Do You Pay For It?

WHO STILL BUYS porn? Not just movies, but, say magazines.

Ten years ago I was an avid "reader" of Black Inches magazine, although the comic strip at the back - and the stories - were always my favourite parts. Since Prowler is having a sale (like everyone else) I bagged a few back issues for old times sake at a giveaway price (after overcoming the shock of discovering that the dirty old rag was still going).

Now, just who buys magazines like this in 2009? Should you wish, you can have dozens of brand new pictures of any kind of man, doing almost anything, up on your screen twenty-four hours a day. There's an endless stream of blogs doing it, and they aren't restricted in the way magazines like Black Inches are (i.e. no graphic sex or penetration of any kind). How do they survive? It's a museum piece.

Then there's movies. I personally would never do such an illegal thing, but if I wanted to I could download full, high quality movies by top studios for free: things like Kristen Bjorn's Skin Deep (both discs), Falcon's Roman's Holiday, Bel Ami's A+, and an unlimited stream of full scenes and clips, not only blogs, but also on sites like So why would I fork out for an overpriced DVD. Why would I, or anyone else?

There's conflicting stories about this too. Rod 2.0 has this upbeat story on the improving fortunes of companies like FlavaWorks and Pitbull, whilst reports at Towleroad infer a collapse of the porn economy.

Someone's still paying for it, however, going by ManNet's 12th Annual Best 100 Videos of the Year. Hmm. Falcon, Kristen Bjorn, Raging Stallion, JetSet et cetera... Now what's missing from this list?

Speaking of missing, where are Pedro Andreas & Daniel Marvin? Gay porn's answer to Brangelina (how about Dandro for a moniker?), the Argentinean love Gods, fresh from conquering Roman Heart (boy oh boy) and their escapades in Kristen Bjorn's kitchen (can I get my whipped cream with that too?) seem to be missing in action from their blog, from which all their posts have vanished. Please don't tell me they've split up, because then I'd have to use my tissues for a different reason.


Tré Xavier said...

For a moment there, I thought you were going to refer to a recent blog post of mine.
While you may not download movies, as I recently exposed in the aforementioned blog post, I most certainly do.
The racism from companies like Falcon, Jet Set, Lucas Entertainment, etc. make it unfit product for me to spend my hard-earned money for. If there's a significant decline in the porn economy, those practices of racism make it well-deserved.

ka-os said...

I completely agree that racism is a problem in the gay community, and that it exists on both sides, and yes, the gay media is white-dominated and skewed towards caucasians.

However, I don't see anything wrong with all-white movies, or all-black movies. Bel Ami, for example, is there primarily to celebrate a particular ethnic type - eastern European boys. Occasionally they've featured a non-white model, but people buy Bel Ami because they want Czech boys etc. The same is true of Flava or LatinoFanClub - black guys and Latino guys respectively. The consumers of those products aren't interested in seeing some racial quota. I watch CocoDorm to get off to sexy black guys. If I want to get off to cornfed all-American beef, I can watch Falcon.

Studios like Collin O'Neal and Kristen Bjorn are extremely ethnic diverse, so if I want a mixture of flavours I can check in with them.

My point is, I've no doubt the gay porn industry is rife with racism, but that racism manifests itself in other ways. There's nothing wrong with being exclusively white or exclusively black - it's what the consumer wants.

taylorSiluwé.com ..... said...

I agree, ka-os ...
Porn is like a smorgasbord laid out with whatever your 'heart' desires at any given moment. Most of them do their particular thing very well. And best 'em all for that. ;-)

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