HERE'S A GLIMPSE of the new Tottenham Court Road Underground station, due to be completed in 2016 with the addition of Crossrail.

The station is familiar to many of us as a gateway to Soho, and for being right underneath the Astoria. Of course, it's that very fact which led to the legendary venue's demise - the Astoria's last night, hosted by Manumission, will be on January 15th, after which the building will be demolished. The Astoria was home to the infamous G.A.Y. from the 1990s until last year.

As far as regeneration goes, there can be few more needy candidates than Tottenham Court Road tube, the ticket hall for which is about as big as my living room, but with 150, 000 a day passing through (although it seems like more if you're unfortunate enough to end up there).

Work starts on January 19.


Sanya in España said...

Good Riddance G-A-Y, sleaze pit and personal rent service to Jeremey What'shisname, the owner.

Next on the list: Revenge, Brighton. I was thinking maybe a Straight-friendly community information centre...

ka-os said...

Personal rent service? Are you speaking from experience, dear boy? ;)

And, er, "straight" friendly? Boo, hiss!!!

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