Pet Shop Boys in March

POPJUSTICE REVIEWS THE only worthwhile event in music this year (unless D'Angelo and Maxwell finally give birth to their overdue babies):

"You usually want to steer clear of people throwing the phrase 'return to form' around the place but 'Yes' certainly takes us back to the feel of a Pet Shop Boys most fans - and most record buyers - first fell in love with. In terms of songwriting quality it builds on the revived drive evident in 'Fundamental'. Not only that but where 'Fundamental''s production sometimes dragged songs in the direction of THE ELDERLY 'Yes' has a youthful spring in its step with sparky production, modern ideas and optimistic outlooks. Songs like 'Pandemonium' and 'Did You See Me Coming?' - which kicks off like a long lost track from the first Electronic album - are up there with 'i Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind Of Thing' and 'Liberation' in the happiness stakes."

The album 'Yes' is the Pet Shop Boys ninth studio album. It's released in March.


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