Cut Or Uncut? (09 Remix)

ALMOST TWO YEARS ago to the day, the question posed by this blog was Cut Or Uncut?

That's because the World Health Organization and UNAIDS had just announced that circumcision was an effective preventative measure in the reduction of the spread of HIV.

Further evidence has now emerged, with Ugandan boffins and white coats at Johns Hopkins University making some pretty astonishing discoveries. "We already knew that circumcision can decrease men's HIV risk by 60%," said Dr. Matthew R. Golden, one of the reports authors. "Now we know that male circumcision reduces men's risk of herpes by 25% and of human papillomavirus by a third." Which says to me, foreskin is bad. It's just not hygenic. God gave us underwears so we wouldn't need an extra envelope of skin. Take it off, I say. President Obama's tenure will be miserable failure unless he makes circumcision mandatory. So, what do you prefer? Cut or uncut?

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Anonymous said...

I'll go with cut. One, because sex is so much enjoyable and two, because if a guy is not careful with his hygiene, foreskin can give his manhood a not very pleasurable odour.

Er, but hold on ka-os, is that 'thing' for real? I mean it looks like it can hurt.

LongOverdo said...


ka-os said...

Miss Shallotte, I knew you were a lady of taste, and discernment.

Unfortunately, I can't personally guarantee that the piece is for real. But I'd sure love to inspect it.

Dusty Boot said...

Oh god. ROFLOL. I'll make my story short. I'm uncut. I keep it clean. But as I get grown, my foreskin is becoming tight, and it's giving me pain every now and then. The doc actually wanted to cut it off, but I was about to be deployed overseas last year. Now it's time to revisit that. A bit scary!

Curious said...

I've seen the original picture, this one is photoshopped.

As for your question, are you asking for my preference or my physical state? All I'm going to say is I like what I'm not.

Tré Xavier said...

I am UNCUT. And proud of it! God made me this way, and I'm not going to believe some bullshit propaganda to further their agenda. If you want to be that gullible, and not realize that that is all this is, you go right ahead. Because if it's not, then explain this to me - why is the number of STD infections growing in the U.S. when most Americans are unlike myself CIRCUMSIZED?

Now, close your mouths, because you have no reasonable answer. There are too many factors involved to make a judgment call on this matter, such as INDIVIDUAL hygienic and sexual habits.

Bottom line is whether you be natural and uncut, or mutilated and cut, YOU NEED TO CLEAN YOUR DICK!

Moanerplicity said...

Men are not their dicks! Well, most of us are not. I try not to judge. Cut or uncut, it's the person its connected to that matters most. I'd hate to think someone would judge my worthiness due to my dick, its size or whether or not it wears nature's turtleneck. I realize some do and will but those aren't the kind of people I'd want anywhere NEAR my dick.


Anonymous said...

I have a preference for uncut cock. I just love the way it looks.

ka-os said...

Tre - don't be silly now. You can't argue with science. And in answer to your question, here's an important excerpt from the original article:

"Circumcision rates have been declining in the United States and are lowest among black and Hispanic patients - groups with the highest rates of HIV, herpes and cervical cancer."

I can't believe you're taking issue with the science. It's like the Pope taking issue with condoms.

ka-os said...

Moanerplicity - it was a lighthearted, tongue in cheek question. It wasn't intended to offend anyone or condemn every man with an uncut dick. Hell, I've had many a beautiful, fresh'n'clean uncut tool.

Curious - good answer. And shame about that picture. :(

Grant said...

I am uncut, I dont care what my partner has, I am not super fascinated by dicks, but hygiene is important for both, I keep it clean at all times.

But even bringing up the fact that your this much percent less likely to contract HIV or an STI if you have an uncut penis is not relevant.

Yall should be having safe sex people, Cut or Uncut.

I mean if your turned off because I have not cut my foreskin thats cool, but it should only be due to a physical preference, because we were only ever going to have safe sex anyway.

But on a personal note, I enjoy sex with my uncut penis and many of my partners dont seem to get the same enjoyment from penetration. I find motion alot more enjoyable than they do.

Tré Xavier said...

Ka-os, you are forgetting (or ignoring) my religious background. Where I believe in God first, then science. And the science you are being so faithful to would not have any degree of accuracy if, AS I STATED ALREADY, men would clean their dicks.

From my religious stand point, I don't think God would have gave us foreskin if it wasn't meant for us to have. It is therefore each males responsiblity to hygienically maintain their cocks. If not, then that's on them.

ka-os said...

You're right Tre - I am forgetting *AND* ignoring your religious background.

Keep talking about God and cleaning dicks (the relevance to the spread of STDs is what, exactly?) Forgive me if I chose to listen to the people who've carried out research with the intention of preventing the spread of STDs.

And I hope you, the Pope, AIDS and God are all very happy together.

alana said...

These kinds of conversations are ridiculous because the results depend on so many different factors (everything from religious preference to socio-economical issues can make a significant impact).

Circumcised or uncircumcised only becomes a factor when people have unsafe sex or multiple partners. If a man has even a moderate increase in sex partners it would negate the effects of circumcision.

We should also keep in mind that these findings are based off of African men and NOT Americans. Maybe there would be little difference, but until the testing is done we have no way of knowing.

Niyi Crown said...


I am here laughing my tiny little ass of at your comment to Tre.

I think that people should be in support of preventing the spread (weather the are willing to get cut or not).

What disappoints me most about Tre's comment is the fact that he brought God into it. I believe that God made us with logic so that we may discover science. The two go hand in hand. Using god as an argument against science (or vice versa) is like using the sun as an argument against the moon. It doesn't make sense!

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