I Is A Wigga, Man

"OY - DUDE, CUT the crap! You're a white dude! Stop with the afro-centric bullshit. Nothing more intolerable than a 'wigga'... As a black dude, I have the right to say that white folk have no right or reason to be so permeated in the black man's struggle. Get a life and stop the bullshit." Well, that's told me. It's not the first time anonymous commentators (both black and white) have left comments calling me wigger - and worse. I don't usually publish those comments, as they're always anonymous, but I felt that the time had come to address those accusations. Here's what I wrote in response: "Anon - how do you know I'm white? (I'm actually mixed Irish/Asian) I'll tell you what's more intolerable than a wigga: an angry, separatist "brother" with a chip on his shoulder. Now run along and jack off to James Earl Hardy. 'Black man's struggle' - ha! Not only are you a joke, you're a cliché. Finally, I'm not afro-centric, I'm just people-centric, and not a posturing, separatist racist like you. (P.S. Dude? As a "white dude" I have the right to say black folk have no right or reason to be so permeated in the surfer dude's struggle). (P.P.S. Are you the afro-centric brother on BGCLive who has "No White Dudes" on his profile, and sends me messages like "You're pretty fine for a white dude" on the DL? Yeah, I think you are.)" Anonymous is a racist. As I've said before about people of his ilk, if he were white, and I were black, and he said those sort of things to me, what would that make him? He wants to keep old wounds open, to play the victim and trade off his status as a soldier in the war against evil whitey. He hates interracial relationships, and can't stand the fact that Barack Obama's mother is white - although he'd never admit it. He sees racism in purely black and white terms: it's his struggle against me, and everyone with skin my colour. In his mind, racism isn't the complex issue that it truly is, encompassing every combination of ethnicity and nationality you can imagine. It's the poor downtrodden black man against Evil Whitey in the big house, and not Catholics vs. WASPs, Chinese vs. Japanese, Mexicans vs. African-Americans, Bajans vs. Jamaicans, West Indians vs. Africans, Pakistanis vs. Indians... Anonymous, you're insular, ignorant and a coward. And if I am a wigger, then what are you, sir? And what would I be if I said that word? (Pictured: Former Premiership footballer, and general slime ball, Ian Wright allegedly called a traffic warden a monkey, and told him to "f*** off back to your own country").


Sanya in España said...

Yeah, this is the type of person who calls learned black men "bounty", "coconut", or "oreo", because it's not "black" to study, improve one's mind and/or intellect, mingle with other (white) folk, enjoy classical music, or know any words that are actually found in a dictionary.

I wouldn't even waste my time talking about the loser.

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