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left & found

Why LGBT people suffering from addiction need specialised help.

The next LGBT battle: Sex ed.

What does the UN's Agenda 2030 mean for LGBT people?

Is gay dating racism creating a black HIV crisis?

The high cost of the black church's homophobia.

LGBT people of faith: Why are they staying?

Our silence on homelessness and HIV is killing young black men.

This "queer brown Jesus lover" can't wait to see the Pope.

Why a national monument honoring the Stonewall uprising is imperative.

What it's like to be bisexual.

Never mind the hipsters. It’s the property developers who are ruining our cities.

news - america

This is Darrius Aderhold. He has been sentenced to life after pleading guilty to the murder of 46-year-old gay man Robert Ross. Aderhold and two other men – Jonathan Ray and Christopher Foreman – lured Ross to a motel room and attacked him as part of a gang initiation.

How the NYPD is harming homeless LGBT youth.

Why Martin Shkreli is "the most hated man in America"?

San Francisco has seen the lowest number of new HIV infections since the epidemic began.

Dustin Baker and Andrew Deras were told to separate in a North Carolina bar. This is what they did.

Gay tricks homophobic pizza shop into catering for their wedding.

On the enduring myth of black criminality.

Angola for life. Inside Louisiana State Penitentiary.

Los Angeles officials propose spending $100m on homelessness emergency.

Grindr, Tinder, aren't happy with this LA billboard. Gee, I wonder why?

West Hollywood protesters rally for Rentboy.

Burlington Pride, in pictures.

Oakland Pride, in pictures.

Austin Pride, in pictures.

Las Vegas Pride, in pictures.

The NYC St Patrick’s Day parade has dropped its ban on gay groups marching.

New York corrections officer quits after getting caught making out with a prison inmate.

Man who lives in town of Gay couldn’t get farming license because it’s "offensive".

Presidential wannabe Ben Carson thinks that gays caused the fall of Rome.

Call gay marriage "garriage" to keep it separate from straight marriage, rightwing nuts demand.

A gay Trump supporter? Oh, I met him.

Revisit The Advocate's 2002 issue honouring Mark Bingham, the gay passenger who helped plan to retake United Airlines Flight 93 from terrorists on 9/11.

Watch | Psychotherapist Matthew J Dempsey on LGBT racism; and the brave clients of homeless LGBT charity Ali Forney Center describe the abuse and rejection they suffered...

Canada | Gay apps ads pulled from trains because "public sex is against the law".

Canada | Bus driver fired after refusing to drive new rainbow bus.

news - uk

Was murdered schoolgirl Elsie Frost "killed by gay cruisers"?

The Conservatives have confirmed plans to scrap the Human Rights Act introduced by Labour in 1998; Article 14 of the Act (which affords protection from discrimination) has been used in many legal cases to argue for protection for LGBT people. (Image)

Rightwing party UKIP picks gay candidate Peter Whittle to run for Mayor of London.

Gay UKIP MEP David Coburn claims refugees might stone him to death.

Pioneering gay police officer Chief Inspector Paul Cahill pleads guilty to drug charges.

Homophobic crimes surge by a third in London.

London's historic gay pub the Royal Vauxhall Tavern has been given Grade II listing. "Campaign succeeds in winning protected status for venue heritage minister says is ‘of huge significance’ to LGBT community."

The fake posters urging Londoners to stop the DSEI Arms Fair.

A week in the life of Brixton's Angell Town: An insight into a hidden world of gang violence and community.

A week in the life of Brixton's Angell Town: It's party night on Angell Town.

This is 16-year-old Mohammed Dura-Ray, one of the latest teenage boys to be stabbed to death in London.

The Tube map showing the cost of renting a one-bedroom flat at every stop on the Underground.

Britain to get first ever LGBT retirement home.

Northern Ireland has been "left behind" on marriage equality, Amnesty International has warned.

Scotland | Young bagpiper shuts down homophobic preacher.

news - europe

Poland | Amnesty International warns the LGBT community faces “widespread and ingrained discrimination”.

Finland | Pranksters build a gay bar on a plot of land owned by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Russia | Extreme homophobe Vitaly Milonov has announced plans to form an international anti-LGBT organisation to “save the international community from gays”.

Russia | Banned LGBT youth group returns with more members than ever.

Russia | Moscow voted world’s unfriendliest city.

Greece | New minister resigns after just one day over homophobic tweets.

news - latin america

Argentina lifts ban on gay and bi men donating blood.

Dominican Republic | On the small community where boys are raised as girls.

news - africa

Zimbabwe | Robert Mugabe launches new tirade against the LGBT community at the UN.

news - asia

China | Gay couple gets engaged on Beijing subway.

Australia | New poster campaign for PrEP proclaims "fuck raw – PrEP works".

Australia | Prime Minister Tony Abbott - who opposes marriage equality - abruptly ousted in leadership ballot.

news - middle east

Cyprus | Man kicked out of hotel, refused treatment for being HIV positive.

Israel | Police "disciplined" after failure to stop stabbings at Jerusalem Pride.

Israel | The Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem, Shlomo Amar, has said he believes homosexuality will “disappear” because Jerusalem is “disgusted” by it.

Syria | Nine gay men, one boy executed by ISIS.

Iraq | On IraQueer, the new organisation dedicated solely to protecting the country's beleaguered LGBT community.

art + design

On the Maricón Collective, owning homophobic slurs and battling hate.

New York's Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art - the world's first and only museum dedicated to LGBT art - is to double in size.


Read | Nepantla: A Journal Dedicated to Queer Poets of Color, Lambda Literary's annual attempt to "preserve diversity within the queer poetry community".

Bangladesh launches first ever LGBT comic strip.

shouting in the night

Fighting HIV in L.A.'s emerging ball community. "Outside West Hollywood, young black gay and bi men face the highest risk for HIV. To reach them, the Los Angeles LGBT Center is going to the ball."

Brokeback Mountain to premiere in London’s West End in 2016.

Fifth annual Solo Strips event raises $20,000 for Broadway Cares and Aid for AIDS of Nevada.

picture house

Stonewall premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival besieged by protesters.

Stonewall bombs at the box office, taking just $112,414 in its opening week (or 0.66 percent of the cost of making the film).

In defense of Stonewall. "Roland's Emmerich's new drama about LGBT rights isn't a great film. But it's a good movie."

Review | Stonewall. "Then and now, we deserved better."

Sifting through the Stonewall morass. "No single movie nor any one book can completely tell the story of the riots."

Stonewall star Jeremy Irvine defends his hated movie.

Watch | Stonewall shows how the old "three-article rules" were enforced on LGBT people.

The hilarious parody Twitter account taking on Stonewall’s whitewash...

Why Quentin Tarantino refuses to use Netflix, and still records films from TV to VHS cassette.

the box

New Daily Show host Trevor Noah makes AIDS joke in debut episode.

Middle aged gay men don’t want to date men their age, says Graham Norton.

Former child actor Danny Pintauro ('90s sitcom Who's The Boss?) comes out as HIV-positive.

The story behind Law & Order: SVU's "transgender tragedy".

NBC is developing a Hart To Hart reboot.

Looking's Raúl Castillo has joined Gotham as DC Comic's Flamingo.

Gays of our lives: The latest news from your favourite LGBT characters in soap.

Hollyoaks' Parry Glasspool on his character's relationship with Ste.

Hollyoaks' Duayne Boachie strips.

Hollyoaks to feature gay Pride parade.

Scott Neal joins EastEnders. He is the latest actor from gay classic Beautiful Thing to join the BBC soap. Linda Henry (Shirley Carter in EastEnders, Sandra in the film), and Tameka Empson (Kim Fox in EastEnders, Leah in the film) are already longstanding cast members.

Watch | 90s kids favourites Kenan and Kel reunite.

Sexually explicit casting contract for HBO's Westworld extras has SAG-AFTRA concerned.

Twelve Doctor Who storylines that never made it to the screen.

The eight greatest Dalek designs of all time.

America’s Next Top Model first deaf contestant – 26-year-old Nyle DiMarco - reveals "gay" sign language.

Interview | Talking to RuPaul's Drag Race's Pearl Liaison.

Why The Golden Girls never lost its luster. "Thirty years on, The Golden Girls is as popular as ever. It wasn't just the biting and topical humor, it was the unconventional family it depicted."

Watch | The latest episodes of Miles + Cal, season 2, episode 202; #NoHomo, episode 2 - The Way of the Gay; I Hate New York, episode 2 - A New York Hustle; Ken, episode 2.6 - Prepared; Real Eyes Realize Real Lies, season 2, episode 5 - A Time to Kill; and Where The Bears Are, season 4, episode 2 - Swim Wear Bears...

beats, rhymes & life

Who's really homophobic in the hip-hop world?

Rapper Travis Scott apologises for calling fans "faggots" and "queers" at gig.

Out singer Raphael celebrates gay interracial love with his new video, Superstar.

Chris Brown denies shunning Atlanta Black Gay Pride.

Homophobic Azealia Banks compares the LGBT community to the Ku Klux Klan. “Get them some pink hoods and unicorns and let them rally down rodeo drive...”

...She wants to pepper spray a gay man in the face, too.

Fifty queer musicians with beards.

Interview | Talking to Kwabs.

Seven reasons why people believe Tupac Shakur is still alive.

Watch | Shamir - In For The Kill; Raphael - Superstar; Brick + Mortar - Hollow Tune; John Grant (with Tracey Thorn) - Disappointing; Troye Sivan - Fools; and the latest episode of gay music show The GrooveOUT...


Michael Sam came out to soon, and would now be on a roster if he’d waited, he believes.

Richard Kilty apologises for scathing criticism of Team GB 4x100m relay squad after Beijing shambles; KAOS favourite Harry Aikines-Aryeetey was axed, to be replaced by Chijindu Ujah.

Harry Aikines-Aryeetey addresses boys at Loughborough. In pictures.

How big will rugby players get?

2015 Rugby World Cup | Japan crushes South Africa. In pictures.

Tom Daley gets soaked, jokes about "three guys inside him".


Folsom Street Fair, in pictures.

Why I'm going to Folsom. "After all the fun and sex and partying, Folsom is a chance to be with my people. If leathermen, daddies, pigs, pups, rubber fetishists, piss players, fisters, fistees, slaves, masters, sadists, masochists, bondage boys, and motorcycle men are your family — as they are mine — the Folsom Street Fair feels like home."

Southern Decadence 2015, in pictures.

ghetto romance

The empowered bottom: How PrEP has launched a new kind of sexual revolution.

Five things I learned from dating a bi guy.

ABC News reporter Gio Benitez proposes to his boyfriend Tommy DiDario.

médecins sans frontières

Bill Gates gives $6 million to develop a HIV vaccine - but scientists say decades may be needed for cure.

Can Straight Outta Compton help end the black HIV crisis?

On the HIV crisis in America's South. "A perfect storm of factors is creating an HIV epidemic below the Mason-Dixon line, especially for black gay and bisexual men."

Why it's time to deconstruct the mythical "bisexual bridge" to HIV infection.

PrEP goes primetime on How To Get Away With Murder.

How a common pain medication may reverse Alzheimer's dementia even in people with HIV.

Rare "healthy" smokers' lungs explained.

Can eating more than six bananas at once kill you?

I own 51% of
this company!

Lush's #GayIsOK campaign raises over $400,000.

Netflix adds gender reassignment surgery to list of staff benefits.

Toshiba posts $318m full-year loss.

planes, trains & automobiles

Rediscovering London's lost Tube.

The "secret" geographically accurate Tube map showing the real distances between stations.

inside the spaceship

Microsoft to change Windows 10 after warnings it could "out" gay teens.

Instagram is being given a gay makeover.

Does Grindr dehumanise gay men?

Grindr blocks ads from the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, after it linked the app to STDs.

Forty days, forty nights without Grindr.

Someone designed a video game in which you scrub naked men in the shower.

Twitter set to drop its 140-character limit.

and whilst you're thinking about that, think about this...

The chicken that lived for eighteen months without a head.

And finally, Rogue "Marbie" Scott talks about Muslim drag queens; Rob Smith on "Stonewall haters"; Walter on outing HIV-positive guys; Andrew on being gay at work; the Baddie Twinz's pet peeves; and Riyadh phones his childhood bully... 

See you kids next week - it's been emotional! Zee Jai

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Issue 222: 06-30 September 2015
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