Into The Lion's Den

"SEXUALLY EXPLICIT and extremely violent", the reviews on Amazon claim of Into The Lion's Den. Yes, the erect penis springing out in the gas station hook-up scene early on is surprising, and there's some video nasty later on (although at no point did I have to look away, and your reviewer is someone who believes films like Saw and Hostel should be banned, and their creators locked up for life).

This isn't torture porn, it's an effective horror/thriller on a budget, with some cute boys thrown in. Kristen-Alexzander Griffith (of web series Drama Queenz) is a delight, and Ronnie Kroell delicious. Jesse Archer is reliable as a jaded queen past his best. Props also go to Jodie Shultz as the frustrated wife from hell - she's a blast!

Truth be told, I approached Into The Lion's Den expecting the worst (trash with some hot boy-on-boy action), but instead found myself gripped by a surprisingly good thriller. It's not Hitchcock, but this hugely enjoyable little film is a perfect Halloween treat that doesn't disappoint.

I THINK IT'S fair to say transgender issues are a turnoff for most gay men, most of whom will be fully occupied dealing with being a gay man in a straight man's world. All that trans-shit is something the straights lay on us ("So you want to be a woman?") so we reject it out of hand.

A film like Romeos addresses that, making just being gay look like a walk in the park.

20-year-old Lukas is pre-op transgender person (female to male) who happens to fall for hot Latino boy Fabio. Our hero Lukas doesn't look like Chaz Bono; he looks like a cute Eurocreme twink, so Fabio is all up in that - right up to the point where he ain't.

I've had my own issues dealing with being gay, and more than that, being an immigrant, but Lukas' problems as a transsexual truly make those pale in comparison. This fascinating little film hammers home the point: there but for the grace of God...

Maximilian Befort is perfect as (the frequently naked) Fabio, but Rick Okon steals the show as conflicted, frustrated Lukas.

Do not miss it.


Zee Jai said...

RE: the Pink list. Congratulations to Bisi Alimi and Dean Atta, but it's utterly mind-boggling that Rikki Beadle-Blair isn't even on the list, nor award-winning author John R. Gordon.

Just ludicrous.

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