Thugs, owls, gay panic and gay princes

a news compendium
with a gay bias
issue 67 | June 2010

||| Thug porn war! Taylor Siluwé reports on the beef between Flavaworks, Black Rayne and Pitbull Productions that's heading to court.

||| Are you ready for some more of newly big, beautiful Kele Okereke (amazing what being freed of whiny Indie rock can do, isn't it)? The Guardian has a fascinating
interview with him. This bit had me nodding furiously in agreement: "He's even considering a change of country and plotting a move to New York. 'Whenever I come back to London, within 24 hours I see something aggressive happening,' he frowns. 'Life in London forces you to be cold and shut down and be suspicious of people, and that isn't in my nature.'"

||| 3 million
march in world's largest gay pride parade in São Paulo, Brazil.

||| Gay Pride São Paulo 2010: In pictures.

||| Gay Pride São Paulo 2010: In pictures,
part 2.

||| Made In Brazil
has much more, plus links to even more pictures, including the parties.

||| 8 Things Gay People Can't Do.

||| As well as licking Eminem's butt - just a dirty old dog sniffing around young pups - Elton John's
performed at Rush Limbaugh's wedding. Come the revolution, you'll be first in front of the firing squad, my dear. You and your wig.

||| The knackered old queen also decided
to play Tel Aviv too.

||| The Cedar Brook Café - the oldest gay bar in the United States - will close its doors
for good at the end of this month after 71 years. That's a lot of one night stands.

||| What's Life Like For Gay Kids In Public Schools? 32-minute radio program from Washington; transcript included in link.

||| The next article more-or-less answers the question above:
Activists partner to address suicide among gay teens.

||| On the other hand... Charlie Ferrusi and Timmy Howard (left), gay best friends,
have been crowned prom king and queen in a high school in New York state.

||| Greg In Hollywood has an
interview with Georgia teen Derrick Martin, whose gay prom story had some unhappy consequences.

||| Jury doesn't buy "gay panic" defence; Anibal Mayor convicted of first degree murder for the 2008 slaying of Dean Blietz.

||| Herdandscene has an update in the case of Michael Sandy. "In October 2006, the black gay Brooklyn interior designer was targeted online, lured to a botched robbery attempt, chased onto a busy highway and fatally struck by a motorist. Two of the convicted killers are appealing their convictions."

||| Crime in the GBLT community:
Hook-Up Violence.

||| How Gay Days
made a home at Disney World...

||| ...And why that pro-gay, French McDonalds ad
won't go out in America.

||| Boy Scouts ban on gays is
again being questioned, 10 years after the Supreme Court ruled the charity was allowed to do so.

||| Exodus Should Repent, Not Revel: "The 'ex-gay' umbrella organization Exodus International has never been particularly good with numbers. The group refuses to keep statistics on its failure rate or disclose the number of people who have attempted suicide as a result of its destructive work."

||| The US government
has banned Ellen Chademana - a member of gay rights group Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe - from travelling to the United States. Mugabe must be grinning from ear to ear.

||| Lawyers have made their closing arguments in the trial challenging Proposition 8, "framing the issue as a war between the civil rights of gay men and lesbians and the traditional understanding and role of marriage. And tradition seemed on the losing end of the argument."

||| Don't Ask, Don't Tell Repeal:
A Possible Timeline. If all goes as planned, when could gay servicemembers start serving openly in the military?

||| Obama earns
mixed reviews on GBLT progress.

||| In the US - and even the UK - governments mark Pride with "parties and policy promises". But there's a resounding silence from Canada's conservative government.

||| 40 years on from the Gay Liberation Front, Helena Pozniak
looks at "a movement that involved changing society rather than adapting to it".

||| It's the gays wot lost Cameron his majority. So should we be worried? Johann Hari
ponders on the implications of a homophobic Tory party shackled to the Liberal Democrats.

||| However, in Tory mouthpiece the Evening Standard, Ivan Massow tries to
convince us How the Conservatives learned to love us gays. No, dear, it doesn't add up. Now go away.

||| For the reality of the Tory party's smoke and mirrors response to gay rights, we must look to The Guardian, where Patrick Strudwick
unveils the truth: "The prime minister, with a clumsy flash, exposed one ventricle of that conflicted heart: gay vs religious rights. It's very easy when someone gives you a present to unwrap it, and, whatever's inside, beam with happiness and hastily express gratitude. But this is not a present. It is a decoy."

||| Make no mistake, whatever Cameron says and does,
divisions remain.

||| Peter Tatchell writes: Ban on same-sex marriage must be lifted.

||| Should we give aid to countries which execute LGBT people? Paul Birrell
asks in The Independent.

||| Gay asylum seekers need sanctuary, not secrecy: "Sending people such as Baffour Obeng (right) home with advice to be discreet forces them to be complicit in bigotry they flee."

||| Serving police officer, and former Mr Gay UK, PC Mark Carter (left), has been
charged with "a number of sex offences". We first heard about the openly gay cop back in Issue 34.

||| In his case, let's assume innocence until proven otherwise. The same can't be said for
this bent copper: Married PC Haydn Evans "picked up six men in cruising haunts then looked up their addresses and health and criminal records on the database." All very illegal, of course.

||| Striking British Airways staff have donned pink in an effort to show solidarity after three British Airways pilots - who filled in as cabin crew in an effort to keep planes in the air during strike action -
ranted on Facebook about cabin crew "bum boys". Which is exactly the sort of behaviour you'd expect from scabs.

||| IBM
tops Chamber of Commerce equality index.

||| Apple
reverses block of Oscar Wilde graphic novel's gay kissing... Not much has changed in 110 years, has it, really?

||| Ireland: HIV diagnoses amongst gay men surge by more than 40%; a third of the cases are in men aged under 30.

||| The Pope presides over a gay marriage -
or does he?

||| Australia: Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has "never found a place in queer hearts. This is partly because of his showy religiosity and shallow moralism. But it's also because we clearly don't have a place in his heart."

||| Is Belgium
getting a gay Prime Minister?

||| "There's been a gay rumor for a long time, but I don't mind at all. I am proud of that." Swedish footballer (and male model) Freddie Ljungberg ignores the red rag
held up by New York Times Magazine.

||| Sweden: A petition calling for equal adoption rights for same-sex couples
has been handed into the Swiss parliament.

||| Sweden: But not everything is swell. Christian paper Dagen
has rejected an ad for a GBLT youth camp.

||| European Parliament says the EU
should do more for the rights of transgender people.

||| Iceland: A new law has passed giving all citizens equal marriage rights; "instead of the words 'man and woman', the law now reads 'two individuals'. This means that gay people can now get married in churches and in civil ceremonies."

||| Iceland: Vilhjálmur Thór Davídsson, the first winner of Mr. Gay Iceland,
has been welcomed like a national hero in his hometown of Ólafsfjördur.

||| EU
criticises Germany's opposition to new pro-diversity law.

||| Croatia: The promotions for Zagreb's 9th Gay Pride
don't hold back. Two more posters here.

||| Russia: Clear Channel Outdoor
refuses to display billboards designed to promote the June 26 St. Pete Pride Festival.

||| Belarus: New law
threatens GBLT websites.

||| Spanish clinic probed for offering to 'cure' gays.

||| Spain: Israeli float
banned from Madrid Gay Pride 2010. The float's organiser, from the City of Tel Aviv, has not publicly condemned the Israeli attack on the humanitarian Flotilla.

||| Turkey: 300 took part in a Gay Pride rally in Istanbul.

||| Palestinian gay party rocks Israel: Gay Arabs and Jews
come together in Tel Aviv, right.

||| Israel: A year on from the attack on a Tel Aviv GBLT youth centre, gay youth
exhibit drawings.

||| Gays in the Israeli Military:
Video report.

||| Following a slew of gay hate crimes - like the slaughter of Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado - Puerto Rico's Attorney General has announced the creation of a special commission to investigate hate crimes, EDGE

||| Out of the closet, into the chat rooms: How the internet is revolutionizing gay rights in Latin America.

||| Chile: A bill giving both gay and straight couples all the rights and obligations of marriage has been proposed by Senator Andres Allamand; it's supported by recently elected President Sebastian Pinera.

||| Peru: On Tuesday, Outfest - the Lima Gay and Lesbian Film Festival -
opened, with the majority of films from Latin America. ka-os|theory favourite Shank (left) is also showing, this coming Friday.

||| US religious right helps Uganda's 'Kill-the-Gays' bill
stay alive.

||| African religion, and God's transcendent
love for GBLT people.

||| Senegal: Once Africa's gay capital, Dakar
is now a centre of oppression.

||| Malawi: Did Steven Monjeza
hire his new girlfriend?

||| Malawi president Bingu wa Mutharika: "
Why fight for gay rights instead of children's rights?" Because the two things are mutually exclusive, aren't they.

||| Ghana: Homosexuality "not criminal",
because the laws of Ghana do not clearly interpret what homosexuality means.

||| Ghana:
The Ghanaian homosexual in an evolving culture. "The idea that homosexuality is a Western concept and therefore foreign to Africa is nonsense."

||| Kenya: The "open-minded and liberal atmosphere" of coastal town Mtwapa
is threatened by "an increasingly vocal and mobilised anti-gay campaign".

||| Africa's gay activists use the internet to advance gay rights.

||| UN chief
calls for reform of anti-gay laws.

||| Indonesia: Recent attacks on GBLT groups
reveal the growing influence of Islamist groups.

||| Indian gays
long for greater social acceptance.

||| India: We've heard a lot about HRH Manvendra Singh Gohil (
Issue 21 (with video), Issue 34, and most recently in Issue 47). His story, in his own words.

||| Britain's new coalition Government
shows its true colours, as leaked memos give away a plan to take from the poor and give to the rich.

||| The Big Picture: Ethnic attacks in Kyrgyzstan
(39 more pictures). Below, a Uzbek woman and her four children, who were stampeded to death by a mob.

||| Crusaid, one of the UK's best-known AIDS charities, has merged with sexual health organisation Terrence Higgins Trust.

||| Gay men slimmer, lesbians heavier
than straight peers.

||| Boffins say children of lesbians
may do better than their peers. Who would've though?

||| Hard-sounding men (and lesbians, presumably)
really are hard.

||| 13-year-long study finds tea and coffee
protect against heart disease.

||| Good news for alcoholics! Boffins
could soon grow me... youus a new liver.

||| The bad news: Male menopause does exist. The good news:
It's rare.

||| Our brains
think our bodies are up to two thirds bigger than they actually are - and shorter too.

||| The Big Picture: European floods
(41 more pictures).

||| Animal pictures of the week (29 more pictures). Left, newborn kitten "Two Face" - born with a rare condition called diprosopus, the kitten literally has two faces.

||| 12,000 endangered saiga antelope
found dead in Kazakhstan.

||| The owl
and the lion.

||| And whilst the owl and the lion seemed to get along just fine, this deer took a dim view of a cat's meddling - but it was the dog that ended up taking the beating. Typical.

||| Blacker than black: the material that absorbs all light that hits it.

||| And here's another nuggest for you crazy kids to slip into casual conversation: We might all have
come from pyrophosphite.

||| Get

||| Yes,
this is a real building. It's the new Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health (above), in Las Vegas, by Frank Gehry.

||| Eminem gives the gays his blessing. Author Taylor Siluwé is impressed by his U-turn. Your correspondent is not.

||| Pop tart Omarion
performs at Hip-Hop for HIV concert.

||| Angelo Garcia (right) - once the youngest-ever member of Puerto Rican boyband Menudo (of whom Ricky Martin was a member) -
is officially gay.

||| Scissor Sisters: "
What if Aids never happened?"

||| Original vocalist Skye Edwards returns to Morcheeba for their seventh studio album, Blood Like Lemonade. Even Though is the first single:

||| Meet Real World: New Orleans "proud, young, gay, black" contestant Preston Robertson James (left)...

||| ...And Joe Manganiello (right) as werewolf Alcide
in the new season of True Blood.

||| The Twinkle Takeover: Gay (and gay-acting) boys
on TV and at the mall.

||| Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat
defends his show against Stephen Fry's criticism that British television had been overcome with "infantilism". The trouble is, Fry is right, and Doctor Who this year has become literally unwatchable trash.

||| The cast and crew of The Bill last week filmed the show's
last ever scenes, bringing the ITV police drama to a close after 27 years.

||| Former Hollyoaks star Ricky Whittle at a charity football match at Wembley Stadium
last week. Just thought you'd like to know.

||| Stonewall Uprising has now opened across the US.
Review; trailer:

||| One company's battle to move gay films into the mainstream.

||| Organic Gay Pride vs. Processed PRIDE™ - Word is Out: Stories of Some of Our Lives (the groundbreaking 1977 documentary that examined the life of 26 gays and lesbians)
versus Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment's Cinema Pride Collection.

||| Or how about 10 gay movie nasties!

||| The latest major star to play gay, Leonardo DiCaprio
will play J Edgar Hoover in an "epic" biopic produced by Clint Eastwood.

||| Taylor Lautner:
read all about it! Or just ogle his abs.

||| Ronald Neame, the director perhaps best known for The Poseidon Adventure,
is dead. He was 99.

||| With regards to modern film making, he hit the nail on the head,
commenting in 2006: "Too frenetic, partly because the stories are not good enough. So they try to make up for their lack of good characterisation and storytelling by quick cutting and frenetic use of the camera. And I think that's a pity."

||| A little reality check on the porn biz. Via "Sean Cody has been criticized for not using enough ethnic models, but a former model for the online amateur site would like you to know that they're not just racist, they're homophobic, too!"

||| From the non-story department: (Openly gay) State Senator goes on date
with porn star.

||| Outtakes
from Edilson Nascimento's photo shoot (above) for the first issue of Made In Brazil Magazine, anyone?

||| 11 brands that will disappear in 2011.

||| And one that certainly won't: Yes, it's the
latest Abercrombie quarterly.

||| 15 Gay Reasons to Watch the World Cup... Of course, our beloved plastic boy slut is No.1 on the list. With that in mind, here's the latest shot of him nicely filling out Armani.

||| Elsewhere, our beloved Cristiano gets cosy with Didier Drogba (maybe he could give him some tips on that ghastly hair), and has a tense moment with Ivory Coasts's Guy-Roland Demel.

||| We're always happy to hear fromlook at London boy wonder Louis Smith.

||| Cristiano and Louis too pretty and gay? How about some rough rugby hunks (one of whom, ironically,
really is gay). It's a crazy mixed up world!

||| Manute Bol, the 7-feet-7 inches former NBA star,
is dead. He was 47.

||| And finally, bathhouse virgins!


||| ka-os|theory, ONE YEAR AGO: 20.06.09

Issue 67 of ka-os|theory covers the period
07-18 June 2010 - plus some stuff I missed!

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The whole thing's been ridiculous."

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Eduardo Guize said...

I love this new Morcheeba (and have I already said that I love your blog? I guess I have)

Moanerplicity said...

re the Eminem thing: I don't see what he said as an endorsement of gay marriage (Howard Stern's said the same thing for YEARS!) nor do I consider this stance all that pro-gay. Anyone is the biz of show who remains blatantly anti-gay is just plain ig'nit, foolish & cutting off their nose to spite their hardcore game-face.

Sad that we can take a half-assed statement (that doesn't downright BASH us) and make it seem innovative or foward-thinking when in reality, it isn't.

I still won't be copping his CDs.


Cup-o-Noodles said...

London can't possibly be colder and more shut-down than New York, could it?! I've always enjoyed my time there, more so than NYC. Hrmmm....

Anonymous said...

Another gay member? And he is fine???

DAMN......And I am following Ricky Martin like Amber Rose following fame.

Unknown said...

So this segment of your blog doesn't come on Sundays anymore?

KAOS said...

Eduardo - thank you for making me smile.

Moanerplicity - well said. I wholeheartedly agree.

Cup - as I'm sure you of all people know, you never really know a place unless you live there as a native.

TG-K - it can come out at anytime! Problem?

Unknown said...

No problem just thought I miss something...

SGL Café.com said...

In reference to the Kele Okereke remarks, I didn't know London was that aggressive. Interesting. I thought NYC was the place where you had to watch your back.

Guess its the same all over.

Mike said...

I'm always amazed at all the effort that you put into "a news compendium with a gay bias". AMAZED!! Thanks you.

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