...out of time

"The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there..."

THIS WEEK'S OUT OF TIME wasn't going to be about the World Trade Center. Again.

OK, I'm obsessed. I see World Trade Center imagery everywhere. Take this T-shirt. "Is that...?" I asked partner in crime the MelBot, with whom I was looking at clothes online. He rolled his eyes in a "There he goes again" kinda way. 

And it isn't the Twin Towers, it's just a partially obscured H. Tonight's StepBack was going to be the '80s advert that made me gay. Then, in YouTube's More From column, I saw the thumbnail above for '91 advert for nappies. Just watch the animation. Could it be anymore prescient?


Dusty Boot said...

That whole animated sequence with the puff of smoke coming off of it.... a wee bit disturbing.

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