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• Brazil's first gay school opens its doors in March, funded and approved by São Paulo's government. Made in Brazil: "The idea is to provide a safe place for homosexual teenagers to express themselves, while also learning and promoting gay culture." Lovely.

• Gay Italian couple Francesco Zanardi and Manuel Incorvaia (right)are streaming their hunger strike live. The couple demand gay marriage rights.

Italy opens first prison for transsexuals.

• Lithuanian Gay League granted permit to hold Baltic Pride 2010 rally in May.

• The Government of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
revises proposal for anti-discrimination legislation; sexual orientation no longer covered.

• Belgian Archbishop:
homosexuality same as anorexia. If he'd been clever he'd have equated it with bulimia, what with all the gorging and gagging... Just a thought.

• Israel's top gay web site
celebrates 10th birthday.

Jamaican shopkeeper refuses to sell to people with HIV. An ignorant, ill-informed Jamaican? Well, I never!

• Uganda: Anti-gay bill proponent Pastor Martin Ssempa and his
obsession with fetishistic gay sex (left).

• Uganda:
Puritanism is deadly policy - US fed homophobia in Uganda must stop.

• So how about some
Scat Porn and Prayer? The Huffington Post has more.

• Gay Malawi couple Steven Monjeza and Tiwonge Chimbalangahave (right) - who have now been in jail for over a month - have once again been denied bail. This time, the judge claims it's for their own safety.

Afghani men deny homosexuality, explain away anal gonorrhea.

• 346 No Executions: the campaign by human rights groups to
end executions in Iran.

Now I have lost hope: Gay Iranian threatened with imminent deportation from Norway faces certain death back home. UK Gay News reported again on Thursday 28th that he was "still at the asylum centre at Sandnessjøen".

Being gay in China. Three different stories from gay Chinese men.

• Rob Smith, gay Iraq war veteran: Military Leader Memo: Your Gay Soldiers are No Longer Worthless. "Gay veterans aren't worthless. I'm not worthless. The blood I shed was the same as every other soldier's, the tears I cried were the same, the bullets that I dodged the same; the life that I risked is the same. I'm not worthless or perverted or sick, and neither is any other gay person in this world, veteran or not. I was a gay soldier."

• Still, every cloud has a silver lining: the upside of Don't Ask, Don't Tell...

• There's no such thing as monogamy! All gay couples
are sluts and they're totally open about it. Apparently... Right, Jovonnie and Citybwoy - a very open couple?

• Jeremy Hooper
at Good As You ain't thrilled about it: "It's astounding that anyone, especially a progressive from New York City's media world, would still have such an uninformed opinion about gay relationships as a whole."

• Dan Savage
disagrees with Jeremy: "Gay male couples generally don't view monogamy as the defining characteristic of a loving, committed relationship."

• Gay glam scam!

• Oh, nice. Hate monger Buju Banton is to be honoured by the Grammys. But we're
not taking it laying down (left)...

• And whilst Buju's locked up on drugs charges, quite probably taking it laying down (chuckle), another anti-gay fruitcake, Capleton, is touring California next month. He's named in the Dancehall Dossier alongside such luminaries as Bounty Killer and the aforementioned jail bitch. Capleton is scheduled to appear 15th February at the "Tribute to the Legends" festival in San Diego, the Downtown Brewing Company in San Luis Obispo on 17th February, the "Ragga Muffins 2010" festival at the Fox Theater in Oakland on 20th February, and at the same event in Long Beach on 21st February. Thanks to Sam Kestu for this information!

• Sold out: American network
lies about available advertising spots; denies gay ad airtime.

Are Manhunt's ads so ambiguous that straight women think they should sign on? Yes, actually.

More pro-LGBT laws passed in 2009 than in '07 and '08 combined.

• Lambda Legal
warns Atlanta Falcons fullback Ovie Mughelli: It is not defamatory to call someone gay. Author Taylor Siluwé writes: "Too many men believe being called 'gay' is like being spat on. And its high time we changed that idiotic perception."

• NFL player Eric Green accused of
forcibly sodomising transgender woman.

This is more like it. As one wag puts it, "The look....of in.....your eyes ......"

• Here's another pregnant transgrender man for the mainstream media to
parade as a Victorian freak show. The Pregnant Man! No you f**king twats, it's a pregant transgender man. But that's not such a good headline, is it?

• Gay identity refracted in multiple voices: Word Is Out, a 1977 documentary, interweaves the stories of 26 gay men and lesbians who speak openly about coming out, finding love and fighting prejudice.

"Bi" any means necessary: A meditation on Malcolm Little AKA Detroit Red.

• What? WHAT? Has someone laced my drink? Is this real? It's the Westboro Baptist Church version of Lady Gaga's Poker Face. Your brain will melt. And yes, that is the World Trade Center in there.

• Gay versus pro-lifers. Let this guy loose on the Westboro loonies, please!

Brighton reels in gay US tourists. (I used to visit a bucket-arsed Jamaican whore in Brighton. Then she moved to London to live amongst the other whores.)

Church leaders are wrong on equality.

• Allow gay couples to marry in church,
says Government minister.

• David Cameron
makes a bid for the pink vote - despite his party's despicable record on gay issues.

• But here's the real, unvarnished Conservative view, from veteran Tory Ann Widdecombe:
Gay laws are threat to free speech.

• Are public attitudes to homosexuality
becoming more liberal? The British Social Attitudes survey found that 36 percent thought homosexual acts were "always" or "mostly" wrong, down from 62 percent in 1983.

• This would make a good workplace sitcom: Prominent gay writer leaves Daily Telegraph to join Daily Mail – and is given a desk next to Jan Moir.

• Are people
waking up to the fact that the Conservatives are upper class toffs bent on maintaining their elite way of life?

Tory prison ships.

• Chocolate wars!
How the world eats its favourite sweets.

• An advert for reliable workers was
rejected by Jobcentre Plus because it discriminated against unreliable people.

Boys who look at porn grow up to be men who think sexual harassment is acceptable.

• Christians
campaign against advertisements for extramarital dating service.

Hear the rumble of Christian hypocrisy: The evangelist who says the Haiti earthquake is retribution for sin is at least true to his religion.

Doctors are addicted to every drug under the sun. And how about the surgeon I know who does gay porn? Oh er, if scalpels could talk...

TK Maxx puts on sale toddler's beloved home-made toy that she dropped in the store. I know times are hard, but still...

• Is the ICA going to

• Haiti:
amputee generation.

• Haiti: Still, never mind, Scientology's here to solve all their problems.
With the power of touch.

• The Big Picture: At work, part II, left (45 pictures).

• The Big Picture: Afghanistan, January 2010, right
(42 pictures).

• American news anchor
on Obama: "I forgot he was black". (Readers of ka-os|theory may wish to pay close attention to the attack directed against this blog in the comments accompanying the piece).

• Animal pictures of the week
(26 pictures).

Blobfish: world's most 'miserable looking' marine animal facing exinction.

Get buried with your pet.

Live pigs blown up in government terrorism experiments.

• Torture, brutality, cruelty on an industrial scale: inside New York's biggest diary farm. Watch if you tihkn you can stomach it - I couldn't.

• One man and his chicken love. On the New York subway.

• How about some bear versus cat action?

• Eat a pig, have more sex.

• You probably haven't heard, but Apple has
unveiled its precious f**king iPad. Will solve global warming/stop domestic abuse/cure AIDS/anything really.

• The iPad will also
save the press, apparently.

Why I don't want an Apple iPad.

• MP3? It's so last decade. There's a
new format around the corner.

Should you stop using Internet Explorer?

• And if so, what are the
alternatives? (Here at ka-os|theory, Google Chrome has become the favourite, although is Internet Explorer still has its uses...)

• The
3 Facebook settings every user should check now.

• Furniture made from

• Tiny floating

• Paywalls: Rupert Murdoch and the New York Times are
sleepwalking into oblivion by shutting the newspaper industry off from the openness of the web.

• The
rise of vintage posters.

• Julian Beever's amazing pavement art
(13 pictures).

The Apple-Amazon ebook war begins: Amazon deletes Macmillan books.

• John Wyndham's Plan for Chaos; review.

When fiction breaks down: why the world of work features in so few modern stories.

Largest book in the world to go on display.

• J.D. Salinger,
the literary recluse, is dead.

• Massive Attack: interview.

invade America!

• Michael Jackson doll
to be launched. Should be fun with the kiddies.

First posters for Dunno Y... Na Jaane Kyun, Bollywood's first explicitly gay film, emerge.

Spartacus: Blood And Sand is the
most explicit show ever.

• Gay favourite Ugly Betty
cancelled. I never got it, myself.

• This week's
Gays of Our Lives: the latest clips, news and spoilers in the world of soaps and dramas featuring your favorite (and not so favorite) gay characters. Right, One Life To Live.

Banned for inciting racial hatred: the Dad's Army board game.

• Weather

• Gee,
this should be thoughtful and enlightening: Nelly is planning a male version of The View.

• Stag Homme Studios
introduce new model, Brazilian beauty Apollo (immediate left). "He’s a looker, but I’d have preferred a non-thug scenario for a change of pace," writes JC Adams at Gay Porn Times. You and me both, mate.

• I've said it before and I'll say it again: basketball stars just ain't sexy.
Case in point. Put it away love.

• Still, at least she's

• Some Randy Blue models
make out. Is this a story? No. I just wanted to run the accompanying picture.

An openly gay police officer whose appearance in an all-male bondage film led to his dismissal from his day job is now prepared to sue his former department for discrimination.

In recession, adult actors turn to private meetings. Got a few bucks to spare? You can meet the likes of Zeb Atlas and Chris Rockway. What happens next? That's down to two consenting adults...

• If I can't have Brent Corrigan, NO ONE CAN!

Fratboy butt cheek "destroyed" in hazing gone wrong. This stories got video (don't forget to come back here when you're done. Bunch of freaks).

• Eddie Black, the Treasure Island Media model,
is dead.

• My God... Brazilian model Marlon Teixeira, and Clint Mauro
feature in the A/X Spring/Summer 2010 campaign (right).

• A little Kerron Clement
for you.

Tattoos gone wrong!


• We want male versions of
these. STAT!

Suitcases on wheels are a real pain.

Miterudake For Lady, a Japanese DVD that
consists of videos of men staring into the camera. To, er, help women (and men) overcome shyness. Hmm. What happened to just picturing the other person naked?

• Lastly, a word from Qaadir... Or is it Timaya? Hmm...

Issue 46 of World Outside My Window (The Week According To Garçon Stupide) covers the period 23-29 January 2010.

"You know, we might just as well not have bothered to come. The whole thing's been ridiculous."

What is most beautiful in virile men is something feminine; what is most beautiful in feminine women is something masculine


Selma Fant sat in the dark of her private media room, her fine lace panties down around her ankles, draping her Ferragamos like the small gathered train of a bridal gown. With glazed over, bloodshot, and unblinking eyes, eyes that bulged wildly and drunkenly stillborn under heavy black lashes, she stared at the hot black gay porn on the bright screen before her. She ate popcorn and drank vodka and watched with zombie intent while boys fucked and got fucked and busted nut after nut, one after another, some all together. Big blue-black stallions and hot bubble-butt sissies, and a doggie-style roughneck Puerto Rican thrashing some caramel cutie with ten inches of uncut banana, entertained the quiet and mesmerised drunk. A Mandingo salad toss and then a ride on some cream-coloured pony - boy trade was getting it and giving it every which way, tight and loose.

She continued to stare through those unblinking eyes, continued to eat popcorn, drink vodka, and gently probe her senior but still spit-moistable pussy.

But after she brought herself to a myriad of huckbucking climaxes, she felt vile, vile as vile's mother. Her drunkenness and her guilt were ill-mixed and she had sickened herself, was sick of herself, and hated herself all over again for the pain she had caused.

She remembered how sweet he was, how fresh he was, how bright he was. If she had only remembered discipline.

But how could she have known? She was weakened bu lust, wilted by proclivities she could not control. That is what she had told herself throughout the years, even if she had yet to convince herself. Time had not gauzed over the picture. The colors had not faded. The transgression still stood crystal clear, in spite of what she had tried to tell herself.


Time does not make everyone forget. Time had not let Earl-Anthony forget, had not let his mother forget. A scalding is always remembered. So what happened more than twenty years ago felt as if it had happened just yesterday.

In theory Salma Fant was the near perfect mother for a homosexual son. Some mothers just come fit to order, others have to be dragged to it like gluttons to tofu. But Selma Fant was near perfect. She was girlfriend and guardian, both shield and mantle. She was near perfect except for that one mighty thing. It did not matter that what happened occurred so long ago, when Earl-Anthony was still living at home, was still her perfect little man, years before he became the diva Miss Zara. The pain suffered by both mother and child was a deep, rugged canyon not easily traversed.

Peter Caise.


Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater. That's what she called him once she discovered all he could do.

More than twenty years ago. She had come home early, had shown all her listings and closed two escrows. She was feeling no pain when she came through the front door, went to the bar, and fixed a celebratory cocktail.

She almost snapped on the music when she recognized the huffing and puffing of Earl-Anthony working out in his room upstairs. She decided to share her good news with him.

She set down her drink and swept up the stairs like a schoolgirl home from a great night at the prom. She smiled to herself as she moved down the hallway; the midafternoon sun from their bay windows poured through Earl-Anthony's wide open bedroom door. And the strains and the grunts and the huffs and the puffs from her hardworking baby working harder than usual made her smile with pride at his sense of dedication to physical fitness, so unlike his potbellied, near-wasted daddy.

A pride-filled smile was still plastered on her face as she stood frozen one step inside his bedroom. Her eyes became bulges as she stared at the sight: the horror and the beauty, the anger and desire, the heart-bending pulse of the rhythm of the two bodies connected like yard dogs in heat. She was repelled and rekindled by how well her son was taking it and loving it, how well his friend was riding it and giving it. She was deeply moved and thoroughly disgusted. She shed a tear and almost let out with a "Bravo, you bitches!"

For she wanted it. She wanted to love it and taste it and take it as good as her son was.

Move over, son, and let Mommy get some!

And then she felt bad, guilty as hell; but before she could look away he looked up and saw her.And when he smiled that dangerous smile that knew that she wanted whatever it was he was giving her child, her guilty-as-hell went straight out the window.

So while Earl-Anthony Fant was getting it too good to open his eyes, his man and his mom were eyeing each other and planning with smiles that were guilty but not guilty enough.

Guilty-as-hell was long gone...


Pictures: 21-year-old New York model Toks Adewetan.

Text: Excerpt from "Looker" by Stanley Bennett Clay.

Title quote: "What is most beautiful in virile men is something feminine; what is most beautiful in feminine women is something masculine." Susan Sontag, American author and critic (1933 - 2004).
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