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ARTWORK FOR THE forthcoming performance of Faggamuffin has been released. I wrote about the play last week, and my plans to buy tickets. Yes, plans. You see, whilst the writer, director and cast might have their shit together, the Tristan Bates Theatre seem intent on incompetence. How hard can they make it to book tickets? The website advises you to leave your details. "We will call you back to confirm your booking and take payment," the site claims. Eventually someone does, but seeing as how I'm not glued to my phone waiting for them to call me back (several hours later or even the next day) I miss the call. So I call back. Voicemail. You can see where this is going, can't you? I've been repeating this soul-destroying pattern for the past few days. Maybe I should resign my job and wait by the phone, hoping they'll call back- SO I CAN ACTUALLY BUY SOME FUCKING TICKETS! Previously: Souljah + Faggamuffin


Metroboi said...

Any joys with tickets yet?? Don't forget that I'm coming!!!!

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