Battle of the Sex Sites With A Racial Twist

WHEN IT COMES to porn, there's few Tube sites I can be bothered with.

The XTubes of this world are all about 30 second trailers for movies. Why bother? The Net is littered with philanthropic bloggers uploading full movies from major studios. If I wanted to (and, of course, being an upstanding law-abiding citizen, I wouldn't) I could download Chi Chi LaRue's mind-blowing Black Balled 6 (two words: Eddie Diaz), Falcon's Roman's Holiday (six words: Pedro Andreas, Daniel Marvin, Roman Heart) and Rockafellaz Raw Dickin It #1 - all for free.

There's one Tube site that really is worthwhile, and that's Type in Jovonnie or Shorty J and you'll be presented with an extensive menu of full scenes (the only problem being Nubian101 takes an eternity to load. That site, and that site alone, cripples my computer). Nubian101 offers a comprehensive overview of a particular gay subculture; the blatino homothug.

Try and open Nubian101 today and you'll have a problem. The site is down.


According to the site's owners, it's all down to the notoriously litigious Titan Media. Their copyrighted material has been uploaded by a Nubian101 member, and Titan have thrown their toys out of the pram.

What's disturbing is that Nubian101 are trying to make it a racial issue: "In our opinion [Titan] doesn’t cater to our viewers or any of the needs of the black gay, lesbian, bisexual, and trans-gender community."

The men of Titan may be mostly white, but they're also Latino and black. Diesel Washington (above left) is a major Titan star.

What Nubian101 are saying, essentially, is that the black gay community is concerned exclusively with the perpetration of the gangsta thug stereotype that's the popular currency when it comes to black, gay sexuality - thanks to sites like Nubian101.

It seems to me that the purpose of Nubian101 is to brand black gay men as faggamuffins and homothugs. Thug, Thug, THUG. You can say "shut the hell up white boy, what do you know" as much as you like, but I happen to know that a lot of black gay men aren't exactly thrilled at being consistently portrayed purely as thugs. Just ask my good friend, (black) porn star and fellow blogger Tré Xavier.

It's therefore somewhat disingenuous for Nubian101 to make their legal woes out to be a racial issue - a lot of black gay men would argue that Nubian101 do more harm to black people than good.

Nubian101 are selling a tawdry, bling-encrusted fantasy of young, du-rag wearing ghetto youth. They play on a tired stereotype, and they're selling it to both black and white gay men. So please, don't come the high and mighty and claim to be a bastion of the black gay community, 'cos you ain't. Far from it.

Here's the Nubian101 official statement - for what it's worth:

Dear Members, has been taken down due to a pending lawsuit with
Titan Media. Out of the thousands of media on, it seems a few photos and a video clip of Titan’s models were posted by a couple of members onto our site. Oddly enough the media did not feature Nubians. When Titan Media requested they be removed, we did so immediately. This was not enough for Titan Media. They wish to own's soul. In other words, when you type in you would be redirected to Titan Media products. A site that in our opinion really doesn’t cater to our viewers or any of the needs of the black gay, lesbian, bisexual, and trans-gender community. This particularly does not sit right with the founders and I'm sure with you the viewers and faithful members.

What can we do? We have a huge membership and a viewer base large enough to be heard at Titan Media headquarters. As far as we are concerned we have immediately taken down their media and are now personally choosing to boycott anything to do with Titan Media Group.

It is time for us to stick together and not be bullied into giving up our community. We have prided ourselves in working with any porn companies that had DMCA claims and have provided media approved by them. That said, we welcome your thoughts on this matter and will pass them on to Titan Media about their attempted takeover of They may be Titans but we are Nubians.

Jason & TDL founders


Metroboi said...

Oh please! "It is time for us to stick together and not be bullied into giving up our community" What is that all about? Since when does a situation like this equal a racial issue? Good PR though! Make a mountain out of a molehill, build up a fuss over you and get your name even more well known! Maybe not for the right reasons, but any PR is good PR apparently! There's no moral high ground in this, it's simply a stunt

Grant said...

I don't know - That is not how I interpreted their statement, Nubian 101 is one of my favourite sites, and whilst i found their comments a little off putting (not quite what i was expecting) I think they just stood to be an online community sharing erotic media thatwas predominately of Black men - I dont really interpret their content as perpetuating racial stereotypes and all the videos wernt thug or trade vids. But I do enjoy it :D or did. :(

In the meantime Can you please link us with such titles as Rockafellaz Raw Dickin It #1 hah or perhaps just lead us in the right direction to blog sites of the same nature.

taylorSiluwé ..... said...

damnit - as soon as i find out where to download more Jovonnie they're down. I heard about this last night and read the release, but didn't think much of it because I'd never been to Nubian 101.

I must admit, the "It's racist!" tone made me laugh, so I agree. It sounds more like "It's business!" to me.

But back to Jovonnie, I got a couple of downloads of his pretty ass. I could watch him 'work' all day. Good to know we have the same taste. Now we really must compare notes.

ka-os said...

Grant - I'm a big fan of Nubian101 too, but there's no denying the fact that they're simply playing the race card, which simply diminishes genuine claims of racism elsewhere... Don't worry, I'm sure they'll be back up soon.

There's way too many video blogs to try and find where I originally downloaded... er, I mean, saw, Rockafellaz Raw Dickin It #1 at. However, Mocha's Video Blog is a good place to start for good free porn, especially as a 26minute video of Jovonnie bottoming for Cityboi is near the top of the page... ;)

It's a tube site but you can download videos with RealPlayer.

ka-os said...

Actually what am I saying? There's one very easy way to find out where all the free porn movies are!

Gay Skin Index

It does just what it says on the tin, offering a round up of the latest videos from various blogs.

Tré Xavier said...

First off Ka-os, THANKS for the mention.

I've never been to Nubian101, and if so many of its movies cater to the homo-thug image, I'm glad for 2 things: (1) that I haven't seen it, and (2) it was taken down. Because the homo-thug image is such a step back for the Black community wbether the porn be gay, straight, or bi.

Playing the race card was a stupid move. If they weren't so busy being what I refer to as "being about their blackness", then the guys at Nubian101 would learn that other sites and blogs have been taken down due to cpyright violations, including one of my favorites whose name I will not mention.

Metroboi said...

This is the thing.

It's business! Simple business! If you are breaking copyright laws, expect people to do something about it!

Thug porn is something that can be hot don't get me wrong, however as Tre says, it's a step back for the community.

There are many other hot porn movies that have twinky black bois, who know how to work the junk that mamma gave them. (apparently I have some junk in ma trunk...maybe I should put it to good use!)

This is the problem that Ih ave with some of the black community and as another blogger has said, it's not just in the black community, but use of the race card is just something that is used all too often and sometimes for NO reason at all.

Maybe one day we will get it right.

thegayte-keeper said...

wonder what's gonna happen next?

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