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Black, gay and indisputably African.

• Jon Mack and Michael Garrett (left), a couple in Washington D.C.,
walked out of an anti-gay sermon at Greater Mount Calvary Holy Church.

Gay teen worried he might be Christian. Poor baby.

• Notre Dame University student newspaper runs a comic
promoting gay bashing.

And this is what they're teaching: New York City man Jack Price beaten into a coma by anti-gay thugs. Towleroad has video.

Murdered: 47-year-old Gordon Rivers, a gay Washington D.C. man.

Two indictments in murder of Marland Woods.

LGBT advocates hold secret emergency meeting on 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' as Defense Dept. considers 'Separate But Equal' soldier status.

Federal Proposition 8 Trial coverage: Day 1.

Federal Proposition 8 Trial coverage: Day 2.

Federal Proposition 8 Trial coverage: Day 3.

Gays leave unfriendly South Beach for Fort Lauderdale.

Meet America's first legal male prostitute.

• Ray J
not Gay J.

Outrage endures the final insult with a GLAAD Awards snub.

• And the GLAAD nominees

A gay prison romance starring Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor? Hmm... Why am I suspicious? I Love You Phillip Morris opens in the US in Spring...

This looks more like it... Blue Mountain State. Yummy.

Bruce Weber's

Write about coming out.

Invisible Death of Michael, a film about the under-reporting and lack of national media coverage of the murder of Michael Causer in 2008.

• The BBC show that
"bans" gays from its audience.

Iris Robinson: Pervert grandma (and paedophile?)
expelled by her party following affair with barely legal lover.

Iris Robinson: the golden couple who fell to earth.

Iris Robinson: The politician, his wife, her lover and the money.

• Iris Robinson: Barely legal lover
faked testicular cancer in desperate bid to free the pervert granny's clutches.

Stephen Gately: Model Georgi Dochev (left)
claims he had two-year relationship with singer.

Voices of gay Irishmen, set to song.

Parliament to
host its first gay wedding.

• Manchester police
appeal for information over male gang rape.

A charity which helps gay homeless youth says it's seeing
an increase in the numbers of gay Muslims fleeing from forced marriages and family violence.

• Trial of Malawi gay couple adjourned after accused collapses; "Tiwonge Chimbalanga, who has spent more than a week in one of the country's most congested prisons, vomited and stumbled onto the dusty court floor. As he lay on the ground he was jeered by members of the public who had crowded in to watch what has become a cause célèbre and a test case for gay rights in the African nation. With no one to assist him, Mr Chimbalanga, 20, finally managed to stand and was allowed to leave to clean himself up. A few minutes later he re-emerged with a mop and a pail to clean the vomit from the court floor — a chore that women in Africa typically have to perform even when they are sick."

Scottish MPs have condemned their arrest.

• Uganda: Preacher plans
million man march to support anti-gay draft law.

Uganda: UK MPs suggest Uganda aid be
severed over anti-gay bill.

• Dubai police arrest two on charges of prostitution, consensual homosexual sex, producing pornographic material, cross-dressing and insulting religion.

shut down first Mr Gay China pageant one hour before it was due to start.

• Gay couple tie the knot in China.

So, what's it like
being gay in Rio.

• Juan José Martínez Matos, the man accused of murdering Jorge Steven López Mercado, is declared fit to stand trial.

Sixteen-year-old becomes Spain's youngest transsexual.

Italy to open first prison for transgender inmates.

Hold the front page! The Pope's
against gay marriage.

• The Big Picture: Earthquake in Haiti (48 pictures).

The Big Picture: Haiti 48 hours later
(34 photos).

• What Australia's really like: Four "true blue Aussies"
set an Indian man alight in Melbourne.

24 million Chinese men
won't be able to find a woman by 2010. I can think of a solution or two...

• Slaves
didn't build the pyramids.

Pothole? What pothole? It's art! (13 pictures)

Human civilisation 'will collapse'.

Plastic boy slut Cristiano Ronaldo's got his kit off for Emporio Armani. Shame all that orange has gone to waste. Maybe that's why I barely recognise him.

• Britons are
suspicious towards Muslims; concerned at the rise of Islam in the UK and fear that the country is deeply divided along religious lines. Moreover, there's considerable suspicion towards those of any faith who hold deeply religious views.

Britain is no place for the white, working-class male.

It's class, not race, that determines Britain's have-nots.

...or is that
a dangerous populist spin on race.

This woman thinks so.

Are you dying? Why not donate your body to TV. Channel 4 is
launching a reality show that will see the volunteer "mummified and possibly placed on display in a museum".

• McDonald's
studies its flatulent cows.

10 trolls every blogger will encounter.

• Dark secrets from
inside Facebook, by Facebook. Or is it?

Google: We didn't
censor anti-Islam search suggestions.

Drug-resistant HIV set for rapid upsurge.

The girl who grew a new face.

• Boffins think having a big ass could be
good for your health.

tyranny of positive thinking.

• Watching TV
increases risk of heart disease.

Animal pictures of the week (left)
(29 pictures).

• Dog inbreeding: new regulations for UK.

lone black wolf.

• A waving polar bear!

So Solid
are back. Nearly 10 years on from 21 Seconds, the remaining members speak out.

• Dappy's death threat text: Why shouldn't a celebrity stand up to the public?

Popjustice share their
thoughts on the new JLS video.

• Here's the
artwork for the Pet Shop Boy's Pandemonium live DVD/CD, recorded at the O2 Arena, London.

Madonna's secret son. He's a material boy.

Rag Tag - the black gay film set in London and Lagos we
first heard about two years ago - is available on DVD. And here's 20 more black SGL films.

Why 3D films - like Avatar -
cause headaches.

• And after it gives you a headache, Avatar will make you want to kill yourself too.

Will they really
bulldoze Coronation Street?

This is what Big Brother Brazil looks like...

This week's Gays of Our Lives: the latest clips, news and spoilers in the world of soaps and dramas featuring your favorite (and not so favorite) gay characters. Left, Dutch soap Good Times, Bad Times.

Another consquence of the falling dollar, there are less Brazilian cocks to go around.

Never mind - the Athletic Model Guild is now hiring!

• So how do you top the Peters twins infamous Christmas gift to porn fans? Pierre Fitch thinks he knows how:
TWO sets of twins.

Channel 1 Releasing's BlackBalled 7: Jail Slammed hits the streets. The movie stars (amongst others) Race Cooper, Osian and Eddie Diaz. MOC Blog has the trailer.

• Now, this is my kinda clock... Westminster Chiming Grandfather Clock (left), by London designer Ryan McElhinney. Make sure you click the picture for detail!

one metre long!

• Wrinkly old men

little wood houses...

• Lastly, some transfriendly advertising that'll make you smile...

Issue 44 of World Outside My Window (The Week According To Garçon Stupide) covers the period 09-15 January 2010.

"You know, we might just as well not have bothered to come. The whole thing's been ridiculous."


Eric Arvin said...

I tried to watch Blue Mountain State. I even muted it. But it was just bad. Hot man ass couldn't save it. I guess it comes from going to a football obsessed college myself. I knew guys who acted like that. And they were annoying. Their hotness couldn't save them either.

Re: The channel 4 mummy thing. This is why I think our civilization is going the way of the omans. Wow.

tdot said...

That article on South Beach is shocking...I was there in September and went to Twist loads of times and I'd say the guys inside there are more of a threat than anyone outside! There were a lot of obviously gay guys around and it didn't seem to bother anyone. Guess there's always ignorant people around..

Eduardo Guize said...

1.Cristiano's face is so dead in those pics.
2. "Human civilisation 'will collapse' unless greed culture is stopped":... ok, we're fucked.
3. LOL at the 10 blog trolls...
4. When are you moving to Rio?
5. I wanted to see Australia but boy you're scaring me...
6. "movie-goers plagued with suicidal thoughts about not being able to visit the planet Pandora". Have they thought of all the "running for your life" it takes to live there?
7. Only to say that we love you, Garcon.

Daddy Squeeze Me! said...


KAOS said...

Eric - that sucks. Still, at can't be as annoying as the much-vaunted Glee, which makes my ears bleed.

Tdot - I shoulda asked to use your sexy beach shot alongside the South Beach piece.

Eduardo - glad to see you're not accusing me of promoting positive paedophilia this week. I suppose that's something. ;)

Anonymous said...

Support Haiti anyway you can.

KAOS said...

Corve - I could have made this entire post about Haiti. It almost eclipses all else. "Unimaginable horror and suffering" barely covers it.

I had no time to put this article together this week - I aim to have it out by Sunday morning at the latest. A picture speaks a thousand words, and to that end The Big Picture is the best option, for now.

Theology Now said...

Is it any wonder that church attendance is in free-fall when a succession of prominent religious figures continually undermine Christianity by behaving in such indescribably awful ways?

Cogent Ascending said...

I'm all for an emerging community of gay guys coming out and being proud and loud and in your face about who they are and not apologizing for it but isn't a Chinese Male Beauty Pageant sort of an oxy moron when the guys IN the pageant aren't even hot?
Where were all the hot chinese guys when they put out the call for this pageant?
THAT was the best they could scrounge up in the gay community?

Unknown said...

Are there news topic that you shy away from?

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