It's Not You, It's Me

"PRELIMINARY NOTE TO the esteemed teacher.

As I can safely assume that I have already failed this course - I barely turned up to any classes; I did no work; and, despite having read the text [given out at the beginning of the exam], I know you don't even like my writing style - I say to you that you are entirely correct to fail me and that I don't even deserve a mark. Because of this, I've decided to turn up, hope the exam isn't a disaster, and try to compensate for the stupid mistakes I have made over the past four months. However, the reality of life is much more cruel, and my pragmatism simply will not allow me to go ahead and waste niether my time nor that of the reader who will doubtlessly be left furious, indifferent, or maybe even amused by the following proclamation, as arrogant as it is honest..."

Did you ever realise that you were going down, but decided to do so on your own terms? Did you ever fantasise about meeting your teacher head-on for a bout of intellectual fisticuffs?


Nor did I. Reading Sanya In España's excellent account of his exam crisis made me realise that inspiration can be found very close to home, and that our friends can be more exceptional than we ever realised...

Read the whole article. Be inspired.

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Mike said...

Dang, if that's a picture of Sanya In España's, the teacher should give him an "A" for being cute. Who cares if he speaks Spanish or not? Higher education, bah!!

ka-os said...

That is he, indeed. (Shush! Don't let him hear, his head's big enough already...)

Metroboi said...

I read this blog of Sanya's the other day and I have to give him nothing but props.

To admit your "failure" and to deal with I guess with pride and like ka-os says on your own terms, is most definitely admirable.

So many people would rather hold their heads in the the sand than face up to the fact and do what they need to do to get through it.

Soooo...Sanya, you're a talented, intelligent young man. Be proud :)

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