Issue 278: Brent Corrigan, Sean Ford, Austin Armacost, Pose, Westworld, RuPaul, MNEK, The Boys in the Band, Pleasuredrome, and more...

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LGBT Pride Month, explained.

The extinction of gay identity. "I increasingly get the sense that gayness itself has scattered, becoming something more various and harder to define. 'Gay' tells you about a person’s lusts and loves, but it used to tell you more — about his or her boldness, irreverence, independence. It connoted a particular journey and pronounced struggle, and had its own soundtrack, sartorial flourishes and short list of celebrity icons. Not so anymore."


The collateral damage of Trump’s global gag rule: LGBT equality.

Homophobic neighbours negatively impact your health.

These are the trans people killed in 2018.

We need to end intersex erasure in queer communities.

Is the word "dyke" offensive?

The Advocate's Champions of Pride Party, in pictures.

Women know the difference between rape and bad sex. Surely Germaine Greer does too. "Once she was the best, but, as with her latest comments about sexual assault, she seems to have taken to undermining others to get attention."

Worst take of the week: Raheem Sterling's tattoo vs Germaine Greer's concept of rape.

Long read
Five myths about the refugee crisis. "The cameras have gone – but the suffering endures. Daniel Trilling deconstructs the beliefs that still shape policy and public opinion."

Stop calling it “cultural appropriation” and call it what it is: colonialism.

How people fake their own death — and why.

Is rising inequality responsible for greater stress, anxiety and mental illness? "That’s the claim made by the authors of The Inner Level, which furthers arguments first laid out in their 2009 work, The Spirit Level. They reveal the bleak truth about uneven societies."

Citizenship for sale: how tycoons can go shopping for a new passport. "Citizenship-by-investment programmes offer the super-rich an opportunity to acquire a new nationality."


Lit in rainbows for Pride, in pictures.

Puerto Vallarta Pride, in pictures.

Once again, no Pride proclamation from the White House.

This is Rosalyn Colligan. She was arrested over "terroristic threats" to murder people at Pride event.

Antash’a English, murdered in Jacksonville, is the 12th trans victim this year.

Prison sued after gay man Rodriguez Burks (above, right) is killed by homophobic cellmate.

Homophobic Hobby Lobby lawyer Kyle Duncan confirmed as a federal judge.

Supreme Court sides against same-sex couples in Masterpiece Cakeshop, Ltd. v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission case.

Three reasons why even the narrow Masterpiece Cakeshop decision is bad...

...And why you shouldn’t freak out about the Masterpiece Cakeshop ruling. "The ruling is far from ideal for LGBT advocates, but the worst was avoided."

Homophobes Gorsuch, Thomas wanted the cake shop decision to go further.

The Supreme Court's ruling will be shamed by history.

Liberal US Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg pens angry dissent from the ruling.

The homophobic right rejoices over Supreme Court ruling against gay couple...

...but there have also been some uplifting responses to the disheartening ruling, too.

And most Americans oppose businesses refusing to serve gay people.

The bakery has been rewarded by a surge in bad Yelp reviews.

"Cake shop couple" Charlie Craig and David Mullins vow to "keep fighting for the rights of our people." And enjoy Stephen Colbert's straight cakes!

Meanwhile, an Indianapolis CrossFit gym has canceled a LGBT member’s "Pride" workout because it goes against god’s wishes.

Beauty brand Ipsy apologises over "transphobic" Pride video.

Crazed preacher Matt Powell calls for the US government to "execute" gay people.

Man kills, beheads longtime friend and ex after alleged sexual advance.

The family of Aaron Salazar, a gay man found seriously injured in a rail yard, have released a statement challenging Amtrak’s investigation.

Man found guilty by "homophobic" jurors appeals to avoid death sentence conviction.

Teacher charged over spying on male roommate.

Members of the armed forces sue the Pentagon over HIV discrimination.

California bans state-funded travel to eighth state over anti-LGBT laws.

Iconic Louisville gay night club is being demolished for a new hotel.

VICE Media co-founder turned CRTV host and leader of the far-right Proud Boys fraternity Gavin McInnes unleashes an extended rant mocking a gay disabled man.

SAD! Trump disinvites the Philadelphia Eagles from the White House because only a small delegation planned to attend.

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney: Trump is "a fragile egomaniac obsessed with crowd size and afraid of the embarrassment of throwing a party to which no one wants to attend."

Trump’s Philadelphia Eagles comments prove he’ll fight the culture war no matter what.

Giuliani says Trump can "probably" pardon himself as leaked Mueller letter claims trump can also terminate any investigation at any time.

Why Trump hasn’t tried to pardon his way out of the Mueller probe — yet.

Trump and the erosion of democratic norms in America. "For some, the president’s efforts to undermine the justice department and the Mueller investigation represent a threat to democracy."

Trump’s only out Ambassador Richard Grenell vows to "empower" Europe’s far-right.

Trump's prison reform: Republicans on side but some progressives hold out. "A new reform bill has passed in the House, with support from the Kochs and many liberals. But not all Democrats are happy."

White House "fact sheet" on Trump's first five hundred days is astounding.

Trump’s wildly inappropriate (and possibly corrupt) jobs report tweet, explained. "Government economic data is a closely guarded secret for a reason."

The black unemployment rate just hit a record low, but there’s a catch.

The new US policy of separating immigrant children from their parents has chilling historical echoes.

Want to help children separated at the US-Mexico border? Here's how.

A guide to the 2018 midterm elections.

The Democratic party is in a murky mess. "Democratic chieftains think they know what’s best; meddling unnecessarily rather than allowing voters to drive change."

David Hogg’s family was swatted. That’s extremely dangerous.

How the media ignored Puerto Rico, in one chart. "Puerto Rico coverage faded — and with it, the president’s attention."

When cops become robbers. "Inside one of America's most corrupt police squads."

Broadway: the 13-mile street that charts the delirious story of America. "This is the street that drove America forward – the path of progress as it expanded, powered by showmanship and illusion."

Canada's niceness is the very reason its young men radicalise. "It’s precisely because Canadians have a fixed idea of how quiet and good we are that makes many young, white men sensitive to the mildest criticism – and prey to rightwing preachers like Jordan Peterson."


Sam Ashley jailed for twenty-three years over horrific drugging and raping of three men from Grindr.

Police seek man after homophobic tirade forces gay couple to flee train.

Rocks thrown at Stonewall’s head of press, Jeff Ingold, in homophobic attack after queer music festival.

Senior Tory claims Labour have "hijacked" Pride.

A Tory council candidate who supported racists is still in the Conservative party.

The Tories haven’t just popularised Islamophobia – they’ve gentrified it. "The lack of pressure on Theresa May to act is an alarming indication of where rightwing politics is taking Britain."

Rabbi says LGBT-inclusive education plan is an "eviction notice for Orthodox Jews."

Syphilis on the rise for gay men as STIs remain consistently high.

Nicky Crane: The secret double life of a gay neo-Nazi. (December 2013)

London gym launches campaign to get more gay men into boxing.

Wagamama celebrates Pride with rainbow benches to raise money for LGBT charities.

London queer festival Mighty Hoopla, in pictures.

Jeremy Thorpe scandal: Police to reopen case into attempted murder of politician’s ex-lover.

Grenfell Tower: fire took three hours to encircle the building, inquiry hears. "From a fourth floor kitchen, fire got outside to ignite cladding and travel rapidly upwards."

Grenfell Tower: how refurbishment made the building a death trap. "Dangerous revamp was ‘reprehensible and contrary to regulations’, fire inquiry told."

Grenfell Tower: cladding firm denies responsibility for fire spread. "Panels were ‘contributing factor’ but windows to blame, Arconic lawyers tell inquiry."

Grenfell Tower: expert lists litany of serious safety breaches. "Consequence of failings was disproportionately high loss of life, says fire safety engineer."

Grenfell Tower: smoke ventilation system failed days before fire. "Inquiry told that defect was reported but proposal to fix system for £1,800 was ignored."

Grenfell Tower: how faith groups stepped up in post-Grenfell confusion. "Churches, mosques and others provided practical support while officials floundered."

Grenfell Tower: man jailed for fraud after claiming to be a victim. "Mohammad Gamoota sentenced to 18 months for posing as a survivor to obtain almost £7,000."

Doreen Lawrence: Grenfell inquiry brings painful memories of the fight for justice for my son, Stephen Lawrence. "Race and class have played a huge part in both tragedies and their aftermath."

Do you live in shoddy housing that costs a fortune? Time to join the renters' union.

London Bridge attack: police officer planning return to work next month. "Wayne Marques, speaking ahead of one-year anniversary of terror attack, says he can now walk unaided."

How London teenager plotted attacks with all-female terror cell.

From Olympic Park to East Bank: how St Paul's 'faux pas' led to design rethink. "Plans for a cultural hub at the Olympic park have been relaunched under Sadiq Khan, and include an east London outpost of the V&A. But will it draw the crowds?"

What's at the root of left-wing anti-Semitism?

Long read
The refugees who gave up on Britain. "in the culmination of an award-winning 18-month project, the new arrivals, Kate Lyons traces an Afghan father and son’s harrowing journey to Britain – and the pressures that led them to flee all over again."

Northern Ireland
Thousands march for marriage equality.


The European Court of Justice has ruled same-sex spouses have residency rights whether or not the country they're residing in recognises gay marriage.

Christianity in Western Europe is as much about identity as belief.

Everything you need to know about new Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez - aka "Mr Handsome."

Gay rights activists descend on Brussels after homophobic attack in Schaerbeek.

President Frank-Walter Steinmeier asks for "forgiveness" for persecuting gays under Nazi rule. "Gay men were beaten, had their testicles boiled off by water, sodomised by broken broomsticks, and were used as target practice in concentration camps."

The new Minister for Family says gay families don’t exist.

If the EU punishes Italy, it will reap the whirlwind. "European leaders must resist the temptation to make Italians pay for the sins of their government. It is smarter to offer help."

With the world watching, Pride displays during the World Cup are to be allowed - despite oppressive "gay propaganda" laws.

The South Pole's first ever first-ever Pride will be anything but frigid.


Small asteroid strikes just hours after it was spotted.


Politician brands LGBT people "non-heterosexuals."

São Paulo Pride - the world's largest Pride - in pictures. More images here.

Micro-houses, in pictures.

Hong Kong
Ruling granting spousal benefits to husband of gay civil servant overturned.

The same-sex marriage ruling might be in real trouble. "Even though the country's highest court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage, Christian groups are mounting a strong challenge to stop it happening."

The demographic time bomb: can a calendar help Otari's single men find love? "Dropping birth rates and a dwindling population prompts group of rural men to put their faith in PR to revive their ailing towns, and love lives."

What was the fallout from Fukushima? "When a tsunami hit the nuclear plant, thousands fled. Many never returned – but has the radiation risk been exaggerated?"


Sarah Bahbah's photos about surviving child abuse.

Suburban masterpieces: modernism in London's edgelands, in pictures.


30th Annual Lambda Literary Award winners announced.

Alan Hollinghurst is wrong. Gay stories still need telling. "The writer said the gay novel was dead. But tales of our fight to exist are evolving into tales of our lives and loves."

Jilly Cooper thinks men are having gay sex because they’re scared of women.

On John Copenhaver's new novel Dodging and Burning, which looks at secret gay lives in post-World War II America.

Blackfish City, by Sam J. Miller. "A masterfully crafted, fast-paced read. It’s fun. It’s timely. And it should definitely be on your summer reading list."

GLU launches as the Philippines first unabashedly sex-positive queer mag.

On the rag - your guide to the gay weeklies.

At Night

The arts world sees working-class people as a problem to be solved. "Publicly funded art is still dominated by a privileged elite who fail to engage the majority of the population."

The Boys in the Band. The "Broadway revival of landmark gay show is a winner. A starry cast delights in a glossy new version of the 1968 play that balances sharp wit with uncomfortable observations."


Seventeen of the best LGBT films of 2018...

...And seventeen relentlessly queer titles to watch on Netflix this Pride month.

The Boys in the Band is still timely: the gay prejudices of the past are still present.

On McKellen: Playing the Part, the new documentary chronicling Ian McKellen's journey from actor to activist.

Oscar Wilde's grandson "terribly moved" by Rupert Everett's biopic. "Film about the writer’s tragic final years conveys the spirit of the man, says Merlin Holland."


Porn star Colby Jansen launches a Kickstarter for his first non-adult film, Matt, a short film about becoming a “daddy”.

Sorry To Bother You actor Jermaine Fowler on being a black weirdo, code-switching and new play Hidden Fences.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom lacks the majesty the franchise is known for.

Han Solo was the coolest Star Wars character until Solo.


How Pose breaks new ground. "Ryan Murphy’s latest show will make history with the largest transgender cast ever on TV and a look at 80s ballroom culture."

How Pose prevailed against Hollywood's transphobia and racism.

Pose is the TV series queer and trans people of colour deserve.

Pose: why casting trans actors in trans roles was imperative to showrunner Ryan Murphy.

Pose turns ’80s gay and trans culture into a heartfelt celebration of found families. "TV super-producer Ryan Murphy finds a new definition of 'family values' in this warm drama."

How 13 Reasons Why dangerously failed in showing sexual assault between boys.

Ava DuVernay is working with Colin Kaepernick on a comedy series about his adolescence.

In Les Écorchés, Westworld leaves no character unscorched. "Can data theft start forest fires? And other questions Westworld’s Les Écorchés gave us."

Doctor Who's only trans character is problematic, but I still love her.

The Americans finale proved there are TV fates worse than death. "There’s more to high-stakes TV than a high body count."

Roseanne "begged" ABC not to cancel her show.

With Roseanne Barr gone, will the US working-class be erased from TV? "The message of this whole sorry episode is not that we need to stop listening to the white working class. The real lesson is that we need to start."


Beats, Rhymes
& Life

Thirteen trailblazing queer musicians shaking up our summer.

Crazed Azealia Banks accuses RuPaul of "ripping-off" her track with Call Me Mother...

...RuPaul's Drag Race's Monét X Change hits back: "The LGBTQIA+ Community is the ONLY reason you have a career?"

MNEK blasts Azealia Banks: "She actively hates gay people but exploits our culture."

Wilson Cruz on why Gloria Gaynor's I Will Survive is a queer classic.

Ten thoughts about Kanye West’s new album, ye.

Kanye's iPhone album art and the rise of "good enough" media.

New book reveals Tchaikovsky’s unseen letters about his gay lovers.

Grime, Afro bashment, drill... how​ black British music became more fertile than ever​.

From Doctor Who to Joy Division: five of the greatest Maida Vale recordings. "With the legendary BBC studio relocating to east London, we look back at decades of priceless recordings, including Bing Crosby’s final work and Adele’s masterful Dylan cover version."

Revisiting London's iconic album cover images.


How the horror of the Pulse nightclub shooting moved swimmer Matthew Garza to come out as gay.

Ireland and US mark beginning of Pride month with rainbow football shirts.

Race and football: why NFL owners are so scared of Colin Kaepernick.


New York gay sex party defends better than half price entry for tops.

Brent Corrigan on the Bryan Kocis murder, his “complicated” relationship with JJ Knight, and why he quit Falcon.

Jaxton Wheeler, Trenton Ducati and Bennett Anthony talk about OnlyFans.

Why Quin Quire is happy that he left Corbin Fisher.

Ashton Summers and Sean Ford do it.

What in gay hell happened to Dalton Briggs?

Ethan Helms: is he too big?

The new International Mr. Leather hopes to make things a whole lot friendlier.

International Mr. Leather Weekend Make Out Party, in pictures.

Four queer people diversifying the leather Scene.

Urban Bear Rampage, in pictures.

Sunday Funday Photos at Sidetrack, in pictures.

Here's a peek at the Red Hot American Boys 2019 calendar.

Austin Armacost flaunts it at London's Pleasuredrome sauna.


Queer Eye’s AJ has married his long-term boyfriend.

My life in sex: the autistic gay man.

Is porn the only option for LGBT sex education?



The noise all around us that’s destroying our hearing, explained.

Long read
Did science miss its best shot at an AIDS vaccine? "For 35 years, researchers have been trying to beat the virus that causes AIDS. For just as long, Burt Dorman has been advocating another way."

Closeted men "underestimate the HIV risk" from having gay sex, say researchers.

AIDS/LifeCycle raises a record-breaking $16.6 million for HIV programs.


How people deal with having shy bladder syndrome.

The "Holy grail of cancer research": doctors positive about early detection blood test. "Blood tests called liquid biopsies show signs of finding 10 different types of cancer at an early stage."

Could there be a cure for hangovers?

Why there’s more to disgust than not getting sick. "From rotten food to weeping sores, our sense of squeamishness can help save our lives. But why are some people more susceptible ​to disgust ​than others – and what does it mean?"

Surprise! Most of your vitamin supplements do nothing.

Are you eating too much protein? Some sources aren't as healthy as you think.

Indoor cycling can be great for your heart — and toxic for your ears.

What’s it like to be 6ft 8in tall?

Isn’t it time to be grown up and stop saying we "pass away"? We die, end of story.

What is depression and why is it rising?


The New York pigeon, in pictures.

The week in wildlife, in pictures.

The White Heat
of This Revolution

Your phone is listening and it's not paranoia.

The tech giants’ empire must fall – but they won’t go without a fight. "The power of corporate giants like Amazon and Facebook is unparalleled. A regulatory assault seems urgent, inevitable – and impossible."

YouTube under fire over "homophobic" adverts potentially targeting LGBT YouTubers.

Facebook won’t be bringing back the Pride reaction emoji.


Employers 'cannot ignore' mental health in the workplace.

Unions are too vital to democracy to be allowed to gentrify and die. "As strikes fade away and memberships fall, too many workers are being left vulnerable."

I Own 51% Of
This Company!

Is Uber's PR offensive a cynical corporate whitewash? "The taxi app is attempting to turn around its toxic image with a quirky documentary narrated by Dawn French. But has anything actually changed for its drivers?"

Amazon: not a normal monopoly. "Consumers love the convenience of Jeff Bezos’ firm. But the undue focus on this advantage has led to the neglect of the interests of workers, rival entrepreneurs and voters."

Washington, D.C. restaurant and bookstore chain Busboys and Poets plays the "race card." It probably shouldn’t.

Europe's first shop exclusively selling dolls of colour.

Walmart’s too-good-to-be-true “$1 a day” college tuition plan, explained.

Long read
Hell on wheels. "Fatal accidents, off-the-books workers, a union once run by a mobster. The rogue world of one of New York’s major trash haulers."


How Boxers gay sports bar found success in New York and beyond.

Have donut holes gotten smaller? This compelling vintage chart says yes.


Nike stirs controversy by using a pink triangle on shoes in their Pride collection.




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