Spit Or Swallow?

HA! THAT GOT your attention, didn't it? Well, this isn't about "wine-tasting", it's about mouthwash (which you should never swallow, unless you're a serious alcoholic and the cooking wine has run out). As you all know, boffins think near enough everything causes cancer, including vitamin C and mobile phones. Now you can add mouthwash to that list. It seems that the ethanol in some mouthwashs encourages cancer-causing substances to permeate the mouth lining. Those substances include nicotine, but even those of us who don't smoke or drink (never trust a man who doesn't drink, I say) are at risk. A substance called acetaldehyde, described as a human carcinogen, can also be created - but Fag Ash Lils and imbibers are most at risk. You can still skip brushing your teeth and swill a bit of mouthwash about instead before tumbling into bed, after a night knocking back mother's ruin. Boffins behind the study recommend you switch to a mouthwash that doesn't contain alcohol.
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