Don't Mess With The Boys From The Dorm

THE WHEELS OF justice do indeed turn slowly.

Way, way back in May 2007, there was something of a hoo-ha when the location of the CocoDorm was exposed on national television.

The hack, er, I mean reporter, said: "It's a normal South Florida neighbourhood. Families live here, kids play here, there are renovated homes, even a Catholic church - all in the shadow of the new Miami." There are renovated homes! Good god. That's an astonishing fact. I can use that in awkward conversations. The reporter goes on, "In this house... we discovered they're operating a hardcore, live internet sex business. Cameras installed in rooms, where customers around the world can pay to watch the men who live here have sex with each other."

That's my favourite bit of the clip "...have sex WITH each other." Yes, WITH each other, kids. The reporter emphasises that important point with just the right measure of disgust. He probably practised in front of the mirror.

The authorities were spurred into action, notices were filed, legal briefs flew about, and Shorty J's briefs continued to come off - INSIDE the Dorm. Yes ladies and gentlemen, they came OFF.

This unhappy tale of bigotry and haters has a happy ending though, with various blogs, including SGL Café and MOC Blog, today reporting that Flava Works successfully sued the City of Miami.

So the men inside the Dorm can continue to have sex WITH each other, for the benefit of you, I, and all humanity.

God bless America.

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