Issue 279: Grenfell, Pride, Dyllón Burnside, Keiynan Lonsdale, Travis Alabanza, Andre Donovan, Beaux Banks, and more...

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Hear this
Thirteen reminders Pride is also about sex.

You're welcome
Pride 101: The first-timer's guide to LGBT Pride.

Sexy and inspiring Pride celebrations around the world, in pictures.


Listen up
Why some gay men hate pride parades — and ourselves.

Will everyone feel included with artist's new Pride flag?

The horror of "ex-gay" therapy once involved ice-pick lobotomies.

Because of course
Homophobic views linked to lower intelligence in new study.

Trump and Twitter are sending us into panic spirals.

Listen up

This is what it feels like to be black in white spaces. "Black people experience discrimination every day – it’s knowledge inaccessible to white people and, when confronted with it, most are incredulous."

How do black people navigate white worlds? Shape-shifting. "Black people are unduly burdened by the expectation that we always be on our ‘best’ behavior – or be subject to punishment."

"Suck it up" or pray: advice that almost killed me.

The internet was supposed to save democracy. Here's four tech optimists on what went wrong.

Body positivity is a scam. "How a movement intended to lift up women really just limits their acceptable emotions. Again."


Horrifying: police handcuff 10-year-old playing outside, accuse him of having a gun.

The case for shutting down New York City’s Rikers Island jail. "Kalief Browder killed himself after 33 months in Rikers Island. Now his brother is pushing to shut down the jail."

LGBT migrants ninety-seven times more likely to be sexually assaulted in detention.

This is Terrance Mannery, the lone man who fought off a homophobic mob at Utah Pride.

Arkansas man Stephen Koch jailed for fifty years for deliberately infecting himself with HIV so he could infect others.

Oregon man accused of pummeling same-sex couple in fit of road rage.

Isauro Aguirre gets prison sentence after torture killing of her "gay" eight-year-old son Gabriel Fernandez. Aguirre doused him with pepper spray, forced him to eat his own feces and vomit, put cigarettes out on his skin, and beat him with a bat.

Gay veteran harassed, spat on, been labeled a pedophile, assaulted by neighbours for hanging a pride flag.

The Stonewall Inn refused entrance to a blind person.

CrossFit fires executive after homophobia scandal. "Russell Berger fired after tweeting his support for a CrossFit-affiliated gym in Indiana that cancelled a Pride-themed workout."

Fury and despair over the Masterpiece Cakeshop ruling are misplaced.

Republican Michael Clark weighs in on cake debate, saying businesses should refuse people of colour too.

Tennessee store owner puts up "No gays allowed" sign after Supreme Court decision.

Ted Cruz’s dad rants about "marriage between two men and a horse" in vile anti-gay diatribe.

Trump's openly gay ambassador Richard Grenell offends Germany a second time in a month.

Ivanka Trump was in contact with a Russian who offered a Trump-Putin meeting.

How Trump captured the Republican party. "He has the strongest approval ratings within his own party of any president and from pardons to G7 he’s showing real swagger. Among the GOP, at least, Trump has won."

Despite all the warnings, we are normalising Trump. "The president visits the UK in July – it’s vital to make clear we have clear moral lines and he has crossed them many times."

Trump is costing us one precious thing: time. "The constant sense of crisis that the president creates robs us of the concentration we need to focus on long-term issues like climate change."

Trump, Fox News, and Twitter have created a dangerous conspiracy theory loop.

Why do so many Mormons back Trump? Some say it's about the land.

Trump invented a fake spy scandal. People will still believe it.

Trump's failure to hire people is doing serious damage.

What can we learn from the people Trump has pardoned so far? "Trump has issued slightly fewer pardons than others at this stage of his presidency, but there is a theme to his decisions."

Trump must answer for the deaths of thousands in Puerto Rico.

State propaganda outlet Fox & Friends airs gay kiss thanks to candidate for governor.

Malcolm Jenkins’ "you aren’t listening" silent interview is the blackest thing that ever happened this week.

Telling white people they’ll be outnumbered makes them hate welfare more.

Long read

LGBT ally Zach Wahls wins Iowa Senate primary.

Pulse survivors sue police over response to shooter - and the club's owners.

Teacher objects to using trans students' chosen names, loses job.

New Jersey town unveils first permanent rainbow flag crosswalk in the state.

Police in riot gear help shut down oversold Pride festival in West Hollywood...

...with LA Pride forced to apologise after thousands are turned away.

DC Black Pride party, in pictures.

Hudson Valley Pride, in pictures.

Provincetown Pride, in pictures.

El Paso Pride, in pictures.

Buffalo Pride, in pictures.

Venice Pride, in pictures.

Salt Lake City Pride, in pictures.

Kansas City Pride, in pictures.

The Pavilion at Fire Island Pines, in pictures.

First Canada tried to charm Trump. Now it’s fighting back.

Vancouver outlaws gay "cure" therapy.

Ontario’s new premier Doug Ford isn’t sure if he’ll go to Toronto Pride.


Damning report reveals police missed opportunities to catch serial Grindr rapist Sam Ashley.

The government’s treatment of gay refugees shames Britain.

Vile Tory bigot Ann Widdecombe lashes out at transgender "lunacy" in tabloid column.

The 1975 back new centre for London’s LGBTQ+ community. "The chart-topping British band stepped in at the 11th hour in response to crowdfunding appeal for £50,000."

Gay couple suffer brain injury and facial fracture after brutal attack in London.

Man claims dick pic he sent to 15-year-old boy was meant for Grindr date.

Warning over rise in London teenager suicides.

Long read
The Tower: a 60,000-word investigation into the Grenfell Tower fire. "It was a clear day and you could see for miles. From her flat on the 23rd floor, Rania texted one of her best friends from back home and they talked about facts. Who you love is a fact and the meals you cook are facts. When the sun shines it is a fact of God and England is a fact of life. Rania always said she had preferred living in Mile End because the markets were better over there, but at least Westfield was near her now in White City. She was 31. ‘I was born in Egypt 11,426 days ago,’ she told one of her neighbours, pleased with the new app on her iPhone that could count days. Rania was a great fan of Snapchat, she posted there every spare minute she had, and on Instagram and Facebook, too. ‘I love England,’ she wrote in one post, next to a Union Jack, and ‘Live in London’, beside an emoji of a small house and a very green tree. She liked to imagine that one day she would live in a house like that with her husband, Hassan, and their two daughters. Hassan used to work at the mosque. Later on, when he was spending more time away, Rania would send him loving messages along with videos of the girls. One of them showed Fethia wading through a pool of water in a blue dress. Another was of Hania, aged two, rolling down a hill of daisies by Ladbroke Grove."

Grenfell Tower: the terrible speed with which the fire spread.

Grenfell Tower: kitchen fire resident "did nothing wrong".

Grenfell Tower: Firefighters forced to deny response was affected by racism.

Grenfell Tower: Wealth within borough is irrelevant, inquiry told.

Paul Dacre, Daily Mail poisoner-in-chief, is quitting. Good riddance. "Like all bullies, he targets underdogs – and those may soon include his successor at the paper."

Paul Dacre finally unseated – but the damage is done.

A meeting of the Anti-Slavery society. "It was noted that in the House of Commons there were 67 proprietors of slaves, 20 holders of West Indian bonds, and about 200 individuals connected with slave proprietors." (June 1829)

How Centre Point attracts the rich and sidelines the poor. "Tenants of affordable flats built by developer live in separate low-rise 'poor house.'"

House of Fraser to close more than half its UK stores. "Department store chain will shut 31 outlets, including London flagship."

High street 2018: a tale of lost shops and at least 35,000 jobs at risk.

Men convicted under gay sex ban to be pardoned.


Polish, Romanian Pride parades draw thousands.

Steve Bannon is on a far-right mission to radicalise Europe. "Don’t be fooled by Bannon’s split with Trump. He’s leading a Trumpian onslaught to undermine European democracy itself."


Warsaw gets "unbreakable" LGBT monument for Pride after vandalism.

The small town of Seyðisfjörður unveils rainbow brick road for Pride.

A former neo-Nazi talks about about his old life as a fascist. "Being hateful is fun, and it's a good way of releasing any pent-up anger. It also helps you feel more like a man."

Villa seized from the Mafia will become an LGBT shelter.

Rome Pride attracts half a million.

HIV: the next crisis? "Ten years of economic austerity have nearly decimated The Hellenic Republic — will subsequent healthcare cuts lead to an HIV catastrophe?"

LGBT-friendly Lisbon: the San Francisco of Europe.

Pride march cancelled after hundreds of death threats in just one day.


Activist group reacts to murders by creating more pro-LGBT posters

The pain and pride of gays, explored.

Government to appeal court ruling re-legalising same-sex marriage.

Trans woman calls for immediate end to "buggery" laws.

The queens living it up in China's thriving drag scene.

Japan’s rent-a-family industry. "People who are short on relatives can hire a husband, a mother, a grandson. The resulting relationships can be more real than you’d expect."

Lost: struggling to cope with millions of unclaimed items in Tokyo.

North Korea
A pastel fairyland built to forget.

Why India’s air pollution is so horrendous.


This anonymous Instagram artist paints a hidden queer Arab world.

Pride month: the exhibitions celebrating LGBT art.

Meet the artist making New Yorkers' subway rides extremely gay.

What I learned about my queerness from drawing one self-portrait a day.

Heather Phillipson at Gloucester Road station, London. "Cartoon bad smells and fried eggs on the platform greet tube commuters as the artist wittily gives them a riot of symbolism to ponder on their journey."

Chris Dorley-Brown's dreamlike look at east London, in pictures.

An artist group is putting up political billboards all over America, in the largest public art campaign in US history.

Building for Brexit: how architecture heralded the failure of project Europe. "How a grand vision to ‘Europeanise’ Britain’s cities gave way to a bleak and insular reality."


The Unpunished Vice, by Edmund White. "An exquisite, winding staircase though the rich and varied library of an important writer’s readings; one that, like the very best books, delivers the reader to secret but familiar chambers seemingly—if only—without end."

Talking to Édouard Louis. "In the lonely, shell-shocked days after Édouard Louis was raped and almost killed in his Paris flat in 2012 – as he sat through tense interviews with police officers or scrubbed his home to get rid of his attacker’s smell – he felt the urgent need to write about it. 'I had told the police my story,' says the now 25-year-old author of three novels who has been hailed as one of the most important literary voices of his generation. 'But when I read the police report, I didn’t recognise my own experience at all, because it had been filtered by police language – homophobic, racist language. I wanted to reclaim my story.'”

The Lambda Literary 30th Anniversary video.

Michael Gonzales explores out-of-print books by African-American authors: The Long Night, by Julian Mayfield. "Mayfield’s style was as stark as Richard Wright and poetic as Ernest Hemingway, but was grounded in urban realism."

On the rag - your guide to the gay weeklies.

At Night

The nine queerest moments at this Sunday's Tony Awards.

On the afterglow of Afterglow.

The ten hottest men on Broadway right now.


Why making Hollywood more diverse requires far more than shaking up who’s onscreen.

Why are (some) Star Wars fans so toxic?

Zachary Quinto to make movie on Tab Hunter and Anthony Perkins romance.

The importance of being Oscar: how Rupert Everett found a cause. "The Happy Prince, the acclaimed biopic of Oscar Wilde, is more than a career-reviving film for the actor and director, it is an avowal of an enduring literary love."

Love, Simon director Greg Berlanti strikes $400 million deal with Warner Bros.

Talking to filmmaker Craig Johnson about his groundbreaking Netflix teen sex comedy centered on a questioning youth, Alex Strangelove.

Alex Strangelove. The "edgy gay teen sex comedy is delightful but unbalanced."

Why Hereditary is the terrifying arthouse horror film of the year.

Re-possessed: exploring Hereditary and Hollywood’s love of the haunted house.

Kill the tech bro, save the world: how CEOs became Hollywood's new supervillains. "Upgrade, a new thriller set in a Tesla-like dystopia, is the latest big-budget film to replace the stereotypical evil Russian with the evil Silicon Valley nerd."

Afro-Colombian youth’s dance culture comes to the big screen with Somos Calentura.

Jerry Maren, the last Wizard of Oz Munchkin, is dead. He was 98.


Talking to Pose's Dyllón Burnside.

Talking to Pose's Ryan Jamaal Swain.

Ballroom 101: the history behind the culture on Pose.

Queer actor Keiynan Lonsdale announces break from The Flash.

Talking to the cast of Everything Sucks!

Long read
Inside the binge factory. "Netflix is hiring everybody in and out of Hollywood to make more TV shows than any network ever has, and it already knows which ones you’ll like."

Homelessness to Hollywood: Trans actress Ashley Grey revisits shelter that saved her life.

Willam finally tells all about her shocking RuPaul's Drag Race disqualification - and the shocking behind-the-scenes treatment of the queens.

RuPaul's Drag Race: Convoluted episode has us second guessing the season. "At every turn, the premise of each gal’s 'evil twin' became more and more difficult to comprehend. Their first instincts barely added up, Ru only complicated things with her workroom visit and the final judging felt completely random. Really, what was anyone talking about for these 90 minutes?"

RuPaul's Drag Race: Hey, what the hell is going on with this season? "Season 10's best characters are gone, its storylines are discombobulated, and it needs a hail mary — badly."

Twelve lip sync battles that define RuPaul’s Drag Race's queer canon.

The Toys That Made Us: Netflix's show will make you rethink your childhood. "There is nothing sentimental about this behind-the-scenes look at the toy industry – what sells it is the intrigue of seeing how the sausage was made."

Ten ways The Fosters changed TV, as remembered by cast and creator.

The cast of Queer As Folk reunites for Entertainment Weekly’s LGBT issue.

Every single person of colour they dated in Sex and the City.

Why Mr Big is actually the best character on Sex and the City. "I'm sorry, but he is. Here's why."

Hollyoaks' Harry Thompson in new prostitution storyline.

Doctor Who on Twitch: can a 500-episode marathon turn gamers into fans? "Over 200 hours of the Doctor’s original 1963-1989 episodes are being streamed on the website, complete with hashtags and Time Lord emojis."

How my kids became Doctor Who fans. "Pete May loved Doctor Who as a child, but his dad thought it was rubbish. So when he had his own children, he was intent on being the Time Lord-loving father he'd never had – and luckily, his daughters share his lifelong obsession." (October 2013)

Glynn Edwards obituary.

Beats, Rhymes
& Life

Mykki Blanco hosts event for Fahrenheit 451. "The trans, poz, rapper, poet, and activist hosted the "culture of ideas" which re-imagines the classic with a cast largely comprised of people of color."

Talking to queer artist serpentwithfeet about his new album — and the joys of bottoming.

Call Me Maybe model Holden Nowell is very unhappy he had to play gay in the video.

Bob the Drag Queen weighs in on Azealia Banks row.

Banks suspended from Twitter following that Drag Race drama.

Why Azealia Banks keeps getting "canceled" — while RuPaul and Kanye thrive.

The real story of South Florida rapper XXXTentacion.

Spotify removes "hate conduct" policy after backlash. "The provision that led to R Kelly and XXXTentacion removed from official playlists is being rolled back after a negative response."

Talking to Bardia Zeinali about directing Troye Sivan's Bloom video and making queer couture.

Bach at the Burger King. "When the music of Vivaldi and Mozart are used to repel the homeless from sidewalks and Burger Kings, does it still glorify the dignity of humanity?"


How openly gay former NFL player Wade Davis is improving the world of football.

Gay Aussie rugby team gets naked to raise world cup funds. "Sydney Convicts strip off in Full Monty style show to help pay for travel to gay world cup rugby tournament in Amsterdam."

The 9/11 hero who fought off terrorists and inspired rugby's gay World Cup. "Bingham Cup honours memory of gay hero who fought off terrorists on fateful 9/11 flight 93."

His college track career over, gay athlete Kylon Drones joins cheerleading team.


Dave Slick, the Falcon Studios model, is dead. He was 26.

Billy Santoro blames straight porn stars for his murder.

Talking to Lucas Leon.

Andre Donovan and Dakota Payne do it.

Ken Ott, Beaux Banks, Diego Sans, JJ Knight and Dalton Briggs do it.

Devon Lebron, Patrick Grau and Henrik Sommer do it.


Retired gay vicar reunites with husband 54 years his junior to appear on Jeremy Kyle.

Gay weddings are still special, three years after marriage equality.

Ten percent of people admit to checking their phone during sex.


Condom use declines as more gay men use PrEP.

Why you can't put rising rates of gonorrhea and syphilis just down to PrEP.

Drug used to treat alcohol and opioid addiction may suppress HIV.

How noise pollution is ruining our hearing. "Damage from loud sounds is cumulative — but really loud noise can hurt your hearing in a matter of minutes."

Why running doesn’t always get rid of stomach fat.

Why beige carbs are the ones to avoid.

How tea towels can cause food poisoning.

What your waste looks like can reveal a lot about your health.

Facial awareness: the meaning of a smile. "What exactly is a smile for, how do we do it and if we lose it, can we get it back?"


What you need to know about volcanoes.

Our plastic pollution crisis is too big for recycling to fix.

The Great Barrier Reef's unprecedented coral decline.

The week in wildlife, in pictures.

The White Heat
of This Revolution

Why are homophobic ads running before LGBT videos on YouTube?

Instagram is reportedly pivoting to hour-long video.

Horrific "AIDS simulator" game removed from Steam online store.

Planes, Trains
& Automobiles


UK train company Virgin delights with sassy replies to customers upset by Pride Month celebrations.

This black woman’s non-profit converts retired buses to mobile showers and laundry for the homeless.

On Tel Aviv's central bus station: "There's a society inside the building."

Preston bus station. "Earmarked for demolition just six years ago, the brutalist gem that is Ove Arup’s Preston bus station has been sympathetically renovated, right down to the route numbers."

The long fall of one-eleven heavy. "September 2, 1998, Swissair Flight 111, en route from New York to Geneva with 229 souls on board. No one would ever put it back together again." (July 2000)

I Own 51% Of
This Company!

Google’s parent company rejects employee-backed plan to link executive pay to diversity goals.

Ikea commits to phase out single-use plastic products by 2020. "Global retailer with 363 stores says it wants to help customers live more sustainably."

Brands including Ikea shun new safety accord after Rana Plaza disaster. "New pact follows Bangladesh Accord, a safety agreement reached after building collapse killed more than 1,000 workers."

Disneyland workers face ruthless exploitation. Their fight is our fight.

And This:


The latest with Ask The Aunties, and Walter (separately, not together, sadly); Tyler Oakley on bridging the queer age gap, and Blake Mitchell is back.

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