Chris Brown, Part II

THANKS TO MY good friend, and pocket-sized buff-boy, Tdot (who happens to be one of the coolest people in the universe) for bringing this little gem to my attention.

If you didn't like what I had to say about the Chris Brown/Rihanna hoo-ha, you should check this out.

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Mike said...

OMG.... the "Peanuts" LOL!! Even though, I'm choked-up, right now over DLB acceptance speech for the "Milk" screenplay. It was short, sweet and moving.

But I hear YOU on the "Peanuts" YouTube clip on the Rihanna vs. CB imbroglio.

I'm of the opinion, it comes down to "mental vs. physical" abuse, what is worse? One of the two, physical, can be seen and "measure" and the other can not. So yes, the "Peanuts" gang have a point... Rihanna could have very well been "mentally abusing" CB

And in my heart of hearts, I feel mental abuse is much harsher, and leaves deeper "scars", than physical abuse.

I have no facts to base it on, that's just my opinion. Some day I believe someone will develop technology that will be able to measure mental abuse, and we'll learn that it's much harsher than we currently realize. 

So I guess if that's what you were saying in your original post, I concur.

But even still I don't think anybody ,including you, DESERVES a smack down. You're BF at the time should have just mentally abused you back instead of hitting you!!! :) just kidding, of course.

Also, the "peanuts" clip says "It's real and ALWAYS HAS BEEN" ... my reply is the past IS NOT a guide to the future.. things CAN change and thing SHOULD change....

Thanks for your posts...

taylorSiluwé ..... said...

This is awesome. And true. And I'm seeing Pig Pen in a whole new light. LMAO!!

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