I always say beauty is only sin deep

15 UK MEN,

17-year-old Thapelo Mncube from London.

21-year-old Tega, from London.

22-year-old Steve from Milton Keynes.

19-year-old Phillip Lasozi from Cambridge.
He's training for the 100m sprint in 2012.

22-year-old Carl Daley from London.

21-year-old Samir Khan from London.

24-year-old Jeff Uguru from London.

18-year-old "Onlylove" from Manchester.

22-year-old Jerone Goode from Manchester.

20-year-old Chad from London.

25-year-old Dickson Rey from London.

21-year-old Junior Ese from Manchester.

18-year-old Justyn Page from London.

30-year-old Stephen White from Leeds.

21-year-old Joleon Hunte from London.

Title quote: "I always say beauty is only sin deep."
Saki, British writer, 1870-1916.


Mr. Toddy English said...

Okay, why do I suddenly want to relocate to the UK?
I love the one with the Faux Hawk! Furies be praised he is gorgeous! :0)

Corve DaCosta said...

pretty hot

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