Issue 130: Larry Hagman, Le1f, MSN, D.O., Jamaica, gay spinsters, Fairytales for lost children + more

a news compendium
with a gay bias


Why sex sells and why we should all stop buying. "From boybands to Calvin Klein models, should our failure to see through the marketing bother us?"

||| The rise of the gay spinster.

||| The myths about gay sex.

||| To cheat or not to cheat?

> The Out 100 2012. Right, Will Behrens & Erwynn Umali, the first gay couple to be officially married on a military base.


An update on the state of gay adoption in Florida, and on the plaintiffs who won the landmark victory. Left, Martin Gill with his two adoptive sons.

||| "Like a family photo with a gay kid in it."

||| The National Organization for Marriage - the leading anti-marriage equality group - has seen its funding plummet by a third.

||| The majority of African-Americans favour marriage equality, claims Ben Jealous, head of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).

||| Chelsea Clinton's video supporting marriage equality was blocked by NBC.

||| This is hairdresser Shaun Woolford (below left), who was murdered by jilted boyfriend Devineil Brown (below right) in Brooklyn. has more pictures.

||| Will Boeing deny pension benefits to same-sex married couples?

> Baltimore launches gay wedding planner and invites same-sex couples to marry there.

||| Gay capital San Francisco backs ban on public nudity.

||| Ohio nuns claim birth control turns men gay, and women into sluts. (And that's a bad thing?)

< Mother sues over 14-year-old son's rape in hazing ritual.

||| Conservative newspaper says men who molest young teen boys are not paedophiles but gay, and that it is the critics of the organization that are conflating the issues.

> Gay "cure" cult leader Tyler Deaton accused of arranging wife's murder.

||| Why California's "ex-gay therapy" legal fight signals homophobes' retreat.

||| Tak Yamamoto, a pioneer in the Japanese-American gay equality movement, is dead. He was 74.


< Prime Minister David Cameron faces "biggest rebellion ever" over marriage equality. "Among the 118 Tory MPs planning to vote against marriage equality is gay MP Conor Burns (left), who says gay people do not want to be married."

||| Despite what the mainstream media would have us believe, girls are not the only victims of child sexual exploitation: "Randall, a 15-year-old boy of mixed ethnic heritage, was unaware of safe ways to meet other gay young people. He told professionals that groups of men offered him alcohol, cigarettes and acceptance in exchange for sex. Professionals are trying to keep him away from areas of risk, but he continues to go missing."

> Brunel University slammed for giving anti-gay Muslim cleric Abu Usamah At-Thahabi platform to speak.

||| Muslim radio station in Leeds fined after female presenter calls gay people "evil" who should be "beaten up".

< Gay Ugandan torture victim Asuman Kabugo fears death penalty if deported from UK; the Border Agency claims he hasn't proven his sexuality to them, or that his life would be in danger should he return to Uganda.

||| Sir Ian McKellen inspires students in London school to set up gay-straight alliance.

||| Coming out as gay at a Catholic high school.


||| ITALY: A 15-year-old boy who loved to wear pink trousers and pink jumpers has committed suicide after a campaign of homophobic abuse on Facebook and at his high school.

||| ITALY: Tuscan company Publiacqua ignores law to give employee two-weeks off to marry his husband.

> FRANCE: Gay-friendly mosque to open in Paris. The association of Gay Muslims in France (HM2F) are behind the move. Right, HM2F founder Ludovic Lütfi Zahed and his South African partner Qiyam al-Din; they married earlier this year in a Muslim marriage.

||| FRANCE: President François Hollande admits his comments about marriage equality were "inappropriate".

||| RUSSIA: Moscow lawmakers rules anti-gay "propaganda" bill conflicts with federal law.


||| JAMAICA: Gay? No way. New study shows Jamaicans are growing more tolerant, but most still opposed to homosexuality.

< JAMAICA: Equality advocate Maurice Tomlinson on why his country's government is directly responsible for the brutal homophobic attack on a young student.

> JAMAICA: University of Technology security guards plead "not guilty" in gay beating. The university says that students who are found to have been a part of the abuse "will be dealt with".

||| JAMAICA: Equality campaigners protest against Jamaican homophobia in front of the Jamaican consulate in New York.

||| COLOMBIA: Gay sex "revolting" and lesbian sex "inane", Colombian Senator Roberto Gerlein announces during marriage equality debate.

< BRAZIL: One million celebrate Pride in Rio de Janeiro. Video. In pictures.

||| MEXICO: Mexico's President Calderon wants to change the country's name. Can you guess what to?

THE BIG PICTURE: Inside La Esperanza, El Salvador's largest prison.


||| UGANDA: How anyone can be gay under the law.

||| UGANDA: It's not too late to sign the petition against the bill at AllOut.

||| UGANDA: MPs have dropped the death penalty from the proposed Anti-Homosexuality Bill.

||| MALAWI: Irene Monroe asks why Malawi is still unable to defy the will of the church over gay equality.

> KENYA: Why David Kuria Mbote faces Herculean obstacles in his bid for a senate seat.

THE BIG PICTURE: A farmer in Guiledge, Guinea-Bissau, 3rd November 2012.


||| INDIA: Police get schooled on gay issues.

> The Big Picture: An Indian boy sells deities of the goddess Lakshmi and the god Ganesha during the festival of Diwali in New Delhi, 13th November 2012.

||| JAPAN: Where there are no gays. Apparently.

||| JAPAN: Ninjas heading for extinction.

||| Is Taiwan the best place to be gay in Asia?

< PHILIPPINES: Fighting for gay equality in the Manila slums.

||| PHILIPPINES: Filipino people are ready for same-sex marriage, claims gay pastor Reverend Ceejay Agbayani, of the LGBTS ("S" for straight) Christian Church in Metro Manila.

||| AUSTRALIA: Bob Hawke, Labor prime minister of Australia from 1983 to 1991, becomes first former or serving leader to support marriage equality.

> AUSTRALIA: Gay couple jailed for faking armed robbery.


||| PALESTINE: Gay couple killed by Israeli Gaza bombing.

||| United Arab Emirates LGBT rights group releases video calling for a dialogue on the human rights of gay Emiratis.


< In Vienna over the next few months? Be sure to visit the Leopold Musuem, where Nude Men, an exhibition covering 1800 to the present day, is on until 28th January...

...And is intended to address the shock of the (male) nude.

> Vote for the best gay India photos in photography competition run by Yaariyan, the youth wing of Indian gay equality organization Humsafar Trust.

< A look at photographer Alexander Kargaltsev's show Asylum, which featured naked gay asylum seekers from Russia.

||| 10 things you might not know about Tarzan.

> London's hidden interiors, in pictures. Right, Battersea Power Station.

< Abandoned cities and villages around the world, in pictures. Left, Prypiat in Ukraine.

> Mesmerising colour photos of 1914 Paris.

||| Rikki Beadle-Blair's new collection of motivational daily meditations, Reasons To Live, is out now. Get it!

||| Review: These Things Happen, by Richard Kramer. "A compassionate novel with a heart as big as New York City. There are no villains here, only flawed human beings. Compulsively readable and affecting take on the way we live now."

< Diriye Osman, the Somali-born, London-based writer, performs snippets from his forthcoming debut collection of short stories, Fairytales for Lost Children.


Talking to DC Moore about Straight, about two old university friends reuniting to shoot a gay porn movie.

< Review: Black T-Shirt Collection. "The play tells the story of two young men from Nigeria – Mohammed and his foster-brother Matthew, originally from a Christian family – who grow up to launch a successful T-shirt business, powered by Matthew’s growing talent for design. The story darkens, though, when Matthew learns that Mohammed is gay, and at imminent risk of exposure, in a social climate already made dangerous by escalating tension between Moslems and Christians."

||| R. Kelly's fantastically absurd Trapped in the Closet is coming to Broadway.


> The Kashish Mumbai International Queer Film Festival - Mumbai's gay film festival - arrives in Britain, screening movies at one of London's oldest cinemas.

||| Talking to openly gay Indian film-maker, Onir (My Brother... Nikhil).

||| So you don't have to watch the Twilight films (but you still want the good stuff) here's every no shirt moment, in one handy video. Enjoy.

||| Lindsay Lohan as Liz Taylor: a comeback with all the hallmarks of another disaster.

< Young Soul Rebels is one of The Guardian's season of British cult classics. "The story of a couple of soul-patrol pirate radio DJs – one gay, one straight, both black – is threaded with an investigation into a homophobic murder. Julien presents the street culture of the time as a pan-racial, pan-sexual anti-establishment free-for-all. Presumably, though, a film like his would have been untenable at the time."

||| Brilliant: The Day the Earth Stopped Masturbating.


> Sheldon Stephens has retracted his retraction, and now says he was underage when he had sex with Sesame Street actor Kevin Clash.

||| A second accuser, Cecil Singleton, also claims he had a relationship with Clash, and naturally is suing for a multi-million dollar payout. Funny, that...

< Cecil, by the way, chooses to represent himself to the world like this.

||| Clash has resigned from Seasame Street: "Personal matters have diverted attention away from the important work Sesame Street is doing and I cannot allow it to go on any longer. I am deeply sorry to be leaving and am looking forward to resolving these personal matters privately."

||| US news anchors resign live on air.

||| Russell Brand meets the "God Hates Fags" church who brand him a Fag Pimp. Brilliant...

||| And the banned 1995 gay Guinness advert goes viral; UK tabloid press condemned the advert as scandalous and Guiness even claimed it never existed.

||| The Law & Order Database: All 20 seasons!

||| Doctor Who's 49th anniversary: The future history Of Who.

||| Doctor Who 50th anniversary: 49 ways the BBC could celebrate.

Talking to Glee's Alex Newell.

||| Gays of our lives: All the latest gay soap developments from around the world, with Anthony D. Langford.

< Larry Hagman, the actor best known for his role as J.R. Ewing in Dallas, is dead. He was 81.

||| Larry Hagman obituary.

||| Larry Hagman: in pictures.

||| Larry Hagman: "Hagman was easily the best thing on the [Dallas] reboot. His advanced age deepened the character. J.R. was worried about his legacy now, and his retinue of women was just for show – an expression of financial rather than sexual potency. Hagman seemed to draw on his own age and health problems as he acted the part. He moved more slowly now, conserving his energy like an old cobra who could only strike once a day. J.R. was still Richard III, but was turning into King Lear; that he was the only character who seemed to know this added a poignant dimension to his evil plots, and connected the new Dallas to the old."


< Frank Ocean "cried like a baby" when he came out.

||| That GQ interview in full.

||| Rylan Clark calls for homophobic viewers of The X Factor to be "locked up", saying "enough is enough". And JLS have spoken out to condemn the "witch hunt".

||| Another X Factor contestant, Union J's Jaymi Hensley, has now come out as gay.

||| What Jaymi Hensley's coming out reveals about the closet and fame.

> Justin Bieber thanks his haters, gets attacked by Jenny McCarthy.

< More Bieber fun: "She could be a farmer in those clothes."

||| Russian homophobes back down in Madonna lawsuit.

< Meanwhile, RiRi spent Thanksgiving getting on this. Yikes.

||| Alicia Keys ruins The Gummi Bears theme.

||| Listen to Bruno Mars' new track Moonshine. Seal, anyone?

> Elton John invests in the photography of Ross Watson - including a shot of Bel Ami boy Dolph Lambert - who John had on his yacht this summer.

< Watch gay NYC rapper Le1f's sizzling new video, Soda. And here's an interview with Le1f, and his production partner Boody. And another - this time from Dazed Digital - where you best not call him a "gay rapper": "IM NOT SOME RHYMING JUKING FAGGOT CAKE WALK. FUCK." Love. Him.


||| Why the LA porn condom law is a judgement on studio producers. "Bareback gay porn puts millions of viewers at risk, as well as the performers who make it."

> D.O. models for Rufskin, Versace.

||| Talking to former Machofucker star Jiggy Man. Via.

||| Vote for The Sword's gay porn couple of the year. This may not be entirely serious.

< Arquez spills the tea on his relationship with ex-boo Cockyboy.

> Trapboyy announces his retirement, and saviour by Jesus. Oh Lord...

||| What you don't know about Freakzilla.

||| Watch the tenth episode of DawgPoundUSA's Hard Wire.


||| Newly out boxer Orlando Cruz warns opponents: "I'm the faggot who's going to kick your ass."

||| Talking to gay Olympic diver Matthew Mitcham on the release of his shockingly honest autobiography.

< Olympic boxing champion Anthony Joshua on the beach in Barbados.

||| A.J. Barker Minnesota Golden Gophers quits team, accuses coaches of abuse and gay slurs.

||| Italian handball player Ivan Stuffer (yes, really) drops pants, grabs manhood after provocative kiss from opponent.

||| Manchester United goalkeeper Anders Lindegaard says gays in football a "taboo topic"; urges a top-level footballer to come out.

> Japanese algae is behind David Haye's physique. (Okay, so we just wanted to run that picture of his big booty again.)

< Hector "Macho" Camacho, the Puerto Rican boxer, is dead. He was 50.

||| What if O.J. didn't do it? Film suggests serial killer — not Simpson — murdered Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.


||| Boffins advocate virtual child porn for paedophiles.

||| Rate of HIV infections plummet across Africa.

||| Anal cancer added to list of HIV-related afflictions.

> England one of the few places in Europe seeing a major preventable disease getting worse, as alcohol abuse contributes to liver disease rise.

||| Does being fat make you more jolly?

||| 14 foods you should never eat, including tinned tomatoes, artificial sweeteners, and bread.

||| Why dental floss might be useless.


Animal pictures of the week. Below, a stray cat and a lizard face off in Malaysia.

||| Are these animals too ugly to be saved?

||| South Pacific Sandy Island proven not to exist.


> Microsoft announces the end of Windows Live Messenger.

||| Meet the man who invented the emoticon.

||| Final Fantasy game could get marriage equality option.

||| Namib Desert beetle inspires self-filling water bottle.


< Spiderman and Uncle Sam get acquainted before the Thanksgiving Day Parade.

> Awesome hand-carved wooden reproductions of Lego figures.

||| And finally, gay things straight guys do, and Martin's hot mess reality TV neighbours!

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