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< Spanish rags pedlar ES Collection's latest ad campaign, El Hierro.

> From "I do" to "I'm done". Why marriage equality also means divorce.

||| London-based advocacy group Pink Therapy want the clunky "LGBT" acronym to be replaced with the more inclusive "GSD" - "Gender and Sexual Diversities".

||| A quarter of gay men are abused by their partner.

||| Why the priorities of the gay community lie away from marriage.

||| About the bullying within the gay community.

||| The heartbreaking 1943 love letter from one soldier to another. Brian Keith wrote the letter to Dave, a fellow GI stationed in North Africa, during World War II.

||| Does the black community care less when its gay members are killed?

> Black gay pioneers you should know. Right, Essex Hemphill.

||| Should white comedians ever ridicule black culture?

||| Are you a mummy's boy? Cut the apron strings.


< Meet David Harris and Tre'Darrius Anderson. They're both 19, and they just got married. Check out their Guys With Pride campaign, and their Tumblr.

> In Savannah, Jackson and Kwesi also got married. Congratulations boys!

< Daniel Chesmore and Jose Guzman were told to leave Westfield Galleria shopping mall in Roseville, California, for holding hands, kissing.

> HIV-positive men jailed for not revealing status to 16-year-old Grindr hook-up. 40-year-old Darrell Allen Evans and 32-year-old Huy Kien Trinh had unprotected sex with the unnamed teenager, and told him they were HIV-negative. On that note: HIV transmission and the law.

< This is Makayla/Michael Gwinn, a "young transgender person whose life work was in mentoring fellow LGBTQ youth. He died on 16th February, aged 23.

> 22-year-old Lawrence Reed charged with the murder of gay Mississippi mayoral candidate Marco McMillian.

||| DeFarra Gaymon was "under control", unarmed, when shot dead by a police officer in a blitz on gay sex in a Newark park.

< 12 former marching band members charged in connection with the hazing death of gay student Robert Champion.

||| Texas woman faces jail for attacking her 15-year-old son with an electrical cord after catching him in bed with her 18-year-old cousin.

||| Go-go dancer, bar manager fend off axe-wielding attacker in Arizona gay bar.

> Rawhide, the oldest levis-and-leather gay bar New York City, to close at the end of the month. The bar opened in 1979. Much more on this - and "turning the city into one giant corporate monocultural wasteland" - at Jeremiah's Vanishing New York.

< This is Bernard Baran Jr., a gay man who spent 21 years in prison for crimes he didn't commit. He wants his record wiped.

||| The American Sociological Association tells supreme court marriage equality, gay parenting okay in Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) challenge.

||| One young gay man's story of his escape from his abusive Christian family.

||| Westboro Baptist Church group retreats after being outnumbered in Santa Monica.

||| Third American Indian tribe moves to allow same-sex marriage.

> Barack Obama signs the Violence Against Women Act, which also protects gay Americans from domestic violence and sexual assault.

||| Obama, a true friend of gay equality.

||| The evolution of the nation's "first gay president".

< Bradley Manning: the face of heroism.

||| Closeted gay soldiers more likely to attempt suicide.

||| I was a gay Boy Scout.

||| The story of s gay New York couple who found a baby on the subway, and raised it as their own.

||| What Would You Do? takes its cameras to Texas.

Read the 1975 letter in which the LA Police Chief turns down a Gay Pride invite, saying he'd gladly celebrate "Gay Conversion Week".

||| 20th anniversary of 1993 World Trade Center bombing observed in New York.


< This is 25-year-old Jason Peter Marshall, a Londoner who has been arrested in Rome for murdering a tour guide and torturing another man after meeting them through online gay chat rooms.

||| Christian group takes Transport for London to court to force its buses to carry adverts saying "Not gay! Post-gay, ex-gay and proud. Get over it!"

||| Gay Catholics displaced by cancelled Soho masses welcomed into Jesuit church.

||| Is human rights activist Peter Tatchell about to expose clergy, politicians who are secretly gay but oppose marriage equality?

> Nick Hurley (right) and boyfriend Gavin Maclean denied double room at London hotel.

||| Malawian asylum seeker at risk of anti-gay persecution deported from UK.

||| Man breaches court order after searching for images of "young Tom Daley".

||| Why Britain is a nation in decay.


< SWEDEN: Good news. A married Ugandan couple have won their case to stay in Sweden. Lawrence Kaala was threatened with deportation, cutting him off from husband Jimmy Sswerwadda.

||| FINLAND: Parliament votes against a bill that would have introduced marriage equality.

||| ITALY: Boy sues parents for libel and defamation after having been mocked for months for being gay.

||| ITALY: General election sees four gay politicians take office.

THE BIG PICTURE: The crisis in Catholicism.

||| RUSSIA: 58-year-old hacks man to death with axe for calling him gay, then kills himself.

> TURKEY: Turkish colonel kidnapped his son for being gay. "Ramazan Kalkan, a member of Pink Life LGBTT Solidarity Association based in Ankara, says that his 21 year-old boyfriend, Umut Göktuğ Söyler, was kidnapped by Söyler's father and uncles."


||| Caribe Afirmativo - a group that champions gay equality in Colombia's Caribbean region - has reported 25 anti-gay deaths in the region in the last year.

||| BRAZIL: 338 gay Brazilians were murdered in 2012.

||| MEXICO: Supreme Court rules that anti-gay slurs are hate speech.

||| COSTA RICA: President of Costa Rica's commission on human rights, Justo Orozco, says gay sex has "bad consequences", wants "cure" discussed by lawmakers.

< CHILE: One year on, Chileans honour Daniel Zamudio.

THE BIG PICTURE: 14-year-old Solimar, 13-year-old Aramis hug after finding out they're going to be parents, in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico 24th January 2012.

> NIGERIA: Anglican Primate Nicholas Okoh announces homosexuality is the work of the devil.

||| UGANDA: Tabloid publishes names of "gay recruiters".

||| UGANDA: British actor Keith Prosser arrested for role in "gay play" The River and the Mountain.

||| SENEGAL: Police arrest French and local man after "gay sex payment fight".

||| LIBERIA: Prominent pastor Ben Cooper warns gay equality advocacy aims to "destroy" humanity, and is alien to African values.

||| TANZANIA: Communications Regulatory Authority fuels anti-gay hate.

< SOUTH AFRICA: Mamphela Ramphele, leader of the new Agang Party, says being gay is "how God created us".

||| SOUTH AFRICA: Dreadlock thieves.


||| VIETNAM: 20-year-old Luu Phuong Dong is to face a firing squad for his part in the murder of a gay man. Dong met 30-year-old Trieu Chi Tam online, and together with 22-year-old Nguyen Quoc Thai murdered Tam for his valuables.

THE BIG PICTURE: Buddhist monks celebrate Makha Bucha day in Bangkok, 25th February 2013.

||| CHINA: Parents of gay children lobby government for marriage equality.

||| UZBEKISTAN: Being gay "disgusting", causes "moral decay" according to President Islam Karimov.

||| INDIA: Mumbai anti-gay railway attackers were plain-clothes police.

> AUSTRALIA: Hundreds of thousands lined the streets for the 35th Sydney Mardi Gras. In pictures.

< AUSTRALIA: Police filmed brutally restraining Mardi Gras reveller. The victim was 18-year-old Jamie Jackson, who speaks out here...

...But what's the real story here? One commentator at Gay Star News sums it up: "This video only helps the police! I see a guy trying to punch the police officer and more police came in to detain the little punk. That's all. Mute it and you will see what I mean. The idiot girl that is screaming makes it more than it is. Don't believe everything you read. I saw this for what it is. This is a drunk guy out of control trying to get away from the police, and being detained in the way he deserves."

> There was a rally protesting the incident on Friday. In pictures.

||| AUSTRALIA: Army covers-up anti-gay abuse and bullying, says gay colonel.

||| AUSTRALIA: Where the good life comes at a price.


< ISRAEL: This is Yuval and Liran, a gay couple who desperately want a baby.


||| The strange science of sinkholes.

||| Lost continent found under the Indian Ocean.

||| If you live in a city, you don't need a car.

||| Gang of chimpanzees kills their alpha male.

||| A pug sledding party!


> Intermittent condom use is nearly as useless as no condom.

||| How to react when your crush says he's HIV-positive.

||| HIV and the gay media: The vanishing virus.

||| HIV care after incarceration.

||| Sequester could lead to massive cuts in HIV testing, treatment...

...But the real problem with the sequester is that it unfairly targets the poor.

||| HIV linked to greater risk of heart attacks.

< Bee venom kills HIV, whilst doctors cure a baby born with HIV - but what does it really mean?

||| Same-sex cohabitors less healthy than those in heterosexual marriages.

||| There's no such thing as beer goggles: the part of the brain controlling sexual urges is unaffected by alcohol.

||| Is it even possible to live a celibate life?

||| Why masturbating may save your life.

||| So, would you kiss a guy a toilet licking fetish?

> Man Tweets about hospital trip to remove a vibrating dildo from his ass.

||| So, about vegan condoms.

||| Processed meat is gonna kill you.

||| Lying about how much we drink is a symptom of our narcissistic society.

||| Poor sleep linked to heart failure - and how bad sleep alters the body.

||| Sleep is not the new sex. It's more important than that.

||| Bare vs. bear, and why are we programmed to die?


Sudden site shutdowns and the perils of living our lives online.

||| 12 things you didn't know about online security.

||| Twitter: A guide to the law.

||| Facebook's latest facelift.

||| Microsoft could - and should - eradicate Facebook. Here's how.

||| How to get your Facebook friends into bed.

> How Grindr has turned dating into a video game.

||| Is Grindr now a hunting ground for technically straight, married men?

||| Why haters are a leading indicator of success.

||| Yahoo kills off its lamest products.

||| Why we should approach the cloud computing revolution with caution.

||| The 9 top threats facing cloud computing.

< Boffins have invented stretchable batteries, and 4D printed objects that "make themselves".

||| Five jobs a robot could never steal.

||| Why video games aren't art.


> Imaginative ads for pop culture's most famous fictional products.

< Are these posters awesome, or are Tatyana Fazlalizadeh's anti-street harassment posters misandry masquerading as feminism?

||| Ace shutterbug Justin Monroe is casting 2014 calendar boys.

THE BIG PICTURE: Searching for the Seventies.

< The hotel that was once a prison.

The 1980s that time forgot. "Decades take on a uniform character as they retreat into history. A new digital archive reminds us of the earnest side of the 80s."

||| The New York penthouse with a four story slide.


< Rikki Beadle-Blair's Team Angelica Publishing is looking for exciting new voices for its ground-breaking forthcoming anthology, provisionally-titled Black and Gay in the UK, and scheduled for release in Autumn 2014. "We're looking for short fiction, think-pieces, auto/biographical writing and poetry that centres on or illuminates the diverse experiences, challenges, joys and difficulties of black gay men's lives in the UK." Interested? Get in touch.

||| Julio's Day, the new graphic novel from Gilbert Hernandez following one character - a gay man named Julio - for 100 years.

||| Married gay X-Men characters Northstar and Kyle face deportation issues...

...Meanwhile, in X-Treme X-Men, Wolverine goes gay:

||| DC Comics artist refuses to illustrate anti-gay Orson Scott Card's Superman comic.

||| Time Inc out of time as Time Warner gets out of ink. "You know the show's over when their parent company has lost interest in four of the greatest US magazine titles ever."

||| Can Barnes & Noble be saved?

> 10 redesigned book covers that are actually better than the iconic versions.

Talking to Andrew Cristi, author of the suicide-note-turned-novel Peter Pandrew, about bashing Lady Gaga, Anne Hathaway, and American mediocrity.

Talking to David McConnell about his new book, American Honor Killings: Desire and Rage Among Men.

> 20 highly sexy photos of highbrow authors. Right, Allen Ginsberg and Peter Orlovsky.

||| Review: The Talking Day, by Michael Klein. "A nuanced, poignant, humane and absorbing collection."

||| Review: Scenes from Early Life, by Philip Hensher. "A tale that simultaneously contains a grand historical sweep and a grounded domesticity."

||| Review: Fanny & Stella: The Young Men Who Shocked Victorian England, by Neil McKenna.


> Actors reveal challenges of stage nudity.

||| Stay On The Line - the musical dedicated to gay suicide victim Tyler Clementi - in pictures.

< Review: Beautiful Thing. "Jonathan Harvey's 1993 play, honoured in its 20th anniversary year by this Mardi Gras production, is called Beautiful Thing. And Burley's rendition of it is, thanks to director Brandon Martignago and a handpicked team."


||| Jim Parsons, Taylor Kitsch join the cast of HBO's movie adaptation of the Tony-winning Larry Kramer play The Normal Heart, directed by Ryan Murphy, which tells the story of the onset of the AIDS crisis in New York City in the early 1980s.

||| James Franco was the third choice for Oz: The Great And Powerful lead.

||| James Franco: It's partly my fault people think I'm gay.

> Matt Damon on doing Michael Douglas from the back.

< 10 impossible-to-see movies starring A-list actors. Left, Kevin Bacon as a male prostitute hustling in New York's Times Square district in 1982's Forty-Deuce.

||| Oscars night was a festival of misogyny.

||| Help make history by voting for The Commitment to win the 2013 National Association of Social Workers Media Award for Best Feature Film. "The Commitment tells the story of Robert (Albert Chan) and Ethan (Jason Lane Fenton), a gay interracial couple who work to overcome many obstacles after being chosen by a pregnant woman to adopt her baby."

||| The 10 most inexplicably expensive movies ever made.

Is the name "lesbian and gay" right for our diverse film festival? "The London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival is considering changing its name after 25 years to represent its diversity. Join the debate."

< Will Smith puts his mini me to work in M Night Shyamalan's After Earth.

||| Trailers: Pedro Almodóvar's I'm So Excited; and Out in Mumbai, a documentary exploring the gay experience in India.


||| Beleaguered Kevin Clash - until recently the voice of Sesame Street's Elmo - says the men who claim Clash had sex with them when they were under-age should have filed their lawsuits earlier.

> Gay web dramas flourish as TV networks cling to the status quo. Right, Skin Deep the Series.

||| Watch new web series Normal Gays.

< Oscar-nominated documentary How to Survive a Plague to become ABC miniseries.

||| Please Like Me too gay for terrestrial Australiam TV.

||| How to organise an orgy: The 3 Bits figure it out.

||| Shameless actor Cameron Monaghan "comes out" as straight. "This is the only time I will answer this here: No, I'm not gay. Yes, I play a gay character. No, the question should not be relevant... It feels a bit odd to 'come out' as a straight guy."

||| 10 shows we can't believe don't have gay characters.

> The 10 most underrated TV sitcoms. Right, Tequan Richmond from Everybody Hates Chris. (Yes, of course we had to use that picture.)

||| One Foot In The Grave actor Richard Wilson on being outed.

< Ellen crowns her first male underwear model.

Gays of our lives: All the latest gay soap developments from around the world, with Anthony D. Langford. Left, Malick and Nathan in Holby City.

||| Gary Lucy's gay character to return as regular in EastEnders.

||| 10 reruns networks should show instead of their current series. (Our favourite suggestion: "Switch out CBS's maddeningly generic cop drama with old episodes of HBO's masterpiece. You can pretty safely bet that Blue Bloods' audience hasn't watched it! And let's face it, everyone should watch The Wire.")

||| Why YouTube isn't trying to compete with television.

Filming wraps on An Adventure in Space and Time, the Doctor Who origins drama.

||| The Ice Warriors are returning to Doctor Who, and for once the designers haven't tampered with an iconic design. The Martians last appeared in the series in 1974.

> Review: Doctor Who - The Aztecs. "An intriguing articulation of the format's views about history and destiny... A real highlight of the first year of the series."

< Raymond Cusick, the designer who created Doctor Who's Daleks, is dead. He was 84.


> A$AP Rocky: "People say I'm gay sometimes, but I have a lot of bitches so why would I care?"

||| Frank Ocean Eyes Like Sky track leaks. "I said, 'I wish you could see the ocean.' He said 'I wish you could see hope.' I said, 'Have you ever seen the mountains?' He said, 'No but my faith can move those.' I said, 'I wish you could see the stars.' He told me I should see love."

< Kaoz releases EnterSextions Vol. 2.

||| "War, I thought, was the most negative aspect of male heterosexuality. If more men were homosexual, there would be no wars, because homosexual men would never kill other men, whereas heterosexual men love killing other men. They even get medals for it." Morrissey's idea for world peace.

||| The 50 best albums you've never heard.

||| Fist Chris Brown shows that he's really a changed man by going off on a valet.

> Vanilla Ice did it better...

...And Bieber's full diaper pants!

||| Here's the only analysis you need to read on Bieber's lateness and the ensuing (media-constructed) controversy.

< Justin Bieber shows off bangin' bikini body and sexy hospital underwear while recovering in the hospital after collapsing.

> Nobody puts Bieby in a corner... "...Well except for his bodyguard, because dude is obviously picking the Biebs up and putting him in the time out corner. No juice for you, Bieby!"

||| Chasing Aaron Carter: A very brief bus trip into the aftermath of child stardom.

||| Lady Gaga fan group claims Madonna has "encouraged gay men to have unprotected sex".

||| Videos: Zebra Katz - Y I Do; and Kazaky - Crazy Law.


I met Joey Stefano. "I was 21 at Chelsea Piers, New York Gay Pride 1994. Joey Stefano came on to us, high. He was really high. My friend and I laughed at him. He ran off. Truthfully if he were not a mess I and I was alone I may have actually gone off with him. I knew his movies. I watched Splash just to see him in it. But I was young. We were cunty gay bitches in our 20′s. And he, like all celebrities, was a source of entertainment to me."

||| Go behind the porn with Jonathan Agassi in new Israeli documentary, Families.

||| A gay escort in small town Georgia tells his story.

Meet the men of Adonis Lounge, New York City's gay strip club. Yes, that is Marcus Patrick.

||| Jeff of Corbin Fisher's many arrests.

||| Fight! Brent Corrigan calls Chris Crocker a "bitchy queen," but says his hole "isn't that bad."

||| Why Chris Crocker regrets making bareback porn with his ex-boyfriend.

||| Rafael Alencar talks about being hired for sex with Catholic priests - and an entire family.

||| So, why don't gay porn studios hire more black models?

||| Raging Stallion, Dominic Ford model Micah Andrews arrested for stabbing homeless man a dozen times; sister pleads case on Facebook.

< Romeo St James is back at Flava Works - with Breion Diamond - after several years away.

||| Jay Black has also returned to the industry.

Introducing Fernando Torres.

< Austin Wilde teams up with Robbie.

||| The secret economics of gay porn - or why gay porn became so vanilla.

< Seth Knight teams up with Jake Genesis.

||| CockyBoys release a seven minute trailer for Haunting 3.

> Popular gay YouTube vlogger (and previously naked) Davey Wavey has been spending some time with the Bel Ami boys. We hate him.

< Just when you thought Hot Rod couldn't get any hotter...

||| The top 10 mainstream gay porn stars who went bareback.


||| SB Nation acquires Outsports.

The story behind OutSports' awesome new logo.

< San Francisco 49er Chris Culliver visits The Trevor Project after anti-gay slur.

> "Would it be weird if I posted a pic of myself, poolside, in a speedo, holding two chihuahuas??? Thinking about it..." New England Patriots' Zoltan Mesko wonders. He did more than wonder about it.

||| Why the loss of newly out Robbie Rogers should shame football into action.

||| Rugby star Ben Cohen on the "witch hunt" to find a gay footballer.

||| World Out Games 2017 awarded to Miami Beach.

||| White South African Oscar Pistorius is "cursed" for supporting gay equality, apparently.

||| So, which member of the Pistorius family hasn't killed a defenceless woman?

< Ian Thorpe's (I know - big yawn) image used to promote gay dance party Closet.

THE BIG PICTURE: Pakistani Kushti wrestlers in Lahore 26th February 2013.


||| Glad I'm not the only one who's sick to death of those Keep Calm and Carry On parodies.

< Get a Gummy Bear modelled after you.

||| Would you go on a cruise on the Titanic II?

||| And finally, tip yourself into the insane fifth episode of Rogue Marbie Scott's brilliant Drunk Dialers; Gay guys' thoughts while grocery shopping; why Walter doesn't believe in monogamy; and Davey Wavey ponders things not to say to a gay.

23 February - 08 March 2013

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