A Moment With T.I.

T.I., T.I., T.I. ...

Ordinarily, I like my men with more meat on the bone, but hell, T.I. would make a tasty lunchtime snack, or the meat in a sandwich.

So let us now look at Module 2.2: Reasons To Like T.I.

1). His film ATL is excellent. It's not a tedious gangsta thug cliché, it's a breath of fresh air. Young little gay boys the length and breadth of the States will be wishing T.I. was their big brother.

2). His voice. Never let us underestimate the power of voice. Even Servalan realised that when she was making a synthesised electronic dream version of Blake. T.I. has the kind of voice, accented by a sexually enticing drawl, that could make old J.R. give up women.

3). His cap. He wears it oh so precariously. Will it fall off? How does it stay there like that? It's a mystery.

4). He shows his pubes. OMG Blog told us so. "OMG, his pubes!" was their headline. Let it be known as a matter of policy that the ka-os blog advocates the display of pubes at any opportunity (except for redheads; that's just wrong. Unless it's that pornographically beautiful boy out of Desperate Housewives, who bears a striking resemblance to the bottom slut out of Oz - y'know, the one who got converted to Christianity by Matt Dillon, who he then bricked up in a wall).

5). His song Why You Wanna? It's a question we can apply to many situations in life. And the video is monochrome too.

6). He is from Atlanta, which manufactures large quantities of too too hot men. It's a scientific fact that global warming can be attributed to the heat coming off Atlanta-bred men.

7). He's made babies with a gurl out of Xscape, a 90s R&B group. Okay, she's female, but it's a 90s R&B group, still.

8). He does charitable work, from Hurricane Katrina relief work to helping the youf. So even though he's a bad boy he's still a good boy, really.

9). Finally, unlike über twat Ne-Yo, who felt it necessary to get high and mighty about Chris Brown/Rihanna, T.I. just said, "I've been blessed and fortunate enough to spend time around them and Rihanna is outstanding. She's the sweetest girl... Chris, he's a great guy. I can't speak on the event that took place. I don't know the details... It's not my business, but I know through all adversity comes strength and everyone goes through things for a reason."

So there you have it - 9 reasons to like T.I. Can you think of a tenth?

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Wonder Man said...

T.I. is cute. I loved him in ATL

tdot said...

I agree wholeheartedly, and I love number 3..heheh

mike said...

10) his innocent, sweet, sexy, unassuming demeanor, 11) pending prison sentence and 12) collection of unregistered machine guns... hot, hot, hot as a total lean, "mean" package...

thegayte-keeper said...

I wonder if he found it...

ka-os said...

LOL - TG-K, wonder if he found what?

Anonymous said...

fage_bag aaron says you dont have to look for it i'll find it for you and do alot more when i do im 19 and from philly so when you want me to find it for you let me knw............LOL

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