Have a problem with interracial dating? Take a look in the mirror

Have you ever noticed that people who have a problem with "interracial dating" are just plain fugly? Here's today's top tip, kids: hot boys want hot boys, regardless of their race, and if you look like Shrek, you'd better lower your expectations, and stop blaming that hot white boy for getting his claws into the hot brotha you can't have.

Zeric Seymor-Armenteros
Oh oh - here we go again. A black guy has come out and said that he prefers white guys to "people in the African American community."

In this case it's a model called Zeric, interviewed on vlog Pillow Talk. Cue a tsunami of apoplectic outrage from The Righteous Brothas (you know - those self-appointed righteous guardians of black manhood, who think it's their job to police who fucks who) on blogs and vlogs all over the World Wide Web. Because, you know, this is America, and The Righteous Brothas don't believe in personal preference. Despite interracial marriage being legal in all US states since 1967, some people still can't break out of the "stick with your own kind" mentality. A Brotha's gots to be with a Brotha, and if he isn't, you can bet The Brothas (or that high priestess of hate, Jill Scott) will have something to say about it.

Remember when American news anchor Don Lemon came out? Shortly after that, the news that his boyfriend was white shocked and appalled certain quarters of the black gay community. Read, if you dare, the comments sections of blogs like Rod 2.0 and Living Out Loud with Darian, where you'll discover a tiny, narrow-minded world of race-baiting haterade.

Here's a simple truth: guys who have a problem with interracial relationships are, more often than not, fugly trolls past their use-by date.

Here's an another simple truth: The single most valuable commodity in the gay world is sex appeal, and that overrides race. If you're an ugly troll - say, the revolting love child of Kanye West and Cee Lo Green - you're just going to hate the fact that that hot white boy has got the hot black boy you can't have - and never will have. Because the sad fact is, even if that hot black guy was into the brothas, he still wouldn't want you, Shrek. He'd want Tyson Beckford. As Zeric says, "I love my black boys" - just not those pearl-clutching queens who sit in judgement on others.

This fact is bourne out by Zeric's haters. Lord ha' mercy, these queens are f**kin' ugly. Face it kids, righteous ain't pretty. That's why the world of blogs and forums is heaven for the racial separatist - the kids who look like the odious queens in the I Hate Zeric video, look like that.

One of the video's contributors says of Zeric, "Models should be seen and not heard." Oh, the irony!

They don't really hate Don Lemon's boyfriend, or the hot white boys Zeric is hookin' up with. What they hate is the ugly reflection in the mirror, and the fact that Zeric and Don just don't want them.


Unknown said...

To this day I do NOT get this division many seek to maintain when it comes to interracial relationships.

Cup-o-Noodles said...

It goes to other cultures, as well, I believe. The asians are just as bad. God forbid if you can't find a nice asian boy to become your partner. lol. Oh well. Fuck 'em.

Curious said...

Wow, I can't count the amount of ways this piece becomes more and more offensive.

KAOS said...

The opinions held by racial separatists are offensive.

A campaign of hate against a model who has a personal preference is offensive.

Bullying is offensive.

This piece - tongue-in-cheek bitch slap to the faces of some righteous queens - is probably offensive too. But then I don't dictate to others who they should be attracted to

Dean said...

I have now read the article. I agree in part and I disagree in part. I agree that "single most valuable commodity in the gay world is sex appeal'. I don't agree that all or most who oppose interracial dating are ugly (I think that they are as good-looking or ugly as anyone else) and I don't agree that labeling something as "personal preference" makes it OK. Every choice we make is a personal choice, a personal preference from who is hired to who is fired to what car is bought and more. If a black man prefers a white man because of self-hatred (including hatred of other blacks which may include dislike of black feature like a broad nose, full lips, dark skin, strong hair), then that "personal preference" is racist. I oppose racism in all it's forms and permutations. Therefore, I must oppose that. That being said, I'm all for love. Love is a good thing.

KAOS said...

Well said Dean. The opinion piece is intended to be a tongue-in-cheek bitch-slap to those who oppose interracial love (and lust!) outright. Self-hatred is a big problem in the gay community - ALL of it - and one that can't be fixed with more hatred.

KAOS said...

I thought of you when I was writing this, Cup.

KAOS said...

Heartening to hear from you, TG-K, as someone who's in a black/black relationship. I know several black/black couples who support and love their brothers in interracial relationships - shame about those who can't live and let live.

AfroGay said...

Why is Zeric telling the world that he prefers white men? Knowing it and not commenting on on it is one thing - most people eventually understand that they are not attracted to mulattoes, black-as-the-ace-of spades Nubian men, yellow boys, etc. But they don't spend time giving interviews about it unless they have a problem with the races they don't date.

Most people eventually settle for a certain type, race etc. There should be nothing shameful about that. Talking about it to all and sundry is the problem. In the same vein, public remarks about one's racial dating preference are not worth responding to.

KAOS said...

That's a good point AfroGay - it's not necessary, and hurtful to individuals to "add fuel to the fire".

It would be nice if no one at all ever made reference to race when it comes to who they hook up with.

Perhaps Zeric's had issues with his dating choices, and as he's being interviewed about his life, he's choosing to raise the subject. Just a thought...

Unknown said...

Not to go off topic, but I remember posting photos of White guy on another blog and it caused a MAJOR problem, suffice to say that was my LAST post there!

Anonymous said...

I believe some people may have been bothered by him pretending to date a black man on his tv show, Model City, only to discover that not only was that not his boyfriend but he doesn't even date brothers. True, it's reality tv but some deceptions just go too far.

I wish Zeric all the best.

Oura said...

Hmm... I have no idea who this Zeric person is, but I think mentioning that you have a racial preference in that specific interview environment is just asking for trouble.

Whether people should have a problem with it or not... Well it's kind of hypocritical for me to be honest. We're all Gay, and we're all in the middle of trying to get the right to marriage (for those who are interested in that kind of thing), and one of the arguments that comes up frequently in response to the detractors is "it's not your marriage, so why do you care?"

feels like the same applies here. He's not your man, why do you care?

Whether he has race issues DEEP inside or not, once again, He's not your man, and his issues are not yours. Why do you care?

KAOS said...

Very well said Oura!

Trojan Gayle said...

An interesting video with a range of views. i thought that Zeric my have been naive with his comments, but think he should be entitled to his views. I personally didn't like some of what he said, but thought that he could have expressed himself better. I don't think it s an issue that he dates outside his race...diversity in views should be welcomed and not condemned. Just be prepared to defended them.

Let love live.

Bruh L said...

I find this post quite ironic, because I, a Black man, have noticed that its NOT "gorgeous White men" that these Brothaz are getting with, but usually its White men who are anything but!!! White men other White men never show an interest in,
but that these Brothaz are just oh so happy to get with, for whatever insidious/incredulous reason. As a Black man who is happy to be with other Black men, I find this very insulting. Shemar Moore, you'd step over to get next to Andy Dick. Why are they so quick to hook up with the least attractive White man? Same way in gayporn, now. They will pair up the scraggliest White guy, with an appealing Brotha. Even if the Brotha is not facially attractive, he will have a nice body, and quite likely be hung. Whatever the case, he will be far more sexually appealing than the White guy he's paired up with. As if merely BEING White is the attraction. So yes, as a Black man, I find this mentality insulting and off-putting as hell. If Black men are not good enough for you, what makes YOUR Black ass so fucking worthy???

KAOS said...

@Bruh L

Thanks - you've just underlined the point I was making.

Regardless of whether you think the white guys "your" brothers are getting with are attractive, why, exactly, is it your business. It's the choice of the individual. Who made YOU the dating police?

Secondly, do you have a problem with all the super hot "bruhs" dating ugly white guys, or do you also have a problem with super hot "bruhs" dating "ugly" hispanics/Latinos/Asians et cetera.

Also: "quite likely be hung." WOW! Talk about stereotypes. The white guys you despise so much are accused of being size queens, yet you perpetuate the myth.

Lastly, you say, "if Black men are not good enough for you, what makes YOUR Black ass so fucking worthy?"

Does WHO you chose to date make you worthy? Does WHO we chose to date define us?

Bruh: You're a ignorant, and a moron. Open your eyes, and educate yourself. There's a wider world out there.

Nubian Intellectual said...

Black men that only date white men are a fucking disgrace.. the only legitimate outcome is their suicide.

KAOS said...

@Nubian Intellectual: Thank you. Your contribution (one of four similar comments - we deleted the others) perfectly illustrates the mentality of the ignorant, the bigoted, the Nazi.

I hope, one day, you wake from your night of hate.

Nubian Intellectual said...

@Zee Jai
Save your psuedo indignation. Your kind are a stinging reminder of how effective the white slave driver was. Many blacks (unfortunately) don't have a clue as to the depth of indignity we suffered by these trashy whites (historically speaking). The fact that a black man could have the [audacity] to say he dates "exclusively" outside of his ethnic population.... well..its nauseating and insulting to our ancestors. Thus, these kinds of sellouts are an inconceivable disgrace.

KAOS said...

I shouldn't bother with internet trolls like you, Nubian Intellectual (ha! talk about a misnomer!), but what the hell...

"Blacks" (wtf?) not having a clue about past injustice? Clearly, the Afro-Caribbean diaspora isn't as clued up as you. Shame on them - those "blacks"!

And those "trashy whites"! Really? They're ALL the same, ALL rotten to the core, ALL guilty of keeping those "blacks" down? Really?

Here's a super fast lesson: that's called prejudice.

As for "the black man" having the "audacity" to freely love who he chooses to - wow! the audacity! He should know his place, and love who he's told to love - presumably, by "Nubian intellectuals."

I'm not indignant, just mildly amused at your ignorance.

Get help.

KAOS said...

RE: Recent racist comments left by Nubian Intellectual (Ha! talk about a misnomer!) and his duplicate profiles.

ka-os|theory is not being discontinued. We're fighting on, as long as there remain racist separatists to educate and enlighten.

Look out for our new Tumblr photo blog, coming very soon, called "Jill Scott's Nightmare", which will showcase interracial couples. I just KNOW you'll love it! x

Nubian Intellectual said...

Disgusting. orally copulating the white culture by advocating self-hate through interracial dating. People that date *exclusively* outside their GENETIC group are mentally damaged, self-hating, and dangerous. I sincerely hope this blog promoter is killed. Its probably ran by some racist white person pretending to be black.

KAOS said...

Hey "Nubian Intellectual" (hahahahahahahahahaha)!

Glad to see you're back with us. Gee, you just can't stay away, can ya, you crazy mixed up kid!

Lots of love,

Zee Jai

P.S. "Its" has an apostrophe in it. :)

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