Who Let The Thugs Out?

DID MICHAEL LUCAS have any idea about the can of worms he was opening when he made his now infamous comments about black models in porn?

Over at Paper Clips N' Potato Chips, the debate is about how white men perceive black male sexuality. The "Black Brute", the "submissive black bottom", and the thug are three stereotypes depicted in American porn, and Clarence wonders what forces have engineered this scenario.

My main concern with Clarence's articles (the general thrust of which I agreed with) is the notion that white men are to blame for the perpetuation, and dominance, of the thug stereotype in porn. On this I completely disagree.

The portrayal of the thug character in porn is almost exclusively limited to black-on-black/blatino/latino films. There just isn't enough porn of the type that would indicate the thug being fetishized by whites to suggest that the thug fantasy is white-driven. If it was, we might expect to see a white boy thrown into the CocoDorm, for example - if Flavaworks could sell more DVDs and memberships by selling a black-on-white gangbang fantasy, they would. But their audience is primarily black, and simply not interested in those sorts of interracial depictions.

Secondly, it seems to me that the majority of white men who are sexually attracted to black men simply aren't attracted to the thug image. The popular "type" is the conventional gay muscle man: men like Diesel Washington, Brian Bodine, Jason Tiya and Eddie Diaz et cetera. Whilst Washington and Diaz could be described as dominant tops, both Bodine and Tiya frequently appear in both passive and active roles. If we look at studios like Randy Blue, racial stereotyping is largely absent; the emphasis is on hyper masculinity, a fantasy where all parties are "one of the guys".

In short, most white men don't like the thug image. It's a black thing (or in other words, Caucasians not welcome).

For further evidence of this, look at the extraordinary racial diatribes provoked by the shutdown of thug paradise Nubian101 by "evil whitey" Titan. It's a situation portrayed both by the site's owners and its fans as black against white.

Clarence says, "Now as for the point that popularity of the thug image is principally attributed to the urban culture. That alone does not explain all of it. While surely there are African-Americans that fantasize about the ideal 'thug', that would account for it being a niche, like bears, twinks, etc."

I'd argue that the thug, or urban culture, is the popular currency of the black gay community, and not a niche at all. It's something that's been adopted as "theirs" and one which excludes whites. If you don't believe me, just log on to BGCLive, where the only niches you'll find are those black men who don't represent themselves as thugs.

You might not like it, but the dominance of the thug in porn isn't down to "evil whitey". In fact, quite the opposite: I'd argue that it's a defence against white men, something that clearly signposts the separatist mentality of us and them.


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Wonder Man said...

I can see both sides, I think we like that image of black men, but I know that's a white man's fantasy.

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