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left & found

Why some on the "radical queer left" still think marriage equality is bad for the LGBT community.

Black LGBT people reveal what happened when they came out.

On African-American gay men and domestic violence.

Age, weight, PrEP status: Hookup apps' next filtering option.

HIV rates for gay Latino Americans are soaring.

Why I claim bisexuality.

Alturi, a new US-based organisation which aims to boost LGBT rights globally, launched on 30th September.

The world economic order is collapsing and this time there seems no way out.

We’re all racist. But racism by white people matters more. "We don’t live in a racially neutral society: from police officers to headteachers, all the gatekeepers in my life have been white. Yet we do have to acknowledge those who feel they lose out to ethnic minorities."

Black History Month needs a rethink: it’s time to ditch the heroes. "The fixation on two-dimensional cardboard cutout characters distorts the true story of the relationship between Britain and people of African descent."

White people explain why they feel oppressed.

How people respond to stereotypically black and white names.

Why you should probably stop referring to “women” as “females,” explained.

Politesse has always masked middle-class misbehaviour. "Like bourgeois kryptonite, a genteel smile or a smug ‘Thank you!’ paralyses our ability to object to disgraceful rudeness."

Life, offline. "I went offline for three weeks. This is not meant to romanticize a complex situation in which Cubans have been systematically kept offline by an authoritarian dictator. Instead, I had the unique opportunity — without chucking my phone in the river and becoming a wood-dwelling hermit — to more or less travel back in time to an era where the internet wasn’t a constant in our lives."

news - america

Gay scientist Tuck C. Ngun quits University College Los Angeles’ Center for Gender-Based Biology's research project after finding saliva test that predicts sexuality. "Study claims genetic test is 67% accurate when tested on male twins; lead researcher expresses concerns over the ramifications of his findings."

Ngun on why he decided to quit the project.

Rupert Murdoch has hitched his wagon to Republican Ben Carson, who thinks marriage equality is a "Marxist plot".

French train hero Spencer Stone stabbed several times on leaving Sacramento gay club.

Where is Darius Gatlin? The 28-year-old has been missing from since 11th September.

Colorado man accused of hunting sex slaves on Grindr.

This is Nikko Jenkins. He sliced off his own penis to make it look like a giant "Egyptian serpent god".

Martin Shkreli said he would lower the price of HIV meds Daraprim, after earlier hiking the price 5000%. Two weeks later, it's the same price...

...And what happened when "the most hated man in America" was matched with one Eve Peyser on Tinder.

Daniel Ashley-Pierce was disowned and thrown out by his parents last year - look where he is now.

This is Anthony Gilét. He was told to cover up at Disneyland for wearing short shorts.

Mom punishes homophobic son by making him walk around Walmart in a tutu.

Downtown L.A. has a new "craft cocktail" venue, Bar Mattachine - named for the early gay equality group the Mattachine Society.

Baltimore’s most famous gay club, Club Hippo, closes its doors after forty-three years.The site will become a CVS pharmacy.

This billboard is now in Kim Davis’ hometown.

Two independent investigations have concluded the shooting of 12-year-old Tamir Rice in 2014 was justified.

America's gun massacre blues seem to play on an endless loop. "Only a revolution in thinking can stop the media, politicians and firearms lobby from having to trot out their well-rehearsed lines after every mass shooting."

American democracy is doomed.

LA to declare homelessness emergency as big cities struggle with affordable housing crisis.

Eleven myths about homelessness in America.

Canada | Partners in sex crimes: When women help their husbands rape and murder.

news - uk

What it’s like to grow up as a closeted gay extremist Muslim in East London.

The Conservative government wants to send gay asylum seekers back home if homosexuality is decriminalised there.

Coroner rules out full UK inquest into Anni Dewani murder. She was killed on honeymoon in South Africa in 2010, and Shrien Dewani stood trial for arranging her murder, during which time he was exposed as a bisexual who slept with male prostitutes.

One in three gay men in the UK did not use a condom the last time they had sex.

This HIV-positive guy gave the perfect slapdown to someone who rejected him on Grindr.

Why GLAAD is going global and why it’s starting in the UK.

So you hate those Tories – but what comes next? "While Conservatives plan for lasting dominance, the left seems wedded to the pointless protest of the 80s."

Why Londoners love London. "London doesn't have the best of reputations. That might be because it's full of toxic smog; statistically one of the most dangerous places in the UK; and, as you may have read about literally anywhere at any point in the past decade, a ludicrously expensive place to live... However, for all its council-mandated social cleansing, novelty cafes and Keep Calm souvenirs, London is still an incredible place. For Londoners, their city is unique, incredibly diverse and defined not just by landmarks or statistics, but people. Although it's not perfect, to them it's the best city in the world." Above, Muslim drag queen Asifa Lahore.

Scotland | Owner of LGBT Awards rebuked for calling gay employee a "wee poof" and a "cream puff".

news - europe

France | President François Hollande has backed down over plans to appoint a gay ambassador to the Vatican.

How Sweden tries to assimilate its influx of refugees.

Yahya's story. "In early 2013 the Italian coastguard rescued 113 Africans from a boat in the Mediterranean. Among them was an illiterate 16-year-old boy from rural Gambia. Yahya had no family, no money, no European language. But when he got to Sicily, writes Daniel Silas Adamson, his luck turned."

The Eastern European gay rights movement is struggling to be more than a Western cause.

Serbia | Pride, in pictures.

Ukraine | On rising intolerance and violence against LGBT people.

Ukraine | On Chernobyl. An oral history of the disaster. "Someone said to me, or maybe I read it, that the problem of Chernobyl presents itself first of all as a problem of self understanding. That seemed right. I keep waiting for someone intelligent to explain it to me."

Italy | Pope Francis isn't as progressive on LGBT issues as you think.

news - latin america

Jamaica | Michael Abrahams on the island's fear of homosexuality.

Honduras | Hundreds attend LGBT equality conference.

Brazil | Playing dodgeball in drag, in pictures.

Brazil | The families of Rio de Janeiro's favelas, in pictures.

news - africa

Cameroon | Gay prisoner’s attorney defies death threats.

Kenya | Human Rights Watch appeals for an end to mob attacks on LGBT people.

Kenya | Gay Ugandan refugees launch craft company, His Grace Fashion and Design.

Tanzania | Albino attack survivors, in pictures.

news - asia

China | Hospital are still trying to "cure" gay people.

India | Mother Teresa’s charity "blames gay people" after stopping all adoptions.

news - middle east

Iraq | ISIS executes four men for being gay.

art + design

Interview | Talking to M. Lamar. “I am an artist. I am a NEGROGOTHIC, devil-worshipping, free black man in the blues tradition. Those are the things I am now.”

Sage Sohier's photos of gay love in the 1980s.

London squatters in the 70s and 80s, in pictures.

Glasgow's Red Road flats: Icon or eyesore?


How to write a young adult novel about a gay kid without it being a "gay book".

Ten of the best science fiction and fantasy short stories ever.

On The Mommie Dearest Diary: Carol Ann Tells All, Rutanya Alda's new book about the making of Mommie Dearest.

Review | Johnny Would You Love Me... (If My Dick Were Bigger), by Brontez Purnell. "He refuses to go straight, adjust his expectations, or refrain from being too much. Along the way, he has carved out a creative and hopefully satisfying life full of dance, writing, friendship, sex, adventure, and as it seems, love."

Review | Worlds Apart, by David Plante. "However much Plante may want to inspire us to contemplate what he calls 'the undivided spirit,' that ultimate state of wholeness to which all our lonely souls aspire, Worlds Apart may actually do the opposite."

Are gay newspapers necessary when gay news is everywhere?

Kirk is "a cloning expert who falls in love with a flying clone of his own ass." This is a thing in the world.

picture house

What it’s like binge-watching over sixty hours of movies at a film festival.

What Matt Damon told me about gay actors started a vital debate. "The actor’s comments in an interview with me angered some gay people, but his comments, however unwittingly, have triggered an important discussion."

Matt Damon isn’t a terrible person, he’s just ignorant.

Jack Black opens up about losing his brother to AIDS related illness.

Why I'm stonewalling Stonewall.

Rock Hudson: The shot heard 'round the world. "At a press conference on July 25, 1985, Hudson announced that he had AIDS. His film co-star, Doris Day, was by his side. This was the "shot heard 'round the world." It was the absolute moment that changed public awareness of the epidemic."

On Closet Monster, a gay coming-of-age tale with a Canadian sense of humour.

On Black, Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah's new movie set in Brussel's inner city neighborhoods and centres on gang violence and alienation among poor black and Moroccan communities.

The Warriors reunion, in pictures.

Reboots, remakes, and reimaginings: A guide to confusing Hollywood terminology.

Ten movies where the gay was taken out.

Review | Drown. "Drown is challenging and surprisingly effecting, taking a harsh look at the potential brutality of homophobia and quite how dangerous it can be if a life is built on denial and a house of cards about what masculinity is."

Review | Wasp. "While you can appreciate the ideas, ambition and intrigue of Wasp, the characters don’t really pull you in (indeed for much of the running time they’re pretty obnoxious), leaving something that feels a little too affected and cold."

Review | Jess & James. "A very sexy movie that’s intriguing to watch, even if it is a little confusing as times. However, Jess & James is worth sticking with as once it begins to open up it shows that it does have more to offer."

Review | That's Not Us. "The premise may seem artificial but the movie itself is far more human, going beyond sexuality to explore the difficulty of communication in relationships and the ways you can keep love alive."

Review | 52 Tuesdays. "Perhaps my real issue is that 52 Tuesdays is almost brilliant and I therefore couldn’t help but be frustrated that it only fulfils 90% of its potential. That still means it’s far better than most movies featuring transsexual characters – it’s just that with a tiny bit more strength and direction it could have been transcendent."

Review | Fulboy. "Most documentaries are as much about how they’re filmed and what they decide to show you as they are about its subject, but they try to hide that. Fulboy faces it head on, taking a look at the lives of a football team, while questioning how we’re seeing it due to its voyeuristic edge."

Coming soon | Scream, Queen!, a new documentary on Nightmare on Elm Street 2's homoeroticism. "Mark Patton, the star of Nightmare on Elm Street 2, will be the primary subject of the documentary. Intimate accounts will show how the backlash against the original film has permanently affected his life and career. It’s been 30 years since [it] stormed theaters, and Scream, Queen! promises to hold up a mirror to Hollywood to see how far treatment of the LGBT community in film has come."

Watch | Chasing Pavement (trailer); Soft Lad (trailer); Like You Mean It (trailer); Water Boys (trailer); Drown (trailer); Tattoo (trailer); Black (trailer); and Dressed As A Girl (trailer)...

the box

There will be more than four hundred scripted TV series this year. That bubble’s bound to burst.

Fall TV shows 2015: Thirty-four new series, reviewed and cataloged.

Gay web series Derek & Cameron moves to Here TV.

Days of Our Lives kills off gay character Will Horton - the character became the latest victim of The Necktie Killer.

Logo airs Gays in Prison, featuring RuPaul’s Drag Race star Latrice Royale (aka Timothy Wilcots). The documentary features the stories of incarcerated LGBT people.

50 Cent blames Empire ratings drop on "gay stuff".

Jussie Smollett forced to deny tabloid claim he's dating Michael Sam; delivers "no comment" on 50 Cent's idiotic theories.

The problematic case of Danny Pintauro.

The Log Lady will be sorely missed. She was Twin Peaks' greatest hero. "Catherine Coulson, who played Twin Peaks’ lovably eccentric Log Lady, has died. She represented us all and asked the vital questions we needed answers to."

Cat trees and rat queens: Ten things that actually happened on the bonkers series Zoo.

Gays of our lives: The latest news from your favourite LGBT characters in soap.

Harry Glasspool is naked on Hollyoaks again.

Here's the replica of the Melrose Place set for Lifetime’s latest inevitable Unauthorized movie.

Looking back at Columbo. "With his cigar, wrinkled coat and battered car, Peter Falk’s detective brings LA’s murderers to book with relentless questioning and brilliant comic timing."

Malcolm-Jamal Warner says The Cosby Show is tarnished.

On Brooklyn Nine-Nine that rare show that prizes consistency over shareable moments.

Nickelodeon's best and worst '90s shows, ranked.

The Apprentice should challenge candidates to develop a new Facebook – not flog fish fingers. "The Apprentice is to business what Fawlty Towers is to the hotel trade. For it to stay relevant, its contestants need to understand the technology roadmap."

On Trevor Noah's first week helming The Daily Show.

How Trevor Noah’s Daily Show changed over its first week, in five clips.

Watch | I Hate New York, episode 4 - A New York Love; #NoHomo, episode 4: The Ghost of Liberace; Coffee House Chronicles, episode 4: Perfect Present; Where The Bears Are, season 4, episode 4 - Bears In The Kitchen...

beats, rhymes & life

On Le1f’s new album Boi Wonder, which tackles racial injustices, trans rights and clean water.

The rise and fall of hip-hop's greatest record labels since 1989, in one incredible GIF.

How punk and reggae fought back against racism in the 70s.

Gay Clean Bandit singer Neil Amin-Smith hits out at fans who say they want to "rape" him...

...Here he is kissing boyfriend Olly Alexander onstage.

Lance Bass claims he and other members of 'N SYNC were inappropriately touched by someone the band worked with.

The public shaming of Chrissie Hynde. "In an NPR interview, the Pretenders singer compared comments about her book—and its description of her sexual assault—to a 'lynch mob.'"

The world finally gets to see Justin's Bieber. And reacts.

Justin Bieber wants his dick off of the internet, but he’s glad you saw it.

Rhianna thinks Rachel Dolezal is a hero...

...And what Rihanna really meant when she called Rachel Dolezal a “hero”.

A leaked email exchange between Drake and Serena Williams about the engagement rumour.

Ambient music isn’t boring, it changed my life.

Watch | Adam Lambert - Another Lonely Night; Tyga - $timulated (which samples Robert Miles’ 90s classic Children); Daye Jack - Save My Soul; Bluey Robinson & Raheem Bakare - Open Road; Troye Sivan - Fools; and the EXP boys sing Love Me Harder by Ariana Grande, and Thinkin Bout You by Frank Ocean...


Seventy-three LGBT athletes who came out since the last National Coming Out Day.

US figure skater Adam Rippon comes out as gay.

Celebrating twenty years of the world's first gay rugby club.

Nashville’s gay rugby team strips down, showers up for 2016 calendar.

Forty-three of the hottest sets of rugby thighs in the world.

Kordell Stewart: "I'm a heterosexual man."

One of the guys. "Mason Darrow has been embraced by the Princeton football team since he told them he’s gay. now he comes out publicly days before kickoff."

Fighting Olympic eviction in Vila Autodromo, a favela bordering the Olympic Park in Rio de Janeiro. In pictures.

The storm inside Reggie Jackson, Esquire, July 1977. "He pauses and glances around him. Just about everyone in the place is aware of him now. When he continues, the voice is still under control, but the eyes have become lasers. 'I know that some of the press is out to get me. It’s ’cause I’m more intelligent than they are, I handle myself well, I’m wealthy and I’m black—and there ain’t nothin’ they can do about it.' He flashes his joyless smile."


French firefighters strip for charity.

Dieux du Stade calendar hunk Sylvain Potard once appeared in gay porn.

Are most gay porn stars just plain racist?

Five Rentboy defendants seek plea deals, other two may or may not go to trial.

Sean Zevran responds to the "incendiary" essay about "whores" by Left Magazine publisher David Helton...

...And porn star Max Cameron has something to say too.

Sebastian Kross talks about being homeless, getting kicked out of the military, and going to jail.

A message from jailed porn star Cliff Jensen.

Behind-the-scenes at a Fuckermate orgy. More here.

Behind-the-scenes on Bel Ami with Kevin Warhol, Adam Archuleta, and Jean-Daniel Chagall.

Behind-the-scenes on Bel Ami with Kevin Warhol and Raphael Nyon.

Kevin Warhol and Joel Birkin kick off Bel Ami's Scandal in the Vatican: The Swiss Guard. Watch the trailer.

A sneak peek of CockyBoys’ New Direction and its original song. The mockumentary will star the likes of Liam Riley and Levi Karter. More pictures here.

Behind-the-scenes with KAOS favourite Micah Brandt.

Behind-the-scenes on CockyBoys' Meeting Liam.

Behind-the-scenes on Raging Stallion's Labyrinth.

Behind-the-scenes on Tim's Tales.

Behind-the-scenes with Drae Axtell and Lucas models. More here, and here.

Sean Zevran looking spectacular as always in Raging Stallion's Total Exposure 2.

Don't miss Flex getting tag-teamed by Hector de Silva and Xavi Duran, in Men At Play's Manservant. More pictures here.

Next Door Studios' spectacular ten man orgy (in a church), in pictures.

Southern Decadence 2015, in pictures.

This is Lucas Entertainment's new model Alexander Volkov (there's more here)...

...And Lucas' other new signing, Xavier Hux.

Watch | Angel Cruz and Allen King's live sex show in Mexico.

Watch | Armando De Armas and two bottoms in Toronto: A sex tape.

Watch | Topher DiMaggio and Pablo Hernandez take The DICK-tionary Challenge; Mickey Taylor on loving who you are; Sean Zevran on sexual fetish, objectification, and racism; Armond Rizzo and Kayden Winters chat size; Drae Axtell does yoga; and San Francisco go-go boy and noted ass model Bryan Hawn shows us what he's working with.

David Forest, the infamous "male madam" of gay porn star, is dead. He was 66.

ghetto romance

K & J's beautiful wedding - and a parent's cruel "no" RSVP.

Spanish police officers Chema and Jonathan get married - in full uniform.

Watch | Tom Daley's biggest fan reacts to engagement.

At what age does a gay man give up looking for love and resign to being single forever?

What dating is like when you’re LGBT and disabled.

Sex might be easier to find these days. That doesn’t mean love is too.

What breaking up with my best friend taught me about male friendship.

Twenty-one adorable gay InstaCouples.

Watch | French slang for Grindr...

rag trade

"I feel like I got discriminated in fashion for not being gay," Kanye West whines.

Why wearing a tie is a sign of respect.

Sneaker wars: Inside the battle between Nike and Adidas. "For decades it’s looked like no company could ever topple Nike, the $86 billion global sneaker juggernaut. But just across town from ultra-secretive Nike HQ in Oregon, Adidas has suddenly mounted a full-scale arms race, poaching designers, signing superstar endorsements, and unveiling space-age technology in an attempt to dethrone the king."

Bangladeshi sweatshops continue to imperil workers’ lives.

hell's kitchen

Real-life gay family feature in ad for Star Wars soup.

Doritos goes rainbow in support of LGBT youth.

Why you’re probably wasting your money on probiotics.

Can Domino’s grab a pizza the Italian market? "As the US pizza company launches in Italy, maybe it should take heed from brands that failed after not paying enough attention to cultural differences."

The horrifying food of Reddit's bro-cooking community.

Behold the 30-plus ingredients that make up Doritos Cool Ranch tortilla chips. "The processed foods you eat look nothing like food when deconstructed."

médecins sans frontières

Francoise Barre Sinoussi discovered HIV thirty years ago. Now she's retiring.

Britain is to have its first radio show about HIV and it’s called HIV Happy Hour.

Gay men are twice as likely to get skin cancer - because of their addiction to tanning beds.

The disturbing relationship between sleep, depression, and suicide.

Boredom is not a problem to be solved. It's the last privilege of a free mind. "Lean in to boredom, not your smart phone screen. You’ll learn more about yourself and the world around you than you think."

Man buns are making young men go bald.

What many people get wrong about suicide.

betta work!

How to break the "pink ceiling".

No PR campaign will save Walmart from being 'exhibit A' of bad worker policies. "For nearly two generations, no company has been worse than Walmart when it comes to suppressing the rights of workers to stand together on the job."

A Canadian woman who was fired for drinking has won her case by arguing she’s an alcoholic.

I own 51% of this company!

Krispy Kreme krashes.

Looking back at American Apparel's best LGBT campaigns as it files for bankruptcy.

Look at who Coca-Cola funded over the past five years.

How Coca-Cola and Pepsi achieved global domination.

planet earth

We're flushing all these antidepressants into our water. How big is the problem?

planes, trains & automobiles

How China is playing Boeing against Airbus to build its own airplane industry.

tomorrow's world

The porn app takes secret photos, then demands ransom.

Community bid for .gay web domains rejected again by internet watchdog ICANN.

Facebook is getting something better than a "dislike" button.

Spies and internet giants are in the same business: surveillance. But we can stop them. "The European court of justice ruling on ‘safe harbour’ at last enables us to start a conversation about proper control of personal data gathered by the likes of Facebook and Google."

The ad blocking controversy, explained.

Colour film was built for white people. Here's what it did to dark skin.

You know about net neutrality. Meet grid neutrality.

and whilst you're thinking about that, think about this...

Why weed is "infinitely worse" than cigarettes.

The ten blackest moments of 2015 (…so far, at least).

I used to lead tours at a plantation. You won’t believe the questions I got about slavery.

Tom of Finland condoms!

Inside the world of gay board gaming groups.

The intense, insular world of AOL disc collecting.

And finally, Walter addresses the popular myth that being molested as a child makes you gay; Jack's sexy Halloween; coming out advice with the Rhodes twins; and Davey Wavey busts some gay sex myths with porn star Mickey Taylor...

See you kids next week - it's been emotional! Zee Jai

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