Shelton Jackson Is Dead

JUSTIN B. SMITH WRITES about the death of Shelton Jackson.

"On March the 2nd the world lost an extraordinary man, Shelton Jackson.

He was infected with HIV and wanted to share his story with the world to help save lives. I met him a couple of times at some pride events, he seemed very nice and his smile lit up the room. I never knew about the work that he did until later on. He was truly a special person and the world has lost a truly magnificent creature. I know he is in a better place and is at peace Shelton was 31 years old when he passed away. His story truly touches me because we are around the same age and he is doing what I'm doing now, trying to save lives through telling my story. It just hits so close to home when a fellow HIV Activist dies of this dreadful disease. In a matter a fact it's horrible when anyone dies of this disease. I just know in my heart this is what I've been put on this earth to do. To help as many people as I can with what I have. Thank you to the Gods for Shelton Jackson (Feb 4, 1978 - March 2, 2009)"

Words by Justin B Smith

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Moanerplicity said...

Wow. Just wow. This is heartbreaking. His passing only illustrates that this disease doesn't care if you're young, if you possess a good & decent soul, or if you're doing something of worthwhile with your time here.

I'm very sad to know of his passing, and yet I'm very glad to know that he lived, and that he MATTERED. *tearing up*

Rest In Peace, Brotha Shelton.

Snatch JOY, you deserve it!


Mr. Jones said...

I had never heard of this guy until I read this. My condolences to his family and friends.

This is a rather random (and perhaps inappropriate) aside, but in the picture where he's sitting on that hill, which is called Federal Hill btw, you can see my office building from where I'm typing this very message. Was he a Brit or an American?

ka-os said...

I didn't know about him either. So that's at least three people who now know his name, his face, and a little about what he was about, who didn't know before.

Mr. Jones, about Shelton Jackson: "Born and raised in the ruff streets of Newark, New Jersey, Shelton S. Jackson managed to escape the crime and violence of the streets through education and in the eighth grade his world was changed when he was introduced to poetry. Jackson, used this new medium to express his trails of coming out of the closet, falling in love at first sight with a man, becoming HIV positive for that love, and finally being reborn to do what he describes as 'God's will.' Jackson has published two books of poetry on his journey of acceptance."

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