Mario and his Flying Saucers

NOW THAT CHRIS Brown has been excommunicated from righteous society, Mario can step up and step in.

Mind how you go kids, those huge, projectile nipples of his are liable to take out an eye. They must have got that way from all those sleepovers with fellow straight-for-pay teen idols Bow Wow and Romeo.

The picture comes courtesy of Rod 2.0, who got it out of a Men's Health. There's some accompanying text too, but really, who needs that when you've got Mario, Bow Wow and Romeo on a sleep-over, pillow-fighting in their underwear?

(And whilst I'm at it, did anyone else misread the speech bubble "How I Got Ripped" as something else?


That was just me then.)

Elsewhere - R&B Singer Mario Shares Workout Tips with "Men's Fitness"


taylorSiluwé ..... said...

You just ruined my morning with imagery of that delightful pillow fight. *sigh*

ka-os said...

(ka-os blows freshly liberated pillow feathers at Taylor...)

Anonymous said...

I took this pic and enlarged it. WHEW! They project even more.

ka-os said...

Anon - didn't I tell you to be careful! Those things are lethal.

Jody Hyde said...

This is the best, clearest pic of Mario yet. I also enlarged it -- and have gotten many a boner.... etc....... LOL.
Hope his modeling for Pelle Pelle will also be "revealing" -- thanks ka-os!

ka-os said...

Don't thank me Señor Hyde - I got it from Rod 2.0 (see link on the article).

But I'm glad you saw it here first. I didn't know he was going to be modelling for PP. That's interesting, I look forward to that. Thanks for the heads up!! :)

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