CocoDorm - The Siege!

Hold the front page! In a cutting edge piece of journalist investigation, NBC has uncovered and exposed the location of the CocoDorm - and (sharp intake of breath here) it's in an ordinary suburban neighbourhood, complete with brats on bikes and a Catholic church (pretty apt, really, when you think about it - Breion Diamond et al can rush over and confess their sins after savouring a nut).

The House Next Door news item features plenty of footage of Righteous Everyday Straight People being shocked when told that their neighbours are young black gay men having rampant sex. Presumably they'd prefer a good old-fashioned serial killer, or a wife beater, or maybe Daddy and his special little girl, probably caked in make-up to look three times her 7 years and paraded in a twisted beauty pageant... But I detract - this isn't a blog about Straight People And Their Ways.

Later, we see our beloved Breion Diamond door stopped by our intrepid newshound, and the dorm surrounded by cops who stick a sign on the front door listing all infringements incurred by the dorm (oddly, Scorpio's rumoured hygiene issue isn't one of them).

Poor old Flava Works - the company behind CocoDorm - have been beset by problems of late. Blog eagerly unveiled the report by the Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH) into the "additional cases of syphilis, gonorrhoea, and HIV were identified among employees and residents of the Northside dormitory." Other bloggers, such as Keith Boykin (there's a surprise) have weighed in condemning CocoDorm. I wonder why we never hear of attacks on other black porn outfits - Tyson Cane, Pitbull, Big City et cetera. Is it because Flava is headed by someone who is white?

There's plenty of companies out there churning out bareback videos by the truckload, yet condoms are ever-present in CocoDorm (with the exception of the a few bareback DVDs, out of around forty in total). And the models certainly don't seem to be there under duress. If anything, there's more laughing and joking around than actual sex. And Breion Diamond seems to me the last person anyone could take advantage of.

Still, it'll be interesting to see where this goes. Make up your own mind - check out the NBC video and read the response from FlavaWorks.

My question is this - who sent the pictures and DVDs exposing CocoDorm to all the nice, sweet straight people in the street, and why? Seems like our intrepid reporter wasn't interested in that aspect of the story...


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