son be dead than gay.

Catfishing, outing, leaked pics: gay online life in Guatemala.

It happened there: how democracy died in Hungary. "A new kind of authoritarianism is taking root in Europe — and there are warning signs for America."

LGBT victory a beacon of hope for the world.

Indian LGBTs and allies kissing Section 377 goodbye, in pictures.

Dublin's homelessness crisis jars with narrative of Irish economic boom.

Crystal meth use surges in LGBT community.

Shop owner shouted "long live pussy" and threw man out of his shop for being gay.

Hundreds bravely fly Pride flag after arson attacks.

Malta Pride, in pictures.

Blood and oil. "Mexico’s drug cartels are moving into the gasoline industry — infiltrating the national oil company, selling stolen fuel on the black market and engaging in open war with the military. Can the country’s new populist president find a way to contain the chaos?"

LGBT activist Bisi Alimi and his husband become the first gay couple interviewed on Nigerian television.

How Duterte Used Facebook To Fuel the Philippine Drug War. "We were seduced, we were lured, we were hooked, and then, when we became captive audiences, we were manipulated to see what other people — people with vested interests and evil motives of power and domination — wanted us to see."

Homophobes destroy LGBT pride display at a street fair in the small city of Szczecin.

Openly gay Robert Biedroń starts social movement against Polish conservatives.

Ordeal of married gay couple forced to flee Russia. "Pavel Stotsko and Yevgeny Voitsekhovsky followed Russian law but their Danish marriage put their lives at risk."

Kremlin claims suspected spy assassins are gay tourists.

The DJ and his lawyers taking on Singapore's anti-gay law. "DJ Big Kid on why he is taking Section 377A to the high court and how his lawyers plan to get the anti-gay legislation thrown out..."

...But more than half of Singaporeans support the law.

South Korea
Violent protesters disrupt LGBT festival. "Anti-gay protesters physically blocked 300 LGBTI supporters from beginning a pride march in South Korea's Incheon, leaving them trapped for hours."

Benidorm Pride, in pictures.

Why nightlife in Damascus is thriving despite the war.

Bangkok mall opens Thai rescue display, featuring plastic cave. "As well as a 10-metre replica tunnel, the exhibition features underwater robots, dive suits and a painting of Elon Musk."

Trinidad and Tobago
Government challenges decriminalisation of gay sex.

Ugandan politician tries to ban "homosexual" festival, fails immediately.


Toby Amies's best photograph – a New York street as 9/11 happened. "‘This is a photograph of an atrocity – and I’m still slightly appalled that my response was to take a picture of it’."

On the body modification exhibit A. Human.

Memorable monuments to American modernism, in pictures.

The modernist architecture of Skopje, in pictures.

V&A Dundee: a flawed treasure house on the Tay.

How navy and brass everything took over interior design.


Talking to John Rechy about his latest novel, Pablo!, first written in 1948 when the author was 18–19 years old.

US retailer Target is reportedly censoring words like “Nazi” and “queer” from book descriptions.

DeRay Mckesson on how our memories shape our politics. "In this excerpt of On the Other Side of Freedom, Mckesson explores the relationship between remembering history and creating the future."

Germaine Greer's On Rape: provocative, victim-shaming, compelling, ambivalent. "The feminist author’s controversial views are laid out in her latest book."

New Orleans' Southern Decadence, a Labor Day celebration of queer debauchery. "The authors of the book Southern Decadence in New Orleans talk us through the past, present, and future of New Orleans’ queerest weekend."

Why you should read this article slowly. "Amid fears of shrinking attention spans, it’s time to stop skimming our screens and try slow reading – it is rich in rewards."

Night Soil, by Dale Peck. "A remarkably layered and nuanced novel that explores many themes simultaneously — the relationship between a single mother and her son, the repercussions of slavery and racism in America, the abuse of our natural environment, the search for a paternal role model — all through the life of a singularly unique gay character."

Soho in the Eighties, by Christopher Howse. "How pub prophets, poets, local artists and above all booze created London’s little Bohemia."

A book by any other name: why does the US change so many titles? "Stuart Turton’s new novel The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle has been supersized to Seven and a Half – and not because Americans die more often."

On the jungle trail: revisiting Kipling's children's classic. "Katherine Rundell was thrilled by the idea of plunging back into the world of Mowgli, Bagheera and Mother Wolf ... but could she create a prequel to The Jungle Book without killing the magic?"

Long Read
Judging by the cover: how the magazine industry’s identity crisis is playing out on its front page. "Print may be dying, but the magazine cover still plays an essential role in defining — and sustaining — a media brand. Can the cover outlive the magazine?"

Native New Yorkers reflect on the death of the Village Voice.

The secrets you learn working at celebrity gossip magazines.

On The Rag, your guide to the gay weeklies: part one, part two.

At Night

Gay Broadway actor Timothy R. Hughes snatches Trump banner from audience member during bows.

Fifty years since the end of theatre censorship: how the Lord Chamberlain was given the boot.

Kids Play. "An exploration of sexuality, of how we sometimes need those ‘Daddy’ and ‘Son’ roles in our complex sex lives and how sex and love are still intimately connected, whether we want to see that – and feel it – or not."

Talking to Kyle Soller about The Inheritance.


Keiynan Lonsdale posts naked selfie: "Dance naked, lose followers, gain leaders. Why is it deemed wrong to not wear clothes?"

Boy Erased protagonist Lucas Hedges reveals he is "not totally straight".

Twenty-five LGBT sex scenes that made film history.

Five amazing, sexy, romantic Indian LGBT films as country legalises gay sex.

North Louisiana Gay & Lesbian Film Festival moves into its 10th year.

Asia's oldest LGBTI film festival returns in Hong Kong. "The Hong Kong Lesbian and Gay Film Festival returns until 22 September and is larger than ever with four cinemas showing more than fifty LGBT movies."

Why The Devil Wears Prada is a gay cultural touchstone.

Watching blockbusters in an age of calamity. "Our biggest movies keep saving the world, but they never argue that the world is worth saving."

Stolen ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz found. They were stolen in 2005 from the Judy Garland Museum in Grand Rapids.

Attack of the killer Jedi! The bizarre story of Turkish Star Wars. "In 1982, a Turkish film-maker with a budget crisis came up with an ingenious solution for his science-fiction epic: steal some footage from George Lucas’s classic."

The Coen brothers’ films – ranked!

Burt Reynolds, the film star, is dead. He was 82.

Burt Reynolds: obituary. "Genial, energetic and prolific star of film and TV best known for his acclaimed performances in Deliverance and Boogie Nights."

Burt Reynolds: the easygoing cannonball of old-school Hollywood manliness. "In his heyday in movies like Smokey and the Bandit, Reynolds became a hugely popular star who embodied the twinkly-eyed man’s man with a touch of the rebel."

Six performances that explain Burt Reynolds.

Interviewing Burt Reynolds was a revelation which still shocks me today. "I interviewed Reynolds three years ago ready to be wooed by his breezy charm. Instead, his pain, pills – and professionalism – left me deeply moved."

Burt Reynolds – a life, in pictures.


Kevin Spacey will not face charges over Los Angeles 1992 sexual assault claim.

The revolution was televised: why didn’t the radical TV of the 1980s last? "From the Troubles to riots in Birmingham and Brixton, Channel 4’s radical documentary project gave a voice to Britain’s ignored and stunned Thatcher’s Conservatives in the process."

Forgive me, daytime TV: how Roxanne Pallett and Loose Women launched the new Age of Sorry. "You’re semi-famous and have done something bad? Jeremy Vine, This Morning et al are all dying for you to apologise live on air."

LGBT web series EastSiders kicks off crowdfunding final season with $30k pledged in first day.

Why we’re bringing Where The Bears Are to an end.

Very Smart Brothas look at the fourth and fifth episodes of Insecure's third season.

I love Julia Davis’s Camping but Lena Dunham’s forthcoming remake is confusing. "It was a natural successor to Nighty Night but how will the 2016 comedy’s British sensibility translate Stateside?"

Better Call Saul returns to Breaking Bad — with astonishing results. "The series is finally starting to wrap all three of its timelines together."

Australian soap Neighbours’ airs its first gay marriage.

Got the end-of-summer blues? Take a dose of Doctors, the best show on telly. "Doctors is a daytime TV institution, and for us devotees, it’s been a long summer while it’s been off air. Thank God it’s back."

Jacqueline Pearce, the actress best known for her role as Servalan in Blake's 7, is dead. She was 74.

Jacqueline Pearce: obituary.

How evil Servalan took over my life (October 2000).

Beats, Rhymes
& Life

Search called off for missing German, bisexual pop star Daniel Küblböck, who went overboard on a cruise ship off the coast of Canada.

Frank Ocean wants to be removed from Travis Scott’s album.

Donald Glover may not be the "woke bae" we want him to be. "Childish Gambino's new video for Feels Like Summer reminds us that when it comes to gender issues Glover tends to remain silent."

MNEK addresses "segregation" in music industry.

Canadian rapper Socalled's mid-life crisis leads him to making a porno.

Robbie Williams incurs trans wrath for "deadnaming" trans singer Felix Shepherd.

Why Eminem doesn't deserve the LGBT community's forgiveness.

Cranberries singer Dolores O’Riordan's death ruled a "tragic accident".

Moses Sumney’s Rank & File live video is a shiver-inducing delight.

The dark side of gay stan culture. "For gay men, ‘stanning’ – being a super fan of – female pop stars can be a valuable part of your identity. But too often this fandom lapses into misogyny and body shaming."

Why did I wait till Aretha Franklin died to buy one of her albums? "Artists need patronage. If you love them, throw a little money their way now."


ESPN gives platform to Mexico fans chanting anti-gay "puto" slur.

Gay swim captain comes out with help of football captain and they became boyfriends. "Feeling isolated and scared, high school swimmer Hunter Sigmund confided he was gay to Jake Bain, the out captain of the football team. They are now boyfriends and Sigmund is thriving."

Queer Mexican athletes on the price of visibility.

Tadd Fujikawa becomes the the first male professional golfer to come out as gay.

2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics to host an LGBT Pride House.

Georgia football captain goes shirtless to thank fans for pro-LGBT support against far right trolls.

Long Read

Long Read
The meaning of Serena Williams. "Black excellence in the land of tennis."

James Blake discusses how pro tennis players can be more gay-inclusive; and details of the Oscar Pistorius murder case the media has chosen to ignore. Writer Sean Richard on his new four-part documentary series about the case, Pistorius.


Porn star Allen King is also an extremely hot singer.

Sitges Bear Week, in pictures.

Wet Bears in Taipei, in pictures.

P-Town White Parties Past by Dan McKeon, in pictures.

Diego Lauzen, Geordie Jackson, Klim Gromov and Yuri Orlov do it.

Baron Wade flaunts it.

Alam Wernik and Alex Mecum do it.

Dominic and Luh Redd do it.

Andre Donovan flaunts it.

Max Konnor flaunts it.

Andre Donovan, Max Konnor and Devin Franco do it.

Trey Donovan, Beaux Banks, and Trent King do it.

Trey Donovan and Seth Knight do it.

Landon and Jackson do it.

Marquee D.Angelo and Ziggy Banks do it.

Mateo Fernandez and Bentley Michaels do it.

Marcell Tykes and Luke Wilder do it.

Sean Xavier, Jeffrey Lloyd and Manuel Skye do it.

Thirst traps, in pictures.

Real couple Cody and Deontre decide to film a gay porn scene together for the first time.


Ask the Auntie: should I end my secret gay romance with professional footballer?

Medicine Ball

Long Read
Sperm count zero. "A strange thing has happened to men over the past few decades: We’ve become increasingly infertile, so much so that within a generation we may lose the ability to reproduce entirely. What’s causing this mysterious drop in sperm counts - and is there any way to reverse it before it’s too late?"

Long Read
How Viagra went from a medical mistake to a $3-billion-dollar-a-year industry. "Two unlikely dudes took on Wall Street, pharma nerds, and God—and got America hooked on a little blue pill."

Long Read
Finally, a cure for insomnia? "We are living through an epidemic of sleeplessness, but the medical establishment has largely ignored the problem. Can a radical new therapy help you get some sleep?"

Seven ways to help avoid dementia. "One in 14 people over the age of 65 in the UK will develop dementia and while there is no cure, scientific evidence shows there are several ways you can guard against it."

The men who want to end circumcision in America.

Doctors have to invent tool to remove 23cm dildo from man's anus.

Most of us misunderstand metabolism. Here are nine facts to clear that up.

The fall of “anti-aging” skin care. "Brands are still selling the idea of trying to look younger — they’ve just changed the vocabulary."


The country's first climate change casualties? "Scientists predict Tangier Island could be uninhabitable within 25 years. This is the story of the people willing to go down with it — and why they've risked it all on Trump to keep them afloat."


Invasive reptiles are taking over florida—and devouring its birds along the way. "Birds like Roseate Spoonbills and Burrowing Owls are ending up in the stomachs of hungry pythons and Nile monitors. Is it too late to stop them?"

For the love of god, please stop feeding this dog. "Students in Taiwan have been asked not to feed their school's guard dog, who's now a whopping 110 pounds."

The week in wildlife, in pictures.

The White
Heat of This Revolution

Decentralisation: the next big step for the world wide web. "The decentralised web, or DWeb, could be a chance to take control of our data back from the big tech firms. So how does it work and when will it be here?"

Gay dating app Chappy relaunches with "zero tolerance" for abuse.

Scruff wants to end the days of "No Asians" or "Only Latinos".

The YouTube stars heading for burnout: "The most fun job imaginable became deeply bleak". "Why are so many YouTubers finding themselves stressed, lonely and exhausted?"

Inauthentic behaviour. "Facebook’s botched war against propaganda campaigns."

Techmoan looks back at V2000, the format that came third in a two-horse race.

Planes, Trains
& Automobiles

Cortlandt Street Station reopens seventeen years after September 11 atrocity.

London Tube train filmed travelling with doors open.

Stuff men do on public transport that's worse than women putting on makeup.

Airlines’ latest customer shakedown? Making you bid for a seat upgrade.


Queer and trans labor organisers talk what's at stake for LGBT workers in 2018.

I Own 51%
Of This

Pride posters defaced at Amazon headquarters.

Man sentenced to nine months in prison for fake TripAdvisor reviews.

Low prices and no frills: can Tesco’s secret plan defeat Lidl and Aldi? "All eyes will be on the launch of discount chain Jack’s for clues as to whether the UK’s biggest grocer can operate as well as its sharp German rivals at the cheapest end of the market."

Long Read
The real Goldfinger: the London banker who broke the world. "The true story of how the City of London invented offshore banking – and set the rich free."

Ace's Adventures visits Morrisville Outlet Mall in North Carolina; Sal is in Marley Station Mall in Maryland; Retail Archaeology unearths a vintage Dillard's at Arrowhead Towne Center in Arizona; and in Cleveland, Bright Sun Films casts some light on an abandoned Walmart.


Boxers gay sports bar, in pictures.

I tried Soylent, Silicon Valley’s favourite foodstuff. It’s everything that’s wrong with modern life. "The founder of the meal-replacement drink company believes eating is an inefficient use of time. But how does it taste?"

They hung a huge poster of themselves in McDonald's for weeks and no one noticed.

Long Read


The queer model who walked the blackest show at fashion week.

The Blonds at New York Fashion Week, in pictures.

All trans models selected for underwear brand's NYC Fashion Week show.

It's time for the fashion world to celebrate trans and nonbinary people.

The former Colombian rebels weaving a route into civilian life. "Two years after the dawn of peace in Colombia, former Farc guerrillas – many of whom have never known a life beyond conflict – have turned to the sewing machines that once tailored their battle fatigues to make a living."

Kodak wants to resurrect itself. So it’s looking to analog-obsessed teens.

Time to reflect: why the fashion for high-vis is everywhere. "From Calvin Klein to Burberry, fashion is looking to safety gear in unsettling times. But what do the men wearing it for work make of those wearing it for aesthetics?"

Reign of the scumbro: the meaning of Justin Bieber’s ugly style. "The hottest trend in men’s fashion involves looking badly dressed in oversized trousers, obscure graphic T-shirts and ridiculous shoes and hats."


Why we say “OK”. "How a cheesy joke from the 1830s became one of the most widely spoken words in the world."

Ask the Aunties: I think my son is gay, should I ask him? Plus: Walter talks HIV; Darrius confesses: "I was raped by my brother's friend"; and storytime with Tylan.

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