STORIES LIKE THIS not only gimme joke, they also make life worthwhile. It also combines things I like: HP Sauce, and coppers making fools of themselves, with one of this blogs supposed remits, London (it's about the Metropolitan Police).

"Police officers rushed to hospital after a suspicious substance was thrown through a car window were released when it was identified as HP sauce. The Metropolitan Police said officers responded to reports of an 'unusual smell' coming from a car with a smashed window in Enfield, north London. They saw an unknown brown substance inside and those who came into contact with it were taken to hospital."

I'm quite partial to HP Sauce as it happens. I can't bear sausage rolls without it, and I even used some today cooking a Shepherd's pie. 'Allow BBQ sauce. Bah! Knowing some uppity Met plods were dashed with some makes me love it even more. Elsewhere - Police hospitalised over HP sauce


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