kaos at the 27th London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival


"Joe is a middle-aged, married man, out on a clandestine date with a teenage boy he met online. Abigayle, Joe’s teenage daughter, is spending the evening with her cocky beau Dexter, a Latino basketball player with one thing on his mind. As the two dates unfold over the course of one long, hot 4th July evening, these four individuals are forced to look at their lives and question what it is that they truly desire."

Director/screenwriter Joshua Sanchez has adapted a play by Christopher Shinn and cast four very strong actors (including The Wire's Wendell Pierce, playing against type). Four is a thoughtful, intense picture that gets under your skin. Neither Sanchez nor his cast put a foot wrong in a film that has echoes of Crash; in fact, in telling the story he needs to in an economical 76 minutes, Sanchez pulls off that rare trick of leaving them wanting more.

And yeah, E.J. Bonilla (Dexter): you're pretty as hell.

Tonight I'm seeing Bette Bourne: It Goes with the Shoes, and Taboo Yardies.
Check back for my review tomorrow!


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