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> Olympic gymnast Louis Smith and JLS's Aston Merrygold in prettyboy fight.

||| The IoS Pink List 2012. kaos favourites Bisi Alimi and Dean Atta are new entries at 90 and 92 respectively.


||| Devastating: Hurricane Sandy destroys The Ali Forney Cente, New York's LGBT homeless youth center. Help our kids - please donate now.

The latest New York Magazine.

||| President Obama's victory speech: video and transcript.

||| Why Obama will be a more effective liberal in his second term.

< Bloomberg Businessweek ages Obama by 20 years, with the headline "The Next Four Years".

||| What does Obama's re-election mean for that most pathetic of creatures, the gay Republican?

||| Check out the website President Romney had set up for himself. Bless.

||| But what if Romney had won? The horrible, wonderful and weird things people around the world planned to do if he had.

An overlooked Washington State demographic?

||| Why the US election made history for gay America...

...That'd be the four marriage equality battles won, the first lesbian to be elected in the US Senate, and the first openly gay person of colour - California's Mark Takano - to be elected to US Congress.

||| Washington approves marriage equality.

||| Maine approves marriage equality.

||| Maryland approves marriage equality...

...Pleasing (straight ally) Brendon Ayanbadejo (Baltimore Ravens linebacker) no end: "I'm so stoked. It's like I woke up and it's Christmas."

36 inspiring images that capture the year in marriage equality.

||| 90% of gay people voted for President Barack Obama.

||| Family of anti-gay Republican candidate for US Senate Josh Mandel take out newspaper ad - against him...

...In the election, he's shot down in flames.

< Troy, Michigan Mayor Janice Daniels - who made headlines for making homophobic comments - is also toast.

||| Of course: Pastor charged with sexually assaulting gay men he was "curing".

||| The head of the Human Rights Campaign wants to see gays appointed to Obama cabinet.

> Grand Central giant donut, anyone?

||| Watch Invisible Parents, a film by director Mike Buonaiuto, and the Friend Project, part of a new gay youth national awareness campaign by director Elliot London:


||| One in four young gay people have been assaulted in England, and more than half have self-harmed, Independent on Sunday study finds.

The scandal of Britain's "stateless" children.

> This is 28-year-old Stuart Walker, a gay barman who was strangled to death by 19-year-old Ryan Esquierdo in Cumnock, Scotland last month.

||| Homophobe who harangued gay couple on train caught on camera, arrested...

...But merely given a caution by the British Transport Police. His victims are disappointed, calling the punishment "lenient".

||| Prime Minister David Cameron re-enforces prejudice linking paedophilia to homosexuality on daytime talk-show.

||| A gay couple celebrating their wedding anniversary in a Greek restaurant in Birmingham claim a waiter there hurled homophobic abuse and threatened to cut off their legs.

< Shameful: Ugandan anti-gay Speaker Rebecca Kadaga chairs London human rights conference.

||| New Archbishop of Canterbury signals openness on gay issues. Dr Justin Welby said, "We must have no truck with any form of homophobia in any part of the church."

||| How the government's proposed "Snoopers' Charter" could see records of everyone's e-mails, texts, phone calls and website usage falling into the hands of private companies.


> NETHERLANDS: Parents publish suicide note of bullied gay son; 20-year-old Tim Ribberink took his own life on 1st November.

||| FRANCE: French cabinet adopts a bill for marriage equality and adoption.

FRANCE: Paris equal marriage rally, in pictures.

||| FRANCE: Muslim extremists attack gay club in Paris, beating the bouncers and spraying attendants with tear gas.

||| SPAIN: Marriage equality upheld by Spain's top court; the ruling conservative government had appealed that marriage be defined only as a union between man and woman.

||| SLOVAKIA: Parliament rejects proposal for same-sex partnership law.

||| ROMANIA: Seven people assaulted in Bucharest after attending an academic debate about the history of homosexuality in Romania.

||| GREECE: "Gays are the new Jews" activists claim amid escalating violence against the gay community in Athens.

THE BIG PICTURE: Remember the Costa Concordia? She's still there.


> KENYA: Talking to David Kuria Mbote, Kenya's first openly gay candidate for public office.

||| MALAWI: Government suspends all anti-gay laws... ...Until the country's churches force a u-turn

< UGANDA: Armed police raid "gay" play premiere - by the Talented Ugandan Kuchus - in Kampala. Picture via.

||| Speaker Rebecca Kadaga promises to speed up anti-gay bill.

> TUNISIA: The country where the gay equality revolution rolled on by.

THE BIG PICTURE: Six boys, one skateboard. South African kids inspired by world championships.


< TAIWAN: The dark side of the blossoming gay party scene.

||| CHINA: PFLAG China confronts national adoption agency ban on gay couples.

||| AUSTRALIA: Global gay love triangle ends in stabbing murder.


||| EGYPT: State prosecutor Abdel Meguid Mahmud orders ban on internet pornography. Again.


> Read the best science fiction story of the year.

< The disturbing origins of 10 famous fairy tales.

> Review: The Paternity Test, by Michael Lowenthal. "The beauty of The Paternity Test is Lowenthal's brilliant ability to make the sexuality of his two gay characters secondary. What matters here is love. Sure, it's a complicated, messy, and somewhat dysfunctional love, but it reads and feels like the real thing."


< Cheyenne Jackson in his new Broadway role — adult film star Mandrew.


||| How did Hitchcock represent gay characters - and should we care?

> The most eye-opening films about the movie industry. Right, Sunset Boulevard.

< Skyfall screenwriter John Logan on James Bond's "gay past".

||| Kirstie Alley begs us to believe John Travolta ain't gay. Aw... Remember Veronica's Closet? Poor cow.

> Review: My Brother The Devil. "A rarely seen insight into the world of first generation Muslim youth – their lives, attitudes, aspirations and prejudices and El Hosaini deserves her award for Best British Newcomer at the recent BFI London Film Festival."

< Review: Yossi. "An incredibly engrossing feel-good movie. It might be devoid of bells and whistles, but it's the film's simplicity that is instrumental to its genius."

||| Review: Suicide Room. "Although this is an incredibly effective piece, it must be questioned whether Komasa takes his shock tactics too far... with clear images of people causing harm to themselves leaving the viewer feeling very uncomfortable and a conclusion that dazes the viewer."

||| Review: Keep The Lights On. "Gay cinema needs films as deftly powerful, quietly unpolitical and beautifully crafted as this one to make advances into the wider cinematic community... A naked, fearless depiction of everyday sexuality and the darknesses of modern life... Above all a humanistic, deeply personal and painfully etched story of a troubled relationship, and it deserves to be seen by anyone and everyone."

< Review: It Always Rains on Sunday. "Withers, exceptional in the film, sums up the frustrated future for Rose and Tommy as it's 'too late, ten years too late'."

> Review: The Seminarian. "A slow film with little action and many words. Lim gives his characters scant else to talk about other than their love lives but Ryan's romantic angst has an authenticity that's sometimes painful to watch."

< The 50 worst movie betrayals. Left, Lando Calrissian tops the list in 1980's The Empire Strikes Back

||| Vulgar kids' movie jokes you didn't understand as a kid.

||| Trailer: World War Z.


< '90s teen TV characters: where are they now?

||| Don Lemon and Jonah Hill get into it on Twitter. "If the Internet is high school, then Twitter is the furthest quad from the principal's office where you can always watch two catty bitches going at it," Dlisted writes. 

||| Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood hasn't been cancelled - it's in "limbo".

> Sizzling former So Solid rapper turned actor Ashley Walters to star in forthcoming Doctor Who episode.

||| Is Doctor Who a religion?

< An inquest into the death of Doctor Who legend Mary Tamm's widower Marcus Ringrose - who died shortly after Tamm's funeral in August - found he may have suffered from a rare condition in which the heart stops beating for no reason. Desperately sad.

||| UK broadcaster Channel 4 back-pedals after censoring "gay" from an episode of The Simpsons.

Spooky background paintings from Scooby-Doo.

Gays of our lives: All the latest gay soap developments from around the world, with Anthony D. Langford. Left, James Sutton, who's returning to Hollyoaks as John Paul McQueen, in a storyline that "has never been used in a soap."

||| A first look at EastEnders' resident gay couple Christian and Syed's final episode.

||| John Partridge hopes EastEnders introduces "some hot new gay guys".

> Khali Best to join EastEnders.

< Bill Tarmey, the actor best known for his role as Jack Duckworth in Coronation Street, is dead. He was 71.

||| Bill Tarmey obituary.

||| Bill Tarmey, in pictures.

||| Bill Tarmey's brilliant Jack Duckworth at his best, and should iconic soap Brookside return to our screens?


||| TLC plan first album for 10 years.

||| Empty teen soap Gossip Girl to feature songs from Frank Ocean's Channel Orange.

||| Squashy-face Usher skipped the voting line on election day and people are furious.

> Justin Bieber's not happy about the "Just-in Beaver" sex doll.

||| One Direction's Louis Tomlinson brands people obsessed with gay rumours "not real fans".

||| The best and worst Bond themes of all time.

|||D'Angelo's Voodoo gets vinyl reissue.

|||D'Angelo's grassroots network of soul.

< Watch out, gay rapper LE1F in a cave, and check out his mind body!


||| Voters decide gay LA porn stars must wear condoms.

||| The top 15 retired gay porn stars who kept their word and stayed retired.

< Upping the stakes: Trenton Ducati gets double penetrated in front of a live audience for Nakedsword. In pictures.

||| Talking to Diesel Washington.

||| gives back to escorts after Hurricane Sandy shuts down operations.

||| Trailer: So You Think You Can Fuck, Season 3.


||| Atlanta varsity football player accused of sexually assaulting teammate.

Talking to out boxer Orlando Cruz.

< Tom Daley introduces the world to "the Daley Ghetto Slut Drop".

||| Gareth Thomas on gay athletes, Mickey Rourke and coming out.

||| Review: The London 2012 Olympic Games, DVD collection. "Very little has been lost, and the essence enhanced."


||| Now the human body alone can power electrical implants like hearing aids.

||| Why do paper cuts hurt so much?

||| Diabetes linked to flu.


Animal pictures of the week. Right, leopards fight at Sabi Sand Game Reserve, South Africa.

||| Gay King penguins become fathers in world first.

||| The Pooch Index: Number of small dogs per 1,000 people.


||| The consequences of having a "foreign" name.

Pictures of America's finest mid-century restaurants.

||| And finally, Timaya's Freddy Krueger roommates, and Davey Wavey points out: anal sex is sex!

4-9 November 2012

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