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The rise and rise of the spornosexual.

VICE asked some gay men if they'd rather be straight. Here's what they said.

Fifty-five gay power couples. Above, Lee Daniels & Jahlil Fisher.

What I really wanted to say on The Daily Show’s trans episode.

The smug style in American liberalism.

Five ways white millennials view race today.

The black people erased from history.

Black atheists explain what it's like to be a "double minority" in America.

Why so many celebrities have died in 2016.


Does "damaged masculinity" help explain Columbine and other mass shootings?

Suicides are rising in the United States, and no one really knows why.

President Obama responds to the UK's travel warning: "I want everybody here in the United Kingdom to know that the people of North Carolina and Mississippi are wonderful people. They are hospitable people. They are beautiful states, and you are welcome."

The oldest gay bar in New York city, Julius’, has restaged the famous “Sip-In” which led to making it legal to serve gay people a drink.

Salt Lake City council votes unanimously to rename 900 South as Harvey Milk Boulevard.

Secrets of a gay Jehovah’s Witness: How I escaped the religion and rebuilt my life.

Queen bigot Kim Davis' latest legal defeat.

Whole Foods sues pastor over alleged cake slur.

Tony Spence, an editor at the Catholic News Service, has been forced to resign, reportedly because of pro-LGBT Tweets.

Anti-gay religious group sues San Francisco to remove "grossly unseemly" outdoor urinals at Dolores Park.

On the public's obsession with showers and toilets.

I was raped 2,000 times: One transgender woman’s prison hell.

Why boycotts are not the answer to the South's hatred.

"Evil, degrading, addictive, harmful": Utah officially deems porn a public health crisis.

Bad housing laws have turned San Francisco's tech boom into a crisis for Oakland.

How Amazon's same-day delivery service reflects decades of residential segregation.

Why is America pulling down the projects? "For decades some of the poorest people in the US have lived in subsidised housing developments often known as 'projects'. Many of these projects, however, are now being torn down and studies suggest only one in three residents find a home in the mixed-income developments built to replace them."

On Pruitt-Igoe, the troubled high-rise that came to define urban America. "From its fanfare opening in 1954 to its live-on-TV demolition three decades later, the St Louis public housing project remains a powerful symbol of the social, racial and architectural tensions that dogged America’s cities in the mid-20th century."

Monica Lewinsky: "The shame sticks to you like tar". "Nearly 20 years ago, Monica Lewinsky found herself at the heart of a political storm. Now she’s turned that dark time into a force for good."


The Foreign Office has issued a travel warning to LGBT tourists, not for the Middle East or Africa, but the US.

LGBT school program accredits sixty UK schools as LGBT friendly.

The BBC announces new diversity targets for LGBT people, ethnic minorities, women, and disabled people.

Activists heckling a swanky property industry awards ceremony, in pictures.

NORTHERN IRELAND  20-year-old Derry student Conol Cassidy: "I was attacked because I’m gay."

SCOTLAND How Holyrood became the most LGBT parliament in the world.


FRANCE  Calais and the shantytown on its doorstep. "Once a centre of industry as well as a prosperous port, the city is now synonymous with the misery of migrants, and its residents are not enjoying their notoriety."

UKRAINE  Chernobyl's eerie exclusion zone thirty years on, in pictures.

ISRAEL  Jerusalem Pride killer Yishai Schlissel convicted for stabbing seven people — one fatally — in 2015’s parade.

KUWAIT  Forty-one men arrested in "gay raid" of massage parlour.

Czech Republic to be known as "Czechia".

The African Queer Youth Initiative launches an anonymous survey of young LGBTIQ Africans.

UGANDA  The new, devastating report documenting 264 verified cases of human rights abuses against LGBT Ugandans based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

UGANDA  LGBT activist Kabuye Najib attacked by a gang of eight men.

AUSTRALIA  Telecom giant Telstra does another u-turn and publicly supports marriage equality again.

AUSTRALIA  The gay Anzacs who refused to stay silent.


On new documentary A Road to Home, which follows the days and nights of homeless gay New Yorkers.

INTERVIEW  Talking to King Cobra's Garrett Clayton about Disney, sex with Christian Slater, and everything in between.

Looking movie to debut at Frameline - the San Francisco International LGBTQ Film Festival - which is celebrating its 40th anniversary.

Twenty-six LGBT icons who need biopics.

Madonna's Blond Ambition dancers. "It's 25 years since seven male dancers were picked out by Madonna for her Blond Ambition tour. They became gay role models and celebrities in their own right but inevitably the bubble burst."

On Strike A Pose, in which Madonna's dancers take the limelight.

INTERVIEW  Talking to directors Ester Gould and Reijer Zwaan their new documentary, Strike A Pose.

REVIEW  Strike A Pose. "Despite the pensive nature of a significant part of the film, the themes of resilience and spirit come through strongly in footage of the men striking a pose again now, assuming their semaphoric voguing stances in dance studios, in the great outdoors, on the street or alone in their living rooms." (Hollywood Reporter) "Once its flashback aspects are exhausted, 'Pose' doesn’t prove all that revealing or substantial, its last third feeling like a padded over-stretch of thin material." (Variety) "Gould and Zwann's film runs along perhaps too familiar formal lines to have many tricks up its sleeve: it establishes a rhythm of switching between the dancers individually in their post-fame lives, that we just know must end with a reunion." (The Playlist)

REVIEW  Four Moons. "An involving and often sexy quartet of tales, looking at different stages of life and relationships, all told in a smart and entertaining way."

REVIEW  You and I. "An interesting film, but only if you’re willing to do a lot of the work yourself – otherwise it’s in danger of seeming like some good-looking guys travelling around for no particular reason."

REVIEW  Mapplethorpe: Look At The Pictures. "A genuinely interesting watch, with Barbato and Bailey bringing a sharp eye to their subject, along with great access to those who knew the artist."

REVIEW  Memories Of A Penitent Heart. "A powerful look at a family tragedy that uncovers secrets and recriminations that go far beyond a single situation. It illuminates both a particular time in gay history, and how far the pain family members can cause one another can go, even when in their own minds they believe they are doing the right thing."

REVIEW  Tootsie (Blu-ray). "It’s not often that the special features really give you a far fuller appreciation for a film, but this Tootsie Blu-ray manages it, showing just how much thought and effort went into a movie that even 34 years on is one of the smartest and most prescient looks at gender roles and the place of women that Hollywood has ever made."

INTERVIEW  Talking to Dustin Lance Black about growing up gay and Mormon.

Blown up – how cinema captured the dark heart of the swinging 60s. "It’s 50 years since Time declared London ‘swinging’ and foreign film-makers flocked to the capital to tells its stories. From A Hard Day’s Night to Blow-Up, the era-defining movies rolled out. But beneath the glam, paranoia, madness and violence were never far away."

Being an Asian actor is hard even without Scarlett Johansson taking your roles...

...Because Hollywood’s best Asian roles still go to white people.

How cinema helped Belfast – and vice versa. "Hollywood thrillers loved portraying Belfast as an adrenalised war zone full of hard men and across-the-barricades love affairs. But it was more thoughtful visions – the wounded freedom fighter of Odd Man Out, Angel’s languid saxophonist – that helped a traumatised city find itself."

Martin Scorsese, Robert De Niro, Jodie Foster, and more on Taxi Driver at forty. "You could taste the humidity, you could taste a sense of anger and violence that was emanating from the streets themselves."

The making of a Hollywood princess. "Sixty years ago, Grace Kelly married Prince Rainier of Monaco in a wedding conceived, designed, and directed by MGM studios."

Essential philosophical cinema: Fifty films.

WATCH  The Founder (trailer).


American Idol loser runner-up La’Porsha Renae backtracks on anti-gay hate rhetoric.

YouTube singer Sam Tsui comes out, announces he has married his longtime boyfriend, fellow YouTuber Casey Breves.

A casting report of every LGBT character on TV right now.

Idris Elba to star in Showtime’s new ’70s drama Guerrilla.

Has Drake come to the rescue of the cancelled Top Boy?

O.J.: Made In America: A meticulous, powerful documentary companion to The People vs. O.J. Simpson.

This season of Girls was its best yet. Here’s why.

EastEnders gay Paul Coker leaving as actor Johnny Labey moves on.

Fourteen of the worst TV cop shows ever: HolbyBlue, Rosemary and Thyme, Mrs Columbo and more.

Can Inside Amy Schumer and Broad City overcome the underdog complex?

REVIEW  Grace & Frankie - Season One. "Two women dealing with having gay husbands could have been recipe for misjudged comedy and inadvertent homophobia, but thanks to smart scripts and some truly top-notch acting talent, Grace & Frankie is a great watch."

Are big game shows dying?

WATCH  The latest episode of About Him; Go-Go Boy Interrupted; Living 4 The Weekend; and new web series Love@FirstNight (promo).

At Night

On Cincinnati's gay opera, Fellow Travellers.

Here's what happens when the depraved side of the internet is recreated IRL at Vienna's experimental theater Schauspielhaus Wien.

Art + Design

Was the Mona Lisa’s iconic smile based on that of Leonardo da Vinci’s gay lover, Gian Giacomo Caprotti?

On Project Lives, the new book of photographs taken by dozens of New York City public housing residents.


The Publishing Triangle, the association of LGBT publishing, has announced the winners for its 28th Annual Triangle Awards in LGBT Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, and Debut Fiction, and, for the first time, Trans and Gender-Variant Literature.

Why I came out as a gay children’s book author.

REVIEW  The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal, by E.K. Weaver. "Everyday adventures that regular people find themselves in. Weaver is reminding us of the simple yet complex pleasures of meeting someone new, visiting new places, and eating Waffle House."

REVIEW  Guapa, by Saleem Haddad. "A fascinating story with elements of a life richly lived, and if Guapa finds its way into the canon of queer literature, we will all be stronger for it."

READ  An excerpt from Edmund White’s new novel Our Young Man.

Meet New Super-Man, Chinese teenager Kenan Kong.

Ten visually stunning LGBT coffee table books that will start a conversation.

On the rag, a weekly look at the free gay 'zines.

Beats, Rhymes
& Life

Don’t believe the hype — the “music industry” is doing just fine. Musicians? Not so much. Same as it ever was.

So Solid Crew then and now: What happened to Romeo (above), Lisa Maffia, MC Harvey and the rest?

Fifteen truly underrated hip-hop albums.

Why we grieve artists we've never met, in one tweet.

Prince gave black kids permission to be weirdos.

Why you can’t find Prince’s music online.

Prince, in fourteen songs that show why he's a musical legend.

Prince's name change and his epic battle with his label.

WATCH  Elijah Blake - Whatever Happened; and Holy Faya & KillASon Present: The Black Crook.

Red Light

On Sedarlicious, New York City's party for gay Jews celebrating "the night away as if we just left Egypt yesterday."

Former gay porn star Mike Dozer (aka Christopher Steele) has been sentenced to eight more years in prison for having sex with a 14-year-old boy, and failing to disclose that he was HIV-positive.

Colby Jansen admits to being fake fucked in scene.

INTERVIEW  Talking to LeGrand Wolf, the man behind Mormon-themed porn website

WATCH  Boomer Banks talks to Davey Wavey about his penis being too big.


Chilean cop Hugo Alcalde's pioneering wedding with Jose Luis Valdes.

Médecins Sans

How antidepressants help repair the brains of HIV-positive people.

Prostate awareness is "dangerously low" in British men.

Why people sleep badly in an unfamiliar place.

You can’t sleep in a hotel because your brain is in survival mode.


Ten legendary lesbian bars where we wish we could hang out.

The sugar conspiracy. "In 1972, a British scientist sounded the alarm that sugar – and not fat – was the greatest danger to our health. But his findings were ridiculed and his reputation ruined. How did the world’s top nutrition scientists get it so wrong for so long?"

Why McDonald's fries taste so good. "Mysterious, man-made 'natural flavor' explains why most fast food—indeed, most of the food Americans eat—tastes the way it does."


On the human cost of your fashion obsession.


Why I hated being a cop.

I Own 51% Of
This Company!

How Boots went rogue. "Britain’s biggest pharmacy used to be a family business, dedicated to serving society. Now, many of the company’s own staff believe that its relentless drive for profit is putting the public at risk."

Why "Uber for X" companies are struggling even as Uber thrives. "It's not just an app, it's a loophole in some bad regulations."

The battle over the Sea-Monkey fortune. "It involves a former 1960s bondage film actress, a Jewish neo-Nazi, the husband of the speaker of the Tennessee House of Representatives, and a whole lot of creative marketing."

Planes, Trains
& Automobiles

US FAA says shooting down drones is a federal crime.

On the New York City subway's "swipe-beggars".

The London escalator trial shows how our fear of change defeats logic.


NBA: No All-Star game for North Carolina if anti-LGBT law isn't changed.

Madison expresses interest to be host of 2022 Gay Games.

Rugby returns to the Olympics after ninety-two years.


Limbs, fins evolved from fish gills, new evidence suggests.

Why climate change is so important, in one chart.

WATCH  This 4K view of our planet from the ISS. (Make sure to change the resolution to “2160p 4k” on settings!)

And Whilst You're
Thinking About That,
Think About This...

And finally, Andrew on being gay for comedy; Kenneth discusses sex abuse; Walter on disclosing your HIV status;  and James looks into Tinder...
See you kids next week - it's been emotional! Zee Jai

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Issue 235: 18-24 April 2016



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