Issue 280: Kris Evans, Corbin Colby, Joshua Trusty, Nakhané, Robert Rayford, Leslie Grantham, Pose, Tyler White, and more...

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The whitewashed history of HIV: a black teen died of AIDS in 1969. "The story of Robert Rayford symbolises how the story of HIV has been told through a white lens — for nearly 50 years."

Patrisse Cullors, the queer co-founder of the Black Lives Matter movement, calls for resistance, not corporatisation.

Why it doesn't matter who threw the first brick at Stonewall.

Pride is growing, with some pains. "Record-breaking attendance at L.A. Pride is evidence of greater political forces at work." (Image)

LGBT women don't feel welcome at Pride events.

I mean...
What is #droptheb and why should you care?

Nearly half the LGBT population in the US claims to be bi.

The complete guide to queer pride flags.

The awkward and anxious queer's guide to Pride.

Why not give up straight bashing this Pride month?

Why "no cops at Pride" is the meme we need right now.

How queer Muslims are working to end stigma this Ramadan.


Today’s masculinity is stifling. "As boys grow up, the process of becoming men encourages them to shed the sort of intimate connections and emotional intelligence that add meaning to life."

This high school dean is making school a safer place for LGBT teens.

Be afraid
The far right is organised and growing. Those Nazi salutes are serious. "Tommy Robinson supporters are drawing strength from racist movements in Europe and the persistent popularity of Trump."

Neo-Nazis can be deradicalised and make amends. "Not all racists can be rehabilitated. But some can and here’s some ways we can do that."

This is what 500 Christians think “God’s face” looks like. It’s full of bias.

Be afraid
Researchers imagine a "best-case scenario" for nuclear war, and the results are grim.


Why US suicide rate is on the rise.

Brothers gay-bashed on train home from Philly Pride Day Parade.

Trans activist Ashley Marie Preston marks 34th birthday by getting a cake with faces of murdered trans women on it.

Missouri teacher arrested after allegedly using Grindr to get a lap-dance from an underage boy.

Vile pastor disrupts public library’s drag queen story hour to tell kids that transgender people don’t exist.

Doubt cast on lesbian couple's tale of road rage attack; charges dropped.

Arnold Mulholland fatally stabbed three Center City gay men in 1989. Now he's been found dead in prison.

Gay man Charles Rhines sentenced to death, allegedly because jurors thought he'd enjoy prison. Rhines stabbed courier Donnivan Schaeffer to death during a robbery in 1993.

What the media gets wrong about Pulse.

Students hold national die-in to commemorate the Pulse nightclub massacre's second anniversary - and the lives lost since.

Queer activists are leading the fight to end gun violence in America.

Honour the lives lost at Pulse and fight for gun reform. "Throw the bums out — the ones who turn a blind eye to the never-ending slaughter."

Pulse Orlando: numerous men still say they saw Omar Mateen at Pulse or on gay dating apps, but authorities have dismissed their accounts as unreliable.

So, why does the FBI refuse to call the Pulse massacre a hate crime?

Twenty years after Matthew Shepard's death, Wyoming is recruiting queer residents.

Meet the gay single dad of three whose husband died before their twins were born. "Wedding planner José Rolón shares story of late husband Tim and the kids he left behind – Avery, Lilah and London."

Waffle House employees keep calling the cops on black customers.

Why the cake shop ruling should be a rallying cry for every LGBT person.

The Trump administration separated 2,000 kids from their parents in just six weeks.

The racist history of the Bible verse the White House uses to justify separating families.

If you can stomach it, here's everything you wanted to know about Trump's Kim Jong Un’s Singapore summit.

Terrifying: a senior White House official defines the Trump doctrine: "We’re America, bitch."

How Trump is killing America’s alliances. "Trump’s betrayal of South Korea and trade spat with Justin Trudeau reveals the lasting damage he’s doing to the United States — and the world."

There’s actually lots of evidence of Trump-Russia collusion. "The untenability of the 'no collusion' talking point."

Trump claims CNN and NBC are "our country’s biggest enemy."

Steve Bannon’s post-Breitbart project is bitcoin because of course it is.

Doxxing, assault, death threats: the new dangers facing US journalists covering extremism.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette fires editorial cartoonist critical of Trump: here’s why that should scare the shit out of you.

Spare me the calls for civility – Trump deserves our rage.

It's become impossible for Republicans to deny their party is racist.

Trump: "I want my people" to "sit up at attention" to me like the North Koreans do to their dictator.

“Repeated and willful self-dealing”: five details from the New York attorney general lawsuit against the Trump Foundation.

San Francisco elects first black woman mayor London Breed; gay candidate Mark Leno concedes.

New Jersey's capital, knocked for being homophobic, elects out mayor, Reed Gusciora.

Mormon Republican senator Orrin Hatch says LGBT youth deserve "our unwavering love and support."

The Pentagon abandons support for LGBT Pride month.

Inside Obama’s secret meetings with 2020 contenders. "Still the reluctant leader of the Democratic Party, Obama has been providing counsel to Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and other presidential hopefuls."

Long read
The death of a once great city. "The fall of New York and the urban crisis of affluence." (Image)

America’s segregated shores: beaches' long history as a racial battleground. "For decades officials imposed regulations to restrict African Americans’ use of public beaches – and the fight for equal access is far from over."

Portland names major street after LGBT icon Harvey Milk.

The NFL and MLB to march in New York Pride for the first time.

Albany Pride, in pictures.

Boston Pride, in pictures.

Motor City Pride, in pictures.

Capital Pride, in pictures.

DC Pride opening party, in pictures.

Des Moines Pride, in pictures.

Metro East Pride, in pictures.

LA Pride, in pictures.

Sacramento Pride, in pictures.

Key West Pride, in pictures.

Indianapolis Pride, in pictures.

Alabama Pride, in pictures.

New Mexico Pride, in pictures.

5th Annual Key West Classic launch, in pictures.

Supreme Court backs LGBT students by ruling against Christian law school that bans gay sex.


Activist Peter Tatchell detained in Moscow during World Cup.

Nearly a third of LGBT domestic violence victims have attempted suicide.

Gay man beaten up by younger lover who now claims he is straight.

Gay asylum seeker faces deportation from UK to Nigeria.

Gay men share their first experience of homophobia.

Police appeal for info on homophobic attack on London bus.

This is 20-year-old Paul Akinnuoye (left). He has been jailed for twenty-one years for fatally stabbing his friend 19-year-old Jordan Wright (right) in April 2017 in south London, following a WhatsApp argument over who was more "gay."

Is Pride too pricey for LGBTI migrants and homeless? "Activists are helping marginalized groups who feel excluded from the parade due to the costs."

Fires break out in towers in Lewisham and Glasgow on Grenfell anniversary.

Grenfell Tower: the global roots of fire victims.

Untold stories from the Grenfell Wall.

Green for Grenfell: memorial held in honour of fire victims, in pictures.

The blame game is obscuring the real lesson of Grenfell. "This week, firefighters are being ‘asked tough questions’. But the search for culprits is hiding a basic truth – the only way to keep a building safe is to listen to the people who live in it."

The Tower Next Door: Living in the shadow of Grenfell. "In June 2017 residents of the Silchester estate woke to discover Grenfell Tower engulfed in flames, witnessing a terrifying national tragedy unfolding on their doorstep. The tower bore a striking resemblance to their own. The victims were people they knew, people from all walks of life who, like them, made a home for themselves high up above the clamour of the city. Faced with an uncertain future, the residents of the tower next door are fighting to rebuild their community, and their place within it."

The life of a former Grenfell resident still housed in a hotel. "Nearly a year after the fire that killed at least 71 people, I spent the day with Amanda Fernandez, one of the hundreds displaced by the atrocity."

London drill rap group banned from making music due to threat of violence. "Court order for five members of west London group 1011 criticised by anti-censorship activists."



Terror plot targeting gay community thwarted in Paris.

Angela Merkel on Trump’s G7 show: It’s "depressing."

Sofia Pride, in pictures.

Supreme Court rules against a business owner who wouldn’t print posters for an LGBT group.

World Cup fever, gay rights abuses and war crimes – it’s an ugly mix. "I’m in Russia – but I’m not here for the football. Fifa has allowed the sport to legitimise Putin’s abnormal regime – and I’m here to protest."

Gay couple attacked in St. Petersburg while attending the World Cup.

The disappeared of Guatemala: a family’s search for their murdered son.

St. Croix
First Pride parade held, despite massacre threats.

Police storm private party and arrest over one hundred LGBT people.

Meet the people behind the first Pride at a refugee camp in Kenya. "The LGBT refugees want to end the violence they face in the camp and to let others know they are human too and mean no harm."

Is Uganda's 'critical shortage' of architects costing lives? "There are just 178 registered architects in this rapidly urbanising country, where buildings frequently collapse. But more professionals may not be the solution."

Rohingya refugees fish in troubled waters, in pictures.

State of Queensland overturns the convictions of men who had consensual adult gay sex before such acts were decriminalised.

Gay comedian Tom Ballard (above, right) denies sexually assaulting fellow comedian JooYung Roberts (above, left) in hotel room.



The Cazumbá Collective's glorious pictures of black, LGBT, and poor people.

South African artist Lethabo Machele's pristine pictures capturing the inner and outer beauty of beautiful black models.

Brazilian photographer Matheus Len’s Terra Igbo series, inspired by the acts of resistance made by the Igbo people during the Igbo Landing of 1803.

The photography Zavier De’Angelo, in pictures.

A message to the Grindr gays with "No Asians" in their profiles: Photographer 223's pictures of Asian men.

Family Values: Polish Photography Now, the UK’s first exhibition focusing on photography from Poland. Until 22nd July.


The kids are writing school shooting fiction. "Wattpad is a popular writing platform for teen self-expression. Now it’s full of stories about the terror of school shootings."

Diversity in publishing is under attack. I hear the sound of knuckles dragging.

The Advocate's 25 best LGBT novels of all time.

Einstein's travel diaries reveal racist stereotypes.

Marvel revives gay solo superhero series Iceman for new run.

On the rag - your guide to the gay weeklies.

At Night

Angels in America and The Band’s Visit reign at the 2018 Tony Awards: here's the full winner's list.

Andrew Garfield dedicates Angels in America Tony to the LGBT community.

This earns Robert De Niro a massive ovation at the 2018 Tony Awards: “I’m gonna say one thing. Fuck Trump.”

Matt Bomer and Andrew Rannells kiss on Watch What Happens Live!

Broadway Bares, in pictures.

Desmond Napoles: How a 10-year-old New York "drag kid" became an LGBT icon.


How gay cinema is calling on the past to point at a radical future. "A wave of quietly revolutionary films are taking a thoughtful and celebratory look at queer identity – and reaping the rewards at the box office."

Kevin Spacey to return to the big screen after sexual misconduct allegations.

On Grease's 40th anniversary, don't forget the gay man who made it.

Omar Gooding - brother of Cuba - degrades fast food worker, unleashes homophobic tirade.

BBC fossil John Humphrys grills Rupert Everett on his sexuality, asks if he will ever do an interview where "being gay doesn’t come up."

Rupert Everett wants #GayToo movement to end showbiz boys club attitude. "In the boys' club, a gay is a second class creature."

Talking to John Waters about the restoration of Female Trouble, and missing Divine.

Liza Minnelli does not approve of the upcoming Judy Garland biopic.

Horror is the new drama. "Films like Hereditary, Get Out and A Quiet Place are using terror as a Trojan horse for indie drama."

Hereditary is the scariest movie in ages, but it's not a classic.

Five things to know about Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. "The latest in the long-running Jurassic Park series has pretty direction, engaging performances, and a soulless center."

Rotten Tomatoes, explained. "Does a movie’s Rotten Tomatoes score affect its box office returns? And six other questions, answered."


Growing up gay on TV: Wilson Cruz on My So-Called Life and Star Trek: Discovery.

Neil Patrick Harris apologises to Rachel Bloom after mocking her Tonys performance.

Elliot Fletcher explains why cisgender people shouldn't play trans roles on TV.

Pose, episode two. "The series continues to deliver the most moving, natural and complex trans characters ever on television, and their journeys are only just beginning."

Issa Rae says Insecure's third season will explore toxic masculinity.

Donald Glover: how the star of Atlanta proved that I too could be cool.

I invested a whole Sunday binge-watching Everything Sucks! only to find out it’s been canceled. Everything sucks.

Netflix orders ten episodes of Kaos from Charlie Cavell, the queer writer behind End of the F***ing World.

Degrassi, the Canadian teen soap that gave us Drake, explained.

Westworld: season 2, episode 8, the series' most beautiful chapter so far. "Akecheta of the Ghost Nation reckons with the truth about himself in an instalment notable for its poignant storyline and gorgeous cinematography."

Westworld season two’s best episode so far. "A lyrical, emotional journey through the history of one character knits together some of the show’s most persistent mysteries."

From EastEnders to Broad City: how bisexuality found its place on TV. "After decades of underrepresentation, the small screen is finally playing host to a range of bisexual characters in everything from British soaps to US sitcoms."

When good TV goes bad: when Hannibal started to chew the scenery. "Bryan Fuller’s adaptation of Thomas Harris’s novels was gruesome, smart, sexy, terrifying and brilliant. Until Eddie Izzard turned the silliness up to 11."

The Queer Eye cast talks avoiding arguments with conservatives.

RuPaul comes under fire for bipolar joke.

RuPaul’s Drag Race is renewed for season 11.

RuPaul’s Drag Race, season ten, episode twelve. "The actual performance is a dizzying spectacle. The camera work is much more fast and frantic than even All Stars 3 live, one-take final video. Every queen sounds great on the track; their lyrics showcase personality and are just earnest enough; and the choreo is just as impressive as promised. It’s another Drag Race classic."

Blue Power Ranger star David Yost reveals two years of gay conversion therapy caused him to have a breakdown.

No wonder we are still hooked on Dad’s Armyin Brexit Britain we are reliving it. "The Royal Mail is launching a set of stamps to mark the comedy’s 50th anniversary – but the much-loved institution has become an unlikely symbol of Brexit."

Leslie Grantham, the actor best known for his role as "Dirty Den" in EastEnders, is dead. He was 71.

Leslie Grantham obituary.

Leslie Grantham: how the EastEnders bad boy became the biggest soap star of them all. "Leslie Grantham’s Fagin-like portrayal of the Queen Vic landlord brought him immense fame, but his career was undone by scandal."

Leslie Grantham: a life, in pictures.

Beats, Rhymes
& Life

Black gay men helped create EDM. Why do straight white men dominate it?

How racial tensions shape modern soul music. "While white Americana singers have infused more soul into their sound, black artists such as Leon Bridges still feel restricted by limited expectations."

Nakhané performs Clairvoyant on Later... with Jools.

How This Is Me has become a hit at LGBT festivals for its message of empowerment in the face of hardship.

Troye Sivan opens up about his relationship with an older man at the age of seventeen.

Queer LA-based rapper Big Dipper announces debut LP, Late Bloomer, and releases new video for the single Lookin.

The limited edition Call My By Your Name vinyl soundtrack will smell like peaches.

Talking to Patrick Crowley, the queer music fanatic who became the editor of Billboard Pride.

Maxwell returns with The Glass House (We Never Saw It Coming).

Nicki Minaj slut-shames sex workers while she literally sells sexual performance the same way.

The golden age of hip hop, in pictures.


Sydney Convicts win gay rugby World Cup, promises legacy to tackle homophobia.

WWE star Xavier Woods brilliantly shuts down homophobe who called his cereal gay.

Talking to Adam Rippon. "He refused to meet Mike Pence at the Winter Olympics – where he became a star. A champion of gay rights, loved by Cher and Britney Spears, he talks about bravery and the backlash."

Thirteen out LGBT athletes you should know about.

Trump doesn’t think NFL players are protesting “a real issue."


Tyler White, a performer for the studio Broke Straight Boys, who identified himself as "gay-for-pay", is dead. He was 25.

Josh Moore: Michael Lucas bribed the Grabby Awards to not nominate me.

Corbin Fisher addresses that “no fraternisation” policy, and admits that two of their models tried “taking a shot” at dating.

Corbin Fisher’s Kellan apologises to former co-star Quin Quire while defending Corbin Fisher: “I’m very happy where I work.”

Dominic Ford launches JustFor.Fans, to help gay porn stars make a sustainable income.

Gay porn star Jason Domino’s BBC Three documentary reveals what it’s like to grow up gay in church.

Blake Mitchell joins Davey Wavey in bed to look back at his first scene.

BelAmi drops new, unreleased scene starring living God Kris Evans.

Model Joshua Trusty and husband Jayson Smith unleash a torrent of sex tapes.

Corbin Colby and Danny Nelson do it.

Andre Donovan and Dakota Payne do it.

Ridder Rivera and Caleb King do it.

Joey Mills and Angel Rivera do it.

Jason Vario and Jake Porter do it.

Max Konnor, Pheonix Fellington, Jay Landford, and more do it, in forthcoming Raging Stallion's Rideshare.

LA's biggest pool parties, in pictures.


Twenty-one rimming tips everyone should know.

The seven personality types most likely to cheat revealed.


Long read
The next plague is coming. Is America ready? "The epidemics of the early 21st century revealed a world unprepared, even as the risks continue to multiply. Much worse is coming."

Can being sex-positive help keep you HIV-negative?

How HIV treatment has changed: This pensioner used to take dozens of pills a day, now he only takes two.

How HIV lingers in the female body. "How the infection of HIV in the female anatomy occurs after heterosexual sex."


Seven ways to minimise the risk of having a stroke. "Knowing the signs and seeking early treatment can lessen damage caused by a stroke, or prevent them altogether. Here are steps you can take, from monitoring your blood pressure to keeping cholesterol in check."

A human head transplant would be reckless and ghastly. It’s time to talk about it.

Unfit in middle age: are you doomed?

Trying to kill the want. "I was a grown, multi-degreed, loved, moneyed, professionally powerful woman who did not have the strength to wait one-third of an hour before having a drink."


Scientists shocked by mysterious deaths of ancient trees.

Climate change wiping out the baobab, Africa’s tree of life. "The trees are a scientific wonder, once capable of living for thousands of years, but now becoming endangered species."


Daredevil raccoon's Minnesota skyscraper climb.

Long read
The last bat: the mystery of Britain’s most solitary animal. "In a dank Sussex tunnel, a solitary greater mouse-eared bat roosts each winter. Is he the only one left in Britain?"

The week in wildlife, in pictures.

The White Heat
of This Revolution

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey apologises for eating at Chick-Fil-A.

The final (final final) repeal of the FCC’s net neutrality rules...

...and why Netflix and Alphabet need to become ISPs, fast.

Closeted LGBT youth less social on Facebook.

Gone but not deleted. "When loved ones die, what do we do with the digital reminders they’ve left behind?"

Planes, Trains
& Automobiles

Qantas flight from L.A. to Melbourne plunges into vortex over Pacific Ocean.

London Underground places £1.5 billion order for new Piccadilly line tube trains.

Now you can buy official London Underground roundel light boxes.

I Own 51% Of
This Company!

Landmark business study confirms "glass ceiling", shows gay men are shut out of top management jobs.

Time Warner is gone. AT&T $85.4bn takeover of Time Warner approved by judge in blow to Trump.


Gay men create a T-shirt made of their blood to protest donation ban.

Bruce LaBruce's photos for Tom of Finland x Eytys.

Muslim fashion label MOGA reveals its first Pride ambassador.

Check out

Levi’s and them. co-hosted a backyard BBQ to celebrate the denim brand’s Pride capsule collection, in pictures.

Pride merchandise made in anti-LGBT countries sparks outrage.

Vile fashion magnet Stefano Gabbana slammed for calling Selena Gomez “so ugly.”

Calvin Klein Jeans unveils Andy Warhol "Self Portrait" collection.

Straight eye for the queer guy – Owen Jones gets a (much-needed) makeover. "Declared the ninth-worst-dressed man in the UK, Owen Jones has not found being gay equals having good fashion sense. Can the Guardian’s style squad change things?"


Twenty-one of the best RuPaul's Drag Race-inspired tattoos.

Finally, the latest with Ask The Aunties, and Walter; plus Tyler and James.

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