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Pervert. Heretic. Avant-Gardian. Forbidden Light makes it his mission to mix all things with sex and fetish. With the belief that "sex is a microcosm of the universe"; he tests his theories by making strange sexual juxtapositions. In his blog, Journals of an Intelsexual, he severely over-analyzes the basic and attempts to summarize the grandiose. Kink. Spirit. Headaches. Is there any more to life?

A Fetish for My Father's Curse

is words crawled across my skin, "What's the matter, Boy?"

My imagination colored his silent sentences with a southern accent, "You never seen big, white wood before?"

My blood boils as I continue to read, "I'd never let those black, field mitts anywhere near this good meat...but if there's one thing nigger lips are good for..."

I couldn't believe where my curiosity lead me this time...

Bitch. Slut. Pussy. It isn't uncommon for people to convert terms of degradation into dirty talk. Re-conceptualizing derogatory terms, we thrust ourselves into a state of hyper-sexuality. Meat. Stud. Beast. Giving in to these depictions of savage sexual beings, we give ourselves license to become mindlessly passionate. Thug. Nigga. Nigger? Too far? Believe it or not, there are black men and women who find being called a nigger, coon and other racial epithets erotic. More unbelievable than that, "race play" goes much deeper.

Humiliation. Shackles. Whippings. These elements are nothing new to the BDSM world, but it becomes especially jarring when given a racist twist. (At least, it does for me.) To indulge in their non-PC kink, men from all over come to Palm Springs, CA to participate in the "Plantation Retreat". Old fashioned slavery is recreated for white and black men alike to engage in homoerotic versions of slave auctions, forced labor and ownership. Black men return to being only 1/16th of their white counterparts and they love it. They're sexually excited by being owned as human property. They are turned on by the humbling experience of being inferior in every way... but one.

Ultimately, the slaves are bound under their own volition, under their own terms. Their experience goes only as deep as they have negotiated to go. A part of me is amazed. Have oppression become so far removed from our reality, that it can become fodder for fantasy? Is slavery such a distant memory, we can play with the scar tissue without opening old wounds? What's the difference between being aroused by hearing "Nigger" whispered in your ear and dancing to our favorite songs where "nigga" blares through the speaker?

I have too many questions...

Personally, this fetish hits too close to home. I can't imagine recreating a present reality and calling it "play". Let's face it, I doubt the white "masters" leave their superiority complexes at the retreat. When your fantasy is to purchase and trade me, is it possible to view me as an equal? Coming from these thick, full lips, can my words be heard objectively? Can you really call me a nigger and not mean it?

Forbidden Light wrote exclusively for ka-os|theory.

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Is that fire in your eyes or the glow of machines?


Tired old queen at the movies

Dracula & The Wolf Man

alloween shakes and shudders settle in as TOQ salutes two Universal horror classics; Todd Browning's Dracula, starring Bela Lugosi and George Waggner's The Wolf Man, starring Lon Chaney Jr. Lugosi had played the vampire on Broadway, where he was considered a matinee idol because of his on stage sex appeal as the evil count.

Although he played everything in horror movies from a hunchback to the Frankenstein monster, it was Dracula that influenced and stunted Lugosi's career. The yak hair for Cheney's werewolf make-up took six hours to apply and itched him constantly. Chaney came from a background of horror. His father was the legendary Silent Screen star Lon Chaney. Though he'd made a huge impression as Lenny in the film version of John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men (1939), once Lon Jr. played a werewolf, there was no turning back. Both films feature terrific supporting casts; Everett Van Sloan as Dr. Van Helsing, Dwight Frye as the maniacal Renfield in Dracula, and in The Wolf Man, Claude Rains, Ralph Bellamy, Evelyn Ankers, the best screamer in horror movies and the great Maria Ouspenskaya as the gypsy fortune teller who knows too well the werewolf's fate. So, carve a pumpkin, grab a crucifix and curl up with a warm monster... of some sort.

Steve Hayes

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Marvin Henry, 17, has become the seventeenth teenager to be murdered in London this year.

He was shot in Mill Hill, north London, earlier today. It's less than a week since 16-year-old Samuel Adelagun was shot in Newham, east London.

Note: Don't Die Before You've Lived is a series of ongoing entries recording the murders of teenagers in London. Although not necessarily GBLT-related, the desperately premature loss of these young boys deserves our full attention. Take a minute, read the names, look at their faces, and spare a thought for these kids who really did die before they lived. ka-os|theory is a London-based blog.

Sun, sex, sin, divine intervention, death and destruction




This (top left) is 16-year-old Samuel Adelagun. He is the sixteenth teenager to be murdered in London this year.

Adelagun was shot dead in Plaistow, East London, on Saturday.

In September, Rio McFarlane was shot in Peckham, South London. Fourteen other teenagers have been shot or stabbed in the capital this year.

In 2009, a total of fourteen teenagers were murdered.

Tired old queen at the movies

The Ghost and Mrs. Muir

ene Tierney and Rex Harrison portray star crossed lovers living in different worlds in one of the most romantic ghost stories ever filmed; Joseph L. Mankiweicz's The Ghost and Mrs. Muir.

Set in Cornwall at the turn of the Twentieth Century, a young widow rents the cottage of a dead sea captain, only to discover that his spirit is still very much alive. This produces a battle of wits and wills, that eventually turns to love thanks to a brilliant cast, marvelous direction, shimmering cinematography and a luscious score by Bernard Herrmann. It's the perfect picture to warm up a cold autumn night.

Steve Hayes

Steve Hayes' Tired Old Queen At The Movies on YouTube

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Boy band beef, Bronx, my boo, and a Princess boy

<<< Dallas-based photographer Eric Ganison lenses model Boddy.

||| Don't Ask, Don't Tell is dead. US District Judge Virginia Phillips issued a worldwide injunction banning enforcement of the discriminatory policy on Tuesday, 12th October. The only downside is we'll probably be seeing less of hottie advocate Dan Choi now.

>>> With all the horrific bullying (and worse) of gay youth (or "suspected" gay youth), stories like that of the Kilodavis family are a rare glimpse of sunlight. They have embraced their 5-year-old son Dyson's desire to dress like a princess - and mother Cheryl has written a children's book, My Princess Boy, which Dyson's school uses as an anti-bullying tool. The proud parents are interviewed on a US talk show, in an interview that will have you crying tears of joy. Beautiful.

Raz-B (third right) and Chris Stokes (second right).
||| At the other end of the scale, American retail chain Wal-Mart is selling an ex-gay children's book.

||| Remember the B2K sex abuse scandal that erupted over Christmas 2007? Let me jog your memory. "I didn't like it, my ass hurt," Raz-B said, going on to accuse B2K manager Chris Stokes of having his wicked way with the boys - and using them as sexual playthings, with each other, and industry heavyweights. A suspect retraction was subsequently issued (Raz-B's brother claimed it was coerced) and the fuss died down - until now.

||| The Eddie Long hoo-ha seems to have provoked a fresh outburst. "So to all you paedophiles out there, you Eddie Longs, you Chris Stokes, you Marques Houstons..." he says in no uncertain terms. Ouch.

||| A second video emerged later, in which Raz has a meltdown on the phone with Houston.

||| Gay Sex vs. Straight Sex: OkTrends fascinating insight into sex and relationships, in numbers and charts. Do not miss this.


||| NEW YORK: Remembering the Ariston Baths, the city's first anti-gay raid in 1903.

||| NEW YORK: When the tormentors live just outside your front door.

<<< Openly gay in the Bronx, but constantly on guard. Openly gay Keith Mitchell (or "Sparkles"), left, on the fear lurking around every corner in New York's toughest borough.

>>> These are the faces of three hate-riddled teen monsters who viciously assaulted a 14-year-old gay classmate. WPIX has video.

||| Anti-gay laws are 'sexual apartheid', world's first openly gay high-court judge decrees.

||| Pride Parades: From revelry to riots. Article looking at those who think Pride parades are embarassing spectacles, and those who point out that the battle for full equality is far from over.

||| Anything But Straight: The Bloody Path to Victory. "It is the best of times, and the worst of times, for the [GBLT] community," Wayne Besen writes.

||| Homophobia hurts straight men, too.

<<< Chicago club Kinetic Playground has cancelled a performance by murder music purveyor Capleton, following an intervention by the Gay Liberation Network (GLN) and other activists.

||| In Houston, Fitzgerald's also revoked an invitation for Capleton to perform.

||| The Jamaica Forum for Lesbians, All-sexuals and Gays (J-FLAG) has welcomed Vybz Kartel's signing of the Reggae Compassionate Act, but say the next step is to hold artists accountable for their lyrics.

>>> Oh dear, what's this? Another pastor - from the "rabidly anti-gay Church of God in Christ - the largest Pentecostal denomination in the United States and the second largest African-American denomination" - is accused of fiddling with teen boys. He's been indicted on 11 sexual abuse charges. Best start praying, pastor!

||| Sexuality, privacy and the ethics of innuendo. Philip Dayle writes in The Guardian: "What is the compelling public interest to justify the media's coded outing by describing a public official as 'cat-loving'?"

<<< Don't Ask, Don't Tell: Anthony Woods' story.

||| The end of Don't Ask, Don't Tell brings the US military in line with NATO allies.

||| Capitol Hill is a very gay place. Apparently.

||| What do you do with a problem like the Tea Party? Why, start a Coffee Party, of course!

>>> Join San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom on the campaign trail as he tries to persuade voters that he's not just the Gay Marriage Mayor.

<<< Meet 87-year-old Anne Melle, who's been a gay activist for 40 years - even before her two sons came out as gay.

>>> Aurelio Tiné and Greg Gould are soon to be married - and challenge America's homophobic immigration rules.

|||David Baker, a gay Mormon in Washington D.C. who attempted suicide in 2008, talks about going clubbing on Saturday night, and church on Sunday morning.

||| Homophobia is itself an abomination, writes Rabbi Shmuley Boteach: "For two decades now I have watched how opposition to gay relationships has come to define American values. While fifty percent of straight couples divorce, while America sinks ever deeper into an eddy of materialism and greed, and while purpose and happiness remain so elusive that our country consumes three-quarters of the earth's anti-depressants, for our religious leaders, politicians, and the media it's still all-gays-all-the-time."

||| Ex-gay is anti-gay, disguised as compassion. "When a young person divulges to a pastor or religious leader that she is queer, the church will immediately refer them to an ex-gay ministry and encourage them to change," Tanya Erzen writes.

>>> Camaraderie on Ice: The New York City Gay Hockey Association.

||| The ONE National Gay and Lesbian Archives, thought to be America's "largest collection of historic material and books related to homosexual and transgender life", has been donated to the University of Southern California.

||| Gay rights to be included in new Canadian citizenship guide.

<<< In Florida, sodomy is still a second-degree misdemeanour, allowing a jury to find 18-year-old wrestler Troy B. Kornya guilty of the lewd lascivious molestation of a 14-year-old.

||| Gay father not allowed to be Scout leader.

>>> The Gay and Lesbian Armenian Society of Los Angeles (GALAS) reminds Armenians that they exist - and of the problem of HIV in the wider Armenian community.

||| Is homophobia a factor in HIV racial gap? "Among gay men in the United States, blacks are more likely than whites to believe that homosexuality is 'wrong' - and these feelings might be contributing to the black men's higher risk of HIV infection, researchers suggest."

||| Support for older GBLT community with a Federal boost for the National Resource Center on LGBT Aging.

||| Raymond Castro (below right), a veteran of the 1969 Stonewall rebellion, is dead. He was 68.


||| The Gay Liberation Front's social revolution. Peter Tatchell writes, "GLF aligned itself with the movements for women's, black, Irish, working-class and colonial freedom. We marched for troops out of Ireland and against the anti-union Industrial Relations Act. Although critical of the "straight left" and often condemned by them, most of us saw ourselves as part of the broad anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist movement, striving for the emancipation of all humankind. Our idealistic vision involved creating a new sexual democracy, without homophobia, misogyny, racism and class privilege. Erotic shame and guilt would be banished. There would be sexual freedom and human rights for everyone – gay, bi and straight. Our message was 'innovate, don't assimilate'."

||| Sir Ian McKellen to tour UK schools for Stonewall.

<<< Peter Tatchell: "[Conservative Prime Minister] David Cameron's refusal to support same-sex civil marriage leaves him increasingly isolated and out of step. He is ignoring the growing calls for marriage equality from senior figures within his own party, and from his Liberal Democrat coalition partners, the Labour opposition and the wider public."

>>> Openly gay rugby star Gareth Thomas is urging the GBLT to volunteer for the London 2012 Olympics.

||| The Equality Act gives new employment rights to people living with HIV.

||| Commonwealth has abandoned human rights commitment – leaked memo.

||| To hell with middle-class self-pity, Tim Collard writes. "Earning a living and paying one's taxes makes one a decent citizen; it doesn’t make one a hero, saint and martyr."

<<< Black people are 26 times more likely than whites to face stop and search.

||| Sheikh Maulana Abu Sayeed, a senior Muslim cleric in charge of Britain's largest group of sharia law courts, claims that there is no such thing as rape within marriage.


||| Gay-bashers thrive in modern-day Netherlands: "Amsterdam isn't just gay. Now it's Muslim, too. A million Moroccans and Turks have immigrated to the Netherlands, and sharia law rules the streets."

||| Netherlands - promised land for homosexual refugees? "Those that come to the Netherlands hope to find peace and a residence permit here. But their problems simply start all over again in the country's asylum centres, says 24-year-old Palestinian Aboutabdullah."

||| Paris hosts first international conference of gay Muslim associations; Islam is often misunderstood by the LGBT [community]... Nothing in the Koran condemns homosexuality.

<<< Torremolinos held a gay chess tournament as it seeks to cement its position as a new "Gay State" for Europe.

||| It's part of the ExpoGays trade fair - the world's first gay trade fair.

>>> Michael Lucas is done with Russia: The porn entrepreneur rejects the brutality and intolerance of his homeland by renouncing his Russian citizenship.

||| Belgrade Pride: A historic day. The march went ahead as police sealed off surrounding streets. Far-right extremists set fire to the the ruling party's HQ. Serbia's President, Boris Tadic, said, "Serbia will guarantee human rights for all its citizens, regardless of the differences among them, and no attempts to revoke these freedoms with violence will be allowed."

||| Belgrade Pride: Gay rights campaigners hail the parade as a historic turning point.

Belgrade Pride: Several EU diplomats were in attendance; a few blocks away, nationalist gangs battled police and vandalised property.

||| Belgrade Pride: 249 far-right rioters were arrested, 54 of whom were underage. 132 police officers were injured. Policeman Saša Čordić, 26, became a YouTube star after telling a rioter (loose translation), "How dare you to wreak havoc to my Belgrade! Get the f**k out of here!"

||| Belgrade Pride: So just what is fuelling the white hot rage of Serbia's rioters? "Serbia, still emerging from the darkness of the Yugoslav wars and diplomatic isolation in the 1990s, now seemingly at war with itself."

||| Belgrade Pride: European Parliament President Jerzy Buzek said, "The violence in Belgrade has nothing to do with the Pride Parade, but rather was committed by groups of hooligans who wanted to cause damage. Homophobia is a breach of human dignity that questions fundamental rights, and thus it must be strongly condemned."

||| Belgrade Pride: US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton praised Serbian police for protecting the march from attacks.

||| Meet 97-year-old Rudolf Brazda. Thought to be the last known "Pink Triangles" survivor, this Nazi concentration camp survivor knows a thing or two about bullying...

||| GERMANY: Angela Merkel says her country's attempts to build a post-war multi-cultural society have "utterly failed".


||| MEXICO: Need religion in your life? The pro-gay Metropolitan Community Church could be the answer.


||| ISRAEL: Court rules gay partners are not couples under Inheritance Law.

>>> An Israeli motorist ploughs into a Palestinian boy in Jerusalem on 8th October.

||| Gay Baghdad: Final thoughts and a call to action. "Gay Americans obsess about Don't Ask, Don't Tell — and rightly so — but legions of gay civilians are in the war zones: in the State Department, the United Nations, non-profits from many nations, and even among the gun-toting contractors. Many of them work with gay and lesbian soldiers who are not officially out."


<<< KENYA: David Kuria, the Director of the Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya, could become Africa's second elected openly gay politician, despite a hate campaign orchestrated by American evangelicals. has an interview with Kuria.

||| KENYA: Bashing gays simply not on; wishing them away is an exercise in futility. Alfred Mugambi writes for the Daily Nation: "Kenya has far much bigger issues like corruption, poverty, ignorance and disease to deal with, instead of homosexuality. It is to these issues that we should devote our attention."

||| KENYA: Homosexuality ruining the family as basic societal unit, writes Charles Kanjama.

||| KENYA: HIV cases among Kenyan gays alarming.

||| KENYA: Special Programmes Minister Esther Murugi makes sure everyone knows gays are bad, but, well, they're here and we just have to grin and bear it.

<<< UGANDA: "WE SHALL RECRUIT 1000,000 INNOCENT KIDS BY 2012 - HOMOS" screams the sub-headline on Uganda's quality journal Rolling Stone. Box Turtle Bulletin reports that the tabloid used Facebook to gather photos of GBLT Ugandans for publication...

||| ...Ah, but what's this? The paper has been ordered to cease publication "or face the full force of the law."

||| UGANDA: Small wonder then that attacks on the GBLT community have surged in the year since Uganda's "kill gays" bill was introduced.


>>> THAILAND: The lovely conscripts. The country's military conscription lottery is seeing "a flood of transgender draftees", for whom the army is their worst nightmare.

<<< CHINA: ShanghaiPRIDE 2010: It's not just for gays. "No parades, no processions and no protests; instead it will be more Chinese, more diverse and three times as long as last year's, giving everyone a reason to go."

||| CHINA: Why was this year's Hong Kong Pride Parade cancelled?

<<< KOREA: Prison officials ban Life is Beautiful, a popular drama series featuring a gay couple. The Korean Sexual-Minority Culture and Rights Center has stepped in to query the discriminatory decision.

||| INDIA: The country's first gay film, Dunno Y... Na Jaane Kyun, remains stuck in limbo as censors demand a "major compromise".

>>> AUSTRALIA: A fourth inquest into the disappearance of Azaria Chamberlain in 1980 is launched.

||| AUSTRALIA: The dumb blonde of the world. I wouldn't even call it that...


<<< 19-year-old Zach Harrington took his own life on 28th September, after a city council meeting in Oklahoma "filled with hateful and homophobic comments". His father has since urged others to be cautious with their words.

||| 19-year-old lesbian Aiyisha Hassan (rightkilled herself on 5th October.

<<< The mother of 11-year-old son Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover - who took his own life after a campaign of homophobic bullying - writes poignantly about addressing the issue.

>>> Gay teen endured a daily gauntlet: "As a gentle child grew into adolescence, the taunts and bullying intensified. Finally, Seth Walsh couldn't take any more."

<<< Chris Armstrong - the University of Michigan's first openly gay student body president - talks to Anderson Cooper about the anti-gay hate campaign waged against him. Video.

Gay prejudice starts on the playground. Peter W. Fulham writes at Politics Daily, "As you grow older, it becomes easier to forget the brutality of childhood."

||| For gay youths, middle school can be the toughest time.

<<< Issac Katz - whose father was removed from a team of scientists assembled to remedy the Gulf oil spill, following his essay defending homophobia - speaks out about his own struggle as a gay youth. Sadly, his father - Professor Jonathan Katz - republished "In Defense of Homophobia" on National Coming Out Day.

||| What I'm really thinking: The gay teenager.

||| How religion is killing our most vulnerable youth, by Bishop Gene Robinson.

||| Tougher anti-bullying laws are needed to stop our children killing themselves.

||| Sometimes, the laws don't adequately address the situation, by Ari Ezra Waldman.

||| Facebook works with GLAAD to stop anti-gay bullying.

<<< GBLT flash mob of hundreds at Grand Central: 8th October "die-in" dramatises the violence facing the GBLT community, and the need for full civil rights protections.

||| Rugby star Ben Cohen records message of support for gay teens. Video:

||| Also above, an "It Gets Better" speech by Joel Burns, the first openly gay candidate elected to public office in Tarrant County, Texas, at a Fort Worth City Council meeting.

<<< "It's a terrible tragedy. And it has turned a harsh spotlight on an issue that often doesn't get the public attention it deserves: the struggles of LGBT youth, the enormous pain that too many experience as a result of bullying and the desperate, tragic decision by some young people who feel that their only recourse is to take their own lives." Valerie Jarrett, a senior adviser to President Obama.

||| Obama: Homosexuality is not a choice.

||| The Washington Post seems to think gay suicide is a two-sided issue.

||| Jarrett Barrios writes: "The Washington Post - one of the most respected news sources in our country's history - is telling a nation full of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender children, that their lives are up for debate."

||| The top 12 lies of anti-gay Tony Perkins and the Family Research Council.

||| Bullies mimic their parents.

||| finds 25 per cent of its readers have bullied others to hide their sexuality.

||| Gay teen suicides: A teachable moment?

||| Gay teen suicides: An increase, or just an increase in reporting?

||| Watch "At 13", a heart wrenching spoken word piece by Kevin Morrison. Kevin's best friend Devon committed suicide aged 13.


||| American boffins claim electric shock therapy can cure memory loss. Sign me up!

||| How does alcohol affect appearance?

<<< Tongue-kissed anyone lately? This (left) is the surface of the human tongue (or rather, the bacteria growing on it). Delightful.

||| Love, the natural painkiller.

||| American teens are more likely to use condoms than people over 40.

||| Fitness fanatics have high sex drives, boffins think.

||| Turn out the lights to lose weight.


<<< This is a tube-nosed fruit bat, discovered by Conservation International in Papua New Guinea.

||| Animal pictures of the week, part I (29 more pictures). Right, dusky moorhens vs. a young swamp wallaby in Australia.

||| Animal pictures of the week, part II (31 more pictures). Left, a pelican swallows a pigeon whole in London.

||| Otters swim back from the brink of extinction.

>>> Canine face lift...

||| ...And this sex change bitch wants a new home. The ultimate tranny accessory?


<<< Postcards from the Future: Imagining how London could be affected by climate change, an exhibition at the Museum of London, showing until 6th March 2011.

||| Water mining, and how it's causing sea levels to rise.

||| Brazil auctions off Virginia-sized section of Amazon to timber companies.

||| WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE! Ocean asteroid hits could create huge ozone holes that threaten civilisation.


<<< BBC political presenter Andrew Marr attacks "inadequate, pimpled and single" bloggers, whose sites amount to "the spewings and rantings of very drunk people late at night". Well, that's me found out...

||| One blogger hits back with "Ugly, bald, thieving, jug-eared media whore attacks noble, fearless bloggers".

||| Browser wars: Internet Explorer, Firefox flounder as Chrome surges ahead.


>>> This is Fővám tér, a new metro station in Budapest, by Spora Architects.

<<< Architect Manuelle Gautrand's Lille Métropole Musée extension, in France.


||| National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association membership plummets from a 2006 high of 1,300, to 693 today.

>>> Oscar Wilde's 156th birthday celebrated with Google doodle.

|||A transgender's memoir from 1921, thought to have been lost, has surfaced in Belgium. Dr. Randall Sell says, "Nearly a century ago this author spoke out, urging adults to support young people who display signs of sexual and gender non-conformity, to prevent those youths’ distress and suicide."

<<< Pulitzer Prize–winning Michael Cunningham talks about By Nightfall, in which a Manhattan gallery owner finds himself intoxicated and seduced by his wife's younger brother's youth.

>>> Review: Yield, by Lee Houck.

||| Why are e-books more expensive than hardbacks?


||| When Angels in America hit Broadway in 1993, it left the theatre world stunned. In 2010, the play can't possibly have the same impact, can it?


<<< The 50 most underrated films of all time: Your correspondent's favourite director, Taiwan's Tsai Ming-Liang, is at number 13 with Goodbye, Dragon Inn. Not his best film, but all his features are worthy of mention...

||| Marilyn and Her Monsters: Marilyn Monroe was devastated at discovering that third husband Arthur Miller had written in his diary that she was an embarrassment.

<<< British schoolboy Roger Nsengiyumva is one of the stars of Africa United, predictably labelled the "African Slumdog Millionaire" by the media. Review.


>>> New I Love You Phillip Morris poster released.

||| What happened to the cast of The Goonies?

<<< Chris Pine covers Details magazine.

||| Review: Boy With The Sun In His Eyes.

||| Review: Brother To Brother gets a UK re-release.


>>> Visit, a new web series that launched on 11th October. The premier featured interviews with actor Wilson Cruz, photographer Duane Cramer, and comedienne Wanda Sykes. Co-hosted by Jonathan Plummer and Janora McDuffie, the series is "dedicated to dispelling myths and stereotypes about same gender-loving people in the African American community".

<<< Gay roles on television need to be real. Sue Perkins writes in The Guardian: "When it comes to the portrayal of gay and lesbian people on TV, it's still the same old issues and cliches. There has to be a middle way – something between the tepid sexlessness of the soaps' queer couplings and the separatist universe of the US show The L Word.

||| Why aren't there any openly gay staff at the top of the BBC? Stonewall's Ben Summerskill looks at a national broadcaster that's conservative from the top down.

>>> Recently out Hollyoaks actor Kieron Richardson confesses his lust for plastic boy slut Cristiano Ronaldo.

||| Watch the gay highlights from 90210 (let's face it, who wants to sit through a boring teen soap for a few minutes of gay action?).

||| Israel gets it own version of The Office - and drops in a gay Arab character.

<<< The Doctor is In: The Atlantic examines why a 47-year-old English sci-fi show is suddenly an American hit.

||| How Doctor Who nearly changed sex.

>>> The Government wants the BBC to show public information films for free. Does this mean the Green Cross Code man could make a return?


<<< Italian singer Tiziano Ferro: I'm gay.

||| Robbie Williams wants gay kids.

>>> Stephen Gately family cuts all links with Boyzone star's husband.

||| White trash human oil slick Eminem says he's picked on by gay rights activists, because of his "color".

||| Are Ukranian boy band Kazaky gay? Check the video for In The Middle and decide for yourself. Have a tissue handy.


||| Flava Works wins $US350K judgement against individuals, websites and internet forums accused of copyright infringement.

||| Peter Le on a gigolo's unique sales pitch...

>>> How about some shots from Hustlaball New York, 10.10.10? Warning: extremely XXX!

John Embry, who founded Drummer magazine in 1976, is dead. He was 83. Drummer magazine "celebrated the masculine gay male while embracing the literary values of the Evergreen Review, a publication famous for sexy, counter-culture content."


<<< Six Hunks Ahead!, a story by Karim Sadli.

>>> Shutterbug Rick Day releases Pioneers, featuring naked manikins propped up in locations all over the globe.

<<< 22-year-old Vitor Abdalla strips for gay mag A Capa. Janna de Francisco and Tiago Farina lensed him.

>>> Homotography takes a look at Red model Josh Kloss. Elsewhere, Thomas Synnamon lenses Jacob Neely for Zara.

<<< Black Muscle 1940-1980 continues to acquaint us with the men of yesteryear. Left, Leroy Colbert VIII, circa 1955.

>>> Manikins fight! It's for Attitude magazine, and there's a behind-the-scenes video at Homotography.

<<< Paul Reitz shoots Jarrod Pierce.

Naked French rugby players lensed by François Rousseau? It can only be the 2011 Dieux du Stade calendar! And how about a video for you well-behaved children?


>>> London lovely Reiss Beckford takes silver at the Commonwealth Games. More pictures here.

<<< Plastic boy slut takes his top off. Again.

>>> The Big Picture: The XIX Commonwealth Games (49 more pictures). Above, New Zealand's rugby players.


>>> Willy Wonka chewing gum could become reality.

||| Stickers on fruit to be replaced by 'tattoos'.

||| Ikea and world domination.

||| The bowler hat is back.

||| And finally, I love my boo!

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