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Here at the ka-os blog, we'd like nothing more than to stop you looking at other blogs. Don't look at them! You can get everything you need right here. Trust me.
You might want to spend a little time with Justin, however. He's very cute and very engaging. And he's in moving pictures too - with sound!
Justin B Smith, in case you don't know, is HIV positive, and he's put together a HIV Journal to "hopefully save someone's life." It's a series of YouTube videos following his experiences, and it's incredibly intimate, moving and, thanks to Justin's effervescent personality, frequently funny.
After watching, I was left with a deep sense of anger that this is still happening, decades after the height of the virus in the eighties. That's not a judgement on Justin, it's questioning why we seemingly haven't learned our lesson. Why are gay men still having unprotected sex? I've already talked about my own close shave with the virus, and I know a lot of friends who've confessed (or even bragged) about barebacking. It's been well-documented that complacency has set in, that boys think having HIV can be fixed by popping a pill like a vitamin once a day. Justin's videos show the stark reality, and it's no walk in the park.
Watch his video journal. It's important. Just promise you won't go and download Bareback Cum Party afterwards.


Anonymous said...

i love the way he says 3 boyfriends..
America really is a different world.
geese louise.

still with a viral load that high!! gosh thats never going to be gd

Mister said...

Well Thank you Anonymous American is a different world but I would judge it because of your own opinion on what a relationship should be.

Justin B Smith

and I'm now undetectable that is MY viral load

ka-os said...

Don't ya just hate it when the comment is anonymous? In fact I shouldn't allow anonymous posting... Thanks for responding to that Justin!! :)

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