Black Models Won't Appear In Gay Films

THIS STORY IS already flying around the Net, but I just had to get my own two pennies worth in while it's fresh.

Porn peddler Michael "Isn't As Good Looking As He Thinks He Is" Lucas has take up the mantle of "What F**keries Can I Say Next?" from former President of Americaland, George Dubya (remember him?) with this statement (brace yourselves):

"I use a lot of black models in my films. In fact, all of my movies so far this year have had black men. I would love to use more, but unfortunately, black models are not that open to appearing in adult gay films. It of course has a lot to do with the rampant homophobia in the African-American community, and models are just scared of being in productions."

So who are all these guys appearing in productions by FlavaWorks, Pitbull, Taggaz, Enrique Cruz, Big City, Chocolate Treat, Latino Fan Club, Tyson Cane, Bacchus...? (I could go on, but you get the picture)...

The statement Lucas has made has one solitary purpose, and that is to attack the black community over their perceived responsibility for Proposition 8 succeeding. Lucas has clearly bought into the idea that black folk are to blame for that debacle, and has used a question about the diversity of models in porn to push his own agenda.

Everyone can see that the walls of porn studios are running with the jism of black models. There's clearly no shortage either of talent or willing participants. In fact, NYC-based porn star Tré Xavier has written about being knocked by Lucas for his films. Last time I checked, Tré was black, and more than willing. So why weren't you, comrade Lucas?

(On the other hand, maybe it's just racial tit for tat. Those idiots over at are also fanning the flames of racial intolerance. "Go pick on someone your own size, and color," they've told Titan, in legal documents they've made available on their homepage.

That's right, f**kwit, it's about big bad whitey picking on the poor defenseless black man, isn't it? And nothing at all to do with piracy and copyright...)

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Wonder Man said...

It's foolish for him to think this...what is he looking for?

taylorSiluwé ..... said...

I thought you didn't do nudity up in here -- not that I mind one bit. But I guess the subject matter warranted some salacious imagery.

As for Lucas, I so over people who STILL wanna scapegoat us for 8, despite all the evidence. Those who doggedly hold onto this discredited theory are revealing their own bias.

So I say fcuk him and his movies. Next.

thegayte-keeper said...

he's an ass pure and simple...

Tré Xavier said...

I actually did call Michael Lucas on his shit AGAIN, as I did in a comment on a post from his blog last month looking for models under the name "Ted Knowles":

It's sad to say that it's the only comment of it's kind on that post. There should be more.

I'm disgusetd by the fact that an immigrant has come to my birthplace of NYC, and made it look like a light-skinned only world where medium to dark complexions are a rarity. Michael Lucas has only put more blacks in his movies because the momentum against his hypocrisy is building, so he needed to do damage control. But thanks to post like yours, he'll be called on his shit AGAIN. Thanks.

People are getting tired of the racism in gay porn, pure and simple. And people are fighting back. Maybe my speaking out on it as often as I have lit the fuse. If so, it's the reason I have never regreted saying anything. Because I knew this day would come.

Sanya in España said...

My goodness, I used to like Michael Lucas. I can't believe he said this, and thank you Tré for highlighting the fact that this is no the first time, either...

This has really upset me, actually. More than like, I used to respect Lucas for being an upfront, daring porn producer. How wrong I was...

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