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< Alaz Brezhan lenses Derek Keeton for Fantasticsmag.

> Let's kick off with this beautiful shot of Air Force Airman Luis Peralta (left) reuniting with his boyfriend, U.S. Marine Peter Apiag, from the boys' Tumblr. Beautiful, sexy, inspiring.


|||| In California, the New Year brings a raft of new laws protecting the GBLT community.

< A gay San Francisco couple have won a two year reprieve against deportation; Bradford Wells and Anthony John Makk have lived together for nearly 20 years in the Castro district, but the US immigration department want to deport Makk.

> Julius' - possibly New York's oldest gay bar - shuts its doors.

|||| Staten Island teen Christopher Orlando jailed for 60 days for his role in Stonewall Inn gay-bashing.

|||| Men can be rape victims too, America decides.

< The architectural firm behind New York's High Line has been chosen to redesign the gay landmark Fire Island Pines Pavilion.

> As if Dallas wasn't gay enough already.


|||| Tesco denies rethink on backing for gay pride festival. "Supermarket chain says it is fully committed to sponsoring event despite claim from conservative Christian group."

|||| Tesco, LGBT Pride and the trap the gay media fall into. "Tesco's supposed withdrawal of sponsorship from Pride is a non-story peddled by fundamentalist networks."

< Gay mathematician hero Alan Turing honoured with stamp.

|||| MP Diane Abbott is "sorry" for her Twitter race slur. She wrote, "White people love playing 'divide & rule'".

> This woman and her boyfriend tortured and drowned a 15-year-old boy because they believed he was a witch. Welcome to London 2012.


|||| SPAIN: Country's first gay retirement home passes its first hurdle. "Madrid suburb cedes land for project as gay NGO plans home 'where no one will have to hide their sexuality."

|||| HUNGARY: Anti-gay constitution becomes law.

|||| BELARUS: Love is equal.


|||| NIGERIA: Islamists unleash wave of violence against Christians.

|||| SIERRA LEONE: A mob of around 1000 anti-gay protesters hit the streets of Freetown on Friday.


< INDIA: Monks gather to hear the Dalai Lama, 4th January 2012.

|||| INDIA: In New Delhi, gay artist Balbir Krishan has been the victim of a homophobic attack at an exhibition of his own work. The attack was captured on video.


|||| An open letter to the UAE on human rights abuses.

> How not to advertise your gym.


|||| Cognitive decline sets in as early as 45.

|||| Would you die earlier for the perfect bod?

|||| Why "manscaping" isn't just for porn stars anymore.


< NORWAY: A dog walks on a beach carpeted in hundreds of thousands of dead herring.

|||| Boffins discover underwater world of creatures thriving in temperatures of 400C.


|||| Google home page gets radical overhaul.

|||| Microsoft celebrates IE6 death.

Tablet for two: The Brothers Mueller, twin maestros of the iPad, will make you see double. "They're the toast of New York media. And yes, boys, they're gay."

|||| Troubled Kodak prepares for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection filing.


Hidden in the Open: A photographic essay of Afro American male couples.

|||| Fuerte Men: Finally, a Hispanic LGBT magazine for the rest of us.

> Kevin Keller - Archie Comics' first gay character - married boyfriend Dr. Clay Walker this week. Lovely.

< So, Why Are Faggots So Afraid Of Faggots?: Flaming Challenges to Masculinity, Objectification, and the Desire to Conform. "If you are concerned - and you should be - about how our collective community is being subsumed by a dumb-downed, consumer-driven and utterly vanilla existence, you owe it to yourself to pick up a copy of this book."

> Talking to Brontez Purnell about love, compassion, and rock & roll.

|||| Review: The Marbled Swarm, by Dennis Cooper. "A carnivalesque switchback of secret passageways, incest, cannibalism and a haunting sense of isolation."

|||| Eve Arnold, the photojournalist, is dead. She was 99. In pictures.


||| Naked Boys Singing! no more.


< Review: Silent Running. "It projects a strong, if simplistic, message mixed with a nostalgia for the period in which it was made and yet postulates a problematic hero."

|||| Why does Hollywood hate gay sex?

|||| Ian McKellen: Shakespeare enjoyed sex with men.

> Noel Clarke (Metrosexuality, Doctor Who) joins Star Trek 2 cast.

|||| How to Survive a Plague, a new documentary by filmmaker David France, is "the untold story of the efforts that turned AIDS into a mostly manageable condition... Their story stands as a powerful inspiration to future generations, a road map, and a call to arms... Without rejuvenated vigilance, transmission is on the rise – most remarkably, among young gay men who are ignorant of how AIDS activists beat back a plague, and along the way changed the world."


|||| Controversial sitcom Work It is a ratings flop...

...Unlike the new Absolutely Fabulous specials, which were so successful the BBC now wants a full series.

< Kristy McNichol - star of 80s sitcom Empty Nest - has come out.

|||| Harry Connick Jr to guest star on Law & Order: SVU.

|||| EastEnders' Pat: Celebrities pay tribute.

> EastEnders' Pat: 10million watch much-loved character's passing on New Year's Day, and another 10million tuned in for the aftermath on Monday.

|||| EastEnders' Pat: St Clement "didn't want Pat to die", and "why it was time to leave".

|||| EastEnders' Pat: I've been watching Pat Butcher almost all my life.

|||| EastEnders' Pat: The funeral, in pictures.

< EastEnders: The Olympic Park is added to the titles.

> EastEnders: Meet newcomer Ray Dixon, played by former Footballers' Wives star Chucky Venn.

|||| MTV's True Life profiles gay chubby chasers.

|||| Here's a look at the new 10 part season of Spartacus: Vengeance.


< Brent Corrigan and Brent Everett reunite on New Year's Eve. More pictures at Brent Everett's blog.

|||| Sean Cody's three-way double-penetration breeding bareback bonanza!

|||| Should Sean Cody's decision to go bareback be met with a boycott?

|||| So, about raw desire, depicting bareback sex and calling out hypocrisy.

|||| Los Angeles "bareback ban" campaign launches.

> Is iconic 90s auteur Enrique Cruz about to make a comeback?

|||| Escort faces court for distributing gay fisting DVDs...

...and is acquitted in "a victory for sexual freedom".


|||| Magic Johnson on 20 years living with HIV, homophobia in hip-hop and the fight against AIDS.

< Alabama Crimson Tide fans celebrate gay bashing in t-shirt planned for National Championship win.


Own Mario Lopez's underwear!

|||| A small, beautiful tale of brotherly love.

|||| When eating out, make sure you start with a phone stack.

|||| On the menu: gay food, or straight food?

|||| Alcoholic soup!

|||| Eat your Christmas tree.

|||| And finally, imagine you're on the Tube with this boy. You'd smile, wouldn't ya?

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